I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 224

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Episode 224 The Executioner (1)

―The third elite monster 《Executioner》 appears!

Jaehyun looked at the two witches slowly advancing toward the golden apple tree.


As the name of the executioner, they had a bloody appearance. The black cloth over the head and the protruding belly added to the sense of intimidation of the two beings.

Jaehyun was a bit nervous about the magic he felt from the enemy.

The two Executioners had exactly the same level of magic power and size.

“Are the two attacking at the same time?”

If so, dealing with them would be quite difficult.

The magical energy felt by the enemy is at least S-class or higher. Up until now, he had many experiences of fighting strong opponents, but his experience of fighting more than two was not so much.

‘Because, as with any battle, multiple variables arise just by increasing the number of opponents by one.’

But there was no time to ponder for long.

“You have to hit it first.”

The two Executioners were not as strong as Nidhogg, but they were strong.

Even with the current reproduction, depending on the compatibility level, it can be quite a struggle.

Moreover, his goal is always to win the defense game.

‘It’s not a quest that can be cleared simply by defeating enemies.’

Defense The essence of the game is defense after all. Defeating the enemy is of course important, but it meant that defending the base is the top priority.

After Jaehyun finished his thoughts, he jumped into the battlefield again.

aaaaa… … !!

The rough voices of the demons surrounding them burst out.

―Active skill 《Wind Boost Lv 5》 is activated.


The angle of view narrowed, and I began to feel the texture of the wind coming up through my ears.

In the eyes of Jaehyun, who quickly closed the distance with the enemy, there were only two witches.

Executioner. They lifted their axes high as if they felt Jaehyun’s presence.

Jaehyun did not slow down at all and continued to run towards the beast.

‘Do not waste time and finish as quickly as possible.’

With a small nod of his head, Jaehyun took out his dagger and stabbed it right into the neck of one of the Executioners.


The attack hit accurately.

However, what happened?

The only thing that came out of Jaehyun’s mouth was a short curse.

“… shit.”

Jaehyun instinctively realized that his sword had failed to strike the opponent.

He immediately bent his knees and prepared for the enemy’s counterattack.


Jaehyun quickly kicked the guy and widened the distance behind him.

“… What kind of monster is that again?”

When I measured my magic power, I knew that it was strong, but I didn’t think that it was so strong that my attacks couldn’t work.

In fact, it was overwhelmingly strong compared to other raiders and monsters, but it was not crazy enough for Jaehyun.

But, why is my dagger not working?

After thinking for a while, Jaehyun immediately came to a conclusion.

‘The Executioner isn’t strong enough to overwhelm me. There are separate conditions to inflict damage on them.’

Years of radar experience sharpened the sense of representation.

Jaehyun straightened his sword again.

and that moment.

A new quest window appeared before his eyes.

* * *

The time when less than 10 minutes have passed since the last defense started.

As usual, Idun was watching his performance from the terrace. Hella is also worried about her Jaehyun. She is sitting across from her and drinking her tea.

Hella glanced at Jaehyun as he faced the ordeal, his heart tightening inwardly.

“Wow! I really didn’t expect you to do this, but it’s really amazing… !”

Idun said excitedly. She had a satisfied expression on her Jaehyun’s performance.

That would be too. It was because the antagonist who had thought he would be knocked out in the first quest was holding up better than he thought.

She could understand why Hella had been so confident about Jaehyun’s skills in the first place.

‘I have wit, I have power. Besides, even the talent is perfect.’

In Idun’s opinion, Jaehyun was a very good financial resource.

In fact, any god who saw it would have come to a similar conclusion, but having been trapped in the Mist Garden for a long time, she had no chance to see another human being.

One can only guess at how great Jaehyun’s talent is.

‘If I had known this, I would have made more fuss.’

Hella thought so and shook her head.

That’s when the two of them drank tea and watched Jaehyun go through the ordeal.

Suddenly, Hella said with a rhyme.

“by the way. Why did you rush to add a third wave that was not planned?”

“Uh, huh? What do you mean?”

“You seem to have forgotten that pretending doesn’t work for me.”

Hella was after taking a sip of the tea in front of her.



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“During the initial construction phase of the third ordeal. There were two waves in all.

The last wave that Jaehyun is going through right now. This is something you made hastily.”

“… … Well, I guess Hella can’t lie. that’s right. At first there was no third defense.

I just added it a moment ago.”

also. Hella muttered that and looked at her Idun.

I meant to explain more.

Idun nodded.

“There is no particular reason. Hella, I’ve fallen in love with the adversary just like you! So I wanted to give you a better gift! That’s why we added the contents of the ordeal.”

“If you want to give a present, just give it… .”

As Hella muttered, Idun shouted in a huff.

“no way! Hella doesn’t know what! Every gift has to have a cause!”

In short, the conclusion was this.

The reason Idun added the ordeal was to make a legitimate cause because he wanted to give Jaehyun a gift, but his pride wouldn’t allow it.

It was an absurd reason, but it was true.

“Isn’t it just because you’re lonely? Because in the Mist Garden, neither humans nor gods go in and out.

Well, it must be because there is no one to accept your unscrewed personality.”

Idun’s expression hardened for a moment at Hella’s words, which stabbed exactly where it hurt, but soon returned to normal. She was a little weepy.

Idun said while clearing his throat.

“… Hella, because you say that, you have no friends.”

At Idun’s words, Hella narrowed her brows strangely and sharply.

“You won’t have any more friends?”

“Ugh… .”

After Hela scratched Idun’s glassy heart, she returned to the main topic.

“But anyways. Arbitrarily increasing the difficulty of the ordeal… Loki and the anti-Aesir allies will try to eat you.”

“… Great, the adversary has to pass through, right? ! That, to worry so much… .”

“As expected, I need to know that my thoughts are short.”

Hella shook her head in a sharp criticism.

Whatever the circumstances, there was no justification for Hella to stop her.

Unfortunately, Idun had the authority to grant trials to the adversary.

Right now, I just wanted Jaehyun to finish it safely.

* * *

bang! bang!

The axes of the two demons aimed at Jaehyun’s shoulders with a time difference.

Before long, the ax grazed Jae-hyeon and hit the ground.

The power of the ax falling while crossing was at least at a level that far surpassed that of an S-class raider.

Jaehyun had no choice but to swallow his saliva.

“It’s downright creepy.”

Jaehyun unknowingly spits the words out of his mouth.

It was to the point where I didn’t know why such a bloody-looking guy appeared while playing a defense game.

No matter how gruesome they looked, the fact that Jaehyun had to fight them didn’t change.

‘Ha, but this is the last one.’

Jaehyun worked hard to rationalize it and unfolded his magic.

―Active skill 《Ice Edge》.

At the same time he raised his hand, condensed cold air burst out and created a pillar.

He chose ice magic to block the enemy’s movement and analyze the battle situation.

It was a strategic decision.


The towering pillar of ice accurately attacked the enemy.

However, even with the powerful attack, the two beings were completely unscathed.

Jaehyun was also expecting this.


Rather, the Executioners came to shatter the ice created by Jaehyun with the ax they were holding.

‘… … It’s bloody.’

Jaehyun thought so and kept an eye on the enemy who continued to attack.

I tried to take the initiative in the battle, but it wasn’t easy to narrow the distance between the two of them.

If you try to attack one, the other will attack, so it was because it was difficult to hold on.

At other times, it would have been nice to take a break from the battle and rethink the strategy, but I couldn’t do that now.

What Jaehyun is playing right now is a defense game.

This was because if it was breached even for a moment, it would be practically impossible to protect the tree.

“No matter how you think about it, the situation is not good.”

Jaehyun continued to use magic and kept the Executioners in check who resisted his attacks.

At the same time, he recalled the newly popped up quest window.

[Special Quest]

Executioner Jersey

Stop the Executioners, the elite monsters of the last wave of Tree Defense, and defend the stronghold.

However, the Executioner is a two-to-one, one-to-two monster. You cannot inflict damage unless certain conditions are met.

difficulty: ???

Reward: Buffed Gift of Idun

failure condition

1. Failure to guard the golden apple tree

2. Killed by the Executioner

*There is a hidden clear condition for this quest (if you clear it, you will receive a bigger reward from Idun).

* ‘Idun’s great gift’ can be acquired

Jaehyun first grasped the essence of this quest.

‘From the beginning, the quest didn’t tell me to kill the Executioner. Stop them and defend the stronghold. That’s the main thing.’

Also, this was to satisfy the probability of why Jaehyun’s attack just a moment ago didn’t work on them.

You cannot inflict damage unless you meet special conditions.

Jaehyun thought as he reflected on this phrase.

‘No matter how great the Executioner’s mana is, it’s far short of a level comparable to mine. Even so, just a moment ago, I couldn’t damage them.

In the end, it means that system interference is taking place regardless of the gap between them.’

Not only that, the system said.

There are hidden clear conditions for this quest.

Jaehyun looked at the two Executioners in front of him with a confident expression.

“Two for one, one for two.”

He smiled as he repeated the meaningful phrase in the quest window.

“I get it now. How to kill the Executioner, and what are the conditions for clearing the hidden quest.”

Jaehyun saw it.

Behind the two Executioners, a single shadow stretched out.

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