I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 176

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Episode 176: The Secret of the System (1)


It was an unfamiliar word to those who did not know deeply about Norse mythology.

Jaehyun put down his pen and crossed his arms for a moment.

I thought the signs weren’t looking good… …

I never thought that such a secret could be hidden in the system.

‘I had doubts from the first time Heimdall appeared and the quest window popped up.’

When staying outdoors,

Jaehyun received one quest from the Nornir system.

《Closed City Defense War》.

Along with the instructions to kill the Bone Dragon and Heimdall, it was written as follows.

[However, while the quest is in progress, adult raiders cannot use the power of the system… … ]

Jaehyun paid attention to this phrase.

he thought

Heimdall. Just as he appeared, the ‘system’s ban’ was activated.

like. Just like the system went down right before he first regressed.

‘What this means is clear. It means that Heimdall and other Aesir gods can arbitrarily intervene in the system.’

Because of this, Jaehyun could be sure.

Doubts about the system Mimir said.

And as Heimdall said, be wary of the closest things… … saying.

This subtly contained the truth about the ‘Esir system’.

as soon as.

“The purpose of the system is to train Einherjar.

And the ingredients to make Einherjar are probably… … .”

Jaehyun clenched his fists.

“Every Awoken person in the world.”

Odin planned to use them to create an army of the dead.

Faithful servants who are willing to give their lives for them.

It was the moment Jaehyun realized.

belt ring.

―User has reached 《The Truth of Einherjar》.

―Viewable information is updated.

―Do you want to read 《Mimir’s Records》?

* * *

Milles Academy cadet conference room.

Circle leaders from all school circles, including the 4 major circles, are gathered together.

After the end of the outdoor training camp, they are talking about the circle policy.

One of the main issues was the story of Min Jae-hyun and Nine.

“anyway. Min Jae-hyun does not hold back any more here. If you voice your opinion against this, you will be at odds with our circle.”

The first to speak was, of course, Jeong-hyeon.

He defended Circle Nine and expressed his opinion.

It was a natural course of action for Jung-hyun.

Soo-Hyuk Lee and Min-Soo Kim.

Aren’t they the ones who saved their circle members?

Besides, I already realized that Nine’s skills are excellent in this raid.

A circle that will grow even more in the future.

It was the judgment that there was no need to pretend to be with them.

“It’s not even a level we can do in the first place. Not only Min Jae-hyun, but even the members of the Circle have tremendous skills, right?”

Jian Han said with her chin resting on the table.

Kang Joo-hyeop also frowned, but unexpectedly readily agreed.

“… … Certainly those guys have already passed the cadet level. It was to the point where I couldn’t be sure if I would be able to win even in a one-on-one match.”

“right. People who don’t participate in raids may not know, but Nine has already grown to a level that we can’t do anything about.

And that in just a few months.”

So it’s better not to make stupid choices.

Junghyun said so.

This was a warning.

Milles Academy. There is a very serious war of nerves between the circles here.

The level of check against the new circle is difficult to handle if you do not have enough personal connections.

However, for this to work, the Circle’s power had to be fundamentally weak.

Jeong-hyeon was not worried about Jae-hyun and Nine, but he was considerate of the other circles who would damage their reputation by touching them.

“For now, focus on handling the case.”

With Jung Hyun’s words, the moment their discussion was about to end.

Kang Joo-hyeop, with a displeased expression, suddenly interrupted and pointed to one place.

“Previously. One thing must be made clear.”

Unlucky, he hit the table with his fist.

“Chae Ji-yoon. Even though you are the leader of the 4 major circles, why didn’t you participate in this raid?”

A roaring sound is heard.

It was something I wanted to ask all of you.



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Chae Ji-yoon. She was the head of the Third Eye, one of the four major circles.

But for some reason, she didn’t even show off her nose this raid.

It was a decision that was the opposite of joining other small and medium circles in a raid.

‘He didn’t think he was really proud when he called him the 4th circle.’

‘If you have rights, shouldn’t you have responsibilities?’

The circle leaders all thought so.

But that was then.

“I just didn’t intervene because I thought it was an unlikely fight.”

Chae Ji-yoon’s voice interrupted and silence remained among the audience.

The gold bracelet on her wrist jingled.

‘What the hell is that bastard saying… … .’

The pupils of those around them constricted.

Jiyoon Chae’s remarks. This was truly shocking.

Wasn’t it because it was an unwinnable fight?

It was not a story that would come out of the mouth of a cadet attending Milles Academy.

“We succeeded in this dragon raid. Are you still saying it was an unwinnable fight?”

This time, even Jung-hyeon, which is rare, said with a displeased expression.

It was natural.

As with any radar, there are times when you have to risk your life.

She didn’t intend to hold Chae Ji-yoon accountable, but her words could lower the morale of the cadets who fought alongside her.

However, she was unconcerned.

“Because it was an unwinnable battle if Circle Nine hadn’t intervened.”

“… … what?!”

Kang Joo-hyeop screamed, but Chae Ji-yoon answered without being nervous at all.

“Their participation in the raid is a variable. I judged that the circle members here would not be able to succeed in this dragon raid with their skills alone.

So I just didn’t intervene. You can’t sacrifice your poor colleagues, can you?”

After Chae Ji-yoon said that, she got up from her seat.

“We, 3rd Eye, will continue to adhere to this policy. I don’t think struggling to survive is so bad.”

She smiled and walked away, while the others clenched their fists with blank faces.

“That… … !”

harsh voice.

However, Chae Ji-yoon’s face, which came out alone, was filled with only a smile.

“Min Jaehyun… … I didn’t know you could do this.

Is this going to be fun?”

* * *

―Play Records of Mimir.

―Load the backed up data.

With that voice, Jaehyun immediately realized that his son-in-law was getting dark.

It’s like covering a sunny window with a blackout curtain.

It’s a familiar feeling.

When he sees memories of his lost father in the past.

And when he used Urd’s mirror to see Hrungnir’s memories.

Jaehyun once felt a sensation similar to this.

Also, this means that the Nornir system is working.

It also meant that Jaehyun had reached the hidden truth.

‘Mimir. It looks like he intends to use the system, like now, to tell me the details whenever I reach Asgard’s hidden secrets.’

Unlocking information.

Even at the time when Mimir first informed about the sentence of truth, he bypassed it and divided it into three words to make an anagram.

This is a device to prevent information about themselves from leaking out to Asgard.

It was convenient to see it as a kind of gimmick.

“Anyway, because of the signing of the ‘treaty’ with the Aesir, top-secret information cannot be disclosed to the outside world. There would be no other way.”

The Aesir gods are thorough.

In the first Ragnarok, he couldn’t get everything, but in preparation for the current situation, he forced the anti-Aesir forces to conclude a treaty against them.

Because of this, Mimir also could not tell Jaehyun about Aesir’s evil deeds.

If you break the treaty, you will incur a huge penalty.

However, according to Hella. There are times when such restrictions on information are lifted.

‘That the user directly reaches the truth.’

When Jae-hyeon, not the anti-Esir god, realizes the truth about the Æsir himself, these problems are resolved.

To lead one to reach the ‘truth’ without violating the treaty.

This was one of the purposes for which the half-Aesir gods created the Nornir system.

And now, it had just come to fruition.

‘Hella said it before. In order to get out of the prohibition of information, I have no choice but to find the answers to them myself.’

Of course, in the case of this case of Einherjar, she also did not know the details.

Maybe it’s information that only Mimir and a few gods know.

The darkness in Jaehyun’s eyes clears before he knows.


A bright beam of light suddenly hit Jaehyun’s head.

Jaehyun hurriedly lifted his head and looked around.

huge altar. This was a familiar place.

‘here is… … The altar where I first got Odin’s lost eye… … ?’

A desk was abandoned in front of Jaehyun, who opened his eyes wide.

Jaehyun approached the desk and held the old-fashioned parchment book on top of it.


He opened the first chapter without hesitation.

With him, the ugly truth of Asgard is finally starting to unfold.

[This record is my diary, a record of Asgard, and a document that reveals Odin’s ugliness.]

[Odin’s army in the past, after the first Ragnarok. In other words, Einherjar was destroyed.

I’m sure you, who arrived here, know, but I’ll tell you the truth of the case more clearly.]

Mimir gives Jae-hyeon some more information.

In other words, it seemed that he intended to listen to records that were not allowed.

Jaehyun turned over another page of the bookshelf.

From there, it was complete immersion.

* * *

[Einherjar. army of the dead. Perhaps a word like this is unfamiliar to humans.

Simply put, like Odin’s limbs, if he dies, he dies. The guys who buy when told to live are Einherjar.]

[But if you ask if they are evil, I can’t help but shake my head.

Einherjar are humans, and they were only used by Odin.]

[Odin falsely deceived the humans to side with him in order to create an army to use in the war.

This made Ragnarok even bigger, and he was finally able to win a decision victory against the anti-Aesir coalition.]

[However, Odin was not without damage.

In the war, he lost countless Einherjars, and they were driven to the brink of destruction.]

[The humans who became Odin’s soldiers repented of their sins.

They were no longer fooled by Odin’s lies, and did not volunteer to become Einherjar.]

[It was a big blow for Odin. Einherjar could only become a human, and that condition was absolute faith in God.]

[Time passed and became modern, and humans who lost faith could not be made into Einherjar.

However, the second apocalypse kept coming toward him. So Odin decided. to come up with a trick.

Let’s use that method to recruit our new Einherjar.]

[that’s the… … It is the Aesir system.]

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