I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 188

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Episode 188: Limit Breaker (1)

[Pet information]

Name: Fafnir II

Age: 0

Grade: D


Passive: Fafnir’s Blessing (S+)

Active: Dragon Breath (D)

Current growth rate – 31 percent

*If it exceeds 100%, the grade will rise by one level.

After checking the simple information, Jaehyun opened the detailed skill window.

[Passive skill]

Name: Fafnir’s Blessing

Rating: S+

It is Fafnir’s blessing.

When a summoner and a dragon exist on the same field, increases summoner’s ATK and MAG by 50%.

Jaehyun’s eyes widened as he read the explanation.

Somehow, when he summoned Poppy, his body seemed lighter. It seemed that his physical abilities had improved thanks to Poppy’s passive skill.

“What kind of nonsense… … Well, it’s me, thank you.”

Jaehyun raised the corners of his mouth and put on a satisfied expression.

A whopping 50% of attack power and magic power. Even though it was a dragon pet, I hadn’t expected this level of effect.

Jaehyun opened the window to check the remaining attack skills.

[Active skill]

Name: Dragon Breath

Grade: D

It is a skill that attacks the enemy by exhaling the dragon’s breath.

This skill is upgraded whenever the dragon’s rank rises.

This, too, was a satisfactory skill.

The grade is still only D, but what a growth skill.

Even Jaehyun has hardly found anything like this.

Except for Seo Eana’s Alfheim’s sword, there were few people around who had growth skills.

“good. If it grows well like this, it will be quite helpful.”


After killing all the enemies, Poppy approached and rubbed his face against Jaehyun’s knee.

Perhaps thanks to the calibration of the system, the guy followed Jaehyun very well.

‘Of course, I feel like I follow Kim Yoo-jung better… … .’

Jaehyun immediately shook his head and brushed his thoughts away.

No matter what, Poppy’s owner is herself.

The probability that Poppy will like Kim Yoo-jung more… … there won’t be shit.

while thinking silly thoughts. I could feel the ground shaking lightly.

It seemed that this mock dungeon raid would end soon.

―The dungeon boss monster 《Orc King》 appears.

The end of the dungeon raid.

Jaehyun put Poppy down on the stone he was sitting on and stood up.

No matter how dragon it is, it is difficult for Papi, who is still in its infancy, to even hunt the boss.

My body was a bit stiff anyway, and now was the time to step forward.

“Because I need a record.”

After Jaehyun muttered that, he activated the shape of the magic tool to create an intermediate dagger.

This is a mock dungeon.

Because there was no need to show too much power.

Jaehyun swung the dagger with the blue effect once and threw it right at the guy’s forehead.


A dagger stuck in the center of the orc’s forehead with a noise like arrows flying.


With the scream of the guy, the 3-meter-high body begins to crumble.



A system message audible as the huge body lay on the floor.

―Successfully defeated the boss monster.

―Transfers the user to the waiting room.

* * *

―The record is 22 minutes and 21 seconds.

―Milles Academy broke the record for the shortest time ever.

―Additional points are settled.

Returning to the waiting room and checking the rankings, Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

The ranking displayed after clearing the dungeon a while ago.

Because there was a strange corner here.

[Mock Dungeon Attack: Individual Ranking]



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1st Place – Min Jae-hyun 22 minutes 21 seconds

2nd place – Seongho Lim, 30 minutes 50 seconds

3rd – Hyeon Jeong, 50 minutes and 13 seconds

..9th – Ahn Ho-yeon 1 hour 11 minutes 42 seconds

14th – Seo Eana 1 hour 23 minutes 7 seconds

16th – Kim Yoo-jung 1 hour 30 minutes 14 seconds

59th – Kwon So-yul 1 hour 53 minutes 4 seconds

Circle peers also performed well on average.

Seo Na-na and Kim Yu-jung were ranked 14th and 16th, respectively, and Ahn Ho-yeon was 9th.

Kwon So-yul recorded an upper-middle ranking, and Lee Jae-sang was unfortunately out of the rankings.

However, it wasn’t the ranking of his colleagues that caught Jaehyun’s eye.

‘Im Seong-ho… … He’s second after me? Isn’t it Jeonghyun?’

Jaehyun was convinced that the only cadet who would objectively achieve grades next to him was Jeonghyeon.

The strongest among the spear-wielding cadets.

Afterwards, even after the rise of the magic world, he reached the top only with his own skills.

That was Junghyun.

However, Seongho Lim finished second after pushing such a talented person?

‘Something strange… … .’

That was the moment.

“Are you surprised?”

A man’s voice interrupted from behind.

Jaehyun immediately turned his head to check the face of the man standing in front of him.

He was an expected person.

“Lim Seong-ho.”

“Fortunately you remember.”

“How did you get that rank?”

Jaehyun asked with lively eyes.

Seongho Lim replied putting his hands in his pockets.

“Is there any reason why I should explain it to you?”

It was an expression of stubborn refusal.

Im Seong-ho’s sarcastic expressions and gestures contained a strange confidence that had never been seen before.

Jaehyun smiled.

“Drink or not.”

“You will feel like everything in the world is yours right now. The media, Yeonhwa, and the academy are all on your side. Isn’t the world a comfortable place to live in?”


“I will bring you down somehow.”

Seongho Lim’s declaration. Jaehyun laughed and raised an eyebrow at her.

“Are you in second grade? Are you a little late?”

At those words, Lim Seong-ho’s expression crumpled.

He frowned and tried to say something more, but then he closed his mouth tightly and walked away.

Turning around, he added a word.

“You’d better keep in mind what I said today.”

Meanwhile. As Lim Seong-ho left his seat, he began to hear the murmurs of nearby cadets.

“what? How the hell did Seongho Lim get such a result… … ?”

“Anyway, Min Jae-hyeon is stronger than Jung-hyeon? Does that make sense?”

“no way… … I must have written something. Is that a good grade? It’s because it was overshadowed by Min Jae-hyun, and that’s the second-highest record ever.”

“but… … .”

Lim Seong-ho’s second-place record drew controversy even among the cadets.

He wasn’t a cadet with such skills in the first place.

According to the information he picked up, his grades last year were in the top 30 overall. Even compared to his peers in Jaehyun, it was not so outstanding.

Also, that means there is only one corner to look at.

‘He suddenly became stronger overnight.’

Jaehyun stood there for a while, immersed in his thoughts.

“There must be something.”

he felt it

Seongho Lim. That he is hiding something, and that this will have a close connection with Jaehyun himself.

* * *

Evening after the ranking match.

After receiving a call from Kim Ji-yeon, Jae-hyun headed to the scene where the disappearance occurred.

Kim Ji-yeon, who had arrived first, took her luck wearing white gloves.

“You are here.”

“yes. Thank you for listening to my unreasonable request.”

“no. It was the same during the outdoor training camp and during the Gujain incident. Cadet Min Jae-hyeon has always contributed to the academy.”

Jiyeon Kim said with a faint smile.

Jaehyun scratched his head with an embarrassed expression.

I felt that my position had improved a lot in the past few months. In the past, it would have been unimaginable to hear such words from the chairman of Miles.

“First of all, let’s go back to the place where the first incident happened.”


With Kim Ji-yeon’s guidance, Jae-hyun was able to take a closer look at the scene of the disappearance.

As she first said, there were traces of violent movement, the remains of collapsed buildings, and bloodstains near the site.

at that time. I got lucky as if I had suddenly remembered Kim Ji-yeon.

“The results of the request to the institute came out. The red liquid in the syringe. It was a new substance mixed with blood and other impurities.”

“… … A new substance?”

“That’s right. It was a liquid that had never been studied before. even… … .”

Kim Ji-yeon paused for a moment.

“The new substance contained strong magical powers.”

“… … Is that true?”

Jaehyun looked shocked and tried to interpret her words.

How should I accept this?

Jaehyun put his hand on his forehead and thought.

‘Of course, blood plays a role in transporting the Awakener’s magic to all parts of the body. However, it cannot possess magic power by itself.

How the hell did this happen?’

The main organs of the body that produce and spread mana are the heart, brain, and dantian.

This means that blood can never become a container for mana.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

“We also didn’t know everything about this liquid. However, cadet Min Jae-hyun would know.

A polar religious group happening in this liquid and recent news. That Asatru might have something to do with it.”

“yes. I was guessing too.”

Jaehyun nodded.


It was a group of Odin’s followers who had recently been infesting the whole country.

Jaehyun was convinced that this was related to the school disappearance case.

‘The thing that bothers me the most is the similarity of the incident scene.’

Jaehyun recalled the news he had seen recently.

What he paid attention to was:

[An injection needle containing a red liquid reminiscent of blood was abandoned at the scene of the incident.]

[They are said to be able to handle at least three to five times more magic than the grade they were judged in the past after losing their intelligence.]

A polar religious incident that occurred outside and disappearances that are currently happening in the academy.

There were obvious similarities between the two.

Kim Ji-yeon was looking at Jae-hyun’s eyes.

“I don’t know exactly. Our academy and association say that this new substance can dramatically increase the user’s magical power… …

I’m guessing it’s some kind of ‘Limit Breaker’ drug.”

‘Limit Breaker… I was guessing, but I thought it would be mentioned directly from the mouth of Chairman Kim Ji-yeon.’

An ugly light stayed in Jaehyun’s eyes.

limit breaker.

This is an Awokener enhancement substance that has been studied several times in the past. A drug that forcibly enhances the user’s level when administered to make them stronger.

However, this was pointed out by many people as an unethical experiment method, and was eventually discarded.

“sorry. We still don’t have enough information… … .”

“no. it’s okay. Because it seems to have come out to some extent.”

At Jiyeon Kim’s words, Jaehyun raised an eyebrow as he said that.

She tilted her head, but Jaehyun didn’t say anything else.

‘I don’t know the details. But I know a bit about Limit Breakers.’

Reproduction is before regression. I had seen an article about those who secretly made this drug called Limit Breaker.

Maybe it was published in a big way on the social side.

‘It’s just the right time. If the drug called Limit Breaker is really related to this case, there is a high possibility that they did this.

It’s worth investigating.’

Jaehyun immediately came to a conclusion.

After looking around the few remaining incident scenes, he asked Kim Ji-yeon for her understanding.

“I might have to take a break from the academy for a while. Would it be okay?”

“Is it for solving this case?”

“you’re right.”

“of course. Please contact us if you need any help.”

Jiyeon Kim had no choice but to say that.

After the campsite, she had a hunch.

Reproduction is different from other radars. Stronger radars will certainly exist, but no radars are growing faster than that.

Not only that, he is moving with a clear goal.

Although I don’t know what that goal is… … .

‘Then I might be able to solve this case.’

Jiyeon Kim sincerely thought so.

Now, no one in the country underestimates Jaehyun’s skills.

On the other hand, Jaehyun went to visit a person after breaking up with Kim Jiyeon.

“See you again?”

“Min Jaehyun… … I knew you would come.”

In front of him was Lim Seong-ho.

However, something was strange.

His purple-tinted body was so bizarre that it could not be called human.

Jaehyun was sure.

Seongho Lim. That he became stronger by using the ‘Limit Breaker’.

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