I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 187

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Episode 187: School Disappearance Case

“what. him? Are you still at the academy?”

“Im Seong-ho? Didn’t you say you were robbed by Min Jae-hyun before? What kind of mug do you go around with?”

“I don’t know~ They’re going to put on an iron plate and hold on somehow. I don’t know if you’re really embarrassed.”

“I know. Now that the circle is broken, it’s shameless. If you were like me, you would just bite your tongue and search.”

Crossroads within the Milles Academy grounds.

A man’s brow wrinkled at the sound of a sarcastic voice.

Seongho Lim.

The circle leader who led the circle seed in the past, and a cadet who fell after being defeated by Jaehyun.

‘shit… … !’

Seongho Lim closed his ears and clenched his fists.

‘Min Jae-hyun… … ! That bastard ruined my reputation. That f*cking baby! ‘

At the time of the recent outdoor camp.

Im Seong-ho tried to attack Jae-hyeon, but was hit by a headwind.

It collapsed after being hit first by him and lost his reputation within the academy.

“Damn it!”

It was an unbearable situation for Lim Seong-ho.

“I had no doubts that our Sid would be able to climb to a higher place through this outdoor training camp. But how dare you interfere with my plans?!”

Unable to hold back his anger, he shouted, and the people around him secretly avoided their seats.

All of them were talking behind the scenes saying that Lim Seong-ho was crazy.

like that. Seongho Lim was on his way to the dormitory, passing the crowds with a hurried pace.


A shadow fell in front of him as he turned the corner.

“You were here?”

A bloody woman’s voice whispering sweetly. This was from someone familiar with Seongho Lim.

He raised his head, frowning.

“… … Chae Ji-yoon. I know you’re missing Why are you here?”

“Well, I have my own reasons. Of course I can’t tell you.”

Chae Ji-yoon smiled and said.

She took a step closer.

“Let me ask you one thing. Jaehyun Min, do you hate him?”

“… … what? what is that all of a sudden… … .”

“I’m asking if you hate me enough to want to kill me. Him.”

Im Seong-ho, who was embarrassed for a moment, furiously crumpled his forehead.

Why did Chae Ji-yoon suddenly appear and ask such a thing?

Why was she missing in the first place?

However, the words that came out of Lim Seong-ho’s mouth were not questions about Chae Ji-yoon.

“of course! Jaehyun Min I’m completely ruined because of that bastard! My circle and my personal reputation have hit rock bottom!”

“Is it good? If you hate that much.”

“Are you kidding me right now!”

At Chae Ji-yoon’s self-talk, Lim Seong-ho shouted in a fit of anger.

However, she only looked at herself with a satisfied expression on her face.

That was the moment.

The unknown feeling of incongruity slowly began to spread from Chae Ji-yoon.

“you… … what are you doing… … !”

“I will give you a chance to avenge yourself. instead.”

at that time. I could feel the chill down Lim Seong-ho’s spine. Sensation as if something sharp was passing through the back.

Along with him, Chae Ji-yoon, who had approached him before he knew it, took something out of his arms and held it.


Lim Seong-ho’s eyes narrowed when he saw this.

‘That’s obviously… … I’ve been talking about it on TV for a while… … .’


At the same time, Chae Ji-yoon accurately inserted the syringe in her hand into Seong-ho Lim’s nape.

As the contents begin to decrease, the corners of Chae Ji-yoon’s mouth go up.

“Please make sure to kill me.”

Her short laugh echoed through the empty alley.

Lim Seong-ho, who had been injected with something unknown, turned his eyes.

“Cheuk… … !”

With a gurg, the pupils disappear and the whites of the eyes are clearly revealed.

His whole body turned pale, and blue veins sprouted all over his body.

Chae Ji-yoon, who was watching this, nodded with a satisfied expression.

“This experiment was a success. what to expect What kind of reaction will the adversary show?”

After a while. Lim Seong-ho came to his senses and regained his sanity. Chae Ji-yoon had disappeared before she knew it.

Im Seong-ho, who was abandoned in an alley, raised his lips as he clenched and opened his fists.

The list of information that came into his head a little while ago and his trust in ‘him’.

And to the newly acquired power.

All of that was raising Lim Seong-ho’s self-esteem, which had fallen to the bottom.

“With this power, I can really kill Min Jae-hyun.”



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However, Lim Seong-ho did not realize it.

That something is slowly breaking from within you.

* * *


It was a term referring to the religion where Odin’s fierce followers gathered.

‘I’ve heard of small groups all over the world, but… … .’

While Jaehyun was thinking, the sound of the TV continued.

[After a fierce struggle, the Radar Management Headquarters succeeded in capturing several Asatru members, but they said they were already unconscious and only repeated the same words.]

[“Loyalty to Odin and the Æsir… … .”]

[The shocking part doesn’t end here.]

[A member of Asatru who was captured. It is said that their identity was originally an Awakener, and that they were radars belonging to the Association.

Why did Radar, who is supposed to fight for humanity, turn into such a villain?

What the hell took away their selves?]

A shocking story told by an announcer.

I don’t know for sure, but I can be sure of one thing.

“The Æsir and Odin are moving.”

What purpose it had, and what it was aiming for, requires further investigation.

However, it was already confirmed that Asatru was moving at the right time.

Jaehyun, who had been holding his hands together for a moment, nodded.

‘I have to investigate the case. The signs aren’t looking good.’

Just when Jaehyun reached out to turn off the TV. The last announcer’s words continued.

[The biggest problem pointed out by experts is the power of the awakened people belonging to Asatru.

After losing their intelligence, they are said to be able to handle magic that is at least three to five times the level they were judged in the past.]

* * *

News and mysterious disappearances.

In a situation where the entire academy could be turned upside down, the cadets had no choice but to tremble in fear again.

It wasn’t long after the outdoor camp incident was sorted out.

Another big divergence was sending chills down their spines.

“About a week has passed since the first incident occurred. A total of 18 cadets have gone missing, and six have been confirmed dead.”

The instructor said so in a somber voice.

Classroom where lectures are held. However, it was not an atmosphere conducive to concentration.

First group of missing persons.

A serial disappearance case that occurred after Chae Ji-yoon and Third Eye disappeared. This was instilling trauma in the cadets.

‘It’s a matter of course. The number of missing people is already crossing double digits. Then there’s the death… … .’

In fact, the chances of the missing cadets being alive were slim.

The disgruntled voices of the cadets burst out from all over the place.

The instructor lowered his head and said.

“sorry. The instructors have not been able to find out the truth of the case yet due to the inexperienced response, but we will try to solve the case as soon as possible and normalize the academy.”

As an instructor, there was no other way than to say so.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and pushed the chair back.

‘Still, you can enter the scene of the incident from tomorrow evening. There will be an opportunity to investigate the disappearance in more detail.’

I haven’t been to the site for the past few days because I’ve been through all sorts of procedures. He secretly looked around the scene of the incident, but had no chance to see it properly.

In the meantime, Jaehyun went to the academy at dawn and tried to avoid becoming a victim.

However, there was no great income.

The incident always happened where Jaehyun couldn’t see it.

However, it was impossible for Jaehyun to keep scouting all over the academy without a sigh of sleep.

“First of all, we have to think about what to do with the academy event tomorrow.”

Starting tomorrow, there will be a ‘ranking match’, one of the events of Milles Academy.

The ranking match is a pre-event for the upcoming ‘Milles School Festival’.

I didn’t know that if I didn’t get good grades here, the position of the circle that I had raised to the best would fall.

‘Let’s stay calm. The opportunity will definitely come.’

In fact, in the current situation, it would have been much better for the academy to close the school.

However, this was also difficult in practice.

No matter how dangerous things like disappearances happen, this is basically a military academy that trains weapons to fight demons.

It is a situation where Miles can not show a shaken figure now.

‘It’s already the point of closing school several times. It’s hard to expect any more.’

Jaehyun patted Poppy’s head and murmured.

“For now, let’s focus on the work in front of us. Do you think so too?”


Poppy nodded and rubbed his face in Jaehyun’s hand.

* * *


―You have killed the orc!

―You have killed the orc!

―You killed the orc… … .

“Crazy… … .”

Jaehyun’s low voice resounds in the midst of the raging explosion.

next day.

A simulated dungeon where ranking matches are held.

In the middle of a shady cave, Jaehyun and Papi are hunting a monster.

To be precise, it looked like Jaehyun was sitting on a rock, and Papi was doing all the hunting.

Jaehyun shook his head and said.

“No matter how dragon it is… … I never thought I’d be this strong from the start… … .”

The dejection mixed with admiration in the voice.

All the while, Poppy continued to breathe fire at the enemy without stopping.

A somewhat creepy landscape. He seemed to be enjoying himself now.

‘I’ll have to raise him well so that his personality doesn’t get worse.’

Jaehyun pondered such silly thoughts for a moment, recalling the handout and rules of the ranking match he received yesterday.

[Information related to the ranking match]

We will inform you about the academy ranking match in preparation for the academy festival.

In the ranking match, the test is to clear a simulated dungeon made with augmented reality alone.

The rankings are randomly divided in the order in which the dungeons were cleared quickly, and the top seed is assigned to the cadets with the highest grades.

*Circle ranking is determined by the sum of the cadets’ personal points.


1. The use of any external equipment is permitted.

2. You must clear the dungeon only with the cadet’s personal skills.

3. Special classes such as Healer also apply the same evaluation criteria, but after that, additional tests are taken for related items to determine the final ranking.

“I was afraid that if I clear it too early, I might draw attention, so I thought I’d check out Poppy’s skills… …

I never thought it would be so brutal.”

Jaehyun seriously crossed his arms and looked at the excited Papi.

“I think you’re stronger than me before the regression… … Is it because of your mood?”

Are dragons still dragons?

Jaehyun muttered that, popping up Poppy’s status window.

I haven’t had time to properly check this yet, but now that I have some time left, there’s no reason not to use it.

‘Then let’s check.’

Fafnir II’s status window popped up at the same time as Jaehyun smiled.

Seeing this, his expression was once again stained with bewilderment.

“… … What’s so deceitful?”

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