I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 165

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Episode 165: Harpy Queen (2)

Aaaaaaa… … !!

The Harpy Queen rushes at Jae-Hyun, crying wildly.

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t expect to find it before the second day.”


The Harpy Queen flapped her wings.

thud! thud!

The beast’s feathers and nearby rocks fly together and stick nearby.

However, Jaehyun was not at all embarrassed and was looking at the enemy’s movements. The enemy is strong, but only by standard radar standards.

To Jaehyun now, the harpy queen was not a very threatening opponent.


successive attacks. After lightly dodging it, Jaehyun opened his magical power. Soon after, a high-pressure noise of clashing mana began pouring out of his body.

Magic of two different natures. It was multicasting.

―Active skill 《Mana Weapon》.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.


Along with the pouring mana, the hardness of the body was further strengthened.

A mana weapon that has been used as a main skill since the first regression. It had grown to a level where it could lightly let go of the Harpy Queen’s attacks.


When Kwon So-yul burst into surprise, Jae-hyun shrugged as if it was not a big deal.

“Senior, unexpectedly, your reaction is reckless. There are still more surprises to come.”

Along with the words, a dagger begins to form from Jaehyun’s hand.

Even the jungle of sharp black blades. Watching this, Kwon So-yul’s expression hardened. Before long, a high-pitched scream for Jaehyun bursts out of her mouth.

“I-I can’t believe it… … Nidhogg’s fangs?! An S-class item?!”

“what. It’s similar.”

Jaehyun smiled and held the dagger that fit perfectly in his hand and aimed it at the enemy.

“A… … It’s a bit disappointing, though. Well, at this level, the Harpy Queen is ridiculous.”

* * *

A banquet of the lofty Aesir gods.

The place where the festival took place was in the middle of Asgard’s most beautiful palace.


A huge palace owned by the Æsir, called ‘the great house of the dead’ or ‘the house of joy’, where all kinds of delicacies were prepared.

This place, filled with all sorts of famous wine and gold, was the ideal and dream place of Norse mythology.

“ha ha ha! I feel good! The war is being prepared smoothly, and Heimdall has decided to take care of the opponent of the prophecy, so where is the worry in Asgard now!”

What I heard was the voice of Thor, the god of thunder. He greedily drank the honey wine that the dwarves had been brewing day and night for years, then set it down on the table with a thud.

As Thor said, Asgard’s preparations for the second Ragnarok were going smoothly.

The handling of the opponent of the prophecy, which was the only concern, was also a situation where Heimdall stepped forward and the problem was completely resolved.

‘Heimdall. Even if that friend is hot-tempered, it’s not even a matter of destroying a single human being.’

Although they like battle, Heimdall was fundamentally different from Thor.

A fighting style that seeks only victory regardless of means. He fits well with the warlike Thor, but Heimdall prefers a more brutal method, while he blindly believes in force.

‘That’s why it’s more reliable. He’ll make sure to deal with the adversary somehow.’

Thor raised the corners of his mouth and spoke in an excited voice.

“If we continue like this, this time, our Aesir will become the master of the nine worlds. Odin will be pleased.”

The present seat was vacant. Odin said he had a business to deal with, and he was on his way to Vanaheim for a while.

Thanks to this, now, while preparing for the second Ragnarok, a banquet that has not been held for a long time is being held. Of course, this was Thor’s dogma.

In the middle of the chatter, Thor laughed and said.

“Isn’t it okay if you don’t get caught?”

“… … In any case, an insincere bastard.”

The voice came from right next to me. There was a disgruntled god who had lost one of his arms.

It was Tyr, the god of war.

“Thor. You’re a rough-and-tumble in everything. Was the weight of Ragnarok that light for you?”

“Haha, what are you saying? And you, Tir, wouldn’t be in a position to say such a thing?

I guess that’s what you say when you see your right arm eaten by Fenrir?”

“Funny. A piece of whetstone embedded in your forehead.

Doesn’t that belong to the filthy giant? To see such ugliness even with Mjolnir… … Tsk, if it were me, I would have returned the weapon and died long ago.”

“Why don’t we try to figure out who’s stronger right now?”

Thor growls, taking Tyr’s words.

At that time, when a great cloud of war flowed between the two gods.


A cold female voice pierces their ears. The owner is Freya. He was the head of Valhalla and the Valkyries.

Recently, she was recognized by Odin for training Valkyries and warriors and was given control of Valhalla here.

Freyja said, furrowing her brow.

“If both of you continue to act indecently, I will punish you immediately. You won’t be able to avoid probation for at least a few months.”

“… … joy. Got it. That guy is the first to start a fight.”

“I will.”

Thor and Tyr exchanged word for word, but fought no further. Now that Odin is away. The supreme power in Valhalla was neither Thor nor Tyr, but she. There was no need for her to create problems for nothing.

At that time, Frigg, who had been silently listening to the story, suddenly opened his mouth.



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She was the wife of Odin and the god of the earth and the home.

“By the way, Valhalla’s troops have been greatly reduced. I don’t think collecting the souls of the dead is going well. What do you think? Freya?”

Words that were spat out as if thrown out. However, it was also a strangely bony horse. It’s true that Valhalla’s army has recently shrunk to the point of being shabby compared to its reputation in the past.

To Frigg’s words, Freya responded with a calm tone.

“In the first Ragnarok, it was a problem that we used excessive force. That was clearly Odin’s mistake.”

“… … You are the only one who can say such insults against the master of Asgard.”

The eyebrows are raised and a tense fight between the two goddesses follows.

In fact, normally, this fight should not even have been established. Frigg was the wife of Odin, and was like the godmother of Asgard, who held enormous power.

She even comes from pure blood in Asgard. Her legitimacy was different from Freya, who came here as a prisoner of Vana Heim.

However, Freya did not back down at all and met Frigg’s eyes clearly.

She is a god who has risen to her current position only with her own skills. No matter how free she was, it was because she couldn’t take care of Freya.

Frigg bit his lip.

‘Even if it’s Odin, the unification of the nine worlds is impossible without the power of the Valkyrie army led by Freya.’

For now, Frigg had no choice but to bow to her.

Freyja laughed as if she knew this.

“I have no intention of matching Odin’s ambitions. He is a powerful man with power, but to me he is nothing more than trash.”

“Such rude… … !”

Frigg raised his voice as if he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Thor and Tyr were not interested in drinking.

Freyja raised her eyes savagely. Then, a huge vibration began to rise in the Valhalla Palace itself.

“I have not forgotten what Odin did to me. Frigg.”

“that… … !”

For some reason, Frigg was speechless.

Freya raised her magic power and continued.

“I won’t say more. If you don’t want to die, you’d better not make fun of me anymore.”

A deep silence flows along with the words. The festival stopped for a moment while no one was able to open their mouths easily.

Everyone here was just staring at each other, weighed down by Freya’s mighty magic.

After the warning, Freya removed her closed lips with her magical powers removed.

“Frig. And I would like to take this opportunity to declare it to everyone. All preparations for the ‘second apocalypse’ are complete.”

Freya’s eyes completely lose focus.

She had a face that showed no emotion whatsoever.

“Einherjar. The souls of the dead who will fight for Asgard are already prepared.”

* * *

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in crafting the equipment item 《Nidhogg’s Fang》.

―It is an excessively high-grade weapon. Your rank goes down by 1.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Coarse Nidhogg’s Fang

Grade: A

A dagger made from the fang of Nidhogg, a poisonous dragon living in Hvergelmir.

It can produce poison all the time without a venom gland and is very sharp.

*Applies a poison effect (Lv 3) to enemies.

*When the number of wounds increases, stacking effects are activated up to 3 times.

Jaehyun raised the corner of his mouth and looked at the newly created fangs of Nidhogg.

Although the overall skill was lowered by 2 and the rank was lowered by 1, it was still excellent performance. A weapon worth billions of dollars by itself.

Jaehyun briefly recalled the past.

It was at the time when Baek Ji-yeon came to him and made a deal.

[Let’s continue what we said earlier. I would like to recruit Jaehyun Min Radar to our Curators Guild. To do so, I plan to meet the best conditions.]

[I’ll hand over Nidhogg’s fangs. I mean without any conditions.]

Naturally, Jaehyun had no intention of accepting this offer.

Being in a cooperative relationship with Yeonhwa was also a problem, but the biggest part was the fact that he could make Nidhogg’s fangs using his skills.

Even though it was a downgraded power, being able to use even a part of that power was already a great merit.

There is no reason for Jaehyun to bow down and enter them.

However, that didn’t mean Jaehyun’s skills were invincible.

Basically, the image of a magic tool can only be crafted by a weapon that he has handled at least once.

Because of that, Jaehyun said.

[Let’s think about it. Before that, if you let me touch Nidhogg’s fangs just once.]

Baek Ji-yeon, who did not think that Jae-hyun would have such a skill, allowed it. In the end, Jae-hyun was suddenly able to produce another S-class weapon.

‘It’s smooth. It couldn’t be better.’

Jaehyun put strength into the hand holding Nidhogg’s fangs, and at the same time began to use his other hand to cast magic.

―Active skill 《Wind Cutter》.

wind cutter.

It was a skill that created a blade of wind to attack the enemy.

However, Jaehyun intended to use it for a slightly different purpose.

―Active skill «Intermediate Daggers».

A combination of martial arts skills and magic learned from Ahn Ho-yeon. In order to promote this, Jaehyun decided to take out two different skills and fuse them together.

Adds the cutting power of the wind cutter to the ‘intermediate dagger technique that supports the dagger and puts it on the sword. It’s theoretically possible enough.’

This was learned from Kim Yoo-jung, who was good at various enchantments and support magic during training.

Meanwhile, Kwon So-yul looked at Jae-hyun in a fright. Her mouth was barely shutting.

‘It’s said that two different series skills are fused and used… … ?

What is it? How can he show that kind of side every time?’

In the first place, it was a reproduction that exceeded the standard of genius that is generally evaluated by the world.

Kwon So-yul is sincere, his current level is far above the current radar average, and he is probably at the top of A-class. He even came to think that he or he might have reached more.

“It’s hard to believe, but… … If it’s that guy… … .”

It may be possible.

The thought replayed clearly in her mind.


What cut off my thoughts was the noise of the dagger of rebirth cutting off the enemy’s wings.

A deep smile appeared on Jaehyun’s lips as he swung his sword at the enemy.

―Active skill 《Dagger Dance》 is activated.

“I was too weak for a boss.”

The dance of daggers continued with Jaehyun’s murmur. This was a technique to cross enemies with daggers and continuously cut them to create stab wounds.

The skill level is B-class. It wasn’t a very high grade for Jaehyun to use.

However, even though he could learn other skills, he wanted to learn dagger riots.

The reason was simple.

―The passive skill of 《Nidhogg’s Fang》 is activated.

―The enemy becomes poisoned (1 stack).

―Enemies become poisoned (2 stacks).

―Enemies become poisoned (3 stacks).

The corners of Jaehyun’s mouth drew an arc along with the stacks that piled up in an instant.

Soon after, the scream of the Harpy Queen burst out.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa… … !

The Harpy Queen died standing up.

After shaking off the bloody dagger, Jaehyun gathered his magic power and summoned him back.

Voice messages heard at the same time.

―You have succeeded in defeating the Harpy Queen, the boss of District 1 of the Closed City.

―Get rewards from the Harpy Queen’s Lair.

“Did you finally get the ‘Wings of Storm’?”

Jaehyun muttered as he passed the harpy queen and started heading towards the nest.

A queen’s nest is many times larger than a normal harpy. I needed to move right away to look around.

Jaehyun, who was busily walking forward, suddenly looked back and said.

“You’re not following me, what are you doing?”

“… … Yoojung was right.”


“you really… … .”

Kwon So-yul stuck out his tongue.

“Are you crazy?”

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