I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 196

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Episode 196: Cruel Fairy Tales (2)

It is dreamy.

A sentence like this is mainly used in a merhentic atmosphere.

And now, Jaehyun stood in a place where these words suited him more than anything else.

with a splash.

Jaehyun sighed as he watched the blood seep between his ankles.

The lake he was stepping on was like a huge bloody mirror.

“I hope… … Were you able to use field magic?”

Jaehyun asked in a cold tone.

Joo Won shrugged and accepted the words.

“huh. I’m not good at anything, but… … It’ll be good enough to use.

how is it? Do you like it?”

Jaehyun frowned and looked at Joowon. It couldn’t have been more embarrassing for him.

In the first place, field magic is the highest level among wizards. In other words, it was impossible to execute S-class radars unless they gathered in large numbers.

But, you created it alone?

Joo-won, who is also a prosecutor?

Jaehyun bit his lip and looked up at him.

“you… … Are you really going to die here?”

“uh? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know. You are forcibly using her divinity.”

At Jaehyun’s question, Joo Won’s expression subtly changed.

Actually, no matter how much he is, it is difficult to use enough mana to deploy field magic.

I don’t know if it’s God.

He, at best a crow, deploys magic that changes the entire field?

However, at Jae-hyun’s question, Joo-won replied with a smile again.

“Because the end should always be fun. If you’re going to die anyway, shouldn’t you at least give it your all?”

“Are you sure I can kill you?”


After hearing that answer, Jaehyun stopped talking.


He leaned forward and leaped.

Joo Won also adjusted his sword properly to respond to his speed.

The Tyrving held in his hand lightly crossed the air, and then stabbed Jaehyun in the neck.


However, Jaehyun dodged the attack.

I activated the speed correction skill and used the effect of TRP’s thunderous step.

“good! So can this be avoided?”

Joo Won shouted and raised his level to the fullest.

Enriched magical power that is hard to believe was granted to a mere crow.

This made Jaehyun’s whole body stand on end.

‘Something… … It’s coming!’

Jaehyun quickly stepped back and looked around.

That was the moment.


Jaehyun’s collar was cut and he felt something rise.

He narrowed his eyes.

What attacked him was none other than a water column about 10cm in diameter.

A small hole formed in Jaehyun’s shoulder.

blood flowing through them.

But he was not at all embarrassed.

“Is this something you stole from the sea of ​​Jormungand?”

“hmm? Do you know?”

“The essence of the sea. A stone that allows you to manipulate water freely. I heard you stole it, but it must have been true.”

Jaehyun recalled the information he had heard from Hella earlier.

[The first Awakener stole the essence of the sea from Jormungand’s realm.]

According to the Greek explanation, the essence of the sea is Jormungand. In other words, it is one of Loki’s children, and an object possessed by a member of the anti-Aesir coalition.

However, when he was unable to use his power properly due to Odin, Joo-won ran away with it.

Jaehyun had heard the story about this stone in detail from Hella.

“okay. I thought I could have more fun fighting with you if I had this.”

Jaehyun put his hand on the wound on his shoulder, ignoring the last words.

―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

A warm green light settles on Jaehyun’s shoulder, and the wound begins to heal.

Joo Won, who was watching this, clapped his hands and smiled broadly.

“Awesome! I never thought he would have such healing skills!”

“shut up.”

With the corner of his mouth raised, Jaehyun leaps toward the enemy again.

“I will kill you here as you wish.”




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At that moment, with the roar of the ground cracking, Jaehyun opened the door.

―The godhead is opened.

* * *

“Looks like you’ve already started over there?”


When Chae Ji-yoon muttered in a sarcastic tone, Papi became nervous.

Chae Ji-yoon looked at the dragon in front of her with a fine brow furrowed.

I felt it when I first met him, but somehow the mana and dignity I felt from him were unusual.

‘It’s still just a young hatchling, but its potential is difficult to guess. Is it the enemy’s pet?

But how did you get a dragon of that level?’

“so. What are you?”

I think Suddenly, Hella asked that.

Chae Ji-yoon shrugged as if it was nothing.

“I’m just a servant of the Æsir.”

“Does the Æsir’s servants carry such dangerous things these days?”

The meaning was clear.

Hella was already aware of Chae Ji-yoon’s Draupnir power.

‘Draupnir. It must be tricky.’

In the past, Hella had seen Draupnir in person.

It was the memory of Hel before he was born, but its power was truly amazing.

The power to create gates and transmit beings across boundaries.

‘But that’s not the true power of Draupnir.’

she knew

How great is the power of Odin’s bracelet.

“Well, it’s something that is too much for me, but… … It’s an artifact bestowed by Odin himself. Besides, now is not the time to think about that, right?”

“Excuse me?”

“Hella, you are weak. I believe he lost most of his dignity in the fight against Heimdall. Can you handle me?”


Hella snorted.

“It looked shallow. Even so, I am an alter ego with the deity of Hel. If it was Odin’s raven, I would have no reason to lose to you.”


An intense vibration rose from the floor. Then, her eyes curved like half moons, and enormous magical energy began to burst out.

“doesn’t exist.”


Hella’s black hand rose from the floor and attacked Chae Ji-yoon.

bang! bang!

Chae Ji-yoon gritted her teeth and looked at the enemy.

His words earlier were an obvious provocation towards her.

A plan to shake her. But this seemed to be of no use.

‘Even if it’s only half, does that mean that God is God?’

Chae Ji-yoon stepped back and straightened her stance. She quickly started to set the bracelet on her wrist.

“I can’t help it. It was meant to be used against the enemy.”

Jiing… … !

Just like at the auction house when he first fought Jaehyun, the bracelet floats in the air.

Soon after, a sphere of magical power that was stronger than that time began to form, and soon a gate with cold light was created.

Darkness reflected through the cracks in the blue magic field.

From within, the monster’s cry began to slowly resonate.

However, Hella smiled as if she had been waiting for this.

‘Draupnir. The greatest power of Odin’s Golden Bracelet is that it can summon the demons inside the gate to the outside.

But I picked the wrong opponent.’


The gate was constantly creating cracks and spewing magic toward Hela and Papi.

Demonic beasts that began pouring from within.

It was at least Class A, and it did not reach the level of the current Hela, but this was enough to keep her.

At least, in her own judgment, Hela was weakened by the battle with Heimdall.

But then.

Chae Ji-yoon’s expression hardened at the sudden words from Hella.

“Did you think you became a god just because you had a mythical artifact?”

“… … What do you mean?”

“It is your defeat that I forgot which god’s power I was taught.”

It’s scary to say that. Suddenly, cracks began to form in the atmosphere.

Along with the vibration, the amount of magic power in the vicinity surged.

Chae Ji-yoon’s face was stained with embarrassment for the first time.

‘how… … what? This is the same as Draupnir’s power… … .’

“It is not only the Æsir’s privilege to be able to build gates.”

In an instant, goose bumps began to rise all over Chae Ji-yoon’s body.

With Chaeng!

There is a sound like a mirror breaking, and black cracks appear in the air.

Along with that, undead monsters began pouring out from within.

With this, the two beings, their respective gates, and the monsters it spewed faced each other.

Chae Ji-yoon licked her lips and shouted in disbelief.

“that… … Hell’s power… … ! But how can you use that power? Hella, you would be an alter ego at best… … !”

This was obviously beyond the realm of understanding. After all, Hela is Hell’s alter ego.

But, she used Hel’s mythical skill to open the gate to summon the undead of Helheim?

“Can I tell you something?”

Their respect for each other has long since disappeared.

Hella saw the undead standing next to her with a seductive smile.

She stretched out her hand in front of her.

“I am not weak. Quite the contrary.”

“the opposite… … If so, it’s stronger… … ? How could that be?”

“The day I fought Heimdall. I should have died. It’s because I put the power that I couldn’t handle in the body of a humble alter ego.

But at that time, Jae-Hyun used divine usurpation on me.”

“What is that about!”

“As he removed the godhead that I couldn’t handle, my body developed resistance to the godhead.

Enough to hold more divinities.”


The undead monsters began to charge towards Chae Ji-yoon and the monsters summoned by Chae Ji-yoon.

Even at first glance, the grade of each monster summoned exceeded A+.

Even that number is more than twice as many as Chae Ji-yoon summoned using the bracelet.

Hela clenched her fist in her outstretched hand.


The corners of her eyes drew a seductive arc.

Waves of magical beasts began to attack Chae Ji-yoon.

“shit… … Stop it!”

Chae Ji-yoon quickly rolled her head to grasp the situation.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way out of this situation.

“I can’t help it… … Hugin will nag you later, but… … .”

She quickly threw herself into one of the gates opened by Draupnir.

The exact coordinates are unknown, but if you close the gate immediately after moving to another world, you should be able to live.

one was then

Kyareung… … !

“you… … !”

Suddenly, Poppy appeared and blocked Chae Ji-yoon’s way to the gate.

Chae Ji-yoon had a puzzled look on her face, but soon she drew out her magic and poured it into Papi.

“go away!”


The orb of magical power extending from Chae Ji-yoon’s hand hits Poppy’s body.

But somehow the attack had no effect at all.

Poppy was still sitting there, picking her ears.

“what… … Hatchlings have scales of this hardness? But, as far as I know, there’s only one guy with that kind of power… … !”

At that moment, Hella’s voice heard in her ears.

“Fafnir. that’s his name Two years old to be exact.”

“… … what?”

Chae Ji-yoon’s eyebrows trembled, and her lips turned pale.

‘Fafnir… … Didn’t he fall for the enemy?’

However, there was no time to think deeply.

“Then shall we finish it soon?”

By the time Hela said those words, all the magic beasts in the vicinity had already been sorted out.

The undead monsters summoned by Hela protected her and completely defeated the large army.

“… … Even if you kill me here, the end is still predestined. The army is already being prepared… … .”

“Ah, are you talking about Einherjar?”

Chaeyoung’s face was stained with astonishment. She looked up at her Hella, teeth chattering.

“how… … you do that… … That’s information you’re not allowed to… … .”

“It seems our adversary is smarter than you Aesir think.

Now then, it’s been a while, so listen carefully.”

Hella raised her hand with the horse.

“I, Hella, as the representative of Hel, will sentence you to hell.”


“From now on, you will be imprisoned in the coldest place in Helheim, where your soul will be torn and you will never be able to revive again.”

self… … !

A hand rose from the floor with him. However, this time it was quite different from before.

A deep black hole formed under his hand and began sucking her in.

Several pairs of hands indiscriminately blocked Chae Ji-yoon’s mouth, wrapped her body around her, and slowly pulled her down.

“… … town! Ugh!”



The floor closed with the sound of a door slamming hard.


A gold bracelet that suddenly jumped out of the closed floor made a spinning sound.

Hella let out a small sigh as she retrieved the Draupnir.

she said, looking at Papi next to her.

“thank you. As expected, he is a brave dragon who accompanies the adversary.”


“Now, we.”

Hella slumped to the ground.

“I’m tired, so shall we take a break? I don’t think I can get into that field magic anyway.”

Greung… … .

Poppy tilted his head, but soon sat down next to her and rolled up.

As expected, the meaning of the words was like a dragon that understood like a ghost.

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