I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 181

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Episode 181 An Unintended Alliance


The bracelet that floated in the air began to swallow the unsettling energy escaping from people’s bodies.

People who do not see anything wrong with the naked eye.

However, Jaehyun knew.

Starting from Chae Ji-yoon’s attack, they realized that something was missing.

“Well, it’s a bit lacking, but… … This should be enough to tie up the enemy.”

Chae Ji-yoon shrugged and looked around.

The magical power of the bracelet that devours people.

Ballack was about to throw himself to save the auctioneers, but Camilla stopped him.

“What is this! We have to save them right now… … !”

“I’m not saying don’t save! But it’s too dangerous to run right now. It’s an artifact I’ve never seen before!”

“She is a woman of good judgment.”

Chae Ji-yoon laughed and said so.

Her expression was full of mischief, but her actions were completely opposite.

Chae Ji-yoon opened her mouth while turning her body once.

“But you don’t have to worry too much. Because they are all still alive.”

“Sounds like you’re going to kill me someday?”

When Jaehyun sneered at him, Chae Jiyoon’s eyes arced.

“Because I thought there was no reason to keep him alive. But don’t worry, it’s not like there’s no way to save it.

These people are just in a ‘coma.’”


Jaehyun was well aware of the coma.

consciousness disorder.

A term referring to a state of unconsciousness, alive but almost like being dead.

‘If people are in a coma caused by magic, there is not much time.’

Coma caused by magical powers slowly destroys the brain.

It means that these power could enter an irreversible state.

Chae Ji-yoon added an explanation.

“Now these people are in a state where the emotion of greed has been castrated. Thanks to that, the center that maintained consciousness was broken, and my mind was in a state of collapse.”

Are you emotionally drained?

Jaehyun frowned at the words that he couldn’t immediately grasp the meaning of.

‘Is Chae Ji-yoon able to steal others’ emotions?’

Nothing is clear yet.

Even whether she can take away other emotions as well or not.

Jaehyun is worried.

Suddenly, Chae Ji-yoon took a step forward.

“Because people are really funny. The collapse of one emotion makes you a fool.”

She said, sweeping the empty pupils of the man in front of her.

I felt a tingling sensation run through my whole body.

Chae Ji-yoon moved her gaze back to Jae-hyun.

“In that sense, the three of you are really great. They didn’t fall for Draupnir’s greed either.

After all, is S-class different?”

“Stop talking nonsense and bring people back to normal.”

Jaehyun said so, but Chae Jiyoon snorted.

“What if you don’t want to?”


Jaehyun made a leap.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

“I have no choice but to kill him.”

Jaehyun leaped through the air with his mana unlocked.

He swung the fangs of Nidhogg in his hand toward her neck.

Chae Ji-yoon is already considered an enemy.

There was no reason to hesitate.

However, that was then.

“I’m sorry. Because my life has a different value than the rest of the poor.”

In an instant, Jaehyun’s attack stopped. At the same time, an unknown blue magic field began to form between Chae Ji-yoon and her body.

Jaehyun sighed.

This… … .


At the same time as Jaehyun raises his voice.

The bright blue gate that came up suddenly absorbed his body.

Just before being transferred to the gate. Chae Ji-yoon’s last voice heard.

“Even so, there must be a reward… … Yes, if you live there, I will try to return the feelings of the people here. Then work hard.

The antagonist of the prophecy.”

she laughed.

That was the moment.

Jaehyun and the two S-class raiders behind him were swept over the gate.



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* * *

―Users (―following three people) have been sent to the special dungeon 《Valley of Greed》.

The surrounding area was a valley full of sharp rocks.

Every time the dry, dark green leaves move, they make a rustling sound.

‘under. What the hell is this?’


She was biting her lip at the conversation between Jaehyun and the mysterious woman a moment ago.

conversation between two people.

It was because there was something obviously odd about it.

‘The two of them seemed to already know each other.

In addition, the last name that the woman called Min Jae-hyun… … That’s probably what’s going on.’

Apparently, she called Jaehyun ‘the adversary of prophecy’.

However, this was difficult for Camilla to understand easily.

She had definitely heard this title before.

“You seem to be thinking the same thing.”

Balak said so and rolled his eyes at himself.

The three people who were swept away by the gate a little while ago and were transported here. Each of them was looking around, getting acquainted with the terrain around them.

It bothered me that I was in a dangerous situation with Jaehyun… …

For Camilla and Balak, there was no sharp way.

“I guess that guy… … It seems to be what you thought.”

Balak suddenly said so.

Camilla nodded.

“’Adversary’… … I couldn’t hear the first part properly, but the woman definitely called Min Jae-hyun that. I’m pretty sure.”

The two reminisced about the past for a while.

It was a mysterious phrase written on the stone tablet in front of them at the time they had just discovered the great ruins.

[Qualification… … Prove it.]

[Only the adversary… … You should be able to open the door to the ruins.]

Judging by the fact that there were plenty of rocks and slabs with similar phrases nearby.

The two judged that the name ‘Adversary’ would have something to do with the test of credentials at the Great Ruins.

I couldn’t find a way to do it, so I couldn’t move properly until the black robe attacked the ruins.


As the mysterious woman said earlier, what if Jaehyun is the enemy?

‘Then it might not have been difficult to prove your qualifications. Also, our guess that he’s a black robe will become clearer.’

It was a reasonable idea.

Even when he confronted the man wearing the robe at the time, he said.

It was said that it was a ruin that could not be conquered without oneself.

At the time, I just thought he was a conceited character.

But what if only he deserved it?

Then the story is different.

“Min Jaehyun.”

After organizing his thoughts, Balak approached Jaehyun.

He pulled out the sword he took out of his inventory before he knew it.


“Are you the ‘black robe’ who attacked the great ruins?”

“Now is probably not the time to care about that.”

Jaehyun said that as if it was not a big deal.

That was the moment.


Balak quickly struck down the cold weapons that had flown in from somewhere with his sword.

His eyes narrowed.

“What is this… … !”

At the same time, they saw.

The numerous dark-skinned warriors who surrounded them.

Dark Elf.

Those who had a deep relationship with Jaehyun showed up.

“The enemies are coming.”

However, Jaehyun, who said that, had a completely unconcerned face.

Dark Elf. They were not difficult opponents for themselves.

‘As I said before, the compatibility between me and those guys is the best.’

Jaehyun smiled and opened his magic.

―The title 《He who killed the King of the Dark Elves》 is activated.

* * *

―Due to the effect of the title, attack power increases by 10% when attacking dark attribute monsters.

―All Dark Elves are hostile to you.

Jaehyun smiled as he saw the dark elf rushing at him.

He swung the hand holding the sword without stopping.

‘The Dark Elves are against me… … Well, it would be nice if it came on its own.’

―Your level has risen by 1.


As expected, the experience level given by the Dark Elves was different from that of other low-level monsters.

Jaehyun thought for a while as he cut down the dark elves that attacked him.

‘Draupnir… … The bracelet Chae Ji-yoon had must be a mythical artifact.’

A little while ago, Chae Ji-yoon opened the gate.

It is unknown whether he created the dungeon itself or moved himself to an already completed dungeon.

However, what she did was absolutely impossible with her own magical powers.

‘But it’s different if you get help from a mythical artifact.’

Jaehyun already had the experience of confirming the potential of a mythical artifact at the time of Gjallarhorn.

At that time, Jaehyun was already at the top of the A-class, but he could not resist it.

It might be much better now that you have acquired godhood, but that doesn’t mean that the power of a mythical artifact will disappear.

‘Draupnir. Considering the value of the name of this item in mythology, it is more strange that it is not a mythical item.’

The story of Draupnir is famous even in the myths in which Odin himself appears.

No matter how much distortion there was, the name of this bracelet would not disappear.

“But a bracelet that feeds on the greed of others. I couldn’t even think of it.”

Jaehyun muttered that and continued cutting down the enemy.

As if Balack and Camilla proved that the name S-class raider was not a lie, they were dealing with Dark Elves without difficulty.

‘It’s an object that erases emotions and makes people fall into a coma.’

Jaehyun was surprised that such an item existed, but he did not waver.

In terms of surprise, it was because Gjallarhorn, whom he had dealt with before, was much more shocking.

like that. A one-sided massacre ensued.

Balak suddenly opened his mouth.

“You don’t seem to be a typical raider.”

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders as if it didn’t matter.

“You said it with your own mouth. I’m a bit of a big guy. So do it.”

“That doesn’t sound like words.”

All of the Dark Elves around them were cleared before they knew it.

In the first place, Jaehyun had excellent fundamental specifications and had the title he had obtained by defeating the king of the Dark Elves, so there was no reason to struggle to this extent.

Just as Jaehyun was about to bend his sword, Balak suddenly asked.

“I will ask again. Jaehyun Min, are you a ‘black robe’?”

“okay. that’s right.”

Jaehyun readily admitted.

Hiding it here will only raise more suspicion.

Now that you don’t know what kind of enemy will appear later, it is important to give trust to those who fight together.

However, that choice seemed to backfire.

Balak gritted his teeth and aimed his sword at him.

“Tell me. Are you an enemy of mankind? Then, why did you save people and pretend to be a hero when the campsite incident happened? Was that all hypocrisy?”

Jaehyun gave an answer to the question without even thinking about it.

“In the first place, I am not a person who moves for a grandiose cause.”

“then… … !”

Even Camilla stepped back and released her magic.

For the two now, securing the identity of Jae-hyun fighting together was more important than the dangers of the dungeon.

However, Jaehyun’s next words.

As a result, the two had no choice but to stop attacking.

“But at least I’m not hostile to anyone. Although that standard may be a little ambiguous.”

“What is that criterion?”

Balak asked again. Jaehyun replied with a smile.

“That is my heart.”

“… … what?”

“What bullshit is that!”

Camilla, too, was furious with a bewildered expression.

Jaehyun waved his hands.

“I have no other meaning. just… … If you interfere with what I have to do, I can’t save you. That’s all.”

After that, a moment of silence passed between the three of them.

In my heart, the two of them also guessed.

I didn’t know that the Grove man was such a young boy.

Maybe he’s not a bad person.

He said that he might have secretly attacked the great ruins for a reason.

There was also sufficient evidence.

‘Because Rob could have killed me at the time, but he didn’t.’

Rob’s man. At the time when Jaehyun was sharing his final work with Balak, he stopped his sword for some reason.

Although it would have been better to deal with it there in order to hide his identity, he did not.

The two thought about this.

‘There must be a reason for the action of the black robe.’

And now.

I was uncertain, but I heard the answer from the black robe.

It’s your own standard.

‘Extremely individualistic, but… … .’

“… … is it.”

The two of them couldn’t help but agree.

‘Then, the part about my identity has been roughly sorted out.’

Jaehyun let out a small sigh. He stretches and looks around.

Objectively, the situation right now is close to the worst.

Of course, Camilla and Balack are S-class raiders.

There was no disagreement that he had excellent skills to entrust his back, but there was no guarantee that he would be able to have the same leisure as he does now even when he encountered the boss afterwards.

“For now, it would be better to gather strength.”

This was Balak’s conclusion.

Jaehyun nodded happily.

“Instead, make one thing clear. you guys.”

He brushed off the dagger stained with the beast’s blood.

“Your mouth should be heavy.”

Just when Balak was about to reply.


The eyes of the three people are momentarily directed to one place.

A wild roar began to be heard from somewhere across the valley.

Jaehyun bit his lip.

It seemed that an unusual fight would begin.

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