I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 203

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Episode 203 Yamata no Orochi (1)

“What on earth did the European Union and Ballack think about sending such an official letter?”

Office of the Japanese Union.

A man with tanned skin wearing an intricately patterned Hawaiian shirt is sitting and looking through documents.

Renki Moriya, representative of the Japanese Union.

He was a radar known for his radiant blonde hair and unique accessories.

One of Japan’s few S-Class Awakeners.

He was famous for not having any worries, but today was different.

He is frowning as he reads an official letter from the European Union.

The title of the official document that made Moriya Renki ponder was as follows.

[Request to end the search for black robes by the Japanese Union]

Moriya Renki put the pen he was holding into the top pocket of his shirt. Her glowing eyes can be seen for a moment through her downed sunglasses.

He folded his arms and crumpled the paper in front of him.

‘No matter how you think about it, the European Union’s request is difficult to understand.’

“As far as I know, the ‘black robes’ are clearly the enemy of the European Union. But why are they suddenly asking us to stop the search for the robe?”

“sorry. I couldn’t get it right either. The European Union side, including Camilla and Ballack, is not giving detailed reasons.”

The secretary standing next to him answered his words.

Moriya Renki was lost in flashbacks for a moment.

At the time of the Great Ruins Robbery Incident.

The European Union and Balak and Camilla encountered the black robes.

The news that the two were defeated by the man in the robe and could not protect the ruins.

This made headlines in Japan as well, and remained a shame around the world.

Because of this, Moriya Renki was unable to grasp the intention of this official letter.

Originally, it would be normal to dig through the black robes in order to recover the honor lost from the European Union.

But why did they decide to stop pursuing the Black Robe?

Why do they even ask other countries to stop tracking like this?

“There seems to be a connection between the European Union and the black robes.”

Moriya Renki didn’t take long to come to a conclusion.

The European Union’s current stance was clearly a check on Japan and the United States.

In addition, the act of defending the black robe itself is not easily understood.

‘That’s why it’s the most rational idea to see that there is a point of contact between the two. If that is true, there is a high possibility that the black robe’s ability is also overestimated.

Ballack… … I don’t know what a guy with a strong sense of self-respect can gain by pampering others like that.’

“There is no change in being pathetic. It seems that the standard of Ballack and the European Union has also been lowered.”

Thinking so, Moriya Renki nodded and asked the secretary.

“How’s the boss battle of Lake Chuzenji going tomorrow?”

“It is smooth. I prepared a large amount of sake in advance for Yamata no Orochi.”

“good. If that’s the case, there won’t be much of a problem. Then proceed like this… … .”

That was the moment.

Deed deed… … !!

Suddenly, the entire Union building shook and Moriya Renki’s forehead narrowed.

I felt a wave of strong magic power coming from somewhere.

‘what… … This… … !’

“Something seems to have happened.”

Saying so, the secretary quickly made contact with another radar outside.

It wasn’t long before voices were heard from those who reached out.

“… … yes. all right. We will go to the scene as soon as possible.”

After a short communication using the receiver, the secretary said with a cold expression.

“Looks like something happened.”


“It looks like Yamata no Orochi of Lake Chuzenji has awakened.”

“… … what?”

Moriya Renki couldn’t help but be taken aback by those words.

After being revealed to the world, does the demonic beast that has been dormant for years suddenly wake up?

Even the day before the attack?

* * *

“It would have been better to bring a little more alcohol. It’s because I don’t have enough time.”

Jaehyun muttered that while looking at the Witchbeast in front of him.

―The field boss monster 《Yamatano Orochi》 is watching you.

Jaehyun recalled his memories of Yamata no Orochi before returning.

‘Yamatano Orochi. Originally, the Japanese allied side attacked him, but it was broken, and he was subjugated only after several years. A guy who can attack only when at least a couple of S-class raiders come in.

But it’s not a problem for me.’

There is a god that appeared in a famous Japanese comic book in the past and made its name known worldwide.


It is a god said to have been created when the Japanese god of creation, Izanagi, washed his nose, and is described in mythology as one of the three demons and a being who controls storms.

Also, according to Shinhwa, Susanoo is the monster that Jaehyun has to deal with.

In other words, it is said that he killed Yamata no Orochi.

‘A newly born witch beast combined with indigenous mythology. Conversely, this means that if you understand the mythology properly, dealing with it will be much easier.’

Because of this, Jaehyun poured a large amount of alcohol into the eight vortexes a moment ago.



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Because the most effective way to attack Yamata no Orochi was to use alcohol.

‘Susanoo weakened the guy with alcohol in order to catch Yamata no Orochi. Since he was born from that tradition, he is bound to be influenced by mythology.’

Jaehyun had already seen this in the records of the past, and was in a situation where all he had to do was place a spoon on the table.

Shaa… … !

The rippling and turbulent waters began rushing toward Jaehyun.

hey… … !

Yamatano Orochi revealed this and started attacking Jaehyun.

However, it was a movement that did not mean much to Jaehyun.

“It’s no use.”

―The essence of the sea controls the flow of water.

The magical power leaking from Jaehyun’s body accurately blocked the enemy’s attack.

As long as he held the essence of the sea in his hand, he would no longer be subjected to water-attribute attacks.

But is the enemy also an S-class monster?

Yamata no Orochi is also starting to show his potential.

great… … !

A fiery breath of poison erupted from the boy’s mouth.

It would be so shabby that it couldn’t be compared to Nidhogg’s, but at this level, it was enough to melt A-class radar in no time.

However, Jaehyun only laughed this time.

“Are you not compatible with me too?”

―Hell’s Blessing nullifies status ailments.

Yamatano Orochi’s greatest weapons are his ability to manipulate water and his two miasma.

However, both were of no use to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun calmly walked on the water and put down the bag he was holding in his arms for a moment.

“You don’t know, so go in. I’ll finish it soon and evolve it.”


Poppy nodded as if he understood, poking his hand through the bag.

Jaehyun leaps toward the enemy with his hands clenched into fists.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

With the activation of the skill, Jaehyun’s body breaks in the air.

Yamata no Orochi’s panicked voice is heard.

shaa… … !

It was an embarrassing situation for a guy.

It’s like playing chess, but it feels like taking off all the tea and po.

The situation where he couldn’t use his weapon properly was throwing him into confusion.

However, there was no time to think.

―The essence of the sea controls the flow of water.

Jaehyun used the essence of the sea to attack him without hesitation.

Although it was an S-class boss monster, Jaehyun didn’t have that much of a problem.


The pillars of water and blades created by Jaehyun began to hack the enemy.


The grotesque sound of cutting down enemies continued to be heard.

And finally, a rough column of water rising from the floor cut through the enemy’s skin.


A splash followed. Soon after, something huge fell in front of Jaehyun.

“Now one.”

He smiled at Orochi’s head that fell at his feet.

Seven heads left.

It didn’t seem like it would take as long as I thought.

* * *

“… … what the hell… … ! Is that a movement that makes sense?!”

Right after Jaehyun just cut his first hair.

A man’s voice came from the vicinity of Lake Chuzenji.

It was Renki Moriya, who had been dispatched to the scene after receiving a report of the appearance of the boss monster a while ago.

He couldn’t help but be astonished at the situation in front of him.

“… … You cut off the head of Yamatano Orochi, an S-class boss monster? A raider individual, not an engineering college?”

This was impossible.

In the past, Moriya Renki tried to capture the leading A-class Raiders and Yamata no Orochi.

But this went back to nothing. The enemy was too strong, and at the time, there was almost no information about S-class monsters.

Fortunately, Yamata no Orochi couldn’t get out of the water, so Renki put his capture on hold.

It’s true that it needs to be dealt with at any time, but it’s not like it’s causing damage to the citizens right away. It’s because the last few years have been busy resolving gate issues elsewhere.

so procrastinate procrastinate

With the torch of the people, I finally prepared everything to attack him tomorrow.

“I never thought I would lose a player like this… … .”

But now he felt more awe than anger.

A man facing an alternative S-class boss alone.

What is this guy’s true identity?

While I was thinking. It reminded me of a story I heard on a TV program show in the past.

Then, a theory that came in suddenly passed through his mind.

‘no way… … !’


He took small steps toward the rippling lake, knowing it was dangerous.


“Stay still.”

The assistants and raiders who came along tried to stop him, but he didn’t even listen.

For him now, only the thought that he had to confirm his hypothesis came first.

and after a while

Moriya, who had gone close to Jaehyun and Orochi while ignoring them, saw them.

Who is in front of you right now?

Who cut off Orochi’s head?

Moriya, who had been watching the battle between the two, trembled and stepped back.

“also… … My guess was correct. That man fighting Yamata no Orochi… … .”

It’s a black robe.

He murmured, making one thought firm.

What Balak said about the black robes in the interview was by no means an exaggeration, but rather that he might be much stronger than he thought.

‘Black Robe… … He far surpasses even my S-class mana.’

* * *

‘Did he come as expected?’

Meanwhile, after cutting off Orochi’s head, Jae-hyeon felt the magic of someone approaching nearby.

No matter how much the opponent kills the presence of magic, if there is a difference in rank, it has the effect of offsetting it.

Now, the clumsy level of stealth magic was no longer an opponent for Jaehyun.

In addition, Jaehyun had already guessed their identities.

Japanese Union.

Jaehyun was waiting for their movements. The reason was simple.

‘It is necessary to imprint the black robe on the world once again. From now on, whenever there’s something bothersome, I think I’ll be promoting like this.

I need to instill fear in the other guys.’

After the battle with Heimdall, Jaehyun decided to become stronger.

Also, for this, it is very important to monopolize all kinds of Hidden Peace around the world.

However, there were too many things to think about in order to do this.

Whether it’s buying a pass or having to prove your identity.

If you get caught up in such a troublesome thing, there is room for making many enemies.

And, of course, Jaehyun had no intention of moving in line with the gaze of others.

‘I’m strong enough. No matter how S-class Raider is, no one can deal with me single-handedly. Now is the time to move.’

In order to move more comfortably, Jaehyun decided to use the nickname black robe that he got by chance.

His operation was as follows.

‘I’m going to bring the Japanese coalition here and then show me, disguised in a black robe, how to dispose of Yamata no Orochi in an instant.

If you do that, the Japanese coalition will raise awareness about the black robe and send out numerous articles to the media. The value of the name will skyrocket.’

It was very simple to increase the name and value of radar in a society where demons were prevalent.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―You have succeeded in making the Demonic Sword Tirving (Myth).

“Overwhelming skill. If you have that, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Jaehyun smiled as he looked at the mythical item in his hand.

He put strength into the hand holding the sword.


One more head of Yamatano Orochi was pierced through, spraying fountains of blood into the air.

Then, Jaehyun poured his magical energy into the essence of the sea.


Then, a wild whirlpool forms in the lake, and soon it starts rushing towards the enemy.

Jaehyun laughed and raised his level a little.

―The godhead is opened.

―Active skill 《Thunder God’s Power》 is activated.

Tsutsutsutsut… !!

Shaaaaaa… !!

A thunderbolt slowly begins to rage in the middle of the swirling lake. It ripped through Orochi’s skin at once.

From the lips of Renki Moriya, who was watching this from a little distance away.

Slowly, a sense of astonishment flowed out.

“That… … I’m really human… … ?”

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