I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Variable (1)

“Lee Soo-hyuk! Kim Min Soo! Are you here!”

A familiar voice came from outside the dwelling.

Jung Hyun.

The head of Circle Yoo visited the party’s residence to take Lee Soo-hyuk away.

“Still, it seems that there is someone taking care of you?”

Jaehyun grinned and dispelled the barrier placed nearby. At the same time, the surrounding blue magic was removed and the inside began to be clearly revealed.

Originally, it was a structure where the inside could not be seen from the outside because the hidden magic was applied.

However, now Jaehyun has lifted the barrier, so he can see inside.

Tadat. Tadat.

Members of Circle You stormed into Nine’s residence.

Jaehyun threw firewood into the bonfire and opened his mouth with a nonchalant expression.

“You have come to the right place. Are you here to pick up these guys?”

“… … Jaehyun Min.”

“Even if you don’t, it’s a burden to us. I want you to take me quickly.”

“Why do you have two people with you?”

Junghyun looked at Jaehyun and his two members with a puzzled expression.

It was a difficult thing to understand.

Why are Jaehyun, Lee Soohyuk and Kim Minsu together?

‘I wonder if he was close with Min Jae-hyun… … !’

Jeonghyun thinks so.

Suddenly, Jaehyun stood up from his seat.

“Then take them with you. I have something to see.”

“… … I don’t know what happened. I get it. We will take them.”

It was at that time when Junghyun answered.

“for a moment! I have something to say.”

Lee Soo-hyeok jumped up and glared at Jae-hyun.

‘what? What are you going to say while staring like you’re dying? … .’

“It is important.”

Lee Soo-hyeok’s notice was not serious, so Jae-hyun moved to avoid the party.

After a while. A corner of an abandoned city, a bit far from where you live.

Jaehyun’s completely unexpected words came out of Lee Soo-hyuk’s mouth with clenched fists.


Jaehyun couldn’t help but sigh.

he said in an annoyed voice.

“They’re not like stars, really.”

* * *

Circle Seed’s abode.

Sid’s members are sitting around, planning to attack Jaehyun and Nine.

The key to this work is, above all, how to handle reproduction.

To do this, it was necessary to choose the most reliable and safe method.

During the conversation, a cadet suddenly opened his mouth.

“By the way, is it necessary to do this? Min Jaehyun is still a freshman. Is he really that strong?”

“Not strong. You didn’t watch the battle during the midterm exam, so I don’t know… …

At least in our circle, no one will beat him in a one-on-one fight.”

These were the words of Lim Seong-ho. The cadet who asked the question opened his mouth.

‘Im Seong-ho. If it’s what that guy said, that’s for sure. Jaehyun Min… … A real big man.’

Seongho Lim usually has excellent analytical skills.

However, even he said that no one in Sid could deal with Jaehyun.

Perhaps this means that Jaehyun has superior skills beyond what he thinks.

However, if it ended here, it would not be Lim Seong-ho.

“but. It’s not that there isn’t a way to deal with him.”


Sid’s circle members raised their mouths at the same time. Among them was Shin Jun-sang.

“It must be a plan to properly blow up that naughty bastard, right?”

Shin Joon-sang.

He also had a deep bad relationship with Jaehyun.

If I don’t break it down now so I can’t climb, I won’t be able to stretch my legs and sleep.

He wanted to use this opportunity to somehow prove Min Jae-hyeon’s incompetence and to persuade Kwon So-yul back to seed.

Seongho Lim nodded as if he knew everything.

“Of course. The artifact was also prepared. There are restrictions on use, but it’s not a big deal.”

“That’s good.”


Lim Seong-ho got up from his seat with such luck.

“Let’s go catch it soon. The best rookie in the academy.”

* * *

“Thank you for protecting Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-soo. As the representative of Circle You, I will never forget Grace.”

“Call me anytime you need help. Even if you are not a member of our group, I will help you immediately if necessary.”



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Jeonghyeon did not stay long at the residence. He quickly disappeared with Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-soo.

The reason was that time could not be delayed to reorganize and move the circle.

As a representation, it wasn’t bad.

‘It’s not a good thing for other people to stay in our circle for a long time.’

Jaehyun rested his chin on his chin, thinking for a moment.

‘I can help anytime… … la.’

Jeong-hyeon, he was about to erase his own debt. Since he’s a sincere person, he’ll be a suitable hand at the academy in the future.

‘More than that, Lee Soo-hyuk. I never thought he would say such a thing.’

Jaehyun remembered what Lee Soohyuk had said to him a moment ago.

[Circle Seed is targeting you. It sounds like it has dangerous artifacts. You’d better be careful.]

‘Oh, I’m dumbfounded.’

It wasn’t a big threat, but it was annoying to Jaehyun.

Even if it’s not, Heimdall’s nerves are sensitive.

what? Cadets attack?

It was so outrageous that it made no sense.

‘I don’t know how great the artifacts were prepared.’

If you think it will just pass, you are mistaken.

Jaehyun got up from his seat with a sadistic smile on his face.

Kim Yoo-jung tilted her chair and tilted her head back as if wondering.

“Where are you going?”

“I have something to do nearby.”

“… … Will it take long?”

Seo Ina also tilted her head and asked.

Jaehyun replied with a small smile.

“Well, it might take a while.”

It will take quite a while to turn all the seed members into half assholes.

Jaehyun swallowed the last words and left the residence.

“by the way. Why is Lee Soo-hyeok suddenly helping me? Did you really get shot in the head?”

It was embarrassing in many ways.

If you think about it, it was a little strange from the moment I didn’t abandon Kim Min-soo and kept him… … .

‘What I don’t know. now.’

The first thing to do was to kill the Circle Seed and let them know the horrors of the world.

* * *

“What do you mean? The monsters that have already been subdued are starting to boil again!

In addition, the average grade of monsters appearing in shallow areas has increased!?”

Central headquarters in the closed city of Daegu.

Chairman Kim Ji-yeon answered the phone and gave a puzzled voice. It was because the contents of the incoming phone call were definitely strange.

She clutched her forehead and thought.

‘Why? Clearly, before the event, I cleared all the monsters near the closed city with the instructors. A barrier was also put up to prevent the cadets from being swept to the center.

however… … Why was the movement of a high-ranking monster being captured in a shallow area?’

A little while ago, the message delivered by a radio message to Instructor Kim Ji-yeon was truly shocking.

[This is a big deal! Suddenly, the high-rank monsters in the center are moving to the outskirts!]

[Something is strange. As if it was just in time for the outdoor training camp, monsters are pouring in with the start of the training camp!]

This was obviously odd.

By any chance, didn’t all the monsters in the shallow area be subdued in advance to eliminate the risk of injury to the cadets?

In addition, sufficient internal exploration was completed, and instructors were placed in various places in case of an emergency.

Being prepared for safety means that all preparations have been made.

However… … This was completely unexpected even for the cautious Kim Ji-yeon.

‘Great movement of the demons.’

It was also a large-scale movement with hundreds or thousands of monsters moving at the same time.

A case never seen before in the city.

I mean, something like that.

As if it was put together, it exploded with the outdoor training camp.

“Did you find anything else unusual during your investigation?”

Kim Ji-yeon tried to ask in a calm voice, but the answer that came back was futile and meaningless.

[I’m sorry, but we haven’t revealed anything properly.]

“after… … I can’t help it. Contact the instructors immediately and stop the event altogether… … .”

While Kim Ji-yeon is talking. A chill ran down her spine with an inexplicable feeling of discomfort.

A disturbing and strange sensation felt through the walkie-talkie.


Koo Goo Goo!

At the same time, the sound of the ground breaking was heard from him.

Jiyeon Kim quickly fixed the radio and shouted.

“Instructor? Instructor! What happen! answer!”


Instead of answering, another fierce explosion is heard from the radio.

A much louder noise than before.

A drop of cold sweat runs down my forehead from the tension.

This is not good.

The screams heard over the radio right now are proof of that.

[Go, what the hell is that all of a sudden?!]

[Magic beast… … Is it a witch?]

[Everyone run away!]

[Sah, save me! Who the hell are you!?]

My whole body stiffens and I get goosebumps.


The instructors’ voices were completely cut off there.

Kim Ji-yeon immediately stood up and looked at the other instructors around her. she said in her determined tone.

“It seems that something happened on the spot. Everyone has to move.”

The meaning of what she said was clear.

It means to use emergency troops.

These are people who would never move unless there was something extremely dangerous, but now she is talking about their necessity.

“How about contact with the dispatched instructors?”

Kim Ji-yeon immediately tried to contact other instructors, but there was no reply.

she replied biting her lip.

“It doesn’t work. It seems that everyone has already suffered.”

At the same time Kim Jiyeon was talking, she was also trying to contact the cadets.

If you’re as talented as Jae-hyun or Jung-hyeon, you might know something about the strange phenomenon that’s happening in the city right now.


crackle… … .

Contact was impossible.

It seemed that a mysterious magical field floating like radio waves in the surrounding air was blocking transmission and reception.

‘… … What is this magical power? Even a walkie-talkie made of diffusion stone cannot be reached.’

Kim Ji-yeon quickly came to a conclusion.

“I will move now before it is too late. All teams are divided and the rescue operation begins.”

“All right. We leave immediately.”

The instructor at the front answered first.

The other instructors in the back also quickly nodded after reading the situation.

“It would be better to leave the support team and the minimum number of troops behind. Even healers should have at least two A-ranks.”

Jiyeon Kim nodded. She is the instructors who spur the seat with him in perfect order.

Kim Ji-yeon tried to calm her beating heart and made a phone call somewhere.

[This is Song Ji-seok.]

“It is me. Jiyeon Kim.”

[Hey~ What is the president of Milles Academy calling for? … .]

“Something happened.”

With those words, Song Ji-seok’s voice over the receiver subsided.

[…] … what’s going on?]

“I need support. All the cadets and instructors who participated in the camp may die.”

[Damn it, I’m going right away, so hold on somehow!]

After the phone call, Kim Ji-yeon’s eyes settled down calmly.

‘I have to save it somehow.’

the kids are… … Dangerous.

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