I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 180

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Episode 180: Flex (2)

《Breath of Mana》.

This was the unique skill that put Camilla on the right track.

The strongest skill that raises the user’s mana sensitivity to the limit.

Camilla’s breath of mana had a special effect that was not known to others.

‘Accurately detecting other people’s magical structure.’

The properties and structure of magical power are different for each radar. Like a kind of fingerprint, the structure of magical power has an individuality.

‘Thanks to this, the structure of magical power is used as an important evidence even in the criminal investigation of the Awakened.’

However, can there be two beings with perfectly matched magical powers?

No matter how you think about it, the odds were slim.

Camilla bit her lip.

‘It’s not certain yet.’

Jaehyun Min.

Korea’s best rookie has magical attributes that exactly match the black robes they faced in the past.

This will not be a coincidence.

There was a high probability that there would be a deep connection between the two in some way.

‘But you shouldn’t show off now. If Jaehyun Min had a really black robe… … I could annihilate everyone here.’

Given what the European Union looked like in the past, the black robes were the undisputed enemy of the Union.

Camilla and Balak have to be vigilant.

Now, it was important to keep an eye on the process of the auction and monitor the reproduction.

“Let’s check it out today. Jaehyun Min… … Is that guy really the robe of that time?”

Balak whispered so without looking to the side.

Of course, it was a very small voice that Jaehyun couldn’t hear.


In the meantime.

Suddenly, the light on the podium came on and a man appeared.

A familiar face to everyone here. It was Lee Moon-hwan, the representative of Flex.

Jaehyun also raised the corner of his mouth with his gaze fixed forward.

“Is the auction finally starting?”

He looked around expectantly.

Then, Lee Moon-hwan’s voice is heard.

“I’m really glad to see everyone who made this event shine. I am Moonhwan Lee, CEO of Flex.

We’re done, and we’re starting the auction you’ve been waiting for. Please bring in the first product first!”

Beginning with the first product, sequential introductions and bidding were conducted.

Jaehyun waited because he came to find the item he wanted. There was only one thing he decided he needed.

“Let’s see the turn… … Number 31?”

Jaehyun waited patiently with his arms crossed.

His habit is to eat the most delicious food late.

From now on, a reasonable margin was essential.

about two hours after that.

The item Jaehyun wanted finally appeared.

“From now on, the item to be auctioned is the Transcendence Stone.

Then we will start bidding.”

‘I’ve been waiting until I’m exhausted.’

With that voice, Jaehyun raised his hand.

“10 billion.”

From the start, the hall started to buzz.

* * *

“10 billion… … ? Did that kid just say 10 billion?”

“Oh no way… … .”

“Is it the 3rd generation chaebol? But can you spend that much money all at once?”

“Is it worth investing that much money in an artifact of that caliber in the first place?”

“That’s right. It’s an S-class item, but it’s not an equipment item… … .”

“uh? Do you see a familiar face?”

“It’s Min Jaehyun! That rookie who has been making a fuss lately!”

“Then what… … .”

The noisy audience finally subsided a bit.

Even those who couldn’t see Jaehyun’s face a moment ago recognized him.

Jaehyun realized anew that his awareness had risen a lot.

‘That someone I don’t know is pretending to know me. It’s quite a strange thing.’

But it didn’t feel bad.

It was a good thing, if you ask me.

In the past, I always admired the lives of celebrities like this.

‘But that’s not what’s important right now.’

“Ten billion came out. Is there anyone else willing to participate in the auction?”

At that time, it was Balak who raised his hand from the side.

“11 billion.”

“12 billion.”



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Jaehyun immediately followed.

It was natural.

The Transcendence Ring is an item worth that much. If you secure it here, it will be of great help no matter what enemy you fight later.

You can’t give up here.

like that. Jaehyun continued to bid, and in the end, the stone of transcendence was awarded to Jaehyun.

Lee Moon-hwan told me that the goods would be picked up as soon as the deposit was received.

“It will take a day or two.”

“Well, that’s about it. wait.”

After winning the bid for the item, Jaehyun sat cross-legged and looked at the rest of the exhibits.

He said in a nonchalant tone with his arms crossed.

“Is this a provocation?”

Words to ask without even looking to the side.

However, the subject of the voice was clear.

Balak raised an eyebrow.

“No way. I just became interested in that transcendence stone. The amount was bigger than I thought, so I gave up the bid.”

“It would be better not to act clumsily provoking me.”

Jaehyun had a clear reason for saying this.

Before returning, he remembered the person and information about the successful bidder for the Transcendence Stone. Even the people who participated in the auction know roughly.

However, no matter how much I checked my memory, I had never heard of Balak ever bidding for a transcendence stone.

that is so.

‘It must mean that Balak intentionally tried to bid me up.’

However, Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

Anyway, now he was weaker than Jaehyun. he was sure


Not too long ago, Jae-hyun got his hands on a great deal against Heimdall.

This raised his level even further.

‘Now I’m at a level where I can’t be pushed by S-class raiders.’

The realm of the outside world.

It’s not a level that can fully handle the status of a god, but at least at the level of a human, there were few people who could match him.

‘If you interfere with my plans and show your teeth, I’ll deal with it.’

Jaehyun had no intention of being bound by private morals and notions.

The Æsir gods are preparing for a great end. When Ragnarok takes place, many people will die.

Also, paradoxically. The moment Jaehyun steps forward to save everyone, more people will die.

At least Jaehyun had no intention of letting his family and the people within the fence die.

‘I can’t help but get blood on my hands in the process. It’s just a sweet lie.’

It was a representation that was not fooled by flattery.

If war breaks out, it is inevitable and there will be sacrifices on both sides.

Then I will never let my comrade die.

That’s selfish, but that was Jaehyun’s idea.

“Be careful.”

After Balak said that, he raised his hand.

Ignoring Jaehyun, I sat and watched the remaining auction items being submitted one after another.

After another hour or so.

Finally, the auction of the last item is all over.

It was an A-class artifact that increased resistance to abnormal conditions, but it was useless as a reproduction with Hell’s blessing.

“then… … .”

The moment Jaehyun said that and was about to get up.

Lee Mun-hwan, who smiled on stage, shouted at the crowd.

“Here’s a surprise! We have one more special item for you.

It is an S-class artifact that will bring you great wealth. This time, the seller of the item will personally help explain.”

With Lee Moon-hwan’s voice, each of the people with sparkling ears had a conversation.

Due to the hum, the inside became noisy in an instant.

However, only Jaehyun was in a completely different state from their reaction.

‘What is it? In the original auction house, abnormal state artifacts were the last. I’ve never even heard of a special item.

there… … I feel a strange sense of incongruity. Did Lee Moon-hwan originally have that kind of personality?’

Before returning, why was Lee Mun-hwan, who was famous for being calm, so excited?

Is it just that I am excited because the auction is going smoothly?

‘That would be nice, but… … .’

That moment.

again. again.

A woman walked up to the podium with a gun.

‘That person.’

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

There was a girl of her age with a very familiar face.

Chae Ji-yoon.

A student at Milles Academy and the leader of Circle 3rd Eye appeared here.

“I am the seller of this item.”

At that moment, goose bumps all over my body, and one truth.

It was clearly imprinted in his brain.

‘The future I know has changed.’

Also, the subject is Chae Ji-yoon, right in front of him.

was his ancestor.

“hello. This item from now on. Let me explain about ‘Draupnir’.”

“… … Draupnir?”

Jaehyun’s gaze turned to Chae Jiyoon and the artifact she brought out.

An unsettling aura emanating from there.

Jaehyun sighed unconsciously. That was when he was about to get up from his seat.

[It’ll take a while, so can you stay still?]

Chae Ji-yoon pursed her lips and said that with her mouth.

While Jaehyun hesitated for a moment, the voice continued again.

“This artifact is a golden bracelet that multiplies by 9 every 9 days. Although there is a small price to pay.”

She licked her lips greedily.

Right then.



A suffocating scream erupted from everywhere.

At the same time, the expressions of everyone who participated in the auction began to relax.


That’s when Jaehyun was about to say something. Suddenly, Balak and Camilla jumped up from their seats.

It was because the two of them also realized that the situation that was going back was serious.

Balak wrinkled his expression and released his magic power.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t need uninvited guests. I only have business with the opponents.”

The sense of incongruity felt in the smile. Jaehyun realized that.

Bone Dragon Raid.

In the battle where all of Miles fought fiercely to the death, why did she not show up?

* * *

When I first met Chae Ji-yoon.

Jaehyun realized that she was not in his memory before returning and thought.

‘Maybe Chae Ji-yoon is hiding something.’

Otherwise, there is no reason for the 4 major circles not to participate in this dragon raid.

The Third Eye, led by her, is a first-class circle that encompasses both the magical world and martial arts world.

Even if they are active a little, the media can pay attention to them and pour out articles.

Simply put, he was in a position to benefit from the media.

Still, she was silent.

Rather, it is said that he was waiting in the rear, away from the fierce battle scene.

Jaehyun now realized why.

‘What if I didn’t remember her because she was a minion of the Aesir? If Chae Ji-yoon started moving because I changed the future, then it makes sense.’

“I thought something was strange from the beginning. Was it the Aesir’s dog?”

“Aesir’s dog… … It doesn’t sound very good, but it’s right.”

Chae Ji-yoon shrugged and affirmed.

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed.

“What is the purpose?”

“I said it before, but it’s you. To be honest… … You are starting to annoy me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I have no intention of swinging you.”

“It will be fun. I’m not sure what you can do.”

With Jaehyun’s words, she burst into a smile.

Balak and Camilla were ready to attack her at any moment.

Just like that, the moment when all three of them were about to launch an attack at Chae Ji-yoon.

“Can you wait a minute? I need time to prepare.”

With those words, Chae Ji-yoon took her eyes off the three people who were hesitant.

Jiing… … .

Chae Ji-yoon’s hand gesture. Draupnir, floating in the air, began to emit light.

Jiyoon Chae participated in the auction. Looking at the people on the verge of collapsing with her eyes closed, she whispered softly.


That moment.

The magic power that radiated from the Draupnir that Chae Ji-yoon was holding in her hand began to devouring people.

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