I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 226

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Episode 226: Idun’s Gift

“… It wasn’t a monster I made to catch… ?”

Idun laughed while watching Jaehyun’s battle with a puzzled expression.

What the hell is this?

“It happens all the time, so I’m not surprised.”

Hella shrugged strangely and received the word.

Well, it wasn’t once or twice that Jaehyun showed a side beyond her imagination. It was normal to have such a reaction.

However, it was not Idun.

Of course, he handled both the first and second quests brilliantly, but it was only in his imagination.

No matter how lax a god Idun may be, isn’t his opponent only a human?

I had already predicted to some extent how he would use his wits and how he would overcome them.

It must have been… .

‘I wrote the word ‘Hidden Clear Condition’ but… I never thought I would defeat the Executioner. Does this make sense?’

It was just a phrase written to motivate the enemy.

In a situation that clearly went against his intentions, Idun covered his face with his hands.

Then, Hella asked, pouring oil on her situation.

“I look forward to it. What is the ‘big gift’ you’re going to give to Jaehyun?”


Hella said that with a mean smile and sipped her tea.

Idun grabbed the hem of her blouse and looked at her for a moment, but soon smiled with a dejected expression.

Anyway, good is good.

“It’s good when the adversary gets stronger… the poor… .”

Idun had no choice but to seriously worry about what kind of money he would lose following the strengthening of Nidhogg’s fangs.

* * *

―You have cleared the main quest The Trial of Idun (2).

―You have cleared the special quest 《Executioner Judge》.

―You cleared the quest through the hidden route.

―Compensation is increased.

Jaehyun made a satisfied expression as he saw the messages that came to mind one after another.

“I had to take a little risk, but… Anyway, the compensation is increased, so what?”

In the battle a little while ago, in fact, Jae-Hyun was able to successfully finish the last wave somehow if he just dragged out time.

There is no disadvantage for not fulfilling the hidden clear conditions, and Jaehyun has already gained a lot from this ordeal.

There was no reason for him to act like that.

I’ve been doing well so far, but a mistake here could have been dangerous.

However, Jaehyun accepted the anxiety factor and took the path to receive more rewards.

‘If it were me before the return, I would never have chosen the path.’

As he went through the hell of Nastrond, Jaehyun felt that he had become stronger.

Not only that. In fact, the third ordeal itself greatly improved his mental side.

Originally, Jaehyun’s mentality was very hard, but he wasn’t the type to take risks and fight like he does now.

In any case, preserving his own life was Jaehyun’s top priority.

However, in this way, Jaehyun clearly realized that he could not grow higher in the near future.

The showdown with Nidhogg and the three waves he learned a lot.

‘You always have to think to go in a better direction. There is a limit to repeating meaningless battles.’

Jaehyun was thinking of going further.

As always, silently.

Giying… !!

At that moment, a white light appeared all over his body and his body was sent somewhere.

He frowned and closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them, Jaehyun was already on the terrace of Idun.

Idun was frowning at Jaehyun with his hand on his waist.

“… Chit! Congratulations on passing the ordeal!”

“… Isn’t that a welcoming face at all?”

Despite Jaehyun’s words, Idun’s expression was not good.

It feels like seeing a god right before he loses his money.

* * *

To start with the conclusion, Idun dutifully prepared something better than the original reward and handed it to Jaehyun.

However, since it was such a unique reward, Jaehyun stopped asking.

“so. You want me to give you the ‘land’?”


Idun said that with a bright expression. Her hand on her waist was still not lowered.

Now she seemed relieved again. I thought that she was also a simple personality approved by Hella.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and said.

“Could you elaborate a bit more?”

Of course, Jaehyun was well aware that Idun was trying to give him the best.

In the first place, no matter how unprepared and unprepared she is, she is a god.

There was no way he would change his words, and he was not a fraudster who would turn people away. He has a very weak temper.

there… .

‘They’re giving me land!’

It was a story that Jaehyun couldn’t help but make his mouth water.



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Recently, the dirtiest thing has been the price of land in Korea. He can afford it now, but Jaehyun was worried about the monthly rent in the past.

At the time, having my own house and land was a desperate wish.

‘My land.’

It was a pleasant sound.

Jae-hyun asked Idun to properly understand the use of this land.

Idun chose a word for a moment, then spoke again.

“To put it simply, I am giving you a mini garden where you can grow plants. It is a mysterious land where you can grow golden apples and all kinds of medicinal herbs!”

“Mysterious Land… ?”

“okay. Right here. I’ll give you some of the land in the Mist Garden.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but admit that the conditions she had put forward were truly unconventional.

But there were parts I didn’t understand.

“But can the earth be so easily detached and attached?”

“Of course not! The adversary is an idiot?!”

At Idun’s words, Hella lightly hit her head and said.

“I can’t use it if you carelessly say that we will lose some land. Please explain properly.”

“… … okay.”

Idun said after clearing his throat.

“It’s not that I’m giving away the land, I’m giving you a key to access the Mist Garden at any time.

By the way, it will also open a gate that allows you to move directly from Midgard to Niflheim.”

Jaehyun, if there is such a thing, when he first came to Niflheim. He didn’t understand why he took the risk and started the Draupnir.

“Is that possible?”

Jaehyun asked with a sad expression on his face. If there was such a way, I’ll tell you before using Draupnir.

do you want to fight? Jaehyun unknowingly clenched his fist.


Idun must have noticed Jaehyun’s unusual reaction, so he added an explanation.

“The item I’m going to give you now is designed so that you can only store places you’ve visited once.

Well, even that, Asgard notices it, so unless it’s a hidden place like the mist garden, you can’t go in and out comfortably.”


In addition, Idun said that he would open the return portal himself.

Jaehyun thought about using Draupnir when he returned to Midgard, but this saved him the trouble.

Idun opened a comfortable portal, but I didn’t have to repeat the disgusting thing in it.

“So that’s all you can do with the land?”

“… Hella, the original opponent is so rude… ?”

He had already received enough compensation, but Jaehyun was struggling to rip off even a little more.

In fact, it was absurd for Idun. He is sharing the land of the Mist Garden that he manages.

It was this land where the other gods were also salivating and begging for a little bit.

‘I’m also sharing the land with a big heart!’

Idun thought so, but couldn’t get it out of his mouth.

It was because he thought he would look too small.

Instead, she forced a frown and acted displeased.

“I’m going to be generous because you don’t know, but the value of my land is enormous!

As for the other things you can do with the land, you’ll learn more about it when you get back to the garden with this key. We have prepared a suitable tutorial for you!”

“All right. Well, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad… .”

Jaehyun tried to calm him down, but suddenly got angry.

Yes, the rewards are good and everything is good.

But suddenly the difficulty level of the trial was raised or sent to Nidhogg…

If you look at Jaehyun, he suffered a lot from Idun!

Now he also had a reason to be angry with Idun. Jaehyun gritted his teeth.

“… It seems to be the fault of both sides. Should I apologize?”

Jaehyun’s words were tinged with a strange eerie feeling.

Idun quickly averted his gaze and mumbled.

“Oh, no… .”

“It’s cool for the first time in a while.”

Hella rarely praised Jaehyun. It seems that the two do not get along very well.

No, should I see it as a good thing?

“Please give me the next reward as well. There are still rewards left to give.”

At Hella’s urging, Idun said with her tear-stained face in full bloom.

“The next reward is… You have the right to have tea with me!”

“… … ?”

There, I had no choice but to express my pure doubts.

The right to drink tea together… ?

“Isn’t that true?”

Jaehyun forgot that he was being rude and said that.

Meanwhile, at his words, Idun hesitated and stepped back with a shocked expression.

‘My, to reject my proposed tea time… ?’

Idun was a beautiful god no matter who saw it.

How many people in the anti-Esir faction wanted to drink tea with him!

But the human adversary refuses his offer?

All of a sudden, she felt rejected and had to hang her head.

Jaehyun just tilted his head with an expression that he still couldn’t understand.

Idun said in a crawling voice.

“Drinking tea isn’t the main thing, actually, I have something to say. It’s a story you need to hear.”

“also… After all, what kind of gift is drinking tea?”

Jaehyun’s face quickly became satisfied.

Idun looked at Jaehyun with a curiously sharp expression.

Jaehyun asked without even paying attention.

“so. What is the story you are going to tell me?”

“The antagonist of the prophecy, your destiny.”

The emotions on Lee Doon’s face are erased in an instant, and his eyes turn to Jaehyun.

A subtle herbal scent was felt from the fresh green hair. However, something, unknown anxiety, was also leaking out of him.

“Do you remember the contents of the prophecy that came down in the past nine worlds?”

“The opponent of the prophecy, the weakest being, will destroy Asgard and Odin… Wasn’t that what it was?”

“that’s right. But there is one thing you don’t know.”

“What do you not know?”

“Prophecy is not everything. There is more to follow.”

Idun laughed brightly.

“From now on, I will tell you the second half of the prophecy from 10,000 years ago. This is information that has not been allowed to you until now.”

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