I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 186

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Episode 186: How to Train Your Dragon (2)


The egg cracked, and a brilliant light leaked from the inside.

Jaehyun involuntarily swallowed his saliva.


After a moment of waiting, the egg was completely cracked.

almost simultaneously. Jaehyun was in a big shock.


An unknown creature tilting its head.

“Hey, what is this… … !”

What was born inside the egg was a small dragon that looked like a puppy.

A red dragon with dainty wings and round eyes.

On the soles of her feet, there was even a piece of pink jelly.

Jaehyun grabbed his heart without realizing it.

‘… … It’s so cute.’

He doesn’t say anything, but his hobby is to find and watch videos of cute animals.

“crazy… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung’s shocking voice leaked from the side.

I thought that a very ferocious and unattractive guy would come out to eat magic stones. She seemed shocked by the unexpectedly cute dragon.

At that moment, a clear voice message popped up in Jaehyun’s ear.

―A dragon that inherited the power of Fafnir. 《Fafnir II》 becomes your pet.

―Current grade is D. When grown to the end, you can grow up to S+ grade.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘what? Pet… … S+ grade?!’

* * *

Surprisingly, there are quite a few among the radars who carry pets.

Tamer-type Awakener.

Because they carry cute pets, they have become sensational among citizens.

Jaehyun also thought that he wanted to raise at least one pet.

‘But it’s hard to get a pet, and you can’t handle it properly without a special skill. That’s why I wasn’t even dreaming.’

It felt like a sudden windfall.

Jaehyun’s mouth caught on his ears.

‘S+ class pet. As far as I know, the highest grade of summons or pets is at least B grade. A-class and higher radars are only that much.

But Fafnir II can become as strong as I am now.’

If you grow it well, it’s like almost doubling your power.

There is not even a phrase that says that the user’s magic power is consumed separately during summoning.

Jaehyun rubbed his chin and murmured with a happy expression.

“Still, I’m glad that a good guy came out… … .”

It was then.

“Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! what’s this?! Where the hell did something so cute come from!?”

Kim Yoo-jung, who suddenly intervened, shouted and held the born dragon tightly in the product.

The sight of King Fafnir II tilting his head in his arms after waking up from sleep completely captivated her.

“… … Jaehyun, when did you even learn taming?”

Seo Eana also showed interest in Fafnir II and asked.

Jaehyun again reached out to snatch Fafnir from Kim Yoojung, but was quickly stopped.

he said with a sigh.

“Rather than learning timing separately, like I said before, I really picked it up. in the dungeon.

But An Ho-yeon, why are you backing away like that?”

“Ah, ah, that’s because I don’t like reptiles that much… … Should I say it’s a bit scary… … ?”

Ahn Ho-yeon retreated behind the sofa and hid herself.

Looking closely, he seemed to be shaking a bit.

“Oh right. You were too scared.”

Jaehyun remembered and nodded.

Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung clenched her fists and said.

“It’s decided!”

“What else?”

Jaehyun seemed to be bothered by it, but Kim Yoojung ignored him.

“From now on, his name will be Yongyong. Do you like it too, Yongyong?”

“… … what?”

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung with an expression of absurdity.

… … Is Fafnir II shaking his head for a moment, just because of his mood?

* * *

Jaehyun introduced Fafnir II to other colleagues that evening and into the next day.

The name was too long, so I decided to shorten it to ‘Papi’ from now on. It resembled a puppy, and the two letters were just right for the name.

‘Well, Kim Yu-jung insists on calling her Yong-yong, but… … .’

It’s just one person calling it that anyway. It’s like a nickname.

Since the dragon’s basic intelligence is smart, I thought it wouldn’t be a big problem, so I left it alone.

‘By the way, raising a dragon is quite difficult… … .’



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For some time, Jae-hyun was reading the instructions for raising dragons displayed in the system, and was struggling over and over again.

It was the same now too.

“Fafnir basically likes gold. He has a temperamental temperament and his mental age is around 5, so it’s difficult if you don’t like him well… … .”

Jaehyun touched his throbbing forehead.

“Fafnir II grows with its users. As you hunt monsters and gain experience, your dragon will also rise in rank and learn new skills.

Also, if you don’t play with the dragon when it’s infancy, its personality will get worse, so you have to take good care of it… … .”

Apparently, raising a pet isn’t that easy.

fortunately that.

“Oops. Do you like our Yongyong that much? After all, they follow me best.”

It was that Kim Yoo-jung and Papi matched surprisingly well.

Poppy must have liked Kim Yoo-jung, who hugged her for the first time, and often whined when she wasn’t there.

Thanks to that, Kim Yoo-jung was going to and from Jae-hyeon’s hotel room almost as if she were at her own house.

“hey. Can’t I just take him?”


Jaehyun stubbornly shook his head at Kim Yoojung’s words.

In the first place, a pet is tied to the system and cannot be given to others, nor is it a thing.

Furthermore, the body that will be one of the main powers of reappearance.

‘I will never hand it over.’

Jaehyun thought so and continued to read the parenting diary on the system window.

Lee Jae-sang puts a stethoscope on Papi’s heart to check his health.

Kwon So-yul also just arrived and was showing great interest in Papi.

I want to touch it because it’s cute, but I feel like I’m reluctant because of the image.

A blush was all over his face.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was worse off, said while holding out her papi to Kwon So-yul.

“Try to pet your sister too! It’s so cute!”

“uh… … uh. Is that so… … ?”

Kwon So-yul cautiously reached out his hand as if he couldn’t win.

It was then.

Krrr… … !

For some reason, Poppy avoided Kwon So-yul’s hand and turned her head away.

Kwon So-yul squatted down on the sofa in the corner with an expression as if he had lost the world.

She gathered her knees together and buried her face.

Kwon So-yul muttered with a stunned expression on his face, with only his eyes open.

“Why do you hate me… … .”

Jaehyun put his hand on her shoulder and nodded.

“Even animals recognize human personality. Well, if you think about it that way, it’s surprising to follow Kim Yoo-jung… … .”

Reproduction is also an issue that has not been clarified.

Birds believe that the person they see right after hatching is their mother.

Maybe Fafnir II is similar?

It was the moment when one more question about reappearance was added.

* * *

It was the next day after another day when the system at Milles Academy was restarted.

Before going to school, Jaehyun first visited Kim Jiyeon, the chairman of the board, and was allowed to take Fafnir II with him.

According to the regulations, it is considered a companion animal (?), so some procedures were required to go together.

Of course, there was no particular problem with permission because Jaehyun had connections. Going around without permission was a hassle.

‘I have to pay attention to the instructor.’

Thinking that, Jaehyun sighed as he looked at the instructor in front of him.

Right now, he was taking a magic theory class in the third classroom of the academy.

The instructor conducting the class was a middle-aged man.

“… … That’s why you should always check your surroundings before casting a spell. The Witchbeast does not wait for your casting.

Always keep in mind that you are the one who protects yourself… … .”

The content was boring.

Jaehyun’s magical achievement has now reached the point of being comparable to Camilla’s.

The instructors were also at the level of A, so it was right to see that there were practically no people in the academy who could teach reappearance.

Kreung… … .

Even Poppy started begging to play.

Jaehyun sighed and gently stroked him.

As the system said, it’s difficult if your personality gets worse.

but then

When the end of class is imminent. Suddenly, the instructor stopped writing and opened his mouth.

“Okay, that’s all for today’s class… … I have something to tell you, so pay attention.”

Jaehyun’s eyes turned to him. The instructor had a slightly stiff expression.

“Recently, there has been a series of incidents in which cadets have gone missing.”


Jaehyun’s ears flashed as he played with Poppy while turning the pen.

Apparently, something happened while Jaehyun wasn’t there.

The instructor went on to explain the incident.

“Several cadets are already missing and the instructors are looking for them. The Academy is currently investigating this, and we’ll let you know as more details of the incident come to light.

So, for a while, please leave school together as a group, and pay special attention to each other’s safety.”

A disappearance that occurred almost at the same time as the normalization of the academy.

The cadets nearby were also chattering about it.

“Sudden disappearance, what the hell is that?”

“I know… … Do I have to go to school worrying so much? How the hell is Miles going to deal with?”

“I heard that it was the members of ‘Third Eye’ and Chae Ji-yoon who went missing at first… … .”

“no way. Don’t even talk about Chae Ji-yoon. Those are the things that ran away to live in the outdoor training camp. What a pain.”

“Well, that’s it too.”

Jaehyun’s expression darkened in an instant.

Incidents of school disappearances that occurred suddenly. In addition, the first missing person is Chae Ji-yoon… … .

Jaehyun’s pupils narrowed.

“It’s too exquisite to be a coincidence.”

* * *

“yes. okay. The first disappearances started a week ago?”

[you’re right. Efforts are being made to find the culprit within Miles, but… … The culprit is so new and unknown that we haven’t been able to figure out all the information yet.

It will take some more time.]

After taking a shower, Jaehyun is talking on the phone with a white towel on his head.

The opponent is Kim Ji-yeon. Jaehyun reached out to her to ask about her disappearance.

‘Because there had never been a mass disappearance case like this before the return.’

This is also a variable.

It is very likely that it is also related to the Aesir.

Jaehyun decided that and started investigating this matter.

“Were there any unusual findings at the crime scene?”

[Even if not, there were two common characteristics. The first is that an injection needle with a red liquid was abandoned near the incident.

The second is that nearby buildings were destroyed and the ground was dug up. It was like a sign of a drunken person doing something bad.]

“Did you find out what liquid was in the needle?”

[The association has requested it, but it is said that it has not yet been identified. However, it seems certain that it has something to do with this disappearance. there… … .]

“Is there something else?”

[It just happens to be on the news. Hang up and watch TV. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon will surely feel something strange.]

Jaehyun tilted his head, but hung up the phone as she told him to.

The voice you hear as soon as you turn on the TV and tune in to the news channel.

[Breaking news… … .]

Jaehyun couldn’t help but listen to the voice coming from the TV that was on.

[This is news that a polar religious group that worships Odin, who is described as the main god of Norse mythology, is rampant.]

[This religion, which calls itself ‘Asatru’, is committing crimes against the Awakened, and it is said that injection needles and necrotic skin tissue of unknown contents were found at the scene of the incident.]

[There are already dozens of victims, but the government has yet to come up with a specific plan… … .]


Jaehyun frowned.

He had heard this word before.

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