I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 189

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Episode 189: Limit Breaker (2)

that evening. Outskirts of Milles Academy.

Two cadets are standing in the middle of a lonely forest where Jaehyun and Hugin fought in the past.

Jaehyun and Lim Seongho.

However, it is difficult to say that one side is human. It looked like a witch’s beast.

The skin tissue dyed purple was already on the verge of necrosis.

“Im Seong-ho. Did you use the limit breaker?”

Jaehyun asked Lim Seongho, who had a pale face.

Seongho Lim responded with a smile.

“okay. That’s what the public calls it.”

“Who gave you the drug?”

Lim Seong-ho frowned at Jae-hyun’s question as he raised his head.

“Ha, I guess I’ll say that… … .”

“Is it Chae Ji-yoon?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Lim Seongho’s expression hardened for a moment.

“Is that what he did?”

After Jaehyun muttered that, he looked at Seongho Lim with a puzzled face.

Without realizing it, a sigh leaked out.

‘It’s already too late to save.’

Im Seong-ho’s body he saw was rapidly disintegrating.

Right now I’ve been forcibly suppressing my condition with drugs, but it won’t last long.

‘The mutation has already progressed to the extent of being serious. I thought it was strange from the daytime class, but… … I couldn’t believe it would be this much.’

The reason why Jaehyun came to Seongho Lim and asked him about drugs was simple.

Limit Breaker is a drug that raises the level of an Awakener.

What if this has something to do with religious incidents outside and school disappearances?

‘If that’s the case, I thought that someone who suddenly became stronger would appear nearby.’

His choice was correct.

Jaehyun raised his head and asked.

“Why did you make this choice? You are probably aware of the side effects of the ‘Limit Breaker’.”

limit breaker.

These related topics are also covered in depth in Miles’ regular classes.

Im Seong-ho must have known that injecting it would damage his body.

Why is he ruining himself so much?

“To get revenge on you.”

Actually, it wasn’t his choice.

Im Seong-ho was only forced to inject drugs by Chae Ji-yoon.

If you look closely, you might say that someone hurt you.

But he didn’t.

A small amount of pride and stubbornness left to oneself. It was making him mad.


Jaehyun repeated a word that stung him like a stone.


He himself was moving forward with the same purpose.

However, Lim Seong-ho’s case was completely different from his own.

Anyway, he attacked himself to raise his profile.

Jaehyun had no reason to put up with it.

“Are you saying it’s my responsibility?”

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have fallen. Because of you… … ! This happened because of you!”

“It’s not my fault, and it doesn’t matter what you think.”

It was a sophistry not worth listening to.

Jaehyun made a decision. he can’t come back

Although he could heal his completely disintegrated body with his own Sacrifice, he could not restore his disintegrating mind.

There is only one way left now.

“Im Seong-ho. I will kill you.”


Jaehyun said so and opened his magic.

* * *

[Become Asatru and be loyal to Odin… … If you worship him, you will gain more power… … !]

[Min Jae-hyun. Kill the adversary… … .]

After being injected with the drug, these were two sentences that kept ringing in Seongho Lim’s head.

He himself didn’t notice it, but Lim Seong-ho was slowly breaking down.

His head was filled with only malice towards Jaehyun, making it impossible to think rationally, and his body was also forcibly replaced with magic by drawing life force.

‘Like that guy said, I might die here.’

Im Seong-ho thought so, but it was already too late.

There was nothing he could do at this point.

Seongho Lim shouted at Jaehyun with his fists clenched.

“Me too. I will kill you somehow, Min Jaehyun! Even if I die!”

‘You’re completely crazy.’



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At the same time as he thought, Jaehyun raised his hand and deployed his mana.

―Active skill 《Flash Bomb Lv 5》 is activated.


With an explosion of pure white light, Jaehyun narrows the distance to the enemy’s blind spot.

Jaehyun then added speed to his running legs.

―Active skill 《Wind Boost Lv 5》 is activated.

‘Even now, he continues to grow stronger. It burns life force and replaces it with magical power. He needs to deal with it ASAP.’

The decision was not difficult for Jaehyun, who had a lot of experience.

What is in front of you now is the Witchbeast. never been a person


With a spirit, Jaehyun reached out his hand. A wave of condensed magical power bursts out.

―Active skill «Ice Spear Lv 5».

The spear of ice rising from Jaehyun’s palm shoots accurately at the enemy.


The spear of ice pierced Lim Seong-ho’s shoulder.

In order to continue the momentum, Jaehyun once again deployed his magic and touched the ground.

―Active skill «Wind Edge Lv2».

This time, it is a skill that attacks the enemy by forming a pillar of wind attribute.

Jaehyun then activated a fire strike.

I could feel Seongho Lim’s stance collapsing at the unstoppable attack.

‘Min Jae-hyun… … I knew it was strong, but was it this much… … !’

Seongho Lim gritted his teeth and raised his magic to block Jaehyun’s attack.

bang! bang! bang!

The sound of several clashes of magical powers was heard, and dust rose.

After a while. All the dust that obscured the view was cleared with a huge explosion.

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

“You are weak against fire.”

“This bastard… … !”

Im Seong-ho grinded his teeth.

Just now.

Why did Jaehyun attack the enemy using all kinds of attribute magic?

The reason was simple.

‘Because I’ve never faced guys who used limit breakers before. It’s easier to fight when you know what your weaknesses are.’

Jaehyun smiled with a smile on his face.

“Then let’s finish it soon.”


Magical power gathers at Jaehyun’s fingertips.

Lim Seong-ho screamed in a fit of fuss.

“I know how to do that!”

He drew out the mana he had exchanged for his life force and began to emit it toward Jaehyun.

Googoo goo!

The tangible black magic hit Jaehyun like a tidal wave.

However, it didn’t mean much.


Jaehyun parried the enemy’s attack very lightly.

“How… … ! ‘He’ said that with this much power he could kill you, but why!”


Lim Seong-ho, who attacked himself while burning his life, was strong.

If not up to Fafnir, he has a level of skill that is below it.

Balak and Camilla, who fought together the other day. It had almost the same level of magic as them.

But it doesn’t make any sense.

“It is he… … I know roughly who you’re talking about, but well, I’ve grown up in my own way.

No matter how strong your magic power is, if you thought you could kill me with just that much control, you’d be mistaken.”

If it was the original representation, it would not have been possible to organize him so quickly.

But Fafnir II’s passive skill. The skill that strengthens reappearance just by existing in the field was a big help.

Jaehyun nodded and clenched his fists.

Eventually, along with the explosion, his flame magic continued.

―Active skill 《Fire Strike Lv 5》.

―Active skill «Chain of Fire Lv 5» is activated.

―Active skill 《Overdrive》.

The flames blazing in his fists and the chains floating around him all flew precisely towards one point.

A skill that has become even stronger with Overdrive.

Only then did Lim Seong-ho realize.

Can’t win.

Min Jae-hyeon knew that he was an unbeatable enemy.


At the last moment, Lim Seong-ho put his hand down.

It was because I definitely realized that it was an unwinnable fight.

anyway he dies

There was no need to be remorseful anywhere.


Soon after, Jaehyun’s fist hit Seongho Lim in the face.

A fist that was imbued with flame hit him. Then Seongho Lim’s knee collapsed.


“shit… … .”

Jaehyun said in a somewhat sharp tone.

“you… … Why didn’t you think of countering my attack at the end?”

“That’s it, cool! what… … Is it sound… … !”

“… … done. die.”

Jaehyun used a chain that floated next to him and pierced his heart.

Soon after, Lim Seong-ho fell forward with a groan.

Jaehyun frowned and thought for a moment.

‘If you’re going to give up like that at the end, you shouldn’t have started in the first place. If he really wanted to get revenge on me.’

Jaehyun was seized by a feeling of tightness somewhere in his chest.

revenge of oneself.

To do this, you must not do it like Im Seong-ho did a moment ago.

You must be able to move forward without falling apart.

Jaehyun remembered that fact deep in his heart.


Soon, Lim Seong-ho’s body was scattered into powder.

Nearby are bursting flesh and familiar injection needles.

It was the same scene as in the afternoon when Jaehyun first investigated the scene of the incident.

* * *

Atop a nearby mountain cliff where the battle took place.

Joo-Won and Chae Ji-Yoon are having a conversation while watching Jae-Hyun and Lim Seong-Ho fight.

“This test subject was also quickly destroyed.”

“Well, can’t we just find a new human again?”

Joo Won smiled and said as if it was not a big deal.

Chae Ji-yoon put her index finger to her lips and crossed her arms with the opposite arm.

“It’s a pity, though. It’s hard to find a test subject like that again.”

“but. Because it’s difficult to find someone who has that much ‘hate’ towards an individual.

It is especially hard to find people who hate the enemy.”

For the two beings, Lim Seong-ho was an appropriate hand to attack Jae-hyun.

The most important thing in the experiment for the limit breaker is none other than emotions that have been raised to the limit.

‘Without strong emotions, weak humans will not be able to withstand the medicine and will die.’

The higher the grade, and the worse the emotions you have, the more likely you are to withstand the Limit Breaker.

Also, since the power becomes stronger for those who hate it, Chae Ji-yoon and Joo-won searched for a test subject with deep feelings that hated Jae-hyun.

The result is Lim Seong-ho.

… … Well, unfortunately, it failed.

Recently, Joo-won and Chae Ji-yoon were scouring the neighborhood to find a suitable subject for the experiment.

Traveling around the country, Joo Won outside of Milles Academy. Chae Ji-yoon found a scapegoat near the academy and the enemy.

They intended to raid suitable humans, use them as test subjects for the Limit Breakers, and turn them into ‘followers’ of the great Aesir.

Those who are loyal only to Odin and sacrifice for him.

Joo-won and Chae Ji-yoon came down to Midgard for the purpose of training them.

“Anyway, I didn’t expect the adversary to win again. Is it too great?”

“Me too. I felt it when I was in Fafnir, but it has too much power in the human subject.

As Hugin said, there is a possibility of becoming a stumbling block.”

“I wanted this test subject to kill him.”

“Isn’t that a big deal? After all, he will have no choice but to come to us.”

After all, the goal of the adversary is to end Ragnarok.

Even for this, Jaehyun has no choice but to come to them.

Joo Won touched the sword at his waist and smiled lightly.

“I hope the adversary will please me.”

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