I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 174

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Episode 174: Divinity (2)

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Power》 is activated.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.

―Due to the influence of 《The Power of Thunder God》, the level of the Chain of Lightning will be upgraded.

―Active skill «Chain of Thunder God».

―The proficiency and power of all electric property skills increase.

[Active skill]

Name: Thunder God’s Chain

Class: Mythic

Attacks the opponent with a chain imbued with the power of Thunder God Thor.

Ignore a certain percentage of opponent’s defense.

*However, only when <<Power of Thunder God>> is activated, the skill is changed to <<Chain of Thunder God>>.


This is the first skill Jaehyun learned, and his trademark.

The «Chain of Lightning» was upgraded and changed to the «Chain of Thunder God».

The chain, which started pouring out even more overwhelming lightning and magic power, was shot straight at Heimdall.

visor! visor! visor!

‘what… … does not make sense!’

Heimdall’s eyes widened as he parried Jaehyun’s attack with his sword.

Embarrassment mingled with urgent hand movements.

Jaehyun’s attack far surpassed the power he thought.

The electric shock was aiming at him relentlessly and relentlessly, and each blow was heavy.


‘This… … It’s Thor’s thunderbolt! But why does the adversary have his power?’

Thor’s mythical level skill 《Thunder God’s Power》.

This, along with Mjolnir, was the power that made Thor rise to the position of the highest god of the Aesir.

Why does the adversary have it?

However, now was not the time to think that way.

Heimdall gritted his teeth and shouted.

“dare… … !”

That was the moment.

Suddenly, Heimdall’s head turned in a direction that shouldn’t be bent.


Then, with the sound of bones breaking, Heimdall’s eyes were bloodshot.

Taking advantage of the gap in his vision narrowed due to worrying about the chain, Jaehyun swung his fist full of lightning.

“Is this what the rank is like?”

Jaehyun quickly opened up the distance and looked at Heimdall, who was engulfed in anger.

There was no agitation in the calmly sunken eyes.

Jaehyun looked at Heimdall and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Now this fight has my full advantage. I can kill you.”

Cold life begins to shine from the magic that has been released.

Before long, the A-class balmung he had produced was in his hand.

“You cannot kill me.”

* * *

The Bone Dragon, a gigantic monster that filled the sky of a closed city, and the beasts under it.

There is an existence that broke their defense line for the first time.

Circle Nine. They were Jaehyun’s colleagues.


The monster’s scream is heard all over the field.

The big body of the Bone Dragon swayed, and one knee touched the ground.

Then, with a thump, the ground shattered and cracked.

gradually. It was evidence that the war situation was leaning to one side.

“we… … I’m attacking the boss.”

It was Kim Yoo-jung’s voice.

With a trembling expression, she looked at the group of witch beasts that were slowly starting to back away.

After they joined together, the war situation gradually became more advantageous.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na, who were swinging their swords side by side, also agreed.


“… … You’ve gotten really strong Everyone.”

They didn’t say anything, but the party knew.

reappearance. That he made everyone grow.

“Go, thank you! Thanks to you, I live!”

“Dadada, I’m glad!”

Lee Jae-sang was distributing potions to injured cadets and instructors nearby.

Now that exchanges with the outside world were cut off, the lack of materials was a very serious problem.

However, the potions he had far exceeded those of most small and medium guilds.

He wasn’t the kind of person who would let people die because of money.

“I will guide you to the entrance. follow me.”



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“Thank you! Senior Kwon So-yul!”

Kwon So-yul focused on rescuing the surviving cadets using his unique skills.

Although she was lacking in strength, at least no one could match her search ability.

Proper distribution of work.

A judgment like this had the power to save countless people.

“after… … .”

After exhaling lightly, Kim Yoo-jung leaped toward the enemy again.

Apply a debuff to an enemy using magic and amplify the abilities of allies.

Ahn Ho-yeon, Seo E-na, and the club leaders rushed in.

“We will block his movements by attacking his legs. In the meantime, you go to his core and deal with the Bone Dragon.”

“All right.”

Ahn Ho-yeon responded immediately to Jeong-hyeon’s instructions, and the raid team was divided into two.

Members of Circle Nine run towards the heart of the Bone Dragon to break its core, while the remaining members of the Student Circle run towards the bridge.

Kang Joo-hyeop ran and made a sarcastic remark.

“shit! If this happens, the new student will lose all the main character’s place!”

“Can not help it. Did you see it earlier? That Nine’s destructive power is superior to ours.”

Saying that, Junghyun recalled the past for a while.

A little while ago, when I was fighting with the members of Nine.

he realized

Simple proficiency and diversity of high-level skills may have an advantage for enrolled students, but in terms of pure destructive power, the members of Nine are far superior to themselves.

‘This dragon is a monster with strong regenerative power. I need a strong blow to break the core.’

sent them because

When I thought about it calmly, there was a higher chance of success if I entrusted it to Nine.

“let’s go.”

“Tch, I got it!”

The two leap forward and reach the dragon’s immediate reach.


―Activate skill 《Wheel Wind》.

Kang Joo-hyeop attacked the enemy while rotating his body 360 degrees with strength in the hand holding the great sword.


The heavy sword collided, causing cracks in the beast’s legs, which only had bones.

“As expected, that attack doesn’t think of the surrounding teammates at all.”

Jung-hyeon, who escaped the wheel wind by leaping into the air, poured magic into the long spear in his hand.

―Active skill «Deadly Pierce».

The spear, whose destructive power increased by concentrating magic on one point, accurately hits the crack created by Kang Ju-hyeop.


Aaaaaa… … !

The dragon’s scream came out once again at the attack that hit the enemy’s feet.

Jung-hyeon and Kang Joo-hyeop shouted at the same time.


That moment. Ahn Ho-yeon, Seo E-na, and Kim Yoo-jung kicked into the air at the same time and leaped into the air.

They started pouring the best skills they could use towards the crumbling body of the Bone Dragon.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».

―Active skill «Alfheim’s Sword».

―Active skill 《Wind Edge》.

The three skills are the center of the heart. Perfectly hits the Bone Dragon’s core.


With a huge explosion, a crack formed in the core. Within.

Damn it!

The core is shattered, and the red light in the beast’s eyes goes out.


The monster’s huge body lay on the floor.

And finally.

―You have succeeded in defeating the Bone Dragon, the boss monster in Field 3.

A party led by cadets won a complete victory in the defense battle.

“Nonsense… … !”

Astonishment erupts from the mouths of the director Kim Ji-yeon and the instructors who were watching from the back.

Bone Dragon Raid.

No matter what anyone says, Circle Nine played the biggest role in this battle.

It was a new circle led by Min Jae-hyun.

* * *

can’t kill

Upon hearing Jaehyun’s words, Heimdall’s spine grew chilly and goosebumps ran up all over his body.

‘Are you shaking? This Heimdall?’

I didn’t want to admit it, but I couldn’t help but admit it.

The adversary in front of you has a new godhood.

This was something that a 30% of himself could not afford.

‘A little while ago, I used up all my spiritual strength to block the attack of Hel’s alter ego. I can’t rely on it anymore.’

Gjallarhorn cannot be used continuously.

Now that he had used power far beyond the permissible range, he had no way to deal with Jaehyun.

when I was thinking

Suddenly, Jaehyun came right in front of him.

“shit… … !”

Heimdall quickly kicked the ground to get away from him.

However, Jaehyun’s chasing speed was even faster.

“Don’t miss it.”

Saying that, Jaehyun put the sword in his hand back.

He instinctively felt it.

That this would be his last attack.

That Heimdall would fall here.


―Active skill «Intermediate Great Swordsmanship» is activated.

―Active skill 《Overflow》.

―The passive skill «Magical Flow Control» assists the user in mana management.

The swordsmanship he learned from Ahn Ho-yeon and the overflow he learned from Kim Yoo-jung.

From there, Ina taught me to control the flow of mana.

All skills support Jaehyun’s movements, allowing him to go beyond his limits.


Electricity enhanced by the power of the Thunder God began to rise from the sword.

Attribute magical power learned from Hela. It was an enchantment.

“Damn it… … !”

Heimdall’s harsh voice.

Hella’s heart begins to beat repeatedly as she collapses from a distance and watches Jaehyun’s battle.

She kept her mouth shut, staring at Jaehyun’s aloof, golden eyes.

‘I’ve always thought that a god must be born from birth.’

Hella’s clenched fists and tears running down her cheeks.

Even at that moment, the sword of reappearance was constantly advancing.

‘But it wasn’t like that. Here is a person who has gained prestige and built a myth with a weak human body.’

Hella laughed.

‘Loki. You’re right.’


Jaehyun’s sword cut Heimdall’s longsword in two and cut his throat.

message at the same time.

―You have succeeded in defeating the Bone Dragon, the boss monster in Field 3.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘I was counting on you.’


With a dull sound, Heimdall’s throat was precisely cut and he fell to the floor.

* * *

In the middle of a closed city.

Standing on the roof of a broken building, Hugin muttered, frowning.

“… … stupid guy Didn’t you trust him?”

Both of Hugin’s eyes were stained red.

Surveillance magic called “Crow’s Eye”. He used this to watch the fight between Jaehyun and Heimdall.

A look of disappointment crossed his face.

Heimdall, who is called the watchman of Asgard, was defeated by a mere human.

“This will disrupt our plans. I must report it to Odin.”

Even for your own plans, the enemies of the prophecy must be dealt with quickly.

Heimdall came out this time, so I thought I could ease my worries a little. Things had gone wrong, so he couldn’t help but be a little annoyed.

For a grand goal, you need to move more carefully and with certainty.

Although Heimdall failed. He himself will not fail.

“by the way. It is growing faster than you think. At this rate, it could become a threat to Asgard in the future.”

Jaehyun Min.

The adversary was growing at a much faster rate than he thought.

In Hugin’s head, the wariness of reappearance increased even more.

At this rate, Jaehyun will become a major stumbling block to the throne of Aesir, as prophesied by the three Norn sisters.

“It’s still at a level that’s just slightly beyond human strength, but… … It is a self-evident fact that he who has attained divine status will become stronger in the near future.”

From here, it was necessary to examine him more closely and respond.

“However, there is no problem.”

Hugin muttered that and turned around.

Darkness dissipates in the closed city where the gloomy sunset falls, and light begins to permeate.

“The ‘end’ is already prepared.”

self… … .

Suddenly, his body was scattered in black smoke.

Completely disappeared from the closed city.

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