I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 215

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Episode 215: Needhog (2)

―The effect of the title <<Dragon Hunter>> is activated.

―Damage is added by 30% to the target with the character.


The dagger entered shallowly, but succeeded in cutting through the enemy’s body slightly.

[…] … That’s a good attack.]

As Nidhogg said that, his body began to recover rapidly.

The appearance of flesh sprouting from the cut skin with a green effect. Jaehyun looked at her and bit his lip.

‘It’s like the time of Fafnir. As expected, the dragon’s regenerative ability is on a different level.’

The cut that Jaehyun left on him a moment ago was difficult for normal monsters to heal easily.

However, it seems that it was not difficult for a mythical dragon.

In the first place, it was a great thing to pierce the guy’s skin even once, so Jaehyun wasn’t shaken at all.

Meanwhile, Nidhogg frowned at the awareness of reappearance.

‘No matter how much he released his godhead to match the enemy… … Does this really make sense?’

The adversary was a human who had only been open for a few months.

To him, who has been dealing with Gyeok for over 10,000 years, Jaehyun is still just a kid.

But you said you were pushed back by him for a while?

However, despite Nidhogg’s thoughts, Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders and said it was not a big deal.

“It will get better and better.”

[I guess so.]

After Nidhogg said that he seemed to be having fun, he quietly watched Jaehyun.

adversary. he was strong

Excellent movement and genius sense beyond what he thought.

And that attitude of embarrassing himself was admirable.

‘Awesome. It is a skill that has reached a considerable level even as a sword.’

The power of the swordsmanship that Jaehyun had just shown far exceeded what he expected.

Nidhogg was surprised that he, known as a wizard, could wield a sword like that.

However, instead of continuing to be surprised, he focused on fighting Jaehyun.

Nidhogg felt his blood gradually boil.

[Hold on this time too.]


Saying that, Nidhogg approached the reappearance with speed unmatched by his size.

Then his huge claws swing.



Jaehyun lowered his head to dodge the attack that passed over his head, then pushed the ground and kicked it into the enemy’s blind spot.

Nidhogg’s attack is very strong, but a dragon anyway. If you use the effect of the title, you should be able to deal with someone with the same status relatively easily.


Jaehyun continued to exchange battles with him.

Use magic to keep enemies in check, aiming from behind and attacking with a sword, or attack while covering your eyesight. This worked.

Nidhogg started to be pushed back gradually, and Jaehyun was estimating his own status through him.

Where have you reached now and how far can you grow in the future?

‘If trials continue to test and judge me, I will only use them.’

Jaehyun thought so and continued swinging the sword in his hand, holding back the enemy’s attack with magic.

Jaehyun wasn’t weak enough to be pushed back by Nidhogg, who didn’t do his best. He continued to overwhelm the mythical dragon.

It was then. The completely unexpected words came out of Nidhogg’s mouth.

[Adversary. you are strong.]

Jaehyun hesitated for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s good. Because the adversary you are counting on is not a weakling.”

[If you have come this far, you must have seen the three gates of Nastrond and Hell.]

Nidhogg suddenly changed the topic.

Jae-hyeon’s eyes narrow and he heads towards the dragon’s huge body.

What is he trying to say now?

[What did you feel as you passed through the gates of Nastrond?]

“What did you feel?”

[They ask what they realized while looking at the gruesome scenery of hell.]

“I am… … .”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be shaken by the question. He stopped attacking and looked at the dragon talking to him.

‘A little while ago, I came through three gateways and realized my sins. To abandon one’s comrades and run away, and not to regret killing a person.’

It wasn’t that Jaehyun didn’t feel guilty.

It’s a problem that can’t be wrapped up with words that can’t be helped.

to let people die. Because this was an act that could not be understood under any circumstances.

However, Jaehyun judged that even if it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst.

He decided because the person who was important to him was more important.

sacrificing others.

When Jaehyun tried to say something. Nidhogg’s voice continued again.

[I know. What you saw in Nastrond.]

Nidhogg revealed this.



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[You faced your own weaknesses and sins right there. You acknowledged your weakness without covering yourself with lies.

This is your biggest advantage.]

“Faced with sin… … la.”

In fact, when asked about the murder at the last gate, Jaehyun did not lie.

The gatekeeper of the gateway asked himself.

Won’t you kill people again?

He said that he could go to the final gateway only if he unconditionally affirmed this question.

However, Jaehyun didn’t do as he said. denied He said he had no choice but to kill people and other people in the future.

It was a decision I made because I didn’t want to fool myself with lies.

Even if I had to face everyone in Nastrond.

Jaehyun thought that doing so was the way he was going.

[I eat those who tell lies at the last gateway. who showed hypocrisy. They hurt others easily.

That soul only breaks others, so I am here to break their chains.]

Nidhogg looked down at Jaehyun and continued talking.

[But you didn’t do that.

Admitted. That your imperfections and the direction you are heading can never be acknowledged.]


[I liked you, that’s the story.

Of course, I don’t intend to see that.]

“There is no flexibility.”

Jaehyun said that and continued to raise his mana.

Nidhogg didn’t give up an inch either. He started putting pressure on Jaehyun by using his deeper magic power.

He had been beaten quite a bit by Jaehyun in the previous fight, which wasn’t a good situation.

because. This time, I decided to have a little more fun.

[From here on.]

―<<Nidhog> opens up a deeper level.

―The active skill 《Insight Eye》 is automatically activated.

―The enemy’s danger level is 《Very High》.

[I will do it right.]

* * *

Needhog. He looked at the opponent of the prophecy and thought.

‘The rumors weren’t exaggerated. Such a spirit… … I can’t believe he’s a human.’

Like most gods and giants, Nidhogg thought humans were weak.

While in Hvergelmir, he saw many arrogant humans, and they all fell into weakness.

He was also involved in the battle during Ragnarok. To such a strong man, the existence of a human being was nothing short of a symbol of imperfection and weakness.

However, no matter how you look at it, the adversary far surpassed the humans he knew.

For the past tens of thousands of years, it was the first time he had seen humans equipped to stand up to him.

Even though it was only at the level of the 2nd stage of divine power liberation, it was a state of awe.

It wasn’t until several months at the most that Jaehyun got stronger.

When the first half Aesir priests gathered to talk, it was thought that it would take at least 10 years.

‘But no. At this rate of growth, within a few years he will be able to rival the Aesir god. Our wishes may really come true.’

Nidhogg thought so and saw a dragon looking at Jaehyun with a worried expression.

Papi. He was a being revived with Fafnir’s soul.

‘Fafnir… … He was a wise dragon. Although he became a dragon after birth, his strength was at a level that no one could ignore.

He acknowledged his adversary and decided to follow him. Even at the risk of erasing all of his own past memories.’

This was the reason why Nidhogg wanted to meet Jaehyun in the first place.

Fafnir. Why did he decide to follow Jaehyun?

I didn’t know for sure, but I thought there might be a reason.

So I wanted to check it myself.

adversary. Whether he is the one who deserves Fafnir to follow.

Van Æsir, and furthermore, is he the one who can risk the world’s life and death?

* * *

I’ll do it right. With Nidhogg’s declaration, Hella’s harsh cry came from behind her.

“Nidhogg! This is a bit excessive! The adversary is still only at the 2nd stage of Goddess Liberation! You should know. The difference between the 2nd and 3rd levels… … !”

[This is my fight. hella. Leave it to me here.]

However, despite Hella’s words, Nidhogg accepted it and showed white teeth.

He looked back at Jaehyun.

[However, there are Greek words. I’ll give you one chance.]

Nidhogg made an expression that he couldn’t stand it because he was looking forward to the fight with Jaehyun.

High-pressure mana leaked out of his body and put pressure on the intestines.

[Would you stop fighting with me here and give up the quest?]

“give up?”

Jaehyun looked at Nidhogg, catching his breath.

he smiled mischievously.

‘Uneasy. I expected it, but it’s the 3rd stage of divine power liberation. From here on, even with the power of the title, it will be difficult.’

But the conclusion was already out.

“I think it was a question you asked knowing that there was no way I would give up?”

After Jaehyun said that, he leaped again.

He had to become stronger quickly. Also, rapid growth always comes with risks.

You can’t back down here.

[It should come out like that!]

Nidhogg swung his claw at Jaehyun with a happy expression.


Claws flying towards Jaehyun’s neck with a harsh sound. It had the power to break even the strongest iron at once.


Jaehyun raised Nidhogg’s fangs to block his attack.

It left traces of dragging on the floor with a sound like a burning flame.

It was because Jaehyun was pushed back due to the weight difference with the enemy.

‘The hardness is similar. The artifact’s grade is low, but is it an artifact that inherited Nidhogg’s power?’

It was the moment I thought so.


Before I knew it, the flying claw hit Jaehyun’s body again. His body flew backwards and crashed right into the wall.


Jaehyun let out a heavy breath and looked ahead. I felt my vision shake unsteadily.

He quickly felt the claw-grazed abdomen to check the wound. Blood poured out of his mouth, but there was no major abnormality in his stomach.

‘Abyssal Armor… … I guess it’s because of this.’

Jaehyun quickly came to his senses, and once again avoided the claws that hit the wall.

Jump forward, narrowly evade the attack, and straighten your body. Soon after, the wall behind you begins to crumble.

But Nidhogg didn’t stop there.

[You made a bet with Smir in the second ordeal in the past, right?]


[Let’s make the same bet with me.]

Jaehyun’s head lifts and his gaze turns to him.

What is he proposing?

[However, this time it is three times. Three times, block my attacks without dodging them.

If you endure everything, I will assume that you have received my recognition and strengthen your weapons.]

‘Damn it, you’re asking for something difficult.’

As a representation, it was very difficult.

Block three attacks?

An attack from Nidhogg, a mythical being?

Jaehyun took a quick look around. The moment when Nidhogg’s attack on himself stopped for a moment.

You have to figure out a way here.

Between the rapidly turning eyes, Nidhogg’s words continued.

[okay. only three times If you block them all, I will acknowledge you.]

“… … From the start, my opinion doesn’t seem to matter.”

Jaehyun nodded as if he couldn’t.

third time. It was close to impossible by any means, but the possibility was not zero.

‘It’s intermittent, but… … I’ll have to try something.’

Jaehyun thought so and clenched his fists.

That was the moment.


Nidhogg fired the first breath with a sense of playfulness.

sudden attack.

It was a surprise attack at an unexpected timing.

‘This bird… … A cowardly surprise attack… … !’

It was an impudence not worthy of a mythological being. Jaehyun quickly reached out his hand.

said Nidhogg, bursting into madness.

[Now, this is the first.]


A huge explosion rang throughout Hvergelmir.

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