I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 194

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Episode 194: A boy who longs for a hero (2)

Jaehyun sees the dead face of Extra D in front of the boy.

The children surrounding him shook their heads in disbelief at what they saw.

There was a deep silence in the gymnasium.

They all thought that Caretaker A might really kill the boy.

committed a murder

In some circumstances, the boy did something incomprehensible.



The manager’s reaction was completely different from the children’s thoughts.

“good. Good job. Yes, you might turn out to be quite a useful guy.”

The caretaker praised the boy.

he said.

Don’t get caught up in the same ethical consciousness. Now all of you are tools for him, or even trash.

yes, tools.

At that moment, the boy was sure of his identity.

* * *

After that, little by little, the atmosphere of the orphanage began to change.

After Extra D’s death, the children changed little by little.

They started killing each other, no matter who came first.

At the gym, sometimes outside. But nobody stopped it.

Just struggling to survive. It was their natural instinct.

However, the boy who was the culprit behind the situation just laughed as if nothing mattered.

He didn’t kill him with some grand goal.

Just kill or die.

That was the principle of action that moved the boy.

‘shit… … It’s not easy to keep thinking. It’s the effect of synchronization.’

Meanwhile, Jaehyun was struggling to get away from the boy somehow. He could feel his consciousness engulfed and his thoughts clouded.

‘It’s not enough just to resist. If I continue like this, I will be completely deprived of my self.

There is only one way.’

To find out the boy’s identity as quickly as possible while remaining conscious.

Getting out of themed dungeons.

That was Jaehyun’s best idea.

Jaehyun’s consciousness faded again, and the boy’s ego began to completely dominate his body.

* * *

Several months passed like that.

There was no one left in the orphanage except for the boy.

all dead

no killed

The boy had no doubt that this was the best way.

Shortly after all the children died miserably, a man came looking for the boy.

he said.

“I am the crow that serves Odin by his side. Enter Asatru. You too will become a crow and become his follower.”

His name was Hugin.

the boy asked.

“What will I get if I serve Odin?”

“Odin gave you this sword.”

Hugin handed him a rapier.

The name of the sword is Tyrfing.

It was a sword commissioned by Odin’s descendants to be made, and it was one of the few demonic swords in the world.

“This sword will make your three wishes come true. However, keep in mind one thing. After granting your last wish, this sword will destroy you in return.”

The boy nodded.

He decided to make a wish he had wanted for a long time.

“I want to have a family.”

Tyrbing granted his wish.

* * *


What is a family really?

It was something the boy had been thinking about for a long time.

He had no feelings.

I didn’t feel anything, and I knew that sometimes it made me stronger.

But he wanted to have it. family.

I made a wish because

“I want to have a family.”

The magic sword granted the wish.

His adoptive father and mother. Got two parents.

It wasn’t bad at first.

The boy felt the satisfaction of having a family.



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“Try some of this. Beef stew.”

“Now, this is a gift. It’s a fairy tale book. It may be too trivial for you to read.”

My parents were warm people.

Even if they never gave birth to a boy, the love they gave was real.

However, the boy could not understand their blind love at all.

Why are they giving me food?

Why don’t you ask me for anything?

I couldn’t understand it at all.

In the orphanage, if he failed to prove his need, he died.

Everyone around him died because they were weak.

The boy was puzzled.

The presence of a family who didn’t ask for anything from him was a risk factor.

After much thought, he came to a conclusion.

They ask nothing of me to kill me.

Anytime they will try to kill me.

Just like the other kids at the orphanage did to themselves.

That’s why I decided to kill him first.

One winter when the fireplace was warm, the boy took up his sword.

“Go, why suddenly… … !”

“Put that down right now!”

The boy didn’t listen. No, he had no reason to listen.

they’re trying to kill me

Then you have to kill it first.

He put strength into the hand holding the sword.

Before long, the crisp blue day emits light.

That was the moment.


The boy who was about to swing the sword at his adoptive parents hesitated for a moment.

His hands trembled, and cold sweat began to run down the boy’s body.

The feeling that someone else’s consciousness has entered your body. Actually it wasn’t just a feeling.

Jaehyun, he stopped the boy’s body for a moment.

he continued shouting.


Jaehyun remembered his gentle father in his memories.

He also remembered his mother before the return, which he had not been able to protect.

The name he couldn’t protect because he was weak overlapped, making Jaehyun’s emotions boil to the fullest.

After a while.

Perhaps thanks to Jaehyun’s earnest heart, the boy’s hands completely stopped shaking.

Just like that, it was time for the boy to put down his sword.

[So, the disaffected boy killed both his adoptive parents.]

―Synchronization rate temporarily increases.

―Current synchronization rate is 100%.


A sentence from a novel suddenly heard forced the bodies of the boy and Jaehyun.

In an instant, Jaehyun’s thoughts cooled down.

Then, the sword that was lifted up again slashed horizontally, and the heads of the two fell.


‘how… … this… … .’

Jaehyun thought while barely remaining conscious.

What do you want to show yourself in the novel you are sketching now?

It was then.

Suddenly, a status message pops up and Jaehyun’s expression hardens.

The message read:

[Do not intervene in the story.]

After that, Jaehyun could no longer intervene in the novel.

The only emotions left for the boy who killed his parents were a terrible futility and thirst.

* * *

When the consciousness of reproduction returns again. It was after he was transferred to the boy’s room.

The white gloves hanging all over the wall and the navy blue uniform, the symbol of knights, caught my eye.

‘Here… … Is it a boy’s room?’

―This is the current point of 《Scene’s Void》. Free actions of the user are possible.

Fortunately, I had time to inspect the room.

The void in the scene is the only chance for Jaehyun to be free from the constraints of cutscenes.

‘You have to live the moment well. There must be a key to the theme dungeon and the boy’s identity.’

He took a cautious step and began to examine his surroundings.

The room full of miscellaneous items was not very different from that of any other boy, but the items furnished were completely different.

“Demon sword Tyrbing… … And it’s a uniform with Asatru’s symbol on it.”

Jaehyun was busy looking for clues while examining the plan.

After about 30 minutes or so had passed.

Finally, Jaehyun was able to find a familiar object.

white gloves.

Seeing this, Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

Finally he was convinced.

Who the hell was the boy she was looking at, and why did she drop him in this place?

message at that time.

―The «Gloves of the Beginning» in your inventory will respond!

* * *

After Jaehyun found the gloves, the cutscene started again and the novel flowed busily.

The boy still felt no emotion.

So, again, several years have passed.

The boy grew up and became an adult.

He decided to find his emotions to relieve the boredom of life.

He did anything to make him feel good.

No false love, no sympathy, no salvation.

But in all of them he couldn’t find anything.

In the meantime.

Hugin, realizing that he was in search of feelings, approached the boy and said:

“I have all your feelings. I will return one to you.”

From the beginning, Hugin had feelings for the boy.

Ever since I killed children in an orphanage. His emotions were lacking.

The boy nodded.

Of course, he couldn’t feel any joy, sadness, or overflowing emotions.

He had only a vague consciousness that he was getting something back.

* * *

What was Hugin’s feelings back to him?

The boy didn’t know.

Hugin just said that one day you’ll know what that feeling is.

As a boy, it was a puzzling story.

I was spending my day like that.

The boy accidentally found a clue to the feelings he had regained.


The boy accidentally killed someone on ‘his’ order.

As the sword slashed the man’s throat, he could feel an indescribable thrill and pleasure.

the boy realized

That the emotion I have regained is pleasure.

When you kill a person, that emotion becomes clearer than ever.

After that, the boy started killing people.

It was from then.

He started reading a fairy tale that his foster parents had given him as a gift.

It was a typical cheap fairy tale in which a weakling boy in a rural village grows up to become a knight.

The boy began to admire the fairy tale hero.

I want to be like him.

The boy had such a vague goal.

* * *

The boy continued to kill people for pleasure, but he soon got tired of this too.

The world was full of weak things. To the boy, they were not even a plaything.

In the end, he went to Hugin to get his other feelings back as well.

However, he said he could never give the boy back any emotion other than pleasure.

Reluctantly, the boy took out the magic sword and made a second wish.

Hugin said that the magic sword was not allowed to ask for the return of emotions, so the boy’s wish became clear.

“Let me fight an enemy stronger than me.”

Tyrbing granted his second wish as a matter of course.

Tyrbing said.

[Become a hero in Midgard. Then you will be able to fight enemies stronger than you.]

The boy descended into Midgard rejoicing.

Odin’s name was there, but he had a greater desire to fight a stronger foe.

The boy came down to Midgard and started helping people.

It didn’t make any sense.

It was because I saw a scene in which a hero saves people in a fairy tale.

Humans began to worship themselves.

Soon after, the boy became a hero of Midgard.

First Awakener. that was his nickname

One day when I was spending my day like that.

A reporter asked him who was frantic to fight a stronger enemy.

“What is your name?”

First Awakener. The time when the boy who became a hero tried to take his lips off him.

Suddenly, the scene stopped like a video when the stop button was pressed, and my mind returned.

Soon after, the system asked.

―Immersion in the novel 《The Boy Who Longs for a Hero》 has ended.

―Please tell me the boy’s name.

“Ju won.”

Jaehyun was convinced of the boy’s identity.

―You have cleared the special quest 《The Boy’s Identity》.

―Acquired the active skill «Cold-blooded».

―Transfers the user to the 3rd basement floor of the laboratory.

At the same time that Jaehyun answered correctly, the Tirving that the boy was holding emitted light.

Soon after, the son-in-law suddenly brightened and his body was sent somewhere.

The voice that Jaehyun heard before the halo of light disappeared.

“I was waiting for you.”

Ju won.

Even now, as the first Awakener, he still felt no emotion other than pleasure.

However, only his smile was not different from the past.

Jaehyun was clearly aware of this.

Joo Won whispered happily in a low voice.

“Has my second wish come true?”

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