I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 21

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I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 21 — A Prestigious Raider Family’s Youngest Son (5)

In a construction site near Yeonhwa Guild’s office, sand and dust floated in the air for a moment before scattering.

Yoo SunJae was handing a bag full of cash to the four men with a look of satisfaction.

“As expected of trustworthy talents. To think you would finish the task this quickly.”

“O-Of course. Who do you think we are, hyungnim?”

At the words of the man in front, a man standing beside him elbowed him in the side. It was a gesture telling him not to brag too much in case the truth came out in the future.

“Well, whatever. I put some more thought into it since you took care of the job so neatly. Take a look.”

“Thank you.”

“If there’s something like this in the future, I’ll look for you.”


At the man’s flustered words, Yoo SunJae’s expression stiffened for a moment.

The customer was kindly telling them that they would be given a job in the future, yet they were reacting like that. Was there a problem with this job by any chance?

“That’s… W-We caught the police’s eye this time, so… Haha… I don’t think we can take on any more jobs for the time being. We’ll be leaving first, then.”

“Oh… Okay.”

Watching the four men get in their car with bitter expressions, Yoo SunJae dropped the cigarette he’d been smoking.

Well, it didn’t matter. It was his principle that he had to stomp on anyone, kid or not, who went against him. Yoo SunJae took out another cigarette and started smoking it with a satisfied expression.

It was quite a refreshing feeling.


<<I-It’s been deposited. Exactly 24 million won as we received.

The message arrived the next evening.

JaeHyun, who’d been resting at home after a spar with Yoo Sung-Eun, quickly checked his bank account. Just like the gangster had said, exactly 24 million was deposited.

Editor note: 24 million won ≅ 24,000 dollars

As a result, JaeHyun was not as cash-strapped as before. The other side came at him first, so he even gained some money from it.

A smile hung from JaeHyun’s lips.

“Thanks to those idiots, I got an unexpected bit of income.”


The message notification rang again. JaeHyun was a bit worried that the gangsters were asking him for 1 million won as a labor fee, but thankfully, it was just from Kim YooJung.

<<Hey. You’re 5 minutes late to our tutoring class. Are you not going to rush over?

“Ah. Right.”

It was the day he was supposed to get theory lessons from Kim YooJung, but he’d totally forgotten because of the money.

JaeHyun quickly stood up, put on a jacket, and headed to her house.



“Battle spells, buff spells, heal spells. There are many more categories that spells can be separated into, but these three are the most important.”

Kim YooJung spoke in an imposing tone with her hands on her hips.

She was even wearing circular glasses as if she was cosplaying or something. JaeHyun had smirked at her appearance, but he showed great enthusiasm for the class.

Contrary to his worries, Kim YooJung’s magical theory lessons were very interesting. JaeHyun mostly learned about the basic formulas and calculations of magic.

‘Of course, using 《 Odin’s Lost Eye 》, I can easily copy spells, but… the problem is that it uses up a blank card. Low-rank spells will be useful to learn, too.’

一 Your understanding of derivations has increased.

一 The user’s magic efficiency has increased by 5%.

A welcome sound rang while he was listening to Kim YooJung’s explanation.

The system informed JaeHyun with such alerts whenever he achieved something. The same was applicable when sparring with Yoo Sung-Eun or during theory lessons with Kim YooJung like at the moment.

‘The goal of the system is probably to make me grow as quickly as possible.’

On the other hand, Kim YooJung seemed surprised at how fast JaeHyun was learning about magic.

“At this rate, you’ll probably finish learning about beginner spells in 2 weeks. I’m honestly a bit jealous…”

Kim YooJung smacked her lips while looking at JaeHyun.

She liked magic, and it was the reason she chose to be a Magician. She knew the growth rate of other ordinary people, and she also showed great talent when it came to learning magic.

But JaeHyun was learning magic at an unbelievable rate.

‘Spells that would take other people a month to learn only takes him 2 days. This guy… what on earth is up with him?’

JaeHyun gave a vague answer.

“What are you saying? Teacher, you also said that you learned it in 3 days… fuu… do I really have to keep doing this?”

“Of course. It’s music to my ears.”

JaeHyun turned away with a gloomy expression. For the past few days, JaeHyun had been calling Kim YooJung ‘Teacher’ during her magic theory lessons because of her threats.

Using polite speech on top of that…

It was painful and disgraceful, but JaeHyun gritted his teeth and endured.

The reason for it was simple.

T-MINUS 10 Days – Battle with the Night Shade

‘If I don’t endure this, I might die in the dungeon… There’s nothing I can do about it.’

Rather than getting ripped apart by the Night Shade, it was better to talk to Kim YooJung politely.

It had already been a month and a half since he started receiving lessons from Yoo Sung-Eun and Kim YooJung. It was time for him to slowly prepare for the dungeon battle.

JaeHyun nodded as he strengthened his resolve, when Kim YooJung suddenly asked.

“By the way, it’s been over a month and a half… Are you getting practical lessons somewhere else?”

“Ah, yeah. Another teacher is helping me with the practical part.”

“A bit impolite, don’t you think?”

“…Yes, ma’am.”

With difficulty, he pushed down the wish to immediately stop this nonsense and continued to listen to the remainder of the class. Kim YooJung smiled wickedly while she looked at JaeHyun.

It was now time to stop the class as could be understood from the clock. The two quickly reviewed what was learned and summarized the spell derivation method.



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As they were doing so—

a message that JaeHyun had been waiting for arrived.

Sender: Lee JaeSang

I’ll be there soon. How’s the effect?

You’ve worked hard. Then, I’ll see you in a bit.

To think that it came out better than what was expected. As expected, Lee JaeSang was a talented genius.

Of course, the recipe for 《 Mana Enhancement Pill 》 was something he invented in the future, but at the original pace, it would have taken at least a few more years.

Thanks to the materials and equipment he had supplied, the research gained momentum. JaeHyun also visited every once in a while to check on his mental health.

‘Well, it wasn’t that difficult to take care of someone on the verge of a mental breakdown.’

For JaeHyun, who was skilled at socializing, it was easy to manipulate a single Lee JaeSang. He had convinced people with more serious problems to his side numerous times before.

JaeHyun stood up after putting his smartphone in his pocket.

Then, Kim YooJung asked in curiosity.

“You’re leaving a bit early today?”

“I have something to do.”

Unsatisfied with JaeHyun’s answer, Kim YooJung asked with narrowed eyes.

“Hmmm… You’ve been going out after checking your phone a lot recently. Did you get a girlfriend or something?”

“Huh? No.”

Not only was it a ridiculous accusation, it was false.

Did it make sense for her to mistake Lee JaeSang as his girlfriend?

Fury rose deep in his heart, but he had to endure for now. Since the person in front of him was the teacher responsible for his magic theory lessons.

JaeHyun strongly denied the accusation one more time before he put on his jacket.

“It’s not like that. I’m going first, now.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

JaeHyun promptly left. Kim YooJung looked at the leaving JaeHyun absentmindedly and took out her smartphone. She then started to send a message to someone.

>>Auntie… I don’t think it’s a girlfriend no matter how I look at it.

The recipient was Lee SeonHwa.

Lee SeonHwa strongly believed that since her son had been going out more and become more mature recently, he would have gotten a girlfriend.

Since it was a bit difficult for her to ask her adolescent son about it, she had requested Kim YooJung to ask him if he had a girlfriend instead.

But the result was not that at all. JaeHyun was just very focused on becoming strong before starting at Millaes Academy.

At present, dating would be something in his far-off future.

JaeHyun’s an okay guy but… he just doesn’t seem to have the luxury. He’s always so busy.

Kim YooJung sent the truthful message.

In reality, JaeHyun was actually very popular.

He was pretty tall, and he had a handsome face. It would have been stranger if he wasn’t popular. Kim YooJung had gotten a lot of requests from her friends to introduce them to JaeHyun.

But every time that happened, JaeHyun immediately rejected the offers. Kim YooJung didn’t know the exact reason for it either, but there must have been a reason. That was what she thought.

After sending the reply to Lee SeonHwa, Kim YooJung lay sprawled on her bed.

JaeHyun had really changed a lot recently.

He didn’t indecisively contemplate like in the past but instead headed straight forward toward his chosen career.

Without stopping or slowing down, simply in silence.

Things that he wouldn’t have been able to do in the past, he could now do with ease.

“Something changed, just like Auntie said, but… why?”

It wasn’t uncommon for someone to suddenly change from what she had heard.

But it was usually for reasons like having experienced a life-or-death situation or the death of someone close, like family or a friend. But JaeHyun had not experienced anything of the sort recently.

Then, what on earth could have caused this sudden change?

While lost in thought, she got annoyed as she saw her desk when she turned her head.

“Ugh. Min JaeHyun left without tidying up the desk again.”


A message came from JaeHyun.

<<Oh, right. You can clean up the desk. And can I stop using polite speech… Probably not, right?

<<Ah, I know. I just thought I would ask. Just a thought.

Kim YooJung burst out in laughter as she read JaeHyun’s messages. After throwing her smartphone on the bed, she closed her eyes. She suddenly felt sleepy.

It couldn’t be helped.

She could just have JaeHyun clean the desk when he came tomorrow.

Kim YooJung fell asleep with those thoughts.


After coming outside, JaeHyun hurriedly took a portal and headed to Lee JaeSang’s workshop. Fortunately, there weren’t that many people in line, and he could take the portal in no time.

JaeHyun arrived at Lee JaeSang’s workshop. When he got there, Lee JaeSang was waiting for him with an exhausted look.

“J-J-JaeHyun. Y-You’re here.”

“Yes. You’ve worked hard, hyung.”

JaeHyun added in a gentle voice. Lee JaeSang looked half-dead as he rubbed an eye with deep dark circles under it.

He quickly opened a safe with a key and took out a box shining with a golden light.

“This is…”

At JaeHyun’s words, Lee JaeSang nodded while yawning.

JaeHyun gulped. The box in front of his eyes contained a famous pill that couldn’t be bought with any amount of money 10 years in the future.

An essential item that Magicians needed to permanently increase their mana capacity.

JaeHyun had succeeded in creating one with merely 60 million won.

‘Now… shall we test it out?’

JaeHyun was grinning from ear to ear.



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