I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 207

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Episode 207 Cooking Contest (2)

“I knew it! Yong-ah… you noticed… ! The true value of my cooking… !!”

Kim Yoo-jung said that while hugging Poppy with her eyes widened.

In the meantime, Papi was enjoying Kim Yoo-jung’s cooking.

It was a truly shocking sight.

“… I can not believe it… .”

Seo In-na looked at Papi and Kim Yoo-jung alternately with a bewildered expression.

He said his dish was rejected… ?

In this unprecedented situation, her pride was scratched, and even her hands were shaking.

Jaehyun was equally shocked.

‘My dish that even my mother doesn’t eat. On top of that, eating Kim Yoo-jung’s dish, which causes fainting or more, and pushing away this girl?

… It’s probably not a proper tongue.’

The dragon’s sense of taste was much more shocking than he thought.

As if Jaehyun couldn’t help it, he announced the winner of this cooking contest.

“Kim Yoo-jung… You seem to be number one.”

The other party gathered in disbelief and looked at the dishes made by Kim Yoo-jung.

It was a stew made with seafood and vegetables purchased nearby, and it was purple, just like her dish.

Ahn Ho-yeon, Kwon So-yul, and Lee Jae-sang’s expressions turned blue.

“Yoo-jung, you seem to have a clear identity for food… .”

Saying so, Kwon So-yul hurriedly poured into his mouth all the stomach-protective and digestive medicines he had just bought.

All kinds of medicines were lined up on the table. It seemed that he had bought everything, as if his worries hadn’t gone away.

Still, when I saw that it was tailored to the number of people, I thought there was a warm corner.

As a token of gratitude, Jaehyun accepted the envelope Kwon Soyul was holding.

“Thank you for taking care of everything for us in case we collapse… .”

“What are you talking about?”

Kwon So-yul frowned in anger. There was irritation in her voice.

“I will eat all of this.”

“… All of this?”

“You have to live to see the sunrise tomorrow. I would have said it before. It’s too early for me to die.”

“… … .”

Jaehyun was at a loss for words.

After the cooking contest was over, she said that they would share the food they made together, which seemed to have amplified her anxiety.

She was seriously contemplating whether she should go back and do gastric lavage.

“Eat first.”

However, there was no such thing as Jaehyun overturning his choice.

After all, he had devised a way to resist the terrible cuisine.

Tasting Kim Yoo-jung and her own cooking can be a bit (?) harsh for others, but for now, living for herself comes first.

There were times when Jaehyun became selfish at times, and one of them was now.

“I’ll have to try the Ina dish first.”

Ahn Ho-yeon, Kwon So-yul, and Jae-hyun ate a spoonful of Seo E-na’s dish first.

The dish she made was budaejjigae.

For Koreans who had almost lost their spiciness for 4 nights and 5 days, the effect of budaejjigae was amazing.

“… this is it Korean taste… !”

Ahn Ho-yeon admired.

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang continued to stuff something into their stomachs, making a fuss that this might be their last supper.

Jaehyun was also enjoying Seo Eana’s food.

‘As expected, Ina’s cuisine is amazing.’

Thinking so, I ate budaejjigae.

Seo Ina suddenly smiled at Jaehyun.

‘… You look great.’

Thinking so, Seo Ina sat down at the table and stared blankly at Jaehyun with her chin resting on her chin.

So, after eating all the first dishes.

Next were Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul’s dishes. The two of them were actually quite good, so there was no big problem eating them.

Lee Jae-sang’s tteokgalbi was unexpectedly delicious, and favorable comments continued.

The problem was from



Jaehyun said as he set his dish down in front of his colleagues.

It was clean except for the two mouthfuls Poppy had just eaten.

“Hey, wait a minute, Jaehyun. I need to prepare my mind a little from here… .”

Ahn Ho-yeon was frightened, and Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang also nodded from behind.

However, Jaehyun never changed his words.


“Are the kids freaking out if you can’t cook?”

At that time, a triumphant voice came from Kim Yoo-jung.

Jaehyun was dumbfounded and lightly pushed her forehead.

“This is real. Poppy’s taste is a bit unique(?), so I like it. Isn’t it because you’re good at it?”

In that moment, Jaehyun’s sudden action made Kim Yoojung feel her face heat up for some reason.



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She fanned her hands and turned around.

“Well, then you can try your food first, right? So that the children can be at ease.”

The story of Kim Yoo-jung, who stammered strangely, made Jae-hyun worry.

Unlike Kim Yoo-jung, he knew that his cooking was tasteless.

But soon, the worry disappeared like snow.

‘With this, at least I won’t have to suffer from food.’

Jaehyun laughed and secretly activated a skill.

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

―The user temporarily does not feel emotions.

―The user’s senses are temporarily dulled.

cold blooded.

In addition to getting rid of emotions, the skill obtained after the battle with Juwon in the past had the effect of blurring the senses.

The fact that it also has the effect of paralyzing the sense of taste was tested in advance. Also, this is the definite hand that Jaehyun believes in.

Jaehyun proudly activated his skill and put his food in his mouth in front of his colleagues.

As expected, there was no taste at the tip of his tongue.

He clenched his fists tightly, leaving his hands behind his back so Jaehyun couldn’t see them.

‘good. It’s a success.’

Big,” said Jaehyun, after clearing his throat, looking at the faces of his colleagues.

“Now, because I have proven that there is nothing wrong. You eat too.”

At Jaehyun’s words, others ate his food with their eyes closed.

“Ouch… .”

A somewhat violent reaction ensued, but fortunately there were no casualties.

and… Finally, the final turn came.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if we didn’t eat Yu-jeong’s cooking? Poppy likes it, so I think it would be okay to eat alone… .”

Kwon So-yul noticed and talked, but Kim Yoo-jung smiled and waved her hand.

“I’ll make as many more as you like, so all you have to do is enjoy it. Yongyong also ate it deliciously, so it will definitely be worth eating this time too!”

Kwon So-yul’s face turned white at the words he said while raising his thumb.

Kim Yoo-jung was convinced that her food was delicious even during the past outdoor training camp.

The colleagues looked at Jaehyun with resentful eyes, with their eyes tightly closed.

Then the moment they taste a bite of food.

An electric current rushed through my tongue and brain.

“Geuhup… !”

“… haha… .”

“Nana nana, save me… Soyul-ah, well, I don’t know what it is, but about one ha, please… .”

Jaehyun was relaxed while watching their reactions.

He firmly believed in the power of skill. Wasn’t he, in fact, able to eat his own food as well?

Jaehyun didn’t worry at all and put Kim Yoojung’s stew in his mouth.

‘I don’t feel any taste… hmm?’

It was then that I felt that Jaehyun was strange.

‘Something’s wrong.’

Jaehyun was sure.

The effect of the skill shouldn’t make you feel the taste… What the hell is that feeling digging into the tip of your nose?

“Ouch… .”

Jaehyun felt a moment of dizziness.

– You ingested poison.

―<<Blessing of Hell>> resists status ailments.

―<<Blessing of Hell>> resists status ailments.

―<<Blessing of Hell>> resists status ailments.

…message after message.

He watched the dish in front of him, trying to control his spinning mind.

It was strange.

Now that you’ve attained divine status, you’re going to collapse like this with just one dish?

“The kids… Has it already happened… .”

I looked around and saw that the others had already collapsed.

Only Kim Yoo-jung and Papi were looking at the fallen people with their heads tilted.

Jaehyun finally came to his senses and asked one last question before passing out.

“Kim Yoo-jung… this bird… Don’t you taste when you cook? How could this… .”

At those words, Kim Yoo-jung smiled naturally and replied.

“ok? If you pick it up in the middle of cooking, you’ll gain weight.”

“who… A story like that… !”

“Did your mother do that?”

“Cowardly… .”

With Kim Yoo-jung’s words of course, even Jae-hyun collapsed on the spot.

They woke up a few hours later.

It was the last day to return from a school trip.

* * *

The day we return from school trips.

On the way back to Daegu after passing through the portal center, Jaehyun accessed the portal site and skimmed through the newly published articles.

In the main portal, as I talked about with Renki Moriya at the beginning. There were articles about black robes all over the place.

Its headline read:

[Black Robe… Shocked to appear in Japan this time]

[Black Robe. After defeating Yamatano Orochi, he suddenly disappears?]

[A mysterious man who appeared on Lake Chuzenji. What is the purpose of the black robe?

Why did he help the Japanese coalition?]

The article was stimulating, but mostly written in favor of the black robes.

‘It must mean that Moriya Renki is keeping his promise to me.’

Jaehyun thought so and put on a satisfied expression.

Now the name of the black robe will become more famous all over the world.

This will be of great help in your future activities.

Jaehyun thought so and turned off his smartphone, but suddenly, An Hoyeon, who was sitting next to him, stabbed him in the side.

“I… that reappearance. I’m saying this because I don’t have kids.”

he was so lucky

When Jaehyun turned his head, he continued in the lowest possible voice.

“Is something going on with you?”

“what? What are you talking about?”

“no… Ina did that before when you weren’t around. that to you… I did something like a confession. They said they haven’t heard back yet and are waiting. I want to know what the story is about.”

“ah… .”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be a little taken aback by those words.

It was a story between two people, but I didn’t know it would spread to circle members so quickly.

To think that Seo Eana was even talking about him.

It was something that I couldn’t help but be surprised by Jaehyun.

After thinking for a while, Jaehyun asked in a quiet voice.

“Is Ina okay?”

“hmm… The expression seemed okay. I’m not going to say anything about other people’s love stories… It’s kind of like something that goes wrong between kids. I was just asking because I was worried.”

“don’t worry. There is no such thing.”

After Jaehyun said that, he plugged in his earphones and closed his eyes.

It meant that I would not talk about this matter any more. Ahn Ho-yeon was also considerate of him and did not ask more.

like that. The stopped bus started moving again, and the school bus stopped at the academy site not long after.

It was the moment when the long 5 days and 4 nights school trip schedule was finally over.

* * *

A few minutes later, when Jaehyun and his colleagues were going back to the dorm.


Hella, who suddenly turned into a cat, came to visit him.

Circle members of Nine tilted their heads as if they were puzzled by the appearance of the black cat.

“what? Why are there all the cats in the academy grounds?”

“… I know. Even red and purple odd eyes… I’ve never heard of a cat like this roaming the academy.”

“Anyway, it looks really strange. Even the hair is shiny.”

words of friends. They had reasons for their doubts.

This is because there are no animals except summoned beasts in the academy grounds of Milles Academy. The reason was that there was a possibility of becoming a demon beast due to the influence of magical power.


As if she were a real cat, Hella came up to her and poked her leg.

Jaehyun looked at her with his eyes narrowed.

‘It’s strange. She never made her first appearance when Hella was with her companions.’

Hella looked as if she had something to tell her.

It’s not serious.

Thinking so, Jaehyun turned his back to his colleagues and said.

“I’ll go first.”

“Do you know that black cat? Are you Yongyong’s friend?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked. Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders appropriately.

“Something similar.”

“If it is urgent, go quickly. Let’s go and get some rest.”

Kwon So-yul nodded while saying that, and Lee Jae-sang agreed.

“Gugggg, yes! Come on everyone, rest, rest!”

“… See you tomorrow.”

After exchanging greetings with his co-workers, Jaehyun walked quickly back to his hotel room.

As soon as I opened the door and entered, I heard the voice of Hela, who had polymorphed into a human.

She had an urgent expression.

“We need to move quickly.”

“… yes?”

When Jaehyun tilted his head, she sat down on the bed as if she was used to it now.

“The third trial is ready.”

“Are you finally starting over?”

Jaehyun smiled as if he had waited for Hella’s words.

Now is the time to go to the next step.

Hella kept her hands together.

“One thing in particular this time. I will warn you in advance.”

She was as heavy as possible.

“This trial will be completely different from the two past ones.”


When Jaehyun asked with a serious expression, Hella sighed.

“The god who oversees trials… I’m not crazy.”

* * *

A place full of fresh apple trees. The figure of a goddess is seen.

She clapped her hands excitedly and murmured.

“Finally my turn has come… ! adversary… ! You pay for the precious gift! It’s wonderful!

Of course, it will take some time to come, but… … .”

As if she was very excited, she spun around in place.

“Anyway, where are you coming from! It seems that Hella has already started guiding… I’m going to do some people-watching for a while!”

As she muttered, she held a wooden basket in her hand. There are a lot of ripe golden apples inside.

The goddess smiled as fresh as spring.

“then… Shall we prepare for the third trial soon?”

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