I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 225

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Episode 225: The Executioner (2)

“Destroying the Executioner and the hidden clear conditions for the quest.

These two are matters that need not be considered separately.”

Jaehyun smiled at the long shadow of the demon.

The last elite monster in front of you and the hidden clear condition for the sudden quest that occurred. As he said, these two were closely related.

‘No, it would be correct to see that they are connected to each other.’

In the past, Jaehyun had cleared a quest with a hidden clear condition.

Last Festival.

In the event that marked the end of the themed dungeon, Jaehyun had to run away from the dust of Surt.

In a situation where the base was destroyed and normal quest clearing became impossible, Jaehyun made a wild decision after much thought.

By defeating the dust of Surt, the hidden clear conditions have been achieved.

With this experience, Jaehyun was able to grasp the hidden conditions of this quest as well.

‘To defeat the Executioner. That would be the hidden clear condition.’

In fact, it was absurd that there were other clearing conditions other than killing monsters in a defense game.


Dodging the ax that fell down, Jaehyun continued the accident.

‘Also, the quest said. Two to one, one to two Demonic Beasts. That’s the essence of an Executioner.’

Why didn’t his attacks work on the Executioner at all?

The answer to that question was now passing Jaehyun’s head.

―The godhead is opened.

Jaehyun immediately opened his godhead and closed his eyes for a moment.

At that moment, a golden light leaked from Jaehyun’s left eye.

at the same time. Just like when he fought Nidhogg, he began to see magical threads in his left eye.

The thread of magical power was tied into a knot, and was nestled in both Witchbeasts. Its location is the heart.

also. Jaehyun muttered that while looking at the thread surrounding the Witchbeast in front of him.

“I wondered why there was only one shadow. So two demons exist from one soul, right?”

After Jaehyun figured out the essence of the Executioner, he took a posture to attack again. His body bends like a spring, and then shoots at the enemy.


Activating wind attribute auxiliary magic was an indispensable thing in battle.

In the case of movement magic, most of them were mastered reproductions, so they could move quickly with little mana.

With Nidhogg’s fangs clenched tightly in his hand, Jaehyun accurately cut through the magical thread connecting the Executioner on the left.


This time, instead of just passing by, I felt the dagger cut through his body accurately.

‘Is it okay… !’

However, hasty judgment in battle always resulted in bad results.

Jaehyun’s eyebrows narrowed, and the ax swung from the Executioner barely passed his shoulder.


A direct hit would have been enough to cause quite deep wounds.

Jaehyun looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

At that moment, he had to face a shocking scene.

Ssssss… .

‘The thread of broken magic… Is it being sealed?’

The thread of magical power he had just cut off was regenerating.

Even stronger than before.

‘As the system said, there seems to be another attack method… .’

Apparently, it seemed that the enemy could not be killed just by cutting off the knot in which the threads of magical power were entangled.

Somehow, I thought things would be a little easier… .

Jaehyun also rolled his body to avoid another executioner’s ax that was connected with his thoughts.


The ax was thrust down and the ground was torn to shreds.

Jaehyun took a deep breath and took a deep breath.

‘You have to think. How can I get rid of them?’

He recalled the string of magical power that had been regenerated even after his previous attack. It must have been connected somewhere and slowly started to be sealed.

‘The place where the thread that fell from the knot of magical power of the guy I cut is connected… .’

at that time. Jaehyun’s eyes widened and a bright smile spread across his lips.

“Another Executioner’s Knot.”

The knots of magical powers of the two beings were connected to each other.

Jaehyun activated his magic detection and realized that they were sharing their magic.

After all, is it the last elite boss of the wave?

An enemy that cannot be slashed unless you see the thread of magical power. In addition, even if one thread is cut off, it is an existence that inherits each other’s magical power and reproduces it again.

These were people that no radar in the world could deal with.

But Jaehyun wasn’t too worried.

This is because the simplest and most destructive way to kill them passed through his mind.

“Even if you cut down one side, if you can’t kill it by supplying magic power from the other side.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“Isn’t it okay to cut them both at the same time?”

he felt it

The next attack will definitely take their breath away.



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* * *


Yeonhwa’s Guild Master’s Office.

Yoo Seong-eun is yawning exhausted from overdue work. The dark circles that came down to her cheeks were telling of her hard work.

“Come in.”

As she pressed her forehead and said, a familiar man entered from outside. It was Park Seong-jae, the manager.

He spoke with a worried expression.

“Your face is very damaged.”

Yoo Sung-eun sighed and leaned back on the chair.

“I can’t help it. Considering the recent social trend… .”

Yoo Sung-eun sighed, recalling recent domestic and international news articles.

Recently, the average grade of monsters appearing in dungeons and fields has risen a lot, and the number of dying raiders has also increased rapidly.

Yeonhwa was already suffering from a number of guild members getting hurt.

“Even if it wasn’t, there was a report about it, so I came to inform you.”

Yoo Seong-eun’s expression hardened slightly at Park Seong-jae’s words.

I barely managed to get the job done a while ago, but the job came back?

It didn’t seem like a pleasant thing to see Park Seong-jae holding the weight.

Yoosung swallowed his saliva and asked.

“… What happened again this time?”

Park Seong-jae smiled bitterly at her words and continued the report.

“The gate has exploded.”

When Park Seong-jae opened the rush, Yoo Seong-eun’s expression became even darker.

To Radar, the gate is a way to make money, but it means that there will be a situation where you have to risk your life anyway. It was not a matter to be taken lightly.

“I don’t think Seongjae oppa would have said that much if it was a normal gate… Is it a big deal?”

“It is said that it is at a level where it is not certain that it can be blocked by the radar that exists in Korea.”

The expression of Park Seong-jae who said that was also not good.

So far, major guilds in Korea have blocked the gate better than any other country in the world. The damage was also not that much compared to other countries.

Of course, this was possible because Daegu was the first place in the world where demon beasts were rampant.

Since we were able to prepare for this first, the establishment of the national association was relatively quick, and there was no choice but to prepare well.

However, that was not a condition to disparage the skills of Korean raiders.

Korea was a country that produced many excellent radars compared to its population.

But, even Korea can’t stop it?

Yoosung said while biting his lips.

“I guess I’ll have to ask for help from other countries.”

“that is… In fact, that seems almost impossible.”

“… yes?”

When Park Seong-jae started rhyming, a embarrassed voice leaked from Yoo Seong-eun’s mouth.

Park Seong-jae, who was watching her reaction, tensed his neck and continued.

“It’s not just South Korea that the gate has exploded.

In countries around the world, unprecedentedly large gates are beginning to open.”

Yoo Sung-eun had no idea how to respond to his words.

Are the gates bursting out at the same time?

I’ve never had anything like this before.

But things were already happening.

It is important to dig into the cause now, but it was time to respond first.

“Please gather the major guilds together within three days.”

“… All right.”

Park Seong-jae and Yoo Seong-eun. In an instant, both felt it.

That this thing is going to go unexpectedly.

* * *

Cut both at the same time.

Jaehyun’s conclusion was very simple, but few people could put it into action.

No, it would be right to say that there are no humans except for reproduction.

‘Because that would probably be impossible even for Balak.’

Reproduction is also not an easy task.

I’ve been using the sword for quite some time now, but its density and time aren’t comparable to Balak’s, and the weapon is good, but it doesn’t compensate for speed.

In short, Jaehyun’s sword has destructive power, but the speed for a certain finish is insufficient.

“But it’s not like there’s no way.”

Jaehyun has always overcome his unfavorable situations with his wits.

He had no doubt that he could do it this time too.


In an instant, Jaehyun completely disappeared from the place where he was standing.

―Active skill «Stealth Lv 3».

―Active skill 《Wind Boost Lv 5》 is activated.

―The effect of the passive skill 《Light’s Step》 maximizes the efficiency of skills related to speed compensation.

Jaehyun ran towards the enemy at the speed he could achieve.

He then went behind the enemy and deliberately exposed his shoulder and abdomen with his arm extended.

Just like when he fought Joo-Won in the past, Jae-Hyun threw a very tasty bait.

Executioners responded immediately to his movements.

I raised the ax to him and struck it down with all my might.


Jaehyun smiled as he avoided the falling attack with one to cut his torso and the other to his shoulder.

‘It ends here.’

Jaehyun’s eyes were once again dyed in brilliant gold, contemplating the two knots connecting the enemy.

Without hesitation, he put his strength into his sword.

Nidhogg’s fangs. Blue magic flames rise from the tip of the dagger.

Tsutsutsutsut… !

Jaehyun reached out and let the angry sword flow.

The sword that had already left my hand cuts through two monsters at the same time.

―I activate the intangible sword type 3 《Extended Sword》.

As soon as the sword of reenactment touched the knot of magical power, a change was greeted.

The intangible extended blade flew precisely towards the enemy and cut off two knots at once.


Jaehyun laughed.

two enemies. However, the sound of cutting was heard only once.

―You have succeeded in defeating the third elite monster 《Executioner》.

* * *


Meanwhile, the sound of a teacup breaking under the table on the terrace of the mist garden was heard.

There, Idun muttered while watching Jaehyun’s performance with a stunned expression.

“… It wasn’t a monster I made to catch… ?”

Are you crazy?

Idun only chanted like that in a low voice.

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