I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 202

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Episode 202: Two People’s Heart (2)


The expression of the two people stiffened at the sound of an explosion that came from the middle of the aquarium.

After the fleeting moment has stopped.

Jaehyun heard two hearts beating nearby.

It was because, in the aftermath of the binge drinking a moment ago, he had pulled Seo Ina closer without even realizing it.

Thanks to this, the two almost became hugging each other.

Jaehyun looked at Ina Seo, who was looking up at him with her tiptoe raised.

For some reason, her eyes were a little groggy.

“… … Sorry. Let’s talk later.”

After saying that, Jaehyun tried to let go of her shoulder.

But that was then.

“… … Is this my delusion?”

Seo In-na said as she held onto Jae-hyun’s back as she tried to push her away.

Her voice, which had always been resolute, began to tremble.

“… … tell me.”

Seo Eana was asking the reason for her actions.

Why did he hold her without realizing it at the moment when he thought he was in danger?

Is there any other meaning here?

Seo Ina was asking that.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“It’s an illusion.”

“… … The magical power of the monsters nearby is only C-class. I wouldn’t have thought I’d get hit like that.”


“… … I said we’ll talk later.”

After Seo Eana said that, she meekly left Jaehyun’s arms.

A single tear ran down her cheek.

“Then your answer will change.”

After spitting out the words, Seo Ina started walking somewhere as if she was relieved.

As Jaehyun stood there blankly, she turned around and asked.

“… … Weren’t you going to kill the monsters?”

“… … okay. let’s go.”

Jaehyun decided to postpone the story a little longer.

The present Seo In-na that he saw was obviously concentrated somewhere.

I didn’t want to provoke any more.

That’s enough for now.

Jaehyun thought so and followed her.

after a while like that.

The place where the two arrived after tracking the Witchbeast had already been cleared by another radar.

Could it be the radar of the Japanese coalition that was patrolling?

It was when Jaehyun thought so.


A familiar cry came from somewhere.

Jaehyun lifted his head and looked up at the sound.

At the same time, a heavy and familiar rough feeling obscured the view.

“… … Poppy? Why are you here?”

Jaehyun tilted his head as if it was strange.

‘I left Papi to Kim Yoo-jung a while ago… … That he’s here.’

He cast his gaze forward.

It was the direction Poppy flew from. Then another familiar face came into Jaehyun’s eyes.

I heard the voice of a girl in front of me who seemed to be embarrassed.

“… … Kim Yoo-jung?”

Seo In-na’s eyes, looking at Jae-hyun tilting her head, also turned to Kim Yoo-jung.

Complex emotions lingered on Seo Eana’s expression as she watched the two of them.

‘… … Why is Yoojung here?’

When we were talking about the schedule yesterday. Kim Yoo-jung clearly said to herself.

[Second day? We wanted to explore the nearby market or some more. There are many things that look delicious.]

I must have said that, but why is she here?

At that moment, only one thought came to Seo Ina’s mind clearly.

There is Kim Yoo-jung at the aquarium where he and Jae-hyun decided to come together.

she was sure

That meeting Kim Yoo-jung here was by no means a coincidence.

* * *

After retrieving his memories before returning, Jaehyun was able to recall the story of the monster attack at the Churaumi Aquarium.

It was an incident that I couldn’t remember properly because it was in the news that I had spilled in the past.

As Seo Eana mentioned earlier, it was an accident in which a C-class monster raided the aquarium.

‘It was obviously a disaster caused by negligence of the Japanese allied forces guarding the area.’

Jaehyun recalled that time and looked around.



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The level of the monsters he killed was not very high.

Seeing that Kim Yu-jeong was nearby, it seemed that she happened to be passing by this area, noticed the demon’s attack, and blocked it.

“Still, I’m glad you came quickly. … But why are you here? Didn’t you say you were touring the market yesterday?”

Jaehyun calmly put his hands in his pockets and asked.

Seo Ina also didn’t say anything, but she had a curious expression on her face.

“Ah oh… … . Senior Soyul said he had something to do with Jaesang, so I came out alone… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung seemed to stutter strangely, but it was not a big deal.

After Jaehyun nodded, he contacted Kim Jiyeon, chairman of the board.

It is a problem that the cadets are involved in before handing over the case to the Japanese coalition. Chairman Kim Ji-yeon will take care of the case on his own.

“First of all, it’s dangerous here, so let’s get out. It seems our work is over.”

Jaehyun thought this was fortunate.

It’s because it’s easier for him to have Kim Yoo-jung in the middle than to be with Seo In-na.

Feeling a little relieved, Jaehyun left the aquarium first.

Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung also followed him out of the aquarium.

about 20 minutes later.

Kim Ji-yeon and Milles’s instructors, who were contacted by Jae-hyun, visited the site.

After Kim Ji-yeon left, Jae-hyun was able to hear a detailed outline of the incident.

according to past memories. The reason was that the Japanese coalition failed to block the blockade lines in the dangerous area due to insufficient response.

Chairman Kim Ji-yeon, as the representative of Miles, asked the Japan Federation to take responsibility. A situation in which a cadet at the academy could have been injured.

If this part was not properly pointed out, the academy could be taken lightly in other countries later.

Well, it’s a situation where Miles’s size has already grown ridiculously large to ignore easily.

“Then let’s talk about it later.”

There was still quite a bit of time left before the sun set, but Jaehyun left first.

At least today, it was because of the judgment that it would be difficult to be with Seo Eana.

Kim Yoo-jung and Seo E-na also walked towards their respective hotel rooms without saying more.

The two of them looked at the ground as if they had matched, then looked at the sky and kept moving.

“… … Yoo Jeong-ah. Can I ask you one thing?”

“ah… … huh!”

At Seo Ina’s words that broke the silence, Kim Yoojung nodded with an exaggerated gesture.

Seo Eana looked into Kim Yoo-jung’s eyes and asked.

“… The reason I came to the aquarium today… Are you related to us?”

“… All, of course not. I didn’t know where to go, so I wandered around and stumbled into it. you know I’m a bit gullible.”

Kim Yoo-jung was gibberish.

Seo In-na’s deep eyes continued to look at her.

There was silence for a while, and soon Seo Ina turned her head and smiled.

“… also. I see.”

After saying that, Seo Ina headed to her room first.

Since she is alone in a solitary room, Kim Yoo-jung greeted her and returned to her room.

Kwon So-yul, who had already arrived there, was there.

she asked.

“how was it? Did you two meet?”

“… yes. It seemed like what we were thinking was right.”

“Are you okay?”

When Kwon So-yul asked while standing up, Kim Yoo-jung answered with a bright smile.

“of course!”

* * *

evening of the second day. Jaehyun was wearing clothes and enjoying the cool outside air. He passed the hotel overlooking the sea and started moving to attack the field.

In order to attack the closed city of Lake Chuzenji, some preliminary work was required, and it would be difficult if you were not diligent.

Well, Jaehyun had already completed most of the preparations while he was in Korea, so there were no major problems.

“Papi. Shall we start soon?”


Poppy let out a pleasant cry.

I already told Chairman Kim Ji-yeon that I have work to do tonight.

In the first place, when changing the destination, it was tantamount to acquiescing to take this into account, so Jaehyun had nothing to hold back.

I left the hotel and looked at the sea covered with night for a while.

After that, Jaehyun quickly started moving using his skills.

Poppy grunted and cried, as if he was excited about the speed.

Jaehyun prepared a small bag to take Poppy to her destination unnoticed.

It was a crossbody bag, and it was just the right size for Poppy to fit inside when worn over the shoulder.

sniff… … .

Poppy seemed a little cramped, but he couldn’t help it.

If he gets noticed by others, the capture of Lake Chuzenji will be disrupted. Because Jaehyun was planning to hide his identity this time too.

‘I put off annoying things a little later.’

Jaehyun thought of wearing a black robe once again today.


The surrounding buildings quickly moved away, and Jaehyun’s drowsy mood improved a little.

The conversation with Seo Ina feels like a blockage somewhere has been pierced.

like that, not long ago

Jaehyun was able to reach his destination.

Near Lake Chuzenji, Nikko. This is the place where the boss monster that needs to be attacked for Papi’s growth is sleeping.

Upon arriving, Jaehyun looked at the sentry guarding the neighborhood for a while.

“I have to break through the sentries again.”

As in the past, a sentry was guarding the area. The monster inside sleeps an S-class boss monster that has almost no precedent in the world.

Thanks to this, even those who guard the place are only outstanding talents who reach A-class.

Jaehyun cautiously approached them.

And then.

―Active skill «Brainwashing».

I subdued them using the surest method.

Now, there is no way for normal raiders to resist the magic of reappearance.

As he attained his status, he has already become a half-god.

There is still a level of openness that needs to be opened, but the current achievement alone means that much.

Poppy is looking around with her head sticking out of her bag.

After passing through a nearby barbed wire and a huge iron gate that has been magically treated, the two set foot inside the lake.

Eventually, the lake appeared with white mist.

Eight gigantic whirling vortices greeted Jaehyun.

“It’s just like I’ve seen before. This must be something you eat almost every day?”

It was larger than expected, and it was difficult to see an inch ahead because of the fog, but Jaehyun wasn’t worried.

He smiled and lightly energized his legs.

Tsutsutsut… … !

Fragments of pulsating magic began to dwell in Jaehyun’s body, and soon it was filled with vitality.

Not stopping there, Jaehyun took a step toward the lake.


Along with him, the ripples of the water surface calmly rise.


Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

He was now standing on his own two feet in the lake.

This is the stone he used earlier. It was the power of the essence of the sea.

Then, without hesitation, he took out a bunch of items from his inventory and began pouring them slowly into the vortex.

A liquid with a strong scent, it was alcohol.

‘This closed city is a little special compared to other places. To be precise, the shape of the monster that appears is unique.’

Jaehyun thought so and continued pouring alcohol into each whirlpool.

He didn’t forget to stop Poppy from taking a sip.

Jaehyun continued thinking.

‘Basically, there are three types of monsters.’

The first is demonic beasts from beyond the gate that appear in dungeons and closed cities.

The second is called natural monsters, and they were created through mutation, such as the moonlight fireflies in the past.

The third is a new type of monsters that Jaehyun will deal with from now on, born of the people’s thoughts and the indigenous myths of each country dwelling in the mighty magic power.


This is the newly born Demonic Beast based on Japan’s indigenous mythology.

“A snake or dragon with eight tails and heads described in Japanese mythology.”

self… .

The fog deepens further.

Jaehyun poured all the remaining alcohol into the lake and waited for a while.

It was a small surprise for the monsters he had to deal with here from now on.

Chow ah!

At that moment, something rose from the floor and created a huge current.

A boss monster boasting a huge body as if it could swallow a mountain.

A lump of magical power imbued with the fear and thoughts of the Japanese people looked at the reappearance.

―The field boss monster 《Yamatano Orochi》 is watching you.

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