I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 167

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Episode 167: Attack (2)

―Encounter the boss monster «Great Worm» in Area 2 of the closed city field.


‘I didn’t know that I would be able to save this bastard.’

Jaehyun sighed as he alternately looked at the pushed Great Worm and Lee Soohyuk.

A little while ago, he had just arrived here after sensing the magical power of a dying cadet nearby.

but… … And among many people, I had to save Lee Soo-hyeok.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel reluctant to do it.

However, that thought did not last long. Anyway, you can’t let people die.

Moreover, the priority was to finish the battle with the enemy now.

‘But I think this is too severe. A great worm in such a shallow area?’

The Great Worm was a monster that could only be seen in the deep areas of the closed city center.

Before Jaehyun returned, he had seen a live broadcast of the scene of subjugating the guy on the air.

‘If it’s about the Great Worm, at least downtown. In other words, he is a guy who can only be seen when he gets closer to Banwoldang Station.

No matter how you think about it, it’s not a good situation.’

While muttering, I looked into the eyes of the massive beast in front of me.

I could feel the Great Worm’s mouth wide open and curl up behind me. This was the posture that the worm-type monsters usually showed right before the attack.

However, it is a movement that does not feel any inspiration to Jaehyun.

In about two days, how many worms did you catch in the closed city?

It was a reproduction that was not difficult to evade or counterattack.


The enemy’s attack fired with a force that would tear Jaehyun’s torso apart.

However, Jaehyun did not avoid it. He clenched his fists and prepared to counter the attack.

After filling the fist with mana, it is stabbed precisely into the beast’s face just before it overflows.



Along with a huge explosion, the monster’s scream burst out and filled the field.

Jaehyun looked at the monster in front of him and smiled lightly.

‘I didn’t even need to take out another weapon.’

The rising magic power is collected, and the battle situation that was temporarily hidden comes into view clearly.

The appearance of a monster that was half destroyed and only the lower half of the body remained.

Watching this, Lee Soo-hyuk’s expression turned white with astonishment.

‘What the hell is that… … !’

It was a sight that would never stop you from shutting your mouth.

Lee Soo-hyuk was unable to speak for a while due to the shock that seemed to stop him from breathing.

* * *

‘Min Jaehyun. I knew he was strong. But what the heck… … .’

It was a state that could not be explained in words.

Just now, the boss monster Jaehyun faced was an A-rank.

This was a level that a party of six or more, mainly A-class raiders, could barely deal with.

‘However, Min Jae-hyun hunted him casually.’

How could such a thing be possible?

It was something that Lee Soo-hyuk couldn’t understand.

As he was thinking, a cheeky voice suddenly interrupted his ears.

“Why are you standing there blankly? If we don’t treat him now, he will die.”

Lee Soo-hyeok, who was distracted from reflecting on the battle, suddenly came to his senses and looked down.

Kim Min-soo with purple skin. In order not to pass the golden time, I had to treat it right away.

Lee Soo-hyeok immediately caught Min-soo Kim and kicked him.

At the same time, a cracked voice burst out of his mouth.

“This, these guys are all hurt… … !”

Maybe it’s because I was too nervous a while ago? My lips hardened and I couldn’t speak properly.

However. Despite the incoherent voice, Jaehyun calmly nodded and replied.

“Your colleague is hurt?”

Lee Soo-hyuk clenched his fists and struggled.

“… … this guy is hurt I need help.”

“Follow me. If it’s a detoxification potion, I’ve got it to rot.”

Jaehyun said that with the same blunt expression as the first time.

He was unexpectedly the type with a fairly long back end.

* * *

gulp. gulp.

The potion begins to pass down the esophagus of Kim Min-soo, who is addicted to it.

What I’m using right now is the status ailment recovery potion of Lee Sang-sang. It was an expensive item, well over 20 million won.

“Hey hey, now go, it’ll be fine!”

When Lee Jae-sang let out a sigh of relief and spoke, only then did Lee Soo-hyeok’s stiff shoulders loosen.

He seems a bit nervous.

‘Well, if it’s the Great Worm’s poison, it’s a fatal wound to normal raiders.’

Jaehyun, after understanding moderately, put his hands together neatly.

he asked.



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“Then why don’t we get to the point?”

Jaehyun, sitting in a chair, crossed his legs and looked at Lee Soohyuk.

“Lee Soo-hyuk. Why were you two out of the circle and acting alone?”

“… … Quite long to explain.”

With those words, the story of Lee Soo-hyuk began.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t talk much, but it was very boring to explain only the main points. Thanks to that, Jaehyun had to hold back the urge to yawn several times.

“so. To put it simply, you were participating in an outdoor training camp as members of the Circle type, but you were suddenly attacked by a monster that came out from inside the city and were beaten like idiots… …

Besides, he couldn’t do this or that because he got poisoned?”

“… … You can reduce that to that.”

It seemed a little sarcastic, but basically it meant admiration. Lee Soo-hyeok looked at Jae-hyun and shrugged.

“Anyway, two things are certain. It is said that a demonic beast that exceeded the level expected at first came out from the inside. And even senior Jung Hyun, the club leader, was swept away by the aftermath.”

‘To think that Jeong-hyeon was beaten… … It’s certainly not something to be trifled with.’

Jaehyun sighed and thought for a moment.

Just now. He also noticed the movement of the magic beast that Lee Soo-hyeok said.

A strange phenomenon in which beings with enormous magical power move from within the city as a group.

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t easy to see.

‘Great movement of the demons.’

However, the problem was not only that.

“one thing. There are bigger problems than that.”

“… … what is that?”

Seo Ina, unable to hold back her curiosity, asked.

Jaehyun bit his lip and replied.

“Isn’t it strange? When Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-soo were beaten, why didn’t anyone save them?”

“ah! Come to think of it!”

Kim Yoo-jung’s voice interrupts. Ahn Ho-yeon couldn’t help but nod her head.

“Certainly, Jaehyun is right. First, Chairman Kim Ji-yeon said. If there is a problem at this camp, tell the instructors immediately. however… … .”

“… … All the instructors are gone… … ?”

Seo Ina interrupted and said. Kwon So-yul also nodded.

“I think the same. It’s kind of strange. It is also true that a monster of this level has emerged from within the city. I can’t feel the instructors’ magical energy nearby.

As if they were all gone.”

Her words created a deep silence among the group.

Jaehyun sighed and clenched his fists.

‘As expected, the culprit… … .’

He raises his head and exhales. A small amount of magical energy rises from his body, concentrating everyone in the field.

However, Jaehyun did not seem to care at all about the gazes that were gathering towards him.

He sneered and recalled a man’s name.


‘It’s that guy.’

* * *

about two hours ago. Temporary outposts on the outskirts of closed cities.

“By the way, do we even have to suffer like this? You’ve already eliminated all the monsters in the shallow area where the outdoor training camp is taking place.

Ha, the chairman is also funny. Is it okay to place instructors in a place like this?”

The name of the man who sighed and opened his mouth was Lee Tae-hyun.

As one of Instructor Milles, this is typical of radar supremacy.

For reference, the grade was B.

It’s not that high, but to him who is not low either. The current treatment was unreasonable.

‘To use people like me in a place like this!’

For this reason, Lee Tae-hyun was dissatisfied with Kim Ji-yeon, the chairman of the board, and Milles Academy.

To think that he, a B-class raider, had to take care of them by chasing after them.

“I am not a babysitter.”

he muttered nervously.

The junior instructor standing next to him spoke appropriately.

“no way. Still, isn’t it because we have to suffer so much to come out with usable kids?”

“It’s worth writing about. They don’t think about improving their skills and play the press or George.

Was that Min Jae-hyun before, did you see him? Can you honestly say What kind of S-class skill is that at that age? What’s there? That he’s already reached level A? Those who grumble like that should all return their licenses.”

“Still, no way Miles tried to manipulate the live broadcast. do you know That guy named Jaehyun Min might have a lot of talent.”

“Really, do you believe that? Anyway. The problem is that you are so naive. It’s a problem.”

Lee Tae-hyun shook his head and said. He was dissatisfied with the new radars that had recently been uploaded.

What was it like when you decided to become a radar?

The first generation of raiders had a lofty goal of saving dying people.

There was such a thing as romance back then!

However, these days, things are full of guys with celebrity disease who just want to get on the air. It was something he couldn’t understand.

At that time, the junior spoke as if he had read his thoughts.

“If you keep doing that, you’ll hear the old jokes. furthermore… … For us, it’s honey if we don’t put in effort and the salary comes in well. what.

To be honest, being an instructor at Milles Academy is much safer than my current radar job. Because I have a family.”

Lee Tae-hyun clicked his tongue, but couldn’t help but agree with his opinion.

He also has a sister-in-law. He is in his mid-thirties.

Even for the sake of his family, he had to refrain from raiding raiders who frequently entered dungeons.

You don’t know when you’ll die, and the experience of trembling with anxiety every day is something you do when you’re young.

Now that I have a family, it is many times better to belong to an academy and work safely.

“Even though… … .”

It was at that time when Taehyung Lee was trying to say something more with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

coo coo coo… … !

Suddenly, the clouds in the sky began to gather in one place, and gathered over the heads of the two in a disturbing red color.

Woo woo woo!

at the same time. The sound of a trumpet coming from somewhere.

“This… … trumpet call?”

Before Taehyung could finish his words, a shadow suddenly fell over his head.

“… … uh?”

At the same time as he raised his head, the huge darkness opened its mouth wide, and soon.


He swallowed Lee Tae-hyun exactly.

The lips of the junior who was watching from the side trembled, and both pupils were filled with astonishment.

“Very great, what the hell is this… … .”

He quickly tried to grab the radio, but failed.

Soon after, a flaccid tentacle pierced the junior’s back.


An army of innumerable demons glimpsed through the empty pupils of juniors.

The whites of the astonished eyes turn red and slowly start to cool.

“not… … okay… … .”

With the last of his strength, he grabbed the radio that had fallen to the floor.

Sentences close to astonishment, which he never wanted to say, slowly leaked out of his mouth.

“Hazard code 11. … … variable… … happened… … everyone run away… … .”

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