I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 184

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Episode 184: Fafnir (3)

―Active skill «Intangible Sword Type 2―Phantom Sword» is activated.

Jaehyun smiled and put strength into his sword.

Balak’s eyes narrow and his gaze turns to Jaehyun.

‘That’s… … Intangible sword… … ?’

* * *

Just now.

At the time Fafnir’s pattern entered Phase 2, Jaehyun thought.

‘Even though he is now brainwashed, he is a dragon with intelligence. I need the power to make a difference in order to deal with him.’

The power to make a difference.

This was always what saved the Raiders from a crisis moment.

Jaehyun decided that his sword needed to become sharper in order to deal with Fafnir.

So he came up with a way.

―You can use a blank card.

―Would you like to register 《Garden of Swords》 on the blank card?

―<Garden of Swords> has been registered on the blank card!

It was to use a blank card to copy Balak’s sword.

Jaehyun immediately copied Balak’s Garden of Swords using the remaining blank card.

Sword Garden.

This was the basic skill of Balak’s intangible sword.

‘Camilla’s unique skills aren’t bad, but I’m more in a hurry with this one.’

Magic was already at a high level of reproduction.

It was a much better choice in terms of power to learn martial arts skills that are currently lacking.

The moment I thought about it, the information of the newly learned skill came to mind.

[Passive skill]

Name: Garden of Swords

Rating: Unique Skill

Mastery of all swordsmanship skills grows twice as fast.

The proficiency of the sword grows rapidly, and the shape of the sword can be changed.

*This is the basic skill of the Intangible Sword.

Jaehyun leaped toward the enemy with a smile on his face.


A transparent shimmer that rises like a haze lingers on the sword, which has suddenly disappeared.

Jaehyun had no intention of stopping here.

‘Ballack. One of the strongest skills the guy has. Intangible Sword Type 2 Phantom Sword. Otherwise, he cannot be penetrated.’

Dragons have strong regenerative abilities. Moreover, the enemy he is facing is Fafnir.

I couldn’t deal with him with a moderate attack.

‘Concentrate. And aiming at one point, I shoot the sword accurately.’

Jaehyun, who met the beast’s eyes, suddenly raised his head.


Chow ah!

Jaehyun’s sword entered Fafnir’s forehead, which had fallen back due to Balak’s attack.

Jaehyun laughed and poured his magical power toward the sword stuck in his forehead.

A lightning strike that reveals ferocious teeth as if it would tear the enemy apart at any moment.

―The godhead is opened.

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Power》 is activated.

Thor’s thunderbolt cleaves the ring in the dragon’s forehead with precision.



The impact pushed Fafnir’s huge body backwards, and the ring on his forehead fell off and rolled on the floor.

Jaehyun raised his sword and fell. A noise was heard as the sword rubbed against the floor.

It was an action to reduce the shock.

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… … !]

Fafnir’s scream rang in Jaehyun’s ears.

“I did it.”

Jaehyun muttered that with a triumphant expression on his face.

two swords. It was a victory created by the magic of Balmung and Camilla.

A message came soon after.

―You have succeeded in breaking the 《Andvari’s Ring》.

―Odin’s dominion over Fafnir is extinguished.

The light returned to the pupils of Fafnir who had lost the ring.

Jaehyun looked at him with an expression that didn’t matter.

“Should we listen to the story now? It looks like you don’t have much time.”

[…] … Did you save me… … .

good night. Man, you freed me. I will also tell you the truth.]

Fafnir, freed from brainwashing, showed no agitation on his face.

He looked down at his slowly dying body and opened his mouth.

[The beginning of the catastrophe was the visit of a traveler.]



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* * *

‘That skill from a moment ago is undoubtedly my intangible sword. 2 meals too… … Hwan sword.

How the hell can Jaehyun Min use my sword?’

Balak chewed his lips and watched Jaehyun defeating Fafnir.

Jaehyun Min.

How the hell was he able to copy his sword, Balmung, and his skills?

Surprisingly, Camilla was the same.

“A skill written by Jaehyun Min… … That must be your intangible sword, right?!”

“No doubt.”

“but… … That’s a skill you can’t use unless you have a sword garden. But how did Jaehyun Min… … ?!”

At Camilla’s question, Balak couldn’t help but shake his head.

There was only one thing the two could guess from the current situation.

Jaehyun has skills outside of the standard, and can copy other people’s skills.

Even artifacts.

“Thinking about it again, I can’t turn that guy into an enemy.”

Balak only muttered that.

* * *

[I was originally a dwarf. However, because of Andvari’s curse, he became a dragon.

As you know, this is Odin’s work.]

“As expected, Odin. It was him.”

As Jaehyun muttered, Fafnir nodded.

[Odin persuaded my father that he would kill my brother, Otre, and give him enough gold to fill the skin.]

“Did your father accept that?”

[okay. His father was a fierce opportunist. To him, gold was worth far more than his dead son.]

“Your evaluation of your father is not good.”

[It has to be.]

At Jaehyun’s words, Fafnir nodded as if it were natural.

It was Fafnir.

[Anyway, my father naively believed Odin’s words. He thought he would give gold.

In fact, Odin did give gold. However, I had no idea that there was Andvari’s ring inside it, which you broke a while ago.]

“Andvari’s ring. That’s what made you like that.”


It was as expected.

Magical power flowing from the ring that Jaehyun broke. This far exceeded that of at least an S-class monster.

Perhaps that was the reason why Fafnir was strengthened a moment ago.

In the first place, it was strange that Dwarves living as blacksmiths had such strong power.

[Odin used the ring of Andvari, a kinsman, to take advantage of my father and me. It was a tool that brought out the possessor’s greed to the limit and drove people crazy.

Andvari… … He sold his people to Odin’s side. We Dwarves who believed in him suffered disasters and distrusted each other and killed each other. My family also died at my hands, which were eroded by the power of the ring.]

“That’s how it happened.”

[I’m not surprised at all.]

“There’s been a lot of surprises lately.”

Jaehyun said and shrugged his shoulders.


Even at that moment, Fafnir’s body was collapsing little by little.

‘It seems that he was receiving life force from the ring. I can’t last long.’

[Now then, I will ask you one question. human. What are you?]

While Jaehyun was thinking, Fafnir asked.

After thinking about it for a while, Jaehyun decided to tell him honestly.

Sooner or later he will die anyway. He didn’t even want to hide it.

“Do you know the three Norn sisters?”

[The three Norn sisters… … .]

I can feel Fafnir’s pupils rolling and sweeping through the reenactment.

Jaehyun was calm.

“The antagonist of the prophecy that will destroy Asgard they occupied… … That is me.”

A moment of silence passed.

Looking at Jaehyun, Fafnir immediately nodded.

[is it… … That’s why humans were able to enter my lair… … .]

After muttering to himself, Fafnir saw the reappearance again.

[A while ago, when I was not in my right mind. you said it I will take revenge.]

“okay. I’m the type of person who can’t afford to live in debt. I was played by Odin as much as you.”

[good night.]

Saying that, Fafnir raised his head.

[It’s clumsy, but it also has a divine power… … This should be good enough. I will give you a present.]


[Yes. Give me my strength.]

“It’s power… … what is that?”

[Cut me.]

“… … what?”

Jaehyun’s pupils narrowed.

What the hell is the dragon in front of you saying?

cut yourself?

[You know that, but I’m going to die anyway. The time allowed for me will not be more than a few minutes. Of course, even if you leave me alone, it won’t change that I will die… …

If you cut me directly, you will get more.]

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

Even if you leave it as it is, that guy will die.

The disintegration of Fafnir’s body was predestined.

If you’re going to die anyway, it’s right to cut yourself and gain experience points.

Now he too is saying that to Jaehyun.

‘Then, there’s no reason to hesitate.’

“I will keep my promise to avenge you.”

[I hope so.]

Jaehyun grabbed his sword and approached him lightly.



―You succeeded in hunting a dragon for the first time.

The sword imbued with magical power accurately cut the enemy’s throat.

Unlike when he first regenerated, his body quickly disintegrated.

“There must be countless numbers of these guys in other worlds besides Asgard.”

Jaehyun muttered with a detached expression, but suddenly a message popped up.

―The reward for defeating Fafnir will be settled.

―Your level has risen by 3.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

―We will usurp the divinity of the designated target 《Fafnir》.

―The user’s divinity rises!

Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

Dragon. They are one of the main races supporting the nine worlds.

They were not gods, but they had the same status as him.

In the past, Hella said.

[If you meet dragons with names, you should definitely get their status.]

Jaehyun nodded, recalling the moment.

―You have acquired the title 《Dragon Hunter》.

At that moment, Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed at the message that followed.

―You have acquired the <<Embryonic Dragon Egg>>.

“what? Dragon’s… … egg?”

* * *

《Egg of the dragon that is hatching》.

An unknown item fell into Jaehyun’s hands.

Jaehyun tilted his head in disbelief.

“What is this… … how do you want to use it I gained divine status, and there was no particular loss.”

Jaehyun opened the item window to find out more.

[Special item]

Name: Embryo Dragon’s Egg

Rating: ???

It is the essence given by Fafnir with his strength and ability.

You never know what will hatch inside.

“The explanation is too short.”

Jaehyun let out a small sigh.

It was a long time since the item of such a vague explanation.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

Jaehyun immediately erased the thought from his head.

In any case, it was an item that Fafnir gave.

I don’t know well, but it will definitely be of great help to Jaehyun.

Next, Jaehyun confirmed the newly acquired title.

[Title item]

Name: Dragon Hunter

Rating: S+

A title given to those who hunted dragons.

30% damage is added to the target with the case.

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

“It’s an effect that will be useful when fighting the Aesir later. I am satisfied.”


at that time. The entire cave began to vibrate.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and looked at the collapsing cave.

It seemed that the dungeon was slowly collapsing.

It was then.

Balak, with a puzzled expression, asked Jaehyun.

“How on earth did you use my unique skill?”

“I cannot explain in detail. There’s no reason to do it. Oh right.”

At that moment, Jaehyun raised his head and lightly deployed his mana.

“Are your mouths heavy?”

“What are you talking about?”

Camilla asked back, but Jaehyun still had a smile on his lips.

“It should probably be heavy.”

―Active skill 《Subordinate》.

Jaehyun had no intention of leaving any risk factors behind.

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