I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 218

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Episode 218: Idun’s Golden Apple (1)

[Passive skill]

Name: Poison Dragon’s Sadism

Class: Mythic

Acquire the power of Nidhogg, the venomous dragon.

Maximizes the power of addiction-type skills.

*Overlapping effects of poison status or higher are always applied at maximum.

*When attacking an enemy who is in a state of poison, 50% of the damage is added.

‘As expected, it’s a mythical level skill.’

Jaehyun smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the newly copied skill.

Poison Dragon’s Sadism.

This was Nidhogg’s core skill, and it could serve as Jaehyun’s new hand.

Jaehyun nodded as he read the skill window. He briefly recalled the situation from before.

The first time I decided to copy this skill was when I destroyed my first breath.

‘Anyway, opportunities to copy mythical skills aren’t common. If there’s anything you can get here, you have to get everything.’

Jaehyun was careful not to take any damage.

Also, the bet that Nidhogg had placed on him a moment ago did not match the difficulty of the quest at all.

This is most likely Nidhogg’s dogma.

‘I’ll have to take care of what I did.’

There was also one blank card left, so there was no problem copying the skill.

[…] … anyway it is I didn’t know that I would be able to brush off my skills.]

said Nidhogg, smacking his lips bitterly. He had a worm-eaten look on his face.

Apparently, the skill was stolen (?). It couldn’t have been fun.

However, Jaehyun didn’t care at all.

Rather, he looked at Nidhogg and said as if teasing.

“I haven’t even taken the third trial yet… … Are you picking up this or that already?”

Nidhogg frowned at Jaehyun’s words.

[…] I didn’t know the adversary could be such a nasty guy. Hella, are you like this normally?]

“yes. Unfortunately.”

Hella said so without hesitation.

Apparently, there seemed to be quite a lot of complaints piled up against Jaehyun.

This time, Jaehyun didn’t even pay attention and ignored it.

[what… congratulations anyway Adversary, you successfully blocked my attack.

Now that you’ve strengthened your weapon, I don’t think there’s anything more I can do for you.]


After Jaehyun was properly spoken, he turned around to get out of his seat.

I got everything I deserved according to his word. Now I really have to go through the third trial.

It was not good to procrastinate for a long time.

It was when Jaehyun thought so and stood in front of the door he had first entered.

[Wait a minute. There’s something I haven’t said yet.]


Jaehyun turned to Nidhogg again and asked.

said Nidhogg, leaning his enormous body.

[You must be heading to Yggdrasil soon, right? You should have received the quest from Mimir by now.]

“… … okay.”

Jae-hyun was surprised for a moment that Nidhogg knew about it, but soon understood.

He is also a member of the anti-Aesir faction.

It was no surprise that Jaehyun knew about the quest he had been given.

Jaehyun crossed his arms for a while and recalled the past.

At the time when the Nornir system was updated.

It was the moment when I realized the truth about Einherjar and the Army of the Dead.

The quest I received at that time, the main quest 《System Breaker》.

Jaehyun looked up again to remind him of this.

[Main Quest]

system breaker

You have discovered the tricks of Odin and the Æsir.

Head to Yggdrasil’s control tower and destroy the system to prevent the Awoken from becoming Einherjar.

difficulty: ???

compensation: ???

*Restriction Conditions – Deity Liberation Level 3 or higher

At the time Jaehyun received this quest, he was unable to complete it because he hadn’t reached the rank yet.

The 3rd stage of divine power liberation? This is because the conditions themselves were too harsh.

‘It’s better now though. It’s just one more step forward.’

Of course, it’s the same as not being able to proceed with the quest because the class isn’t enough yet.

Jaehyun shook his head.

“It is still far. Because there is only one step left.”

[No, it won’t take long. If it’s your talent, you’ll reach level 3 in no time. I personally guaranteed it, so the credit is certain.]

Jaehyun’s eyes widened slightly at Nidhogg’s assertion.



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Well, just a little while ago, Nidhogg told me that he was the greatest talent after Odin and Loki.

It was not unreasonable for him to be so sure.

“so. What do you really want to say? I don’t think it’s just encouragement.”

[While I was gone, I wanted you to kill one guy.]

“You want me to kill you?”

[A bird head that lives on the top floor of Yggdrasil. I want you to kill him.]

Nidhogg frowned as if he was annoyed at even mentioning it.

At his words, Jaehyun looked back at Shinhwa for a while. There was one corner to catch.

‘The bird head that lives at the top of Yggdrasil… … After all, it must be referring to ‘a huge repair whose name is unknown’.’

Incidentally, he is known to be on very bad terms with Nidhogg.

Jaehyun nodded moderately, recalling the information he had read in the library in the past.


[good. Then, since I’ve taken all of my money, go through the third ordeal right away!]

Nidhogg cheerfully saw off Jaehyun until the end.

Jaehyun walked towards the road he had come from.

Go through the door and see Nastrond’s Hell once again.

Hell formed through three gateways. The road passed was still a gloomy landscape.

The only thing that changed in that gap was Jaehyun.

Meanwhile, Nidhogg, who was watching Jaehyun’s departure, muttered as he looked around the smashed field.

[The opponent of the prophecy, the existence that will destroy Odin and Asgard… … Prove that his name is not false.]

As Nidhogg said earlier, he had high regard for Jaehyun.

A natural talent and an endless desire to improve. It is growing its opponents to higher ground.

However, the second Ragnarok. This will come sooner than you think.

[I hope the adversary will surpass me by then.]

If the other gods had heard of this, they would all have been horrified.

Nidhogg is one of the strongest in the anti-Aesir coalition, no, even in the entire Nine Worlds.

Can you surpass that person? It would be easier to secretly pluck Odin’s beard.

of course… If he really did that, he would have to rot in Asgard’s prison for the rest of his life.

* * *

In front of the classroom at Miles Academy where the Mathematics lecture was over.

In the hallway, three people are trudging back to the dormitory.

These were faces tired from continuous lectures.

Kim Yoo-jung grumbled and said.

“Min Jae-Hyun, the kid who says attendance is tight, misses the academy again. Where the hell are you and what are you doing?”

“I know. Didn’t even get a text message. Is something going on?”

When Ahn Ho-yeon agreed and accepted the words, Seo In-na’s expression quickly darkened. It was because she was worried about Jaehyun.

“… … Wouldn’t that be a big deal?”

“no way. Then you would have told us first.”

“… … Jaehyun doesn’t usually talk about himself well. I’m kind of worried… … .”

It was Kim Yoo-jung, who spoke out loud, but even she couldn’t raise a counterargument to Seo E-na’s words.

In reality, Jaehyun was the type who doesn’t usually talk about himself well. He tends to listen to what others have to say, but for some reason he seldom confides.

“hmm… … .”

Even Kim Yoo-jung fell silent.

What the hell is Min Jae-hyun doing that keeps him busy every day?

“Whoever sees it will know that Ji is saving the world.”

Kim Yoo-jung sighed and said.

At her words, the three of them nodded their heads almost simultaneously.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Jaehyun to return to Idun’s garden.

The way I came once in the first place. Even if it wasn’t, it wasn’t difficult to go back because Jaehyun had a bright eye for the road, taking care of Kim Yoo-jung, who was his usual guide.

“Finally, this is the third trial. I feel like I should go back after finishing everything already.”

“The third trial will not be easy, even for you.”

Hella, who was walking side by side, said that and warned Jaehyun.

Like a guide, Hella knew the contents of the ordeal line by line.

I couldn’t tell Jaehyun everything according to the regulations, but it was true that it would be the most difficult ordeal of all he had ever gone through.

“You have to hit it first.”


Poppy walked behind and wept softly as if agreeing.

yet. Those who returned on the road arrived at the center of Niflheim. Still, it was a good feeling because it was a place I had been to once.

mist garden.

This was the beginning of the third ordeal.

Jaehyun released the outer barrier again and went inside.

‘I have to do well this time somehow. As always.’

When Jaehyun took a deep breath before the ordeal.

A woman appeared from the entrance of the Mist Garden with a bright voice.

“oh! You’re here! Come on!”

The owner with a cheerful voice approached and stood in front of Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was able to guess who it was with his intuition. he raised an eyebrow.

“Finally, you show your face. Idun.”

Saying that, Jaehyun looked up.

In the place where the gaze reached, there was Idun, the god of youth.

Brilliant green hair, deep eyes with a mysterious atmosphere. She was a woman with a small basket in a white blouse.

‘… … It’s pretty.’

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be genuinely surprised.

That’s how Idun’s beauty was outstanding. It was a different beauty from Seo In-na.

A goddess with a lovely feeling who gives people strange happiness. This was very similar to what was described in Norse mythology.

“Was it hard to go? Would you like some tea first?”

Idun greeted Jaehyun and the others and said. She was looking around as if Jaehyun’s existence was strange.

Jaehyun asked in a calm voice.

“Rather than that, are you ready for the ordeal?”

Idun replied in an arrogant tone.

“of course! I prepared it so that you can play it right away if you want to!

How are you going to take the test now?”

“yes. please.”

There was no time for Jaehyun to delay.

Even at this moment, the Aesir will be in motion.

No time to rest… … .

“Here, take this! It is a must-have item for this ordeal.”

Jaehyun tilted his head as he suddenly received the item Idun gave him.

It was a very unique object to be tested.

“This… … seed?”

When Jaehyun asked, Idun stretched out his chest and answered confidently.

“okay! This test is about growing trees!”

“… … What are you growing?”

Jaehyun asked, dumbfounded.

As if Idun was strange, I tilted my head and said.

“A tree… … It’s about growing… … ?”

“That… … no, ha Why are you doing that in the ordeal?”

Jaehyun asked that without even realizing it.

It was something we couldn’t understand.

In the face of having to beat the Aesir gods as soon as possible… … .

what? Grow a tree slowly?

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