I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 198

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Episode 198 Rise of Class

“Give him the power to change the ending of this cruel fairy tale.”

It was the last wish that Joo Won uttered before his death.

Jaehyun stared blankly at him for a long time before finally opening his mouth.

“Ju won… … what the hell did you want to do? Why did you make such a wish at the end… … .”

“I mean… … I thought I was the main character.”

Joo Won was so lucky. Unlike usual, he had a bright smile.

“But I wasn’t. I was the villain 1. Extra. But I don’t think dying to the main character is a bad thing.

And the villain always gives the hero a gift when he leaves.”

this is my gift

Joo-won did so with all his might, then collapsed to the floor.

―Demonic sword Tyrbing granted the user’s third wish.

Along with that voice, a hot sensation rose in Jaehyun’s left eye.

It was a strange sensation, as if the whole eye was on fire.

‘what? This… … !’

That was the moment.

Suddenly, Ju-Won’s grip on Tir-Bing turned into an unknown black beast, revealing white teeth.


The guy immediately swallowed Joo Won.

The sound of a squeaking sound fills the field of cruel fairy tales.

The Witchbeast was chewing and swallowing Juwon.

Jaehyun, who was watching this, remembered Tyrbing’s curse.

‘Destroying users… … Did you mean this?’

Tyrbing swallowed all of Juwon’s body and disappeared without a trace.

As it was a weapon connected to him, it must have been made to disappear with the disappearance of the main source.

Of course, Jaehyun had nothing to regret.

‘I have already copied Tyrbing using the imagery of the magic tool. There is no disadvantage to me for disappearing.

On the contrary, if the other guys can’t use it, there’s nothing wrong with it.’

The moment Jaehyun thought about it, the pain suddenly stopped.

The sound of the system that follows.

―The new effect of 《Odin’s Lost Eye》 will be released.

―You have acquired the active skill «Insight Eye (EX)».

―The skill 《Foresight》 is integrated into 《Insight Eye》.

A newly acquired skill. Jaehyun’s pupils narrowed as he read the explanation of the window that popped up.

[Active skill]

Name: Insight

Rating: EX

It penetrates the essence of all beings and things.

You can distinguish the level of the artifact and the scale of the opponent’s strength.

A smile soon spread across Jaehyun’s face.

“I got a good skill in an unexpected situation.”

As Jaehyun said that, he looked down at Joowon, who had disappeared before he knew it.


If you have this skill, you can gain an upper hand in battles with other Aesir gods.

Being able to distinguish the scale of the opponent’s strength is an indescribable advantage in battle.

As for Jaehyun, it was like getting a new hand.

After a while.

With Chaeng!

The field magic of Cruel Fairy Tales is completely broken with a system message.

Hella and Papi then appeared. They were two beings waiting for themselves.

“You really did it. He was a person with a mythical level artifact.”

Hella spoke proudly. Jaehyun shrugged her shoulders.

“It must be because it is a crow.”

“Oh, I think I saved someone who was almost killed by that crow a while ago.”

Hella was sarcastic, but Jaehyun ignored it and stroked Poppy once.

Fortunately, it seemed that he and Hela had endured well.

‘I’m proud of you.’


Poppy let out a pleasant cry.

After taking a deep breath, Jaehyun looked at Hella and let go of his luck.

“Did you kill Chae Ji-yoon?”

“yes. We also retrieved Draupnir.”

“I got this too.”

Jaehyun picked up the essence of the sea that had been abandoned where Joowon died and shook it.

he asked.

“Jormungand… … Do I have to return this to the snake guarding the sea?”


Hella shook her head.



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“Even though you had no intention of giving it back in the first place.”

“That’s right.”

Jaehyun smiled and brought up the status window of the newly obtained essence of the sea.

[Special item]

Name: Essence of the Sea

Class: Mythic

It is the essence that contains the power of the sea.

When used, you can freely handle water, and the power of water attribute skills increases.

There was no special stat correction, but the effect of the item was amazing.

It is understandable that Joo Won coveted.

Jaehyun immediately put the item into his inventory, and this time started searching the lab.

Hella asked as if she was curious.

“What are you doing? Is there anything I need to find?”

“Limit Breaker. there will be more here I can’t leave it like this.”

“but. It is like that too.”

It wasn’t long before Jaehyun found the object with a rustling sound.

Numerous syringes and red liquid contained in them.

This is what the limit breaker looked like before it was used.

‘I’ll have to send one to Chairman Kim Ji-yeon for a detailed analysis.’

At the time of the drug investigation, Kim Ji-yeon told Jae-hyun the following.

[We are researching new substances, but the sample is too small, so the research is disrupted.]

[If you are looking for a limit breaker later, please send me one as a sample. It will be helpful for research.]

Jaehyun put a syringe into his inventory.

I didn’t bring the others because I had a place to use them.

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

“Then shall we do it soon?”

“yes? What do you mean?”

Hella tilted her head and asked. Poppy grabbed the hem of her trousers as if worried about Jaehyun.

Jaehyun laughed and pulled out an injection, and committed an unbelievable eccentricity.


He had just injected a Limit Breaker into his arm.

“Ji, what are you doing now! It’s something with Odin’s blood in it!”

He was shocked to see Jaehyun injecting a limit breaker into his arm.

However, Jaehyun smiled calmly.

“So it’s an injection. limit breaker. You already know what’s in this?”

“… … godhead… … ?”

“This is the timing when you can eat the divine power raw without having to catch the god. You don’t have to throw it away, do you?”

Hella realized.

Jaehyun, he was a complete madman.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​infusing yourself with Odin’s blood to raise your godhood?

However, his actions were not without sufficient grounds.

According to the journal I first obtained on the first basement floor of the laboratory, those who could not withstand this limit breaker were ordinary people without divine powers.

To put it simply, Jaehyun with the godhead meant that his mind wouldn’t collapse just because he used Limit Breaker.

It’s not enough that Jaehyun ruined Odin’s plan now. He was trying to eat it raw.


Hella left a short comment, and Poppy tilted her head and looked at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was smiling. He ceaselessly pulled out the next syringe and stuck it into his arm.

The messages he heard continued to excite him.

―The user’s divinity increases.

―The user’s divinity increases.

―The user’s divinity increases.

―The user’s divinity increases.

…―The user’s deity soars. The Liberation level of the case increases by 1.

―Currently, the user is in the 2nd level of Divinity Liberation.

―A new slot will be opened.

―You can save 1 more Mythic level skill.

* * *

The highest peak of Asgard.

The place where Odin’s throne, Hlidskalp, is located.

Now, this place was like a funeral home.

The reason was simple.

“You mean that the adversary succeeded in killing Joo Won as well?”

Odin’s seldom changed expression darkened slightly.

Hugin lowered his head and replied.

“yes. Not only that, but Chae Ji-yoon’s death has also been confirmed. It appears that Draupnir was also taken.”

“… … It seems that the adversary is getting stronger faster than I thought. I’ll have to deal with it somehow. By all means.”

It was when Odin said that with his lips closed.

Hugin looked at him and conveyed one more fact.

“I’m sorry in this situation, but I have one more thing to tell you.”

“what? Another bad news?”

“… … Unfortunately, yes.”


Hugin bowed his head at Odin’s words.

“The antagonist of the prophecy… … It is said that he retrieved the Limit Breaker and injected it into himself.”

“What, what!?”

Odin’s mouth exploded with astonishment in thousands of years.

I hadn’t seen Odin so flustered since Loki’s attack on Asgard.

For others, even if they are gods, they cannot help but tremble in fear.

Hanahugin was as calm as possible.

“It seems like he knew that Limit Breaker contained your blood. It must have been an attempt to forcibly elevate his godhood.”

“dare… … ! You dare take my blood… … Did a mere human take away my dignity!”

Odin shouted in rage.

Hugin said with his head still lowered.

“Please calm down.”

“after… … so. Are the preparations of Freya’s Valkyrie army going well?”

“yes. But it seems like it will take some time. He said he would have to prepare for several months.”

“… … I can’t help it. Instead, tell them to be prepared. This time, we will definitely deal with the adversary and imprison him.”

“All right.”

After the conversation, Hugin transformed into a crow and flew out the window.

There was a creaking sound from the throne where Odin sat alone. It was proof that he was angry.

Also, what angered him was, at best, a mere human.

Min Jae-hyeon was a young boy who was called the antagonist of the prophecy.

* * *

[Socket (1/2)]

◆ Power of Thunder God

◇Jaehyun, who has returned home, is looking at the status window with satisfaction.

We have finally entered the second stage of divine power liberation.

Now, another mythical level skill could be copied.

This was a good news for Jaehyun, who had been barely holding on with Thor’s skills until now.

“Then whose mythical skill should I copy next?”

That was the only problem.

In order to copy a mythical level skill, a god must appear in front of Jaehyun.

‘There’s nothing wrong with defeating the crow and getting another blank card to copy the skill itself.’

“Because finding God is difficult after all.”

Jaehyun thought about that for a while.

It was something I didn’t have to think too deeply about.

The gods will come back to them anyway.

Even if you don’t want to, the movement to attack yourself, the antagonist of the prophecy, will continue.

‘Now, it’s more important than anything else to calmly plan for the next one.’

Thinking so, I nodded.

Suddenly, Hella rolled her tail and let go of her luck. She was lying on Jaehyun’s bed as if she was used to it now.

“Anyway, this incident must have greatly disrupted Odin’s plans. limit breaker. It was one of his main studies for Ragnarok.”

“I guess so.”

“It is also encouraging that the godhood has risen. In the second stage, the Aesir gods, who can only exert 30% damage, will not be your opponent.”


Jaehyun nodded.

It was the part I felt when I first completed the 2nd stage liberation of Godhead.

Jaehyun knew for sure.

Even if he fought Heimdall in the present, he had become strong enough to overwhelm him.

In addition, Jaehyun was well aware that this had a deep connection with the rise of class.

“Anyway, Odin won’t be able to move for a while. The same goes for the other Aesir gods. It was because he used too much of his own blood and power for Limit Breaker.”

Jaehyun nodded at Hella’s words.

While Aesir hesitated, Jae-hyeon was thinking of getting stronger.

“by the way.”

Jaehyun tilted his head as if he was in trouble after losing his luck like that.

“As expected, this… … It must be a quest that needs to be completed as quickly as possible, right?”

Jaehyun’s gaze was directed to the newly accepted quest window.

He scratched his head and read the details.

The contents displayed in the status window were as follows.

―Fafnir II’s experience has risen to the level limit.

―Clear quests for higher growth.

―A new quest has been accepted.

―Accept the sub-quest 《The Dragon’s First Growth》.

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