I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 221

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Episode 221 Tree Defense (1)

―Damage is increased by 50% due to the effect of the passive skill «Poison Dragon’s Sadism»!


Every time the sharp dagger danced, the monster in front of me became a piece of meat and rolled on the floor.

Seeing the blade sharper than he thought, Jaehyun felt a chill in his hair.

‘The poisonous dragon’s sadism… I never thought the 50% damage bonus would be this much.’

It was completely different from simply seeing it in numbers and experiencing it directly.

Jaehyun smiled as he looked at Nidhogg’s fangs.

It was a moment when I felt the reward of strengthening the items while struggling in the hell of Nastrond.

“Keep going.”

Jaehyun caught his breath and looked at the enemy.

The number of enemies is great.

Even if you estimate it, there are close to hundreds of monsters.

“Even Hella can’t help you this time. You have to do something yourself.”

Trials must be overcome alone, without anyone’s help. Hey, in the case of Poppy, she says there’s nothing wrong with engaging in battle as it’s her own pet, but Hela was different.

Now I had no other option but to believe in myself.

kurrrrr… !

Jaehyun looked around at the low, creepy voice he heard. The magic beasts of Niflheim surrounding him all had a bloody appearance.

The weakest guy is at a level that exceeds B-class.

One by one, the ripple power was already equivalent to that of an instructor at Milles Academy.

‘But I can’t back down.’

Jaehyun sighed and put his strength into the dagger he held again.

He didn’t forget to raise his magic either.

A sword in one hand and magic in the other.

That was the Battle Mage’s battle.

* * *

―You succeeded in stopping the first wave.

After about two hours had passed, it was a message suddenly heard in Jaehyun’s ear.

Jaehyun opened his eyes wide and tilted his head.

“wave… … ? what do you mean all of a sudden? It seems Idun said that there are only two ordeals… … .”


It was the first word I heard while carrying out this quest.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes with a puzzled expression.

It wasn’t long before the message followed again.

―The details of the second quest have been updated.

[Main Quest]

Trial of Idun (2)

Defend the tree from the evil beasts that aim for the golden apples, and harvest the fruit.

difficulty: –

Reward: Idun’s Gift

Time remaining: 12 hours

Failure Penalty: Trial Restart

▶(NEW) Do you want to check the detailed information of the quest?

Jaehyun flipped over the system screen to check the newly added detailed information.

It contained information he had never thought of.

“Idun… … !”

Jaehyun muttered with an angry face.

It was unfortunate for him, but the ordeal was not yet over.

Rather, it was to the point where I thought it would be more correct to say that it was just the beginning.

Jaehyun read the newly added information with a puzzled look on his face.

The rules of a game are written in the system window.

―Let the tree defense game begin!

[Tree Defense Game – Rules]

1. The purpose of the defense game is simple. The goal is to protect the Golden Apple Tree from attacks by monsters, and to defeat as many monsters as possible to meet the achievement conditions.

2. All enemy monsters are divided into three types. Penetration, Defense, Magic.

All of them have a mutual relationship, and you must know this and fight to win the defense game.

3. You can get 1 point for each normal monster and 30 points for each elite monster that appears during the wave.

4. Guardian helps you to protect the tree. The user can use points to summon demons to the allied camp to assist the guardian or strengthen the defense barrier.

5. Elite monsters appear in every wave, and the wave ends when the elite monsters are defeated. As the wave repeats, stronger monsters appear.

By the time Jaehyun finished reading the explanation, the system message continued.

―An hour later, the second wave begins.

―During the break, complete the maintenance and lead the second wave to victory.

“Guardians and friendly camps… … I guess I’ll have to use my head.”


Poppy, who had approached me, also cried softly as if agreeing.

softly… !!

At that moment, a vibration was felt from under the tree and something rose up.

It looks like a giant root tangled up in a mess.



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They were golems made of soil and tree roots.

―A Guardian is summoned to your camp.

After a while, Jaehyun nodded at the message he heard and looked at the golems.

“Are you the Guardians?”

* * *

[Guardians follow the player’s will and help protect the golden apple tree.]

“You annihilate all enemies approaching through the tree. Poppy, will you help the Guardians too?”


After giving orders to Papi and the guardians, Jaehyun started climbing the tree.

The golden apple tree had already grown to a height of about 20 meters. It took quite a long time just for Jaehyun to go up.

It hadn’t borne fruit yet, but it wouldn’t be long now.

‘Is the real end in sight?’

Jaehyun was a bit emotional at the thought that it was not long before the golden apples grew. It was because he remembered the terrible days of the past 29 days.

Of course, we still have to lead two more defense games to victory, but… … .

“It’s worth trying, though. If it’s a defense game, I remember playing it often when I was young.”

Jaehyun enjoyed strategy games quite a bit when he was young.

Defense games and turn-based simulation games are his favorite genres.

Thanks to Jaehyun, he understood deeply.

‘The first thing to do when playing a game like this is.’

―There are 211 monsters defeated (remaining points 211).

―Consume 100 points to install a 《Defense Fence》.

‘As expected, building a defense system.’

Kade deed deed!

With the sound of tree roots intertwining, a rust-colored wooden fence began to surround the golden apple tree.

Jaehyun continued to climb the tree and reached the top.

When we reached the top, like a fog garden, there was a thick mist of water around us.

Beyond that, I couldn’t see an inch ahead, so I knew where the enemy was coming from. Also, I had no idea what monsters were waiting.

After all, it must have been an ordeal, so it was not easy to set it up.

This was the expected part.

Jaehyun didn’t care and moved on to the next order.

“Then next.”

―Consumes 30 points to summon 30 defensive monsters, Frost Trolls.

―Consumes 20 points to summon 20 infiltrator monsters, Frost Wolves.

―Consumes 20 points to summon the magic-type demon 《Orc Shaman》.

Jaehyun consumed points to summon allied monsters.

In this defense game, there were three types of monsters that could be summoned to the friendly camp.

First up is the frost troll.

It is said that it has very good defense, and it is said that it will regenerate even if its limbs are torn off unless it is killed instantly.

The second is Frost Wolf.

As an infiltration type, it was useful for targeting the enemy’s rear, and it was a monster that boasted high efficiency in guerrilla battles.

The third is an orc shaman.

It is a magic type and has low defense, but it also has high attack power, so it was a natural enemy of the frost troll, which is a defense type.

‘Basically, like rock-paper-scissors, each of the three monster units has a strong opponent and a weak opponent.’

Defense types are weak against magic types, and magic types are weak against penetrating types.

Penetration type is again weak to defense type.

The three units are strong and weak against each other.

A game you can never win if you don’t understand it well.

It was a defense game.


Jaehyun smiled as he watched the gradually summoned magic beasts under the tree.

second wave. In this battle, Jaehyun had a skill he had to test.

after regression. A skill that I got really early on, but couldn’t use because the conditions weren’t right.

one was available now. Also, Jaehyun planned to use all his cards to quickly clear this test.

“Because I hate going through the same ordeal twice.”

Jaehyun smiled and raised his mana lightly.

“It is finished in one go.”

* * *

About 10 seconds before the second defense game begins.

Jae-hyun was in the middle of activating the tree-attribute magic 《Chain of Trees》 to strengthen the fence around the golden apple tree.


The wooden fence is defenseless against the teeth and axes of the enemy. If you hang the chain like this, it will be a little stronger.

Even if it is difficult to expect such a big effect, it will help a little.

‘It’s better than doing nothing.’

Jaehyun did his best to prepare for the second defense.

I had planned enough in the past hour, and now was the time to move rather than think deeply.

“Then let’s go.”

Along with that voice, the same system sound as the first one was heard again.

―The second wave begins.

―Defend the enemy’s offensive for 2 hours and protect the golden apple tree.


A blue gate that slowly starts to spawn on the opposite side of your formation. Uncountable numbers of mighty demonic beasts began to emerge from that gap.

If the guys I dealt with a while ago were only average B-class, now they were almost at A-class.

According to the explanation of the system a while ago, the level of monsters that appear gets stronger as each wave repeats.

From now on, Jaehyun alone will not be able to wipe out all enemies like in the first wave.


Jaehyun jumped down from the tree and landed in the middle of the monsters pouring through the gate.


ah… … !

The number of enemies that appear to be at least ten times greater than the one summoned. This was overwhelming the magic beasts of the allied camp.

It wasn’t long before a battle between the two factions began.


―The HP of 2 Frost Wolves is exhausted. will be recalled.

―The HP of one frost troll is exhausted. will be recalled.

…Several Demon Beasts were counter-summoned by the attacks of the opposing faction’s Witch Beasts.

However, Jaehyun was not worried.

The situation could not be said to be good, but there was no need to overdo it and replenish the monsters.

He watched the enemies pouring towards him with the corner of his mouth raised.

He muttered with a confident expression.

“Because it’s a fight you can win.”


At that time, a huge dragon’s cry suddenly erupted from behind, and the sky shook.

―Active skill «Dragon Fear».

―The enemy’s stats are reduced by 20%.

Poppy, who had become gigantic before he knew it, activated a skill, weakening some of the monsters in the opponent’s formation.

As befits the dragon race belonging to the highest ruling class, the power of the skill was amazing.

The weakening of the enemy was quickly felt. The aspect of the battlefield, which had been pushed back by numerical inferiority, began to flow slightly differently.

Now, the situation is almost equal with the enemy.

“But it doesn’t end here.”

Jaehyun smiled. He didn’t stop there, and activated one more skill.

―Active skill <Call of the Conductor> is activated.

A skill that had never been used since it was obtained in the past burst out of Jaehyun’s fingertips.

Commander’s shout.

It was a skill I had never brought out before because of the harsh condition of having to fight with more than 50 allies.

Also, it had the effect of raising the momentum of allies at once.

―The effect of 《Call of the Conductor》 increases the stats of allies by 1.3 times!


A friendly frost troll in front crushed the enemy’s head with precision.

In a grand battle, even a 10% difference is bound to be huge.

Even more so if dozens of allies were 1.3 times stronger.

“It’s a game you can’t lose.”

Jaehyun smiled softly as he said that.

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