I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 208

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Episode 208 The Third Ordeal

“The god who presides over the trials is out of his mind… What the hell does that mean?”

When Jaehyun asked with a puzzled expression, Hella let out a small sigh.

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed involuntarily.

I don’t know who is in charge of the next ordeal, but it seems like a rather tricky god.

Hella shook her head and said.

“Should I say that in many ways, when we are together, we lose strength all the time. Annoyed when dealing with… no, that’s not it big.

Well, you will know when you experience it yourself.”

I mean you know when you experience it.

This was Jaehyun’s greatest fear before returning.

‘God in charge of the third trial… What the hell are you doing, Hella talking like that?’

Hella usually exaggerates quite a bit, but she has never warned her so strongly.

Jaehyun immediately fell into thought with a disturbed expression on his face.

What the hell happened to the theme and content of this ordeal?

Is it okay to push on like this?

However, there was no other way.

Right now, I had no choice but to crash.

Although he succeeded in weakening their forces in the battle with Heimdall and Juwon. This is only two victories.

Ragnarok is scheduled.

Also, more victories were needed to prevent this.

Jaehyun had no intention of procrastinating.

‘The more you want it to be early, the more you have to prepare properly and move on. I can’t stop Aesir and Odin if I don’t take even one step ahead.’

Jaehyun, who came to a quick conclusion, nodded and opened his mouth.

“I will prepare right away. Where is this destination?”

“It is a fog garden.”

“Mist Garden?”

Jaehyun tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand. Poppy, who was sleeping next to her, also sat up and looked at Hella.

She opened her mouth again.

“That’s right. It’s a place you don’t know. There is a girl who has run away from the Æsir.

We call her ‘Fugitive of the Æsir’.”

“The Aesir’s fugitive?”

“I cannot give more details. Trial anyway. You, the antagonist, must experience it yourself. I am only a guide.”

After Jaehyun immediately understood, he made up his mind.

“We will start tomorrow. It’s also an academy holiday. How long will it take to get there?”

“Even if you don’t, I have something to tell you about that… .”

“… Judging by the reaction, it doesn’t sound like a good story.”

Hella trembled for a moment as if stabbed by Jaehyun’s words.

She looked at Jaehyun’s notice and hesitated, then closed her eyes tightly.

“that… I’m going to the garden and it’s taking a while. About a year?”

“… … yes?”

Jaehyun grabbed Hella’s shoulder with a puzzled expression.

what? 1 year?

As Hella averted her eyes, Jaehyun shouted in an urgent voice.

“… 1, 1 year?! Where is the alternate location that is taking so long?”

“I cannot say the exact location. but… I can tell you that it exists somewhere in Niflheim.

Once we get to Niflheim, it won’t be long.”

It’s Niflheim.

Jaehyun lost his mind in an instant.

Niflheim, the world of fog.

Heading to one of the nine mythical worlds?

However, there was something that complicated Jaehyun’s head more than that.

time of one year.

What family and colleagues will be left behind while you go through your ordeal?

Can you survive safely in the meantime?

My head was pounding. It was a great stress for him to have this happen in the rush of a day.

‘… As Jaehyun, I can’t help but worry. Even though he is cold on the outside, he is warm to his colleagues.’

Hella also fully understood his confusion.

Jaehyun was more concerned about his family and colleagues than his safety ahead of the ordeal.

He was the usual altruistic temperament.

When Hella thought so.

Jaehyun was racking his brains to find a way to minimize the time it would take to get to Niflheim.

gap of one year. This was something that could not be easily overcome.

‘It probably won’t be easy. It’s bad judgment to move around people without a plan.’

During the second trial, Jaehyun realized.

While you are going through trials, you cannot know anything that happens outside, and it is impossible to respond to it.

If the movement of Odin and the Æsir to attack their colleagues in time starts, Jaehyun could lose his people.

‘But in order to kill Odin, you can’t help but go through trials.

In addition, it will be difficult to reach the Mist Garden while avoiding the eyes of the Aesir gods. Because Hella said so.’



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The Mist Garden is a special place created to hide the fugitives of the Aesir.

The basic purpose is to avoid the eyes of the Aesir, and it means that security is thorough.

No matter how much Hella was the guide of the ordeal, it was impossible to shorten the process of getting there.

when i thought so A thought flashed through Jaehyun’s head.

“Hella, as you say. If you somehow get to Niflheim, that means it won’t take long from then on, right?”

“yes? yes… It is, but… .”

At that moment, the corner of Jaehyun’s mouth went up.

He looked at Hella with a fishy expression and opened his mouth.

“I came up with a way. An interesting way to get to Niflheim in the shortest possible time.”

After a while. Hela, who heard the method of reproduction, screamed in fright.

“You really don’t think that way is possible!?”

* * *

Tiri-ring! Tiri-ring!

Central headquarters of the European Union.

Balak, who went to work after a while, was sitting in his seat when a phone call came from somewhere.

Judging from the fact that the call was connected by the secretary, it seemed to be an important call.

Ballack was annoyed, but as if he couldn’t help it, he grabbed the receiver.

The voice that came from the other side was that of someone very familiar.

[I have something to say.]

“Moriya Lenki. I want to ask what happened so suddenly… I guess I know. Why did you call me?”

[Black Robe. What is he?]

Representative of the Japanese Union.

Moriya Renki asked, getting straight to the point.

The questions were mixed with complex questions.

black robe. Where the hell is he from?

For what purpose is he moving?

“If you have personally encountered the black robe, you would know. That guy… That we are monsters we can’t do anything about.”

[Does that mean you don’t know why he commits eccentric things?]

Balak paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded.

“okay. What do I know?”

He briefly recalled the meeting with Jaehyun in the past.

When people were put into a coma by a mysterious woman at an auction house.

black robe. In other words, Jaehyun tried to save them.

He even returned the sword he had aimed at in the past without killing himself and Camilla.

Of course, he put restrictions on himself so that he couldn’t tell anyone about himself, but it was easier to kill the witness than that.

But he didn’t.

Because of this, Balak and Camilla thought.

‘I don’t know what the purpose of the black robe is… At least not with us. It won’t be moving to harm humanity.’

Not only that, neither it nor the European Union alone can stand against the black robes.

Unfortunately, they did not have the strength to deal with the black robes.

Unless the elite radars of the US, Japan and the European Union all come together. Blocking the black robes was nothing more than hitting a rock with an egg.

“Don’t strain yourself too much. There is nothing we can do anyway.”

[…] You talk like you know me very well. but… He was great. I never thought that Yamata no Orochi would be dealt with so quickly.]

Moriya Renki also didn’t have that bad feelings towards Jaehyun.

A man who was in control of his life and death. However, despite his hostile attitude towards himself and the Japanese allies, he was merciful to them.

Now, the reason why he called Balak and inquired about his identity was just to figure out the clear purpose of his movement.

Along with that, it was to respond to a dangerous situation.


[Personally, I want to meet and talk with the black robe again. I think you can help.]

“Why do you think so? Did he decide that I and he had a point of contact?”


“The basis?”

[It’s the movement of the European Union.]

The corner of Balak’s mouth went up. Moriya Renki was continued.

[The European Union initially had strong hostility toward the black robes. It’s only natural, since the world’s one and only great ruin was robbed.]

“It stabs where it hurts.”

[But after some time, after the auction house incident. You suddenly stopped searching for the black robes. We even sent official letters to other alliances requesting the same.

As if I had been instructed by him.]

“An interesting inference. But what about this I can’t let go of the bridge.”


Moriya Renki asked in a slightly sharp tone.

“The reason is simple.”

Balak shrugged.

“I can’t say anything about him anyway.”


Moriya Lenki was taken aback, but what he said was true.

Subordination to Balak and Camilla.

Because this was a restraining tool that kept the identity of the black robes secret.

Of course, no one in the world would think that an S-class raider could use such obedience magic.

[i get it. If you want to hide your identity like that until the end… we’ll figure it out somehow Look forward to it.]

“Take care. Of course, the results are obvious.”

At Moriya Lenki’s words, Balak couldn’t help but snort.

Wasn’t he the one who went through the black robe twice right in front of him?

Balak knew better than anyone else that Moriya’s skills would never be able to capture him.

* * *

next day. Jaehyun left the hotel early in the morning. When he thought about the third ordeal, he felt his body ache already.

The current Jaehyun was anxious to prove his skills.

Until now, Jaehyun has grown sufficiently. A few months ago, it was quite different from the second ordeal, the attack on the great ruins.

At that time, if Smir hadn’t allowed him to go through the ordeal, he couldn’t even step inside.

But now, before I knew it, I was able to face the third trial with confidence.

As for Jaehyun, the feeling was inevitably new.

“It’s good. If it’s here, I won’t worry too much if anything happens.”

Now, the two beings and Papi were in the middle of a closed city with few people.

What they had to do from now on could cause great damage to the surroundings, so it was necessary to select the location well.

After looking around, Jaehyun took out an item from his inventory and held it in his hand.

“Then let’s start soon.”

The artifact in his hand is none other than a Shinhwa-class bracelet that Chae Ji-yoon had in the past.

It was Draupnir.

An item that ate people’s feelings of greed and gained magic to open the gate.

This was a special item that summoned demons from the nine worlds and turned them into soldiers, allowing them to fight according to the will of the wearer.

Why did Jaehyun take out this item and hold it in his hand?

Helena knew this. She looked at her reappearance with a look she didn’t understand.

The way he remembered yesterday. Because the risk was too much.

Hela narrowed her eyes as she saw the Draupnir in Jaehyun’s hand.

“Do you really want to try that crazy trick? you… If you do it wrong, you could die… !”

However, despite her words, Jaehyun only smiled with a calm expression.

“of course.”

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