I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 206

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Episode 206 Cooking Contest (1)

The day after Jaehyun’s visit to the Valley of the Dragon was the 4th day, with one day left on the school trip.

At the end, Jaehyun also went on a field trip with his colleagues.

Okinawa, as a world-famous tourist destination, had many attractions. There were quite a few things to see, except for the public market and the Churaumi Aquarium, which I looked around at first.

Jaehyun looked around with a satisfied expression.

The place where the party was now was the beach.

‘As expected, the prettiest thing is the sea.’

Jaehyun always liked the sea. He felt a sense of liberation while looking at the blue sea of ​​Okinawa.

It was a rare break for him, as he had been very sensitive lately.

He looked at the scenery and briefly remembered the events of yesterday.

[If you tell me, I will treat you to dragon cuisine. All dragons are gourmets.]

Jaehyun, who was expecting those words, was stabbed in the back of the head by ‘the one watching’.

The gastronomy standards of the ‘watchers’ and his own standards of gastronomy were completely different.

Jaehyun tasted the food he made, presumably an apple pie, and remembered Kim Yoojung.

Of course, this was an obvious disrespect to him for serving food.

‘Because what Kim Yu-jung makes is completely outside the category of food.’

Jaehyun shook his head and continued his thoughts.

‘Yesterday,’ said the ‘watcher’. Yamata no Orochi’s tail will be of great help to Poppy’s growth.’

But there was a problem.

Yamata no Orochi’s tail is a special ingredient. Cooking was difficult.

‘The Observer’ said:

[The materials of monsters born from human thoughts are inherently difficult to process and cook. But it’s not like I can’t cook for you here… … .]

I couldn’t stay long in the dragon’s valley, so I couldn’t ask him to cook.

It was an embarrassing situation for Jaehyun.

‘Even if it’s not like that, maybe it’s because Papi is growing up, so he pretty much chooses food… Maybe that has something to do with the dragon’s gastronomy.’

Even the system said the following after Papi’s growth yesterday.

―Dragon enters the growth phase.

―Your taste has become more luxurious and you start to cover food.

Pets cover food.

As a representation, it was cramped.

‘Those who watch’ gave Jaehyun the following advice before parting ways.

[Humans’ tastes are different from those of dragons, so it might be a good idea to visit the chefs who make special dishes.]

‘I should have said that sooner… … Talking after eating?’

Jaehyun was dumbfounded, but managed to endure it. Dragons seemed to be playful guys from ancient times.

Meanwhile, he is in a situation where he has to find someone who can make food for Papi to eat.

Even the dragon’s exclusive chef, whose taste is quite different from others.

While thinking about it, Jaehyun came up with a trick.

To create opportunities to eat various people’s dishes as quickly as possible.

If you do, you will find someone who can cook Yamata no Orochi’s tail.

and that opportunity.

“You know what this evening is? you said to do it first I won’t know if I’m going to pass out because I’m eating this time because it’s so delicious.”

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung approached and quietly asked with her hands behind her back.

Jaehyun nodded.

“uh. You mean the cooking contest?”

Jaehyun’s trick. It was a cooking competition in circles.

Show off everyone’s cooking skills and find the chef that best suits Poppy’s taste.

And ask that person to cook Yamata no Orochi to feed Poppy.

‘This is the best way to grow Papi as quickly as possible. In addition, if you find a chef in Korea, you have to show Yamata no Orochi’s tail.

If someone recognizes me, I’ll get tired.’

In that sense, colleagues were reliable.

As for reproduction, the tournament is conducted with a light heart.

Of course, the response wasn’t very good.

“Re-jae-jae Jae Jae-ah, no matter what you say, cooking is a bit… … .”

Lee Jae-sang’s frightened and hesitant voice was heard.

Ahn Ho-yeon also had a bad expression, but those were the words of the circle leader. In the first place, she had no right to go against her.

“… But what about Soyul unnie?”

Seo Ina looked around and asked.

Lee Jae-sang stammered as much as he could and whispered in a small voice.

“That, that… … He said he might die in the cooking contest, so I went to buy digestive medicine… … .”

Jaehyun somehow felt sorry for Kwon Soyul, but he didn’t say anything more.

Because he had already thought of a way to counter Kim Yoo-jung’s cooking.

I decided to put the suffering of others on the back burner for a while.

* * *

After Jaehyun leaves, the valley of the dragon.

Near the giant nest.

‘The Watcher’ is having a conversation with someone in front of the Mana Stone.

The owner of a familiar voice. It was Mimir, the giant of wisdom.

‘Those who watch’ spoke first, rhyming.



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“The adversary visited Dragon Valley a while ago.”

[okay. I’ve seen it all too. by the way.]

Mimir laughed.

[Are you going to keep that tone?]

“Is it a separate opinion?”

The dragon smiled and asked that question.

The image of Mimir floated on the clear crystal and brushed his mustache.

[Return to the original form. I’m not really used to it.]

At Mimir’s words, the ‘watcher’ immediately smiled and nodded.

ugh… … !

His body began to be wrapped in dazzling light, and soon transformed into a different form.

The two horns disappeared, and the body covered in red scales changed to that of a human.

Soon after, his completely changed face became familiar.

A face wearing a white persona. He was a man with a pointed chin, cheekbones, and a black long-brimmed hat.

Mimir faced him and opened his mouth.

[Brun. ‘Observer’ F.]

“Meet Mimir, the Giant of Wisdom.”

Brün politely said hello.

He was the one who supervised the last tag game when Jaehyun first attacked the themed dungeon in the past.

His true identity is the Adversary’s Observer.

Her mission was to lead him in the right direction and change the future.

[so. What was the opponent of the prophecy you saw like? Did it look useful?]

“of course. It was a timber that could become the star of the anti-Aesir alliance. It seems that you have already entered the second stage of divine liberation.”

Brün was fascinated by Jaehyun’s appearance and ability at the altar.

I knew his talent from the beginning, but I didn’t know that he would grow to this extent in a short period of time.

Mimir smiled.

[Surely that’s surprising.]

“But there is no time either. They are moving much more carefully than you think.”

Even at the time of Limit Breaker, the seat of the Aesir was strong.

If it wasn’t for Jaehyun’s efforts, it would have been difficult to find the lab early and defeat the crows.

“The Aesir’s power is greater than we think. You already know what they are preparing?”

[The throne of Aesir is advancing the time. You have to move a little bit faster.

Are her preparations for the third trial progressing steadily?]

“of course. We have already contacted you, so we will start soon.”

[How is it? Brunn, do you think the adversary will be able to pass the third trial?]

“It will be difficult.”

Brün said that and put on a grotesque mask.

“This test is different from the trials that have been conducted so far.”

third trial.

If you pass this, your representation will grow even further.

However, this was different from the previous two ordeals.

As he said, this ordeal will put Jaehyun to the test again.

‘But I don’t think the adversary will fail.’

Brün thought so and smiled lightly.

* * *

The 1st Circle Nine Cooking Contest.

This was an event that was not very attractive to the circle members. Precisely in that sense of taste can be destroyed.

‘If Yoojung and Jaehyun ate the food, they wouldn’t be able to taste it for three days.’

Ahn Ho-yeon thought so while looking at the cooking utensils lined up in rows. A contest to make delicious food for Poppy.

The purpose was good, but the expressions of the members except for Kim Yoo-jung were not very good.

“Anyway, is it necessary to do this? Isn’t it enough to feed pet food or meat in moderation?”

Kwon So-yul put on her apron and said. Not only she, but her other colleagues are also properly dressed for her cooking.

It was also thanks to Jaehyun’s opinion that hygiene is the most important thing in cooking.

In this cooking contest, Jaehyun had said that he would give a gift to the person who made the most delicious dish that Papi enjoys.

As circle members, they had received an expensive seal of solidarity from Jaehyun in the past, so they had no choice but to completely trust his words.

What the hell is he going to give you this time?

Strange tension flowed between the colleagues ahead of the reward.

Thinking about it, Jaehyun suddenly rolled up his arms and said.

“Still, Papi is eating it, so you have to be careful. And I already gave him all the food sold at the pet store, but he barely ate it.”

In fact, Papi didn’t show much interest in food right after hatching. She would eat a little if she took care of it, but it wasn’t the amount that a growing dragon would eat.

I had to pay attention from now on in order to grow up quickly and contribute to my power.

“Poppy, do you want to eat something delicious too?”

sniff sniff.

Poppy was sniffing the ingredients prepared in front of him.

He didn’t seem to like it very much not putting it in his mouth.

“Then let’s begin.”

With Jaehyun’s declaration, the colleagues’ cooking contest began.

Ahn Ho-yeon was the most acceptable curry. He was thinking of buying the so-called three-minute curry from a nearby convenience store and heating it up in the microwave.

His cooking philosophy is simple.

‘If I can swallow it without failing, it’s cooking!’

In the case of Kwon So-yul, simple fried rice made with eggs, and Lee Jae-sang prepared tteokgalbi using minced meat to suit the dragon’s taste.

Jaehyun took on the challenge without fear. The reason was that since he came to Japan, he should try Japanese food.

“Don’t be surprised by my skills this time.”

Kim Yoo-jung was boiling a pot containing an unknown red liquid.

Eana Seo, the most expected host, was Korean food.

Anyway, I had to eat dinner, so unlike the others, I couldn’t choose a tentative menu.

As a group, they are also spending 4 nights and 5 days in Japan, so it is also the timing that they miss Korean food, and Popi is also surprisingly omnivorous, so she thought that she would eat well.

And so the cooking contest begins. About an hour passed.

It didn’t take long for each dish to be completed.

The situation where Papi’s choice finally began.

“Come on, Poppy. You choose your favorite food here.”

sniff sniff.

At Jaehyun’s words, Papi toddled and stood in front of the lined food. He sniffed and sniffed first.

Before long, he just passed by the dishes of Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang, who were at the forefront. It meant that he wasn’t even interested.

“Because I went too fast, I was hurt a little no matter how much I was… … ?”

“You, you, you are too… … .”

As Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang said that, their faces became depressed.

However, Papi coldly ignored them and continued to walk between the dishes. He then walked past Ahn Ho-yeon’s cooking and walked forward.

“I didn’t invest, so I don’t get hurt. In that sense, seniors are sewage.”


Kwon So-yul clenched his fists, but Ahn Ho-yeon only hesitated.

The only ones left now were Seo Ina, Kim Yoojung, and Jaehyun.

It was then.

Poppy’s paw stopped in one place and pushed one of the three dishes side by side.

And then

Wow and goo.

I began to enjoy the two dishes in front of me.

Everyone in the party was stunned by the results unfolding in an instant.

“I-I’m choosing that one… … ?”

“Come on, the hospital… I need to take you to the hospital!”

“… Nonsense… .”

Everyone in the party burst into different embarrassments.

After pushing away Seo Eana’s dish, Poppy chose Kim Yoo-jung and Jae-hyun’s dish!

He ate a few bites of Jaehyun’s dish, then quickly turned his head away.

Then, surprisingly, while watching Kim Yu-jung’s cooking, he began to eat it in a hurry.

chump chump chump!

From the happy face of the guy, many people’s sighs burst out.

In that moment, Jaehyun was convinced.

“The tastes of dragons and humans are opposite.”

At those words, everyone in the party except for Kim Yoo-jung nodded their heads in agreement.

Kim Yoo-jung ignored Jae-hyun’s words and hugged Warak Papi.

“To be able to recognize the true value of my cooking… … !”

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