I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Variable (2)


“What, what?!”

After a while. Circle Seed’s abode.

Immediately after Lim Seong-ho gave the order to the members of Circle Seed to sortie. Along with a roar that came from somewhere, one side of the door to the residence was blown away.

All the seed members looked at each other with embarrassed faces.

It was strange.

The door that the wizards protected with defensive magic and barriers was destroyed at once?

“What is this… … .”

“You’ve been gathered here.”

The members look around in bewilderment.

Suddenly, a man’s voice was heard from the broken entrance along with an explosion.

“Are we having a one-sided relationship?”

The existence that appeared by smashing the door. It was the owner of a very familiar face.

Jaehyun Min.

For some reason, he came to visit them first and was messing with them.

Shin Jun-sang tilted his head as if he was dumbfounded.

In the midst of his mindlessness, only one thought ran through his mind.

‘That role belongs to us… … ?’

* * *

“so. Did you guys try to attack me?”

Jaehyun laughed and said to the members of Sid who surrounded him.

He was just about to find this place by receiving all nearby biosignals with his magical power sensor.

It was to process the power of the Circle Seed.

‘Originally, I didn’t intend to go this far… … .’

Just now. After listening to Lee Soo-hyeok’s words, Jae-hyun was convinced that he had to deal with them.

Sid was thoroughly and deliberately trying to attack himself.

If you show that you are being pushed back even once here, troublesome things may happen in the future.

‘I just hate troublesome things. Besides, these bastards could attack my colleagues instead of me.’

Jaehyun was thinking of reducing the things he had to worry about as much as possible.

Also, to do so, the seed needs to be processed here.

It won’t take long anyway, so no big deal.

“okay. then? I don’t know how you knew, but even so, you alone can’t deal with all of us… … .”

When Lim Seong-ho interrupted and said, Jae-hyun raised an eyebrow.

“You talk nonsense.”

“… … That kind of confidence won’t go far. If you know what we have in store.”

Seongho Lim took a sphere artifact from his inventory and held it in his hand. Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

It wasn’t just because the artifact was precious.

‘It’s a familiar thing. Okay, that sounds like fun?’

“I just wanted to know how far I’ve grown. You guys are helping me like this.”

When Jaehyun spoke with a cheery smile, Sid’s members tilted their heads.

Are you not afraid to look at this artifact now?

“Everyone, don’t be scared! It’s just bluff. With this ‘Magic Suppressor’, even that guy won’t be able to withstand it!”

A smile escaped Jaehyun’s lips.

It’s a magic suppression device.

‘It’s an artifact that suppresses magical powers to prevent wizards from casting, and lowers the destructive power of fundamental magic.’

This was the item he used to kill Kim Seok-ki, Gu Ja-in’s henchman in the past.

at that time. Yoo Seong-eun, the teacher, poured unmanageable magic power into the magic suppression device and broke it.

‘If I were really close to the level of S-class.’

You will be able to do as the teacher did.

Jaehyun thought so and looked at Seongho Lim and the members of Circle Seed.

“Okay. Start that great artifact soon. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“That bastard… … !”

This time, a harsh voice erupted from Shin Jun-sang’s mouth.

Lim Seong-ho also said with a furrowed brow.

“If you want to die that much, there is no choice.”

Geeing… … !

The magic suppression device in Im Seong-ho’s hand was activated, and the remaining magic power in his body began to dissipate little by little.

As an expensive artifact, the effect was clear.

However, it wasn’t enough to affect Jaehyun. he laughed.

“Are you going to believe this?”

At that moment, magic power erupted from Jaehyun’s body at once, and the magic suppression device in Seongho Lim’s hand was shattered.

Im Seong-ho’s eyes narrowed.

‘what… … The magic suppressor is broken?!’

“Let me give you one piece of advice.”

After destroying the artifact completely, Jaehyun took a step forward.

“If you’re going to believe in me and make a fuss, you have to be at least me. Got it?”




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Jaehyun’s clenched fist extended forward. Lim Seong-ho’s body, which was holding the crystal, flew off and stuck right behind him.

“You are next.”

A voice falling with a fishy smile.

All the members of Circle Seed looked at Jaehyun in awe.

* * *

After a while. The sound of music echoed through Circle Seed’s residence.

“Ah, ouch… … sorry… … . Because you won’t do that again. Please release this.”

“Uh huh. If you move, your bones will hit. Stay still.”

“Please stop here… … .”

Even Shin Jun-sang was hit a few times and completely gave in to Jae-hyeon.

By the way, Jaehyun was now resting his feet on Shin Junsang’s back. He had bound them so that they could not move with mana chains.

He sighed as he chewed on the dried worm meat he had brought.

“Ha, I don’t understand what the hell you believed in and laughed at so much. It’s because I’m generous that you look at me like this.

If this happens one more time, I will really kill you.”

“… … yes. sorry.”

Shin Jun-sang hit his head on the ground. Looks pretty distressed.

However, Jaehyun did not feel pity at all.

Even if he was a cadet, wasn’t he the one who tried to attack him?

If this had happened in a dungeon, it would have definitely killed him.

Jaehyun sighed and released the chains that bound them.

“Well, then we can just go… … .”

“Wait before that.”

Jaehyun stopped the members of Shin Junsang and Sid, who were slowly rising.

He said.

“You have to keep your mouth shut. Please stand in a line for now.”

“… … ?”

It was an order I couldn’t understand, but now I had no choice but to follow it.

Soon after, Jaehyun got up and came towards them. The Sid members closed their eyes involuntarily.

It was because the defense mechanism worked thanks to the dusty blow a while ago.

“Stay still.”

After Jaehyun said that, he opened up his mana slightly and activated the magic.

―Activate the active skill 《Brainwashing》.

―The shape of the skill is changed according to the user’s judgment.

―Active skill 《Subordinate》.

‘This, what the heck… … .’

Pain spreads through their entire body as if they were crushing their souls.

Jaehyun raised his eyebrows and said.

“Even the strength and ability I have. Prohibited from speaking out about anything. In addition, it is absolutely forbidden to touch me and my colleagues.

If you don’t, I’ll kill you all. know that.”

With Jaehyun’s words, a transparent blue chain climbed up their bodies.

Subordination obtained from Gu Jain in the past.

If you use this, it’s not difficult to keep your mouth shut.

―The subordination of the designated power supply has been completed.

“Okay then. How will you train your mind this time… … .”

Googoo goo!

At that moment, an overwhelming mana poured from the depths of the city.

‘… … what?’

Jaehyun immediately stood up and untied his arms.

The feeling I felt a while ago. What is that?


Jaehyun realized that a completely different, very huge magic power was slowly moving to the outskirts.

he bit his lip.

“If you want to survive, go to the entrance somehow. Ask the instructors for protection.”


Shin Jun-sang tilted his head.

What did he eat wrong?

Why are you suddenly telling yourself this?


As Jaehyun said that, he left his seat and headed outside.

Unlocks magic power and activates wind boost for fast movement.

On the other hand, Lim Seong-ho, who was suppressed by his spirit, was finally able to breathe properly.

There was blood in both of his eyes.

“ha… … Min Jaehyun, that bastard… … !”

However, no one paid attention to Lim Seong-ho’s words. Because of this incident, the members’ trust in themselves has hit rock bottom.

Now, Lim Seong-ho’s position as a leader was virtually non-existent.


I will kill you someday

Seongho Lim repeated that and looked at the entrance Jaehyun had left for a long time.

On the other hand, Jaehyun’s expression after leaving Sid’s residence was cold.

‘If it’s this huge magic… … It’s more than the least bitchy. Heimdall is starting to move.’

Jaehyun was sure.

Enormous magic that suddenly began to spread from the center of the city.

This was an indicator that made it possible to confirm that he had moved.

“You have to make sure other people don’t get swept away.”

At the same time as murmur.

―The emergency quest 《Closed City Defense Battle》 begins.

―From now on, all living creatures here cannot leave the city, and if the boss monster in the field is not defeated, the city will be completely destroyed after three days.

―Displays quest information.

[Emergency Quest]

closed city defense

The closed city of Daegu has been occupied by the evil Heimdall.

Defend your stronghold and stop the boss monsters, the Bone Dragon and Heimdall.

However, while the quest is in progress, adult raiders cannot use the power of the system, and cannot return alive unless the Bone Dragon and Heimdall are defeated.


1. The Bone Dragon’s Deterrence.

2. Heimdall’s Deterrence.

difficulty: ???

compensation: ???

*Intervention into the city from outside is prohibited during the quest period.

“already… … Has it started?”

After catching his breath, Jaehyun put strength on his legs.

A small amount of mana escaped from the gap between her tightly closed lips.

A huge defense game had just begun.

* * *

Circle Nine’s abode.

A man arrived here.

“Is this where the adversary’s allies are?”


The watchman of Asgard laughs and releases his magic.

Due to the sudden adjustment of the schedule by the adversary, it was not possible to recover the strength to the desired level, but it is not difficult to deal with the weak cadets at this level.

In the first place, Heimdall’s power, which had a divine power, was at a level comparable to that of an S-class raider, even if it was 30%.

It was his realm that even now Jae-hyun could not easily deal with.


Heimdall passed the grey-white building and headed inside the Nine’s residence.


With one gesture of his hand, the barrier guarding the dwelling is lightly crumbled.

“Min Jaehyun, why are you so late… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung, who was resting in the tent, came out and tried to talk, but soon became stiff.

‘weird. That person is not Min Jae-hyun.’

I thought it might be the members of Junghyun and Yoo, but it wasn’t either.

The existence in front of me possessed irresistible magical power and possessed unrequited power.

‘like… … It’s like a witch.’

Kim Yoo-jung thought so and swallowed her saliva.

Anxiety sprouts in her heart, and her heart beats repeatedly.

Ahn Ho-yeon, Seo E-na, and Kwon So-yul stood side by side. Lee Jae-sang is also out of the tent and examining the atmosphere.

“Are you allies of the adversary?”

“What do you mean… … .”

That moment when Kim Yu-jung was about to say something.


The mana concentration in the atmosphere suddenly changed. All of my comrades staggered and bent at the knees at the magic power that had thickened more than three times.

Heimdall added with a faint smile.

“Only answer questions.”

Kwon So-yul instinctively opened up his magic and started the artifact.

The item I received from Jaehyun the other day.

It was to get in touch with him through the sentence of solidarity.

[Kwon So-yul: Min Jae-hyun, come back now! the enemy has appeared It looks like a human, but the magic you feel is like a demon… … .]

The text didn’t continue.

It was because Heimdall, who approached Kwon So-yul before he knew it, smiled and grabbed her neck.


“You’re using obvious numbers.”

Heimdall condensed mana with his other hand and finished preparations to shoot at his colleagues.

he was mocking

“You all have to die here. adversary. Resent him.”

“It can’t be like that.”

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».


With a noise like glass breaking, the mana cannon fired by Heimdall was shattered and scattered fragments around.

Then there is the sound of chains colliding. Heimdall’s hand, which was gripping Kwon So-yul’s neck, falls off.

The mana that existed in the air also returned to its original state, and a black-haired boy appeared.

“Do you think I will just watch?”

Saying that, Jaehyun hit the chains that held high-pressure electricity.

That moment.

Heimdall’s expression hardened coldly, and the two cold eyes turned to Jaehyun.

“You guys.”


In an instant, Heimdall’s mana exploded explosively.

His lips opened slowly, and an overwhelming divine power poured out.

“Why do you have ‘His’ eyes?”

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