I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 200

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Episode 200 School Trip (2)

before regression.

Jaehyun first saw Ina Seo in a joint class at Milles Academy.

A girl who drove all sorts of rumors among the cadets because of her outstanding skills and beautiful appearance.

At the time, Seo Eana was a cold-blooded person who believed in nothing but herself.

Like someone being chased by something.

She continued moving forward, not paying attention to anything around her.

In the past, Jaehyun looked at her and thought.

He’s a very tired guy. do.

Even when I saw her face again on TV afterwards, the impression did not change much.

Seeing Jaehyun, she was still cold and suffering from severe distrust of humans.

Later, Jaehyun found out that she was hurt by her family.

After losing her parents, her life began to deteriorate.

So she belatedly realized that she had no choice but to be cold.

but after regression. Seo Eana now is definitely different from the past.

I didn’t suffer from distrust of people as before, and I got along well with my colleagues.

It was a surprising change for Jaehyun, who knew her past.

Jaehyun knows.

Who did Seo Eana’s change come from, and how does it relate to her words now?

‘It was Kim Yoo-jung and me. The reason Inna broke down the wall in her heart is.’

At the time of freshman hunting.

Jaehyun used to team up with Kim Yoojung and Seo Eana.

Even then, there was a distance between her and Jaehyun.

They did not trust each other, and only intended to use them as needed.

However, as time passed, the two gradually grew closer.

After creating a circle and sharing stories from each other’s past. The wall between the two had to be completely torn down.

No, maybe her heart has been shaken since the mock dungeon raid.

Jaehyun looked up at Seo Ina for a moment.

he knew

‘Ina likes me.’

That Eana Seo’s feelings for herself are much deeper than those of others.

Looking at Jaehyun’s two shaking pupils, Seo Ina struggled to part her lips.

“… … If there is a woman who understands you… … Are you going to date him then?”

Jaehyun couldn’t easily answer Seo Eana’s sudden question.

I know all too well what kind of heart she brought out this story to herself.

I was cautious about speaking out hastily.

She was bad at interpersonal relationships.

I had no idea what kind of rejection was right.

‘I’m just confused right now. I’m shaking because I’m the first person to reach out. This is not love.’

Jaehyun organized his thoughts.

He answered her question in the most calm voice.

“well. That might be a bit difficult.”

Looking at Seo Eana’s widened eyes, Jaehyun said.

“Even if there are good people, I don’t have the confidence to become a good person.”

“… … .”

Seo Ina said nothing.

So the two of them walked around the mart for a while. The murmurs of the surroundings seldom died down.

At that time, Seo Ina, who had been thinking for a while, crumpled the letter in her pocket.

she decided

I decided not to deliver this letter to Jaehyun.

* * *

a few more days after that.

Preparations for the school trip were proceeding smoothly.

The academy also entered a period of stability after the incident.

The position of Chairman Kim Ji-yeon has also been solidified by the resolution of successive cases. Now it has come to the point of completely replacing Gu Ja-in’s place.

It was a positive thing for Jaehyun.

Jiyeon Kim actively promoted Jaehyun and Circle Nine.

From the point of view of the academy, the appearance of outstanding students is always beneficial.

The higher the reproducibility reaches, the higher the performance of Milles.

‘Anyway, the size of the circle has already grown to this point.’

Jaehyun nodded his head in awe.

Now the members of Circle Nine have become national celebrities.

Already, some people were saying that Nine, led by Jaehyun, should be counted as one of Milles’ top circles, and that they should fill the vacant seat in the 4th circle due to Chae Ji-yoon’s disappearance.

“I feel that our position has risen a little bit. It’s a bit daunting too.”

“no way. You were famous from the beginning.”

When Ahn Ho-yeon made a joke while carrying his luggage on a school trip, Jae-hyun smiled and replied.

Jaehyun’s words were right.

Wasn’t it An Ho-yeon, who was considered the best star in the martial arts world from the beginning?



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It is true that he is being pushed behind by Jaehyun now, but he is still gaining a lot of popularity among Circle One.

Of course, his good looks contributed to his popularity.

“Okinawa. It is expected! Let’s go and play games and have fun!”

Kim Yu-jung said that and went out on the road with an excited expression.

They were boarding a group bus to go to the portal center.

Jaehyun was already seated first.

“How about a seat?”

That’s what Kim Yu-jung asked. Suddenly, Seo Ina passed her and took the seat next to Jaehyun.

She said with a determined expression.

“I want to sit here.”

“Oh yeah! Is a window seat good?”

Kim Yoo-jung quickly understood.

Kwon So-yul tilted his head for a moment and looked at Seo In-na.

It was probably because I noticed something strange. Is it a sense of age?

To be honest, from Jaehyun’s point of view, she was only an 18-year-old girl, but she was the sharpest of the people gathered.

‘There seems to be something, but.’

Seeing her thinking that way, Jaehyun suddenly opened his mouth.

“Senior, aren’t you riding?”

“Oh, ride.”

She looked at the two suspiciously, then got into the vehicle.

Lee Jae-sang sat in the back seat with potato chips in his hand as if he was excited.

“Lee Jae-sang, you always sat in the back seat. Are you in elementary school?”

“G-g-g, but… … .”

Kwon So-yul fired at him, and this time the two sat side by side.

It’s because they’re used to them because they usually attend events together.

Kim Yoo-jung sat down separately. She wanted to sit with Poppy, so she took the seat for two by herself.

When everyone was making such a happy expression.

Jaehyun was alone with his chin resting on his dark expression.

He was lost in thought, his gaze fixed on the seat in front of him.

‘That incident a few days ago made Ina uncomfortable.’

In fact, it was an inevitable situation.

Jaehyun was no fool.

What she said at the mart at the time. It was a story that was no different from her confession to herself.

I sincerely hoped that it was Seo In-na’s mistake, who is not good at expressing emotions.

‘I don’t think that’s the case.’

Jaehyun was intuition.

The expression of Eana Seo, who was sitting next to her, became even harder. That this will be another problem for you.

However, Jaehyun was never going to change his behavior.

Now I have work to do.

plural. And to protect your precious things.

This was something that could not be done with a clumsy mind.


‘In the first place, I’m in my late twenties, and I’m in a relationship with a high school student… … .’

Anyway, I thought it was a crime.

Jaehyun shook his head and brushed off his complicated thoughts.

‘Love or what? Now I’m in a situation where I have to stop Ragnarok.

There is no time to worry about anything else. For now, I just have to focus on getting stronger.’

Jaehyun exhaled lightly and put the earphones he had brought into his ears.

at that time.

Suddenly, he felt a warm breath coming towards him.

A clear voice is heard.

“… … listen to music?”

Jaehyun looked at the seat next to him with a puzzled look on his face.

Seo In-na came close to her and reached out her hand to her ear.

“… … Can I listen to you?”

Seo Ina asked with a slightly trembling voice.

* * *

Before long, the cadets reached their rural destination, Okinawa.

The process of going to Japan through the International Portal Center was not that difficult. In the first place, Okinawa is a place free from demon attacks.

The reason why Jaehyun chose this place as the destination for his school trip was because it was one of the few places where safety was guaranteed.

‘Japan is a country with many closed cities due to the invasion of monsters. A place where the situation is not so good that both GDP per capita and happiness index are at their lowest points since the appearance of the gate.’

Fortunately, Okinawa is far from a closed area.

Since it is a city relatively free from adverse influences, there are no major problems with travel.

As I stepped out of the portal center, I heard a muffled sound from outside.

Milles Academy was quite a major academy in Japan. In recent years, Jaehyun’s performance has made his name more famous.

It was only natural that they would get attention.

“Let me tell you a few things.”

The instructor stopped them at the airport for a while and briefed them on their itinerary.

Well, I informed you in advance as a handout, but there are more people who don’t look at it properly.

As usual, at this time of year, high school students tended not to listen to others.

“therefore… … After unpacking at the assigned accommodation, we plan to look around Kukje Street and Public Market, and all schedules are conducted in circles.

From the second day, you can visit the places you want, such as the Churaumi Aquarium and Kouri Bridge, and you must go together in a team of at least two people.

You do not need to move with the instructor separately if you write down the list of people you will be traveling with and pass it on. Please feel free to roam around the sights and then fill out and submit the tour report.”

Jaehyun nodded after recalling the places he had to visit today.

“hey. Jaehyun Min, on the second day… … .”

It was when Kim Yoo-jung, who was holding Papi in her arms, was talking to Jae-hyun.

Suddenly, Seo Ina interrupted her and approached Jaehyun.

“… … Come with me on the second day.”

Again, the intention was clear.

Seo Ina. She didn’t stop coming towards her.

In an instant, Jaehyun felt his head throb.

Either way, she was sincere.

However, thanks to his job on the bus earlier, he had already anticipated this situation.

“Sorry. I don’t think we can go together. I have something else to do on the second day. I got permission from the chairman earlier.”

“… … .”

There was no answer from Seo Ina.

She didn’t affirm or nod as usual.

Kim Yoo-jung, Kwon So-yul, and Ahn Ho-yeon, who were watching the two, made a slightly subtle expression.

Jaesang Lee is said to have no great talent for reading the atmosphere, but the remaining three were different.

In particular, Ahn Ho-yeon’s reaction was worth seeing.

He whispered to Kim Yoo-jung and asked.

“What’s between Ina and Jaehyun? Did you even fight?”

“ok? Didn’t I hear anything?”

“Stay still for a moment.”

Kwon So-yul stopped the two of them from whispering for a while.

After looking at Seo Ina for a while, Jaehyun left his seat and approached the instructor.

Seo Ina remained in her seat and watched him from behind.

Jaehyun had no idea that this was the beginning.

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