I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 175

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Episode 175: Einherjar

“It’s a good look, yes.”

Took. Degur.

Heimdall’s severed head rolled across the floor.

yet. His head fell off and his body fell to the ground.

A perfect win no matter who sees it.

However, Jaehyun did not let down his guard.

Heimdall. Isn’t that the watchman of Asgard?

In order to bring about his complete annihilation, all of his divinity must be taken away.

However, the divine power Heimdall used in the previous battle was only 30%.

In order to kill him, I had to steal the remaining 70% of my power.

‘Perhaps he will be forcibly returned to Asgard soon. Hela said

Even if I kill the gods in Midgard, I can’t completely annihilate them.’

“… … Adversary, yes bastard… … !”

Words flowed from Heimdall’s severed head.

It was a bizarre sight, but Jaehyun had predicted it.

‘It’s still weak, but its mana is still there.

Well, even that is just a candle that will go out soon.’

Even in the midst of thinking, Heimdall’s ferocious voice continued.

“I was caught off guard this time, but next time I will definitely send you to Asgard’s prison… … .”


“shut up. Because it is noisy.”

Jaehyun muttered while stepping on Heimdall’s head.

Heimdall gnashed his teeth in humiliation.

However, has there been a change of heart? He said with a calm expression.

“Do you think this is the end?”

It was a word with many meanings.

When Jaehyun didn’t answer and looked at Heimdall, he remained with a fishy smile on his face.

“I will make it clear. Even if you win against me now, nothing will change.

Ragnarok will arrive as scheduled.”

“Certainly nothing will change. Whether war breaks out or not, I will kill you.”

“You don’t know anything yet.”

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed slightly.

Heimdall. What does he want to say to himself?

Heimdall said with a triumphant expression to Jaehyun, who was lost in thought for a moment.

“Raiders and monsters… … .

Do you think all of that is a blessing to you humans?”


“Be on your guard against what is closest to you. Doubt, doubt, and reach the end!

and realize

Betrayal is worse than alcohol, and trust sometimes leaves the deepest scars… … !”


With Heimdall’s last words. His head exploded and steam rose.

For this death, he would have been sent back to Asgard.

At least half of his divine power must have been lost in the battle with Jaehyun.

“… … Did you pass another one somehow?”

Jaehyun sighed and muttered.

The last words Heimdall left a while ago.

I’m still not quite sure what that means, but I thought I’d put it aside for now.

“Hella, are you okay?”

“I am okay. The disintegration of the body has also stopped… … thank you so much… … .”

“It was okay. I have work to do, so I’ll talk to you later.”

“… … ?”

After pretending to take care of Hella, Jaehyun approached the abandoned body of Heimdall.

The head was gone, but his body remained on the field.

soon Arriving in front of Heimdall’s body, he raised the corners of his mouth and opened his magical power.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

―We will usurp the divinity of the designated target «Heimdall (Fragment)».

―The user’s divinity rises!

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

No matter how much Heimdall used only 30% of his strength, his body possessed the dignity.

I thought that the abandoned body would also have a divinity, but it seems to have been the correct answer.

‘good. I can just keep going like this.’

Meanwhile. Hella, who was watching him from behind, clenched her fists.

‘The price for worrying, I’ll get it back as it is someday!’

* * *

The entrance of the closed city, the day after the outdoor camp incident was over.

Song Ji-seok from Radar Management Headquarters visited the scene to resolve the incident.



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He took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth as he looked at the roughly tidied field.

“Anyway. Min Jae-hyun, that guy… … I heard that the cotyledon is different from the first time I saw it, so I never thought it would work this far.”

Kim Ji-yeon, who was commanding the other raiders by the side, nodded.

“Iknow, right. But most surprising of all… … Cadet Min Jae-hyeon did not participate in the Bone Dragon Raid at all.”

“huh? What are you talking about? Didn’t you say earlier that the circle created by Min Jae-hyun was active in raids?”

“That’s right, but… … Cadet Min Jae-hyeon was not present at the scene. When I heard the circumstances from the members of Nine, he was fighting a stronger enemy alone inside.”

“Such crazy… … .”

Song Ji-seok shuddered in shock.

The one Circle Nine faced was also an A+ grade boss monster.

I heard that he hunted with other cadets, but he is a top-notch beast. It was never at a level that a freshman could deal with.

But, you said you defeated a stronger being alone?

“I wouldn’t have believed it if it was another cadet’s story.”

Kim Ji-yeon added that. Song Ji-seok did not ask any more.

He, too, knew it in his heart.

Jaehyun Min.

That he is a radar in a category beyond his common sense.

Song Ji-seok continued as he put a ballpoint pen into the pocket of his jacket.

“Anyway, let’s continue investigating the case. ‘System Down’… … Don’t reveal it to the public yet. It smells like something.”

“All right.”

Kim Ji-yeon left the seat immediately after answering.

The sun was setting, but she still had so much work to do.

* * *

“under. When will you finish reading this?”

Central Library of Milles Academy.

Jaehyun is sitting at his desk with books piled up to shoulder height.

It was the point at which the outdoor camp incident had not yet been sorted out, but he could not delay the time.

‘The last words Heimdall said. And I need to know more about my new Godhead.’

[Raiders, monsters… … Do you think all of that is a blessing to you?]

[Beware of the nearest. Doubt, doubt, and reach the end!

and realize

Betrayal is worse than alcohol, and trust sometimes leaves the deepest scars… … !]

Jaehyun realized that his words were similar to what Mimir had told him in the past.

Mimir said at the time.

[Three words make a sentence of one truth.

Shinier, Raider, Eye.]

[Doubting the system. Only those who doubted and doubted and reached the end.

The truth can be reached.]


Both Mimir and Heimdall were using words like these to tell themselves something.

Jaehyun thought.

‘Perhaps there is a point of contact between the two words. And it’s probably related to mythology.’

because he came here


There is no other place where you can properly study mythology like here.

‘Currently Hella is recuperating. I’ll be able to find the data quietly.’

Jaehyun remembered what Hella had said before leaving the house.

[Even if you stole the divine power, you stole too much! Thanks to you, I don’t even have the strength to move!]

He smiled and opened one of the piles of books on his desk.

It seemed like I had to keep my ass on for quite some time.

* * *

About four hours after that.

Jaehyun leaned forward, covering the book of Norse mythology he was reading.

It was because he finally realized the meaning of Mimir’s words.

Jaehyun wrote down the three words Mimir said in English on a piece of paper with a pen.

[Shinier, Raider, Eye.]

‘This is not meant to be. It’s an anagram.’

He quickly scribbled something new on the paper below. I erased the words I used with a pen and rearranged the order again.

As the letters are erased one by one, the sentence Jaehyun thought of becomes a reality.

Suddenly, a sentence came out.

Einherier is ready.

“Now I know. What the two beings said to doubt what is close means.”

Jaehyun started reading the sparsely interpreted sentences.

“Einherjar… … ready.”

He also realized

That this sentence reveals the dark side of the system that mankind has believed so far.

* * *

Odin’s Palace.

The throne contemplating all things in the world. Odin is shown sitting on Hliðskjálf contemplating the world.

Hugin the Crow stands right next to it.

As always, he becomes Odin’s limbs and assists him by his side.

sunny window. Heimdall, who was on the opposite side, lowered his head and said.

“… … No face. Because of my carelessness, I was unable to stop the opponent of the prophecy.”

“Know. Because I’ve already seen it.”

Odin’s right eye is colored gold.

It was proof that he was using magic.

Heimdall clicked his tongue.

‘It looks like he used a blood scale.’

Odin’s throne. Hlidskaelp was a mythical artifact that could look over the nine worlds if magical power was injected into it.

Heimdall raised his head for a moment and looked into Odin’s eyes.

Odin rested his chin, looking down at him with penetrating eyes.

‘… … shit.’

Heimdall’s expression crumpled.

It was a brief outing.

antagonist of prophecy. It was only about catching humans, but they all got it wrong.

‘What the hell is the point of awakening a unique skill at that timing!

I even lost more than 50% of my divine power during the battle in Midgard. damn… … !’

It was embarrassing to Heimdall.

A case where even excuses are not allowed.

Knowing this, he kept his mouth shut, waiting for Odin’s disposition.

“I will postpone the disposition until later.”

After Odin got lucky, he rose from his throne.

He said in a low voice.

“From now on, you will help Freya to maintain the system and focus on training the army of the dead. I will leave the adversary case to someone else.”

“… … but!”

Heimdall raised his head in a fit of heat.

He didn’t want it to end like this.

What if other gods heard that he was reverse summoned because he was attacked by a human?

If that happens, he won’t even be able to raise his head in Asgard.


“Are you disobeying me now?”


A drop of cold sweat ran down Heimdall’s face.

Odin’s divinity opened, albeit weakly. It was because the transcendental class had oppressed him.

He quickly lowered his head and corrected his thoughts.

“… … sorry.”

“I wish I knew.”

After saying that, Odin walked slowly past Heimdall.

“Hugin, soon the war will begin.”


Hugin followed Odin and received his words.

The pupil on Odin’s right side is more disturbing than ever.

“You already know. Einherjar. What is the material for the army of the dead?”

Odin laughed.


It was because the material of the army of the dead was the Awoken with the system.

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