I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 195

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Episode 195 Cruel Fairy Tales (1)

past childhood.

Jaehyun longed for an awakened person and decided to become a radar.

Ju won.

He was the first Awakener and the hero of mankind.

At that time, young Jae-hyun, who saw Joo-won, thought with his eyes twinkling.

‘I want to be that kind of person too!’

It was pure longing.

Jaehyun thought Joowon was strong and kind.

A hero to save people.

That was the person Jaehyun thought was Joowon.

But this was false.

Joo Won was not a hero.

A boy who does not feel the emotion of being played by Odin’s magical beast.

Ugly trash that played with young cadets as test subjects.

That was Joo Won’s true face.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in crafting 《Dragon Sword Balmung (S)》.

Jaehyun held his sword tightly and stretched it towards the boy in front of him.

From now on, he must kill the object he admired in the past.

Jaehyun remembered that fact deeply.

* * *

3rd basement floor.

The last floor was a research lab, entangled with ripe darkness and bloodstains.

Traces of unorganized experiments and flesh are scattered all over the floor.

Syringes strewn between the tiles and glass tubes dripping with sticky blood.

The scenery that filled the surroundings was full of impoverished things.

In the middle are two men and women.

Chae Ji-yoon, a woman with a familiar face with a captivating smile, and Joo-won, the first Awakener.

The two beings were looking at Jaehyun.

The four eyes directed at him were terribly emotionless.

Jaehyun faced the pupil without backing down.

Just like that, the time when the three beings were engaged in a war of nerves while looking at each other.

“Jaehyun-kun! Are you okay?!”

Unexpectedly, Hella’s voice came from behind.

Jaehyun quickly turned around.

‘… … thank god. Both of you are safe.’

he let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Poppy and Hela did not appear to be seriously injured.

It seemed that time outside did not pass while he was in the themed dungeon.

It wasn’t that strange.

It’s quite common for time to pass differently inside and outside the dungeon.

After clearing up his thoughts, Jaehyun looked back and said.

“it’s okay. More than that, Hella, I have one favor to ask of you.”


Hella narrowed her eyes and lifted her face. Her reenactment nodded her head.

“Please deal with Chae Ji-yoon while I fight Joo-won.”

“If it’s Chae Ji-yoon… … You mean that woman next to the First Awakener?”

“yes. I think it would be difficult to deal with both of them alone.”

Jaehyun said so without retracting his sword towards Joowon.

Hella stretched out her hand and briefly gauged the magic power of Joo-won and Chae Ji-yoon, who were confronting Jae-hyun.

‘Certainly, as Jae-hyun said, the magical power of the two beings is beyond imagination. No matter how powerful he is, they are dangerous enemies.

Right now, as Jaehyun said, it’s better to avoid the seat.’

Judgment was quick.

Hella decided to leave this place with Chae Ji-yoon.

But then, Chae Ji-yoon intervened and sneered.

“Who said that? I’m torn apart and have no intention of fighting… … .”

“No, do what the adversary tells you to do.”


The answer came right next to him.

Chae Ji-yoon asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“What do you mean?”

However, Joo Won was stubborn.

“I want to fight the adversary properly. So, why don’t you move away?”

“But if you do, you will be scolded by Huginn and Odin… … .”

“Don’t get into my fight.”

In an instant, a terrifyingly cold voice poured out of Juwon’s mouth as he answered.

For the first time, the smile was erased from his always smiling face.



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Chae Ji-yoon realized.

If you challenged him now, you could be crushed right away.

No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t compare to Odin’s raven.

“… … under. Got it. Then, please make sure not to talk behind your back.”

After saying that, Chae Ji-yoon looked at Hella and smiled.

“Then shall we avoid our seats?”

“Good. I don’t want to get involved in a fight here.”

Hella said that and disappeared with Papi after her.

Right before Hella left, she left a last word for Jaehyun.

“As I said before, crows will have the ‘essence of the sea’.

You have to be careful. If you don’t think about breaking the law in advance, you’ll get hit.”

“Do not worry. Because I have thoughts too.”

Jaehyun said so.

It wasn’t long before Hella, Chae Ji-yoon, and Papi left their seats.

Jaehyun calmed down and looked ahead.

Joo Won looked at him and smiled again.

“good. Now it’s just the two of us. Adversary, let me congratulate you first. The fact that you’re here now means you’ve cleared the theme dungeon on the second floor.”

“Don’t say disgusting things.”

After Jaehyun said that, he put strength into his sword and leaped quickly.


A sword that swings vertically. Joo-won also responded to his attack with a rapier that he took out before he knew it.

Tyrbing. It was an artifact that Juwon was handed over to Hugin.

‘Undoubtedly Tyrbing is a mythical artifact.’


Swords collide with swords and noise pours out. The swords aiming for each other’s throats missed and hit the ground, then bounced back.

“Come on, let’s not go in such a hurry. Before we fight, I want to ask you something.”

“What do you want to ask?”


Joo Won smiled.

“How about the novel I read on the second basement floor? It was fun?”

Jaehyun felt goosebumps all over his body.

Was the story interesting?

Jaehyun gritted his teeth.

“A story like that couldn’t have been funny.”

“Sorry. I wanted the boy’s story, or mine, to be interesting.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

Joo-Won was aiming his rapier at Jae-Hyun.

“I wanted to be the main character. I wanted to become a hero in a fairy tale and be recognized by everyone.”

“Why are you talking about that now?”

“I want to ask you a favor.”


Jaehyun’s expression crumpled at the sudden words.

As if expecting his reaction, the corners of Joo Won’s mouth draw an attractive arc.

The words that followed. Jaehyun couldn’t help but be taken aback by this.

“Will you not kill me?”

* * *

Palace of Asgard, Central Banquet Hall.

The Æsir priests have been gathering for the first time in a while and having a conversation.

In a noisy atmosphere. Thor smiled broadly and pointed to a god.

Sitting there was Heimdall with a grim expression.

“ha ha ha! so. You said your godhood was stolen by that adversary or Nabal?!”

Tyr clicked his tongue and accepted Thor’s words.

“Heimdall… … He recognized it from the time he sat in Bifrost and chased after passing gods. I can’t help but feel pathetic.”

“That’s what Odin himself ordered! If you have any complaints, go and pick them up yourself… … .”

“Shut up and sit down. On a subject that has not done anything well.”

Even Freya clicked her tongue and said that.

It was absurd for those who had not experienced the reenactment.

No matter how limited it is, a god defeated by an opponent who is not yet young?

Asgard’s watchman?


at that time. Odin, who was sitting in the high chair, interrupted him and intervened.

He looked around at the people sitting around him and said.

“Let’s talk about Heimdall’s failure and move on to the next agenda item. Hugin.”


Hugin, who was sitting next to Odin, opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.

“The Adversary of Prophecy has 《Odin’s Lost Eye》.”

“what… … what?!”

“Does that make sense!”

“what… … !”

“It is true.”

In spite of the fierce reaction of the gods, Hugin was not at all taken aback.

“Mimir. It appears that the Wisdom Giant gave the Eye along with the system to the adversary. Even he is said to have already blossomed into the power of Loki.

I think the system was probably designed from the start to allow him to grow.”

“To the power of Loki? her… … .”

Tyr sighed and leaned back. he added, muttering.

“As expected, Mimir should have been killed. All you dirty giants are.”

“If you’re talking about Loki’s power, are you referring to Divinity Usurpation?”

“That’s right.”

Hugin nodded at Freya’s question.

In an instant, the faces of the gods hardened.

antagonist of prophecy.

I thought he must have gotten pretty strong.

No matter how vigilant he was, Heimdall’s defeat meant that he had grown considerably.

It was a part that I had already heard and knew that he had already begun to acquire godhood.

But Odin’s lost eye.

Not only that, but the news that he had Loki’s skills was hard to overlook.

“Having the skills of an Asgardian traitor is definitely a serious problem.

But we can’t kill them with our own hands… … .”

As Tyr struggled, Odin spoke again.


“Is there a problem?”

Freya answered in a sharp tone.

Odin looked at her, his right eye shining.

he said in a serious voice.

“Prepare the Valkyries.”

“… … yes?”

Once again, the banquet hall was filled with the voices of the embarrassed gods.

* * *

“You want me to kill you? What do you mean?”

Jaehyun asked in an embarrassed voice.

However, Joo Won’s expression was serious.

“It is literally. kill me.”

When Jaehyun was flustered and couldn’t speak, Joowon smiled.

“You said earlier. My story isn’t funny. A boring story is not read by people. And the unread story has to stop there.”

“… … you are crazy.”

“Haha, it’s a story I hear often. But you can’t just die.”

Joo Won twirled his sword and continued.

“I am a puppet who has no choice but to obey Odin’s orders. it’s a tool So I can’t die when I want to die.

So, you kill me.”

Why do you hear that?

I remembered the boy I saw in the themed dungeon a moment ago.

Jaehyun answered while clutching Balmung.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I will definitely kill you… … that’s my will anyway It’s not because of your request, it’s because I’m like a dog.”

“Haha! That’s enough! Well then… … shall we start?”


Joo-won took a leap forward and narrowed the distance with Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun raised his sword to block the attack, but his attack was incredibly fast.

Jaehyun bit his lip and released his mana.

‘If I’m pushed by speed, I’ll cover it with magic!’

Jaehyun took a step back and fired condensed magic toward the field.

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning》.



Juwon showed interest in the chain that quickly flew in and cut off his sword.

“It’s fun. But are you still hiding your power?”

Jaehyun’s attack wasn’t that strong because he hadn’t unlocked his godhead yet.

Although he has attained divine status, he is still only at the first stage of liberation.

Because they couldn’t keep it open for long, it was best to end the battle at once by creating a momentary gap.

Right now, the priority was to read the movements of the enemy, and to read their breathing and fighting style.


Jaehyun murmured as he slashed the sword that was piercing him.

“Your sword… … It’s annoying.”

“Haha! You’ve never faced a rapier before, have you?”

After saying that, Joo Won took a step forward.

he was

“Let’s make it more fun. Do you like it too?”

That was the moment.


As soon as his left foot touched the ground, the scenery around him completely changed.

‘This… … how… … !’

Jaehyun, who came to his senses, faced a huge clock and a white rabbit.

It was a red, deep lake that lay beneath it.

System sound heard at the same time.

―Odin’s raven opens his godhead.

―Field magic is activated.

―Field 《Cruel Fairy Tales》 unfolds.

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