I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 166

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Episode 166: Attack (1)

“Finally found.”

An excited voice flowed from Jaehyun’s mouth as he searched the nest.

At the same time, along with the semi-transparent status window, the acquired artifact information came to mind.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Wings of the Storm

Grade: S

Wings made by smelting the storm that constantly blows over Helheim.

Acquire the skill 《Leap in the Air》.

Stats: Agility +50 / Strength +50

*The effect of the skill increases according to the skill level.

“good. Skills and the range of stat increases are also compliant. … … Well, it’s an S-class artifact, but is it natural?

Of course, the part that really needs to be highly evaluated is, of course, the skill.”

before regression. Jaehyun had a chance to hear about the wings of a storm and leaping in the air through Radar magazine.

It means that he knows best how great the potential of an item is.

‘The biggest advantage of the wings of storm is the active skill. 《Leap in the air》 is a magic that can be used in any situation afterwards. What I got here was a good choice.’

Usually, Jaehyun put more emphasis on skills than stats when choosing equipment items.

It was natural.

In the first place, it is not easy to see equipment with skills, and the gap in stats can be overcome to some extent with a combat sense.

On the other hand, the difference between the presence and absence of skills is very large, no matter how low the grade is.

‘Because skills can drastically change the way we fight.’

With a satisfied expression on his face, Jaehyun checked the information on his newly acquired skill.

A skill window popped up with a refreshing message.

[Active skill]

Name: Aerial Leap

Rating: A+

While floating in the air, set up a wind barrier, then kick and leap through the air.

Can be used up to 2 times in a row.

It was an explanation that could be seen that way if it was simple.

However, Jaehyun knew the true nature of the wings of the storm.

‘Before the return, the raider who obtained the wings of the storm was upgraded at once.

Of course, this time it will be difficult because of me.’

After Jaehyun smiled and closed the status window, he immediately equipped the item.

Kwon So-yul, who was watching him from the side, opened his mouth in admiration.

“wow. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen someone rooting for an S-class item. Do you feel something new?”

“Well, it’s not a scene that regular raiders can see often.”

Saying that, Jaehyun glanced at Kwon Soyul.

‘You are surprisingly quiet. Senior Soyul.’

I thought you’d give me some extra money now that I’ve got an S-class item. Unexpectedly, she only gave me a strange look, but didn’t ask for anything.

“uh? But what is that?”

Suddenly, Kwon So-yul pointed to a place and said. Jaehyun immediately rolled her pupils in the direction of her gaze.

Soon, a voice mixed with embarrassment escaped from his mouth.

“That… … Gloves?”

At the end of their gaze, a pure white glove was thrown away.


It was then.

Momentarily, Mokwooldae rocked and goosebumps appeared all over Jaehyun’s body.

My hands trembled, and an unknown sense of incongruity slowly spread.

Pure white gloves as if they were not dirty. The mighty magic power leaking out from him was crushing Jaehyun’s whole body.

message at the same time.

―You have obtained 《The Beginning Gloves》.

―Update information about the First Awakener in the Nornir system.

‘Information about the first Awoken… … ?’

* * *

“So, is this place also organized?”

Kim Yoo-jung said while wiping the sweat from her forehead.

The day after Jae-Hyun returns to his residence, a nearby field.

About two hours after the party set out to hunt, the devil’s seed here has dried up.

Jaehyun looked around and nodded.

“okay. For now.”

Just now. Jae-hyun had just returned to his residence and was hunting a nearby demon with Kim Yoo-jung. Lee Jae-sang and Kwon So-yul, who are on guard, are resting.

A barrier was placed near the residence. It was to prepare for any possible invasion.

There are four people in the battle, including Jaehyun, Kim Yoojung, Ahn Hoyeon, and Seo Ina.

They were hunting monsters competitively and collecting tokens for an outdoor camp.

“Isn’t this already close to the record high? Do you think we are strong?”

“of course. I followed along, isn’t it supposed to be this much?”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yoo-jung exchange a word with each other and talk excitedly. Seo Eana is silently watching her surroundings.

Jaehyun’s expression was not good.



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He was thinking about the item he found in the harpy queen’s lair yesterday.

‘It’s the original glove… … .’

Primal Gloves.

The item obtained from the nest gave off an unusual atmosphere from the name.

Jaehyun briefly recalled the message he had heard when he obtained the original glove.

―Update information about the First Awakener in the Nornir system.

‘There is only one Raider in the world with the nickname of the first Awakener.’

First Awakener.

Jaehyun clearly remembered the radar of this name.

‘Ju won. The world’s first Awakener and Korea’s hero.

But why did the Nornir system update information about him?’

A problem that is difficult to find a connection with. However, one thing was certain.

“There is a link between the First Awakener and the System.”

“huh? What did you say?”

Kim Yoo-jung reacted quickly to Jae-hyun’s muttering voice.

Jaehyun brushed her hair once, ignoring her.

“Ah! Don’t touch my hair!”

However, he didn’t even listen.

‘We need to find out why his gloves were dumped in a closed city.

Premonition… … Not good.’

Jaehyun quickly came to a conclusion, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

For now, the first thing to do is to finish the camp safely and stop Heimdall’s ambitions. Priorities should not be forgotten.

That was when I was thinking.

“… … Jaehyun.”

Seo Ina suddenly grabbed Jaehyun’s sleeve. Her Jaehyun turned her head, and she opened her mouth with her hard expression.

“… … There is someone dying nearby.”

Jaehyun’s expression hardened at the words that he spit out while chewing.

Jaehyun immediately spread his magic power detection widely around him and read nearby information.

Then, as Seo In-na said, the reaction of those whose biological response was weak was received.

“We have to save it.”

Seo Ina said so, and Jaehyun immediately nodded as well.


―Activate skill 《Wind Boost Lv 5》.

At the same time as the green effect stays on the legs, Jaehyun’s body is shot forward.

If the information Jaehyun detected is accurate… … .

‘I can’t stand it for long. If I’m a little late, I’ll die.’

The other party immediately followed him.

Like that, the four people who ran for a long time arrived at a point in the open field.

Soon after, Jaehyun, who discovered those in danger, tilted his head with a puzzled expression.

“… … what. Why is he over there?”

* * *

About 10 minutes before Jae-hyun arrives, the scene of the incident.

Breathtaking tension runs throughout the field.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa… … !!


With a cry, pieces of tile on the floor shattered and the ground began to shake.

A small pit is formed on the dirt road, and a monster in the shape of a giant snake that is 3m tall jumps out from the ground.

Great Worm.

A guy several times bigger and stronger than a normal worm appeared. A B+ grade boss monster.

It is safe to say that the figure of the demonic beast, who vomits wild tears and straightens his huge body, is menacing.

Then, a cadet who was confronting the Great Worm can be seen nearby.

It was Lee Soo-hyuk, a familiar bad face.

“shit… … ! That dog-like earthworm!”

Lee Soo-hyeok chewed his lips as he looked at the magic beasts surrounding him. It was natural.

The situation he was in was dangerous even from a distance of 100 meters.

What the f*ck is this all about?

Lee Soo-hyeok thought so sincerely and glared at the demon in confrontation.

That’s a great worm.

I had never heard of a guy like that popping out at an outdoor training camp.

“… … Damn, now is not the time to think like that.”

Lee Soo-hyeok shook his head to shake off his thoughts, then shouted at a cadet who had fallen behind him.

“hey! f*ck. Kim Min-soo, wake up quickly! Do you really want to lose!?”

Lee Soo-hyeok shouted while fixing the staff decorated with the golden lion decoration, but to no avail.

It is an unavoidable situation. Right now, Kim Min-soo was attacked by the Great Worm and was in a state of poisoning.

‘I can’t just throw it away… … damn it!’

Minsu Kim was looking up at him with empty pupils.

Lee Soo-hyeok thought as he raised his mana at once.

Why did things get so twisted?

Just a little while ago, the two of them were still in the process of attacking the outdoor training camp.

The circle they are supposed to be in is the best circle you in the entire school.

I was fully prepared for the danger and received prior training in preparation for such a situation.

but… … .

‘A strange thing happened.’

Just now. While Lee Soo-hyeok was moving with Jung-hyeon and other members of Yoo, he experienced an incomprehensible phenomenon and became separated from the group.

The movement of the demons.

about an hour ago. From the depths of the closed city, high-ranking monsters suddenly came out in a heap.

Circle Yu fought admirably. Dealing with dozens of B-class, even A-class enemies was close to impossible.

These are still cadets.

However, what attacked them was a level that could not be repulsed unless it was the top-level raiders.

Even genius cadets can’t handle it.

Thanks to this, Lee Soo-hyeok and Kim Min-soo separated from the circle in a premarital situation.

In the process, Kim Min-soo even fell into an addiction state.



While I was thinking, the Great Worm’s attack suddenly surged.

They don’t have legs, but they can attack enemies by contracting and relaxing their bodies like springs. The hardness wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t even that easy to break through like a cadet.

“O raging flames of Surt… … !”

Lee Soo-hyeok started casting his skill, flame magic. It would be more advantageous to multi-cast, but for now, he has to fight while leaving his strength for the comfort of his colleague Kim Min-soo.

Of course, Lee Soo-hyeok himself knows best how dangerous it is.

The enemy is a boss monster. After becoming a raider, it is the first powerful monster you encounter.

Your odds of winning are infinitely close to zero.

If I’d rather run away alone, the chances are much greater.


‘Raiders must not abandon their colleagues.’

Lee Soo-hyeok’s eyes flashed, and suppressed magical power burst out from his danteon and fingertips.


At the same time, “Fire Arrow” containing more than 70% of his strength.


“… … Isn’t that okay too?”

Lee Soo-hyeok looked at the monster’s huge body, which was intact even after being hit by his own attack, with a face of resentment.

Dealing with a guy like that? I?


It was a rare feeling for Lee Soo-hyuk.

However, now it occurred to me that no other words could describe how I felt.

A powerful demon in front of you and a fallen comrade.

To a desperate situation from which there is no escape.

“… … f*ck.”

Lee Soo-hyeok spat out curse words and began to draw out the last mana that existed in his body.

I already know that I can’t win.

But I felt like it would be unfair if I didn’t do this.

Even if you die here.

I’ll die in a radar down way.

At least I won’t abandon my colleagues.

Along with Lee Soo-hyeok’s strong determination, mana once again dwelled in his body.

As if in response to this, the Great Worm also opens its mouth wide and launches an attack at an unresponsive speed.

And at the last moment of desperation.

‘If it was him, would I have been able to deal with him?’

In Lee Soo-hyuk’s mind, a person’s face came to mind.


Along with the sound of an explosion tearing through the space, a familiar male voice was heard.

“Oh, I don’t want to save this bastard.”

Lee Soo-hyeok’s eyes widen, and his gaze is directed to one place.

There was a boy who blamed himself for not getting over it until the last moment.

“What are you looking at? Aren’t you taking care of your colleagues?”

Jaehyun clenches his fists while holding a sneer.



The great worm’s body was pushed back and collided with the building behind it.

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