I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 172

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Episode 172 Divinity Usurpation


A woman wearing a black lace dress stood in front of a rolling station field.

Hella’s gaze is directed to one place.


It was a gigantic evil that came here to destroy the enemies of the prophecy.

‘I can’t stand it for long either.’

Hella’s hands trembled.

It was evidence of the considerable strain on her body.

“ha… … .”

Hela let out a quick breath and looked at the enemy in front of her.

Not too long ago, she contacted Hel with a favor.

[Hell, lend me your power. I want to save Jaehyun somehow.]

After thinking about it, Hel finally respected her will.

He lent his divinity to Hela for a while, allowing him to deal with Heimdall and the Aesir gods.

However, this was a risky choice.

If you can’t fully handle the status of a god, even an attempt is taboo.

No matter how much Hella was, it was something that could not be done without being prepared for one’s own extinction.

Even so, she chose to keep Jaehyun.

I decided to believe in him because I have the confidence that he can change the future.

She opened her seductive lips and gave a small smile.

“As long as I am, you will never be able to kill your adversary.”

“This is true. I wondered where he was hiding… … I thought I would show myself on my feet.”

Heimdall looked at Jaehyun and Hela alternately with an excited expression.

hella. It was not difficult to figure out that she had changed somewhere.

‘To stop my Gjallarhorn’s Yin Gong… … It’s a strange thing.’

Even at the time when she first redeemed herself, Hela was much weaker than this.

But what is it like now?

Gjallarhorn, a mythical artifact.

And he used the same class of reverse current magic called his own secret technique.

‘Nevertheless, being able to look like that… … There is only one.’

“You guys.”

Heimdall sneered.

“You forcibly dragged the deity of Hel.”

at the same time the words fall. In an instant, Jaehyun’s expression hardened.

His pupils turn toward Hella, and his brows slowly narrow.


The sight of Hella in Jaehyun’s eyes was truly shocking.

He couldn’t contain Hel’s magical power, and cracks appeared all over his body, causing him to crumble.

Seeing this, Jaehyun unknowingly clenched his fists.

‘If left as it is, Hella will surely die.’

The very moment the thought comes to mind.

coo coo coo… … !!

Hella smiled lightly, and the mana that had deepened with divine power was raised.

“Heimdall, you must stop here.”

I hear Hella’s sweet voice, like a whisper.

Then, a branch of black magic extended out and flew straight toward Heimdall’s body.


The floor is hollow.

It was because the attack narrowly missed Heimdall.

However, Helena did not stop there.

Suddenly, hands rose from the thick darkness on the floor and rushed towards Heimdall in succession.

thud! thud!

There was a crack in the ground without a break, and a fierce noise arose.

Vibration in the ears.

Heimdall’s face wrinkled involuntarily.

He looked at Hella with lifeless eyes and said.

“It’s too high a price for you to handle. I hate to admit it, but Hel is the ruler of Helheim.

You, an alter ego, don’t think that you can fully capture his divinity, right?”

“i know. That I can’t properly handle Hell’s power.”

When Hella responded as if it was not a big deal, Heimdall gritted his teeth and continued.

“Are you willing to sacrifice yourself here? What the hell are you doing that for? Do you really believe that the opponents of the prophecy can save the nine worlds?”

“It’s not just that I believe it, I’m convinced of it. That Jaehyun will kill Odin in the near future and end Ragnarok.”

“… … Disrespectful.”

“End now.”

Hella, who was exchanging sums, stopped attacking for a moment.

She concentrated all the magical energy in her body into her fingertips and released them in the form of energy.




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Black-purple magic takes the form of a huge snake, revealing its sharp teeth towards the enemy.

Heimdall’s eyes went wild.

Eventually, a high-pitched scream erupted from his mouth.

“I’m sure you’re going to die here!”

“Did you not know? That death in Helheim is fleeting.”

Jaehyun’s eyes were bloodshot.

Hela’s magic.

This far surpassed her several times as a demigod.

In an instant, a thought flashed through my mind.

What is she sacrificing for?

“stop… … Leave it.”

Jaehyun murmured, clenching his fists tightly.

Anger at myself for not being able to do anything was constantly choking me.

like that. Jaehyun, unable to even take a step, watches the battle between the two beings.

Suddenly, Hella’s trembling lips opened.


Jaehyun lifted his head. Hella continued to release her magical energy.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you, the guide of trials, until the end.

I look forward to the end of your apocalypse in Helheim.”

Please, may no one be unhappy at the end.

Hella continued to do so and began to burn all her mana.


Just now. The dark red snake that floated in the air widened its body and opened its mouth at the enemy.

“this… … .”

Heimdall’s distraught voice is heard.



With a roar, the snake engulfed Heimdall.

“ha… … .”

Dust rose and the battlefield was shrouded in the storm. Hella staggered as if exhausted, barely holding her own.

Currently, her body was on the verge of collapsing due to the mana she could not handle.

‘Since you dared to capture Hel’s divinity with the body of an alternate body… … Maybe it’s a matter of course.’

Hella muttered with a detached face.

“But with this… … All of my callings… … .”

That was the moment.


The wind blew and a huge eye appeared in the middle of the storm.


Jaehyun and Hella’s eyes turn to the direction the sound is coming from.

At the same time, a familiar voice was heard with enormous magical power.

“Ha ha ha ha ha… … !!”

Hella and Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed at the same time. Goosebumps rise all over the two of them.

The sound of mysterious footsteps began to be heard from where the gaze was directed.

Turbuck. Turbuck.

The face of the giant was revealed as the dust that filled the area cleared.

There was an existence that should never have been alive in the place where the gaze was directed.

Hella’s lips trembled.

“This can’t be… … doesn’t exist!”

It was an attack that contained the divinity of Hel.

It was an attack that Heimdall could never withstand, prepared for his own extinction.

But Heimdall was alive.

How could this be?

“Did you really think I would die from an attack like that?”

“that… … ! You must have only 30% of your strength here… … !”

“okay. There are no such restrictions. But you are not the only one who can use divine power.”

At those words, Hella’s pupils turned black as if submerged in water.

divine power.

Could it be that Heimdall even had the right to use it?

Heimdall had a puzzled look on his face.

“You foolish one. The end is predestined. This is a huge flow that no one can stop. There is nothing that can be changed by struggling. so.”


Heimdall stomped and came close to Hela.

He smiled and put strength into the sword he held.

“Just die.”


The sword swings and the sound of skin being cut can be heard.

Jaehyun’s eyes, which had been watching this, fell colder than ever.

pounding. pounding.

The heart repeats and beats quickly.

A torrent of unbearable emotions penetrated Jaehyun’s whole body.

‘This time… … Wasn’t it something I couldn’t protect?’

What have I come back for, and have I been running so far?

I ended up… … Couldn’t you change something?

* * *


With the tinnitus ringing in my ears. I am in a completely different place.

Dark abyss.

I am abandoned in the middle of the deep sea of ​​magic.

You can’t see anything around you.

Just pitch-black darkness and a broken beam of light hanging over your head.

In this desolate, desolate place, that is all.

‘I couldn’t keep it.’

In my gradually fading consciousness, it was one thought that came to my head.

couldn’t keep

okay. I couldn’t keep it this time either.

That feeling constantly wears me down and sinks me deeper.

Why did this happen?

The thought of raising my head suddenly reminds me of the first time.

I immediately after returning. I slowly start recalling the memories of that time.

In short, I tried.

To change my destined destiny, to end my miserable life.

I’ve come this far by training over and over again every day and using everything that is available.

‘But what is left of me now?’

Losing a friend again, repeating the mistakes of the past.

Is this really the ending I wanted?

‘No, no.’

In the sea where you can’t even feel your senses. The darkness cast over me is not easily lifted.

Even when I stir my limbs, the only thing I feel in my dull body is resistance.

I was about to give up.

I can’t stand it any longer.

In the first place, it was too much for me to handle.

Comfort yourself and kill me.

like this.

Will my second life end here?

When I asked myself a question, what I heard was not my voice.

[It was very difficult. … … know. Mom is everything.]

[Okay, Jaehyun Min. Guild Softening. And in the name of Yoo Sung-eun, I will raise you to be the best wizard. Are you ready?]

[What’s up? you take care of me don’t worry. I will do very well.]

[Is it 10 minutes? go see I’ll try to do something here.]

[You don’t have to tell me now. … … I hope you will tell me someday.]

[Take this too! The whole time, the brain I prepared, it’s a bribe!]

[That’s a death flag. I don’t know either. Be careful not to die.]

[I’m looking forward to the end of your writing in Helheim.]

The many voices that have answered me. it lifted me up

I was immersed in the abyss, kicking away my frustration from repeating just sinking. A new feeling was added over it.


I, who had only been used, gained someone’s trust, and I came to believe in someone again.


now I get it.

‘Hella is the past. He said this to me who couldn’t find a clue about his unique skill.’

[I don’t know everything about the opening conditions for unique skills. But one thing is certain. The skill is expressed from the user’s unshakable will.

If you don’t keep this in mind, you will never be able to break the wall in front of you.]

‘User’s unshakable will. This was the condition for the manifestation of unique skills.’

However, I couldn’t find the will.

What am I moving for

In the case of teachers, altruism to help children.

Ina’s will to live to protect herself from her aunt’s family broke the limits of the two and opened the way for them to move on to the next one.

Like, like an obsession. A strong unbreakable belief.

And now, I realized too.

What is the unshakable will that drives me forward?

I smiled and waved my arms again.

I no longer feel any resistance.

The current that kept pushing me away as if rejecting it now accepts me as if it were originally mine.

Shaaaaa… … !

Before long, the magically enveloping sea around me began to be sucked deep into my body.

The lungs are filled with magical energy, and the whole body is energized.

With him, I realize

Finally, all clues have been solved.

‘I have to remember to unlock the unique skill. An unwavering will… … .’

* * *

“No more losing precious things.”

“You guys. what are you talking about… … .”


Heimdall’s mouth, which had been scornfully looking at Jaehyun, fell shut in an instant.

It was because the unusual magic power felt from his body made his nerves stand on edge.

‘what? This magic… … ?’

Tsutsut… … !

moment to think.

The magic that exploded while drawing a sphere completely erased the existence of Hela and Heimdall.

A truly overwhelming release of energy.

This far exceeded the level that a radar at the level of A class could produce.

Chii profit… … !

“What the hell! dare… … with a human body… … !”

With Heimdall’s roar, all the mana in the air disappeared as if it had dried up.

At the same time, the dark life that stays in Jaehyun’s body.

He raised his head, raising his mana to the limit without stopping.


Jaehyun’s left eye is dyed golden, different from before. Magical power close to awe began to explode.

In that moment, Jaehyun realized.

―You have cleared the main quest 《Unlock unique skills》.

―You have met the unlock conditions for unique skills.

―<<The Lost Eye of Odin> responds to your will.

―You have acquired the active skill 《Divinity Preoccupation》.


He has reached the level of S rank.

“I still need you.”

The fact that you can change your own destiny.

―The user has succeeded in acquiring the 《Divine Power》 for the first time.

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