I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 236

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Episode 236: Owner of the Fallen Spirit (2)


Poppy jumped out of Jaehyun’s bag and blocked his colleague.

It meant that they would fight together.

Jaehyun looked at him with a smile.

As if to leave it to him, he slammed his chest with his dainty paws and snorted.

“That… … Dragon?”

Jeong-chan narrowed his eyes and looked at Papi standing in front of him.

It was a picture that could hardly be matched. He made a blank expression, but Jaehyun smiled and nodded.

“It’s my pet. Nothing to worry about.”

“… … yes?”

Jeong-chan shook his head with a shocked expression.

Dragons become humans’ pets?

It has a cute appearance like a puppy, but Poppy was unmistakably a dragon.

Although the soles of its feet are made of pink jelly, it has scales and has wings.

A dragon that is generally feared by raiders.

Does that mean that Min Jae-hyun tamed such a guy?

‘It must be crazy… … !’

But even in the midst of that, he was still looking at Jaehyun with eyes of disbelief.

I don’t know if he goes to battle again. Only their comrades do battle?

Is that a reasonable thing to do?

However, Jaehyun was still unmoved.

At that time, the members of Circle Nine took a step forward. At the same time, the rising smoke dissipated and the figure of the demon was revealed.

self… … .

All the things that were blocking their view were removed and what they saw was a huge root.

Jaehyun narrowed his brows.

“It’s a regenerative magic beast. Everyone be careful. It’s not just one or two.”

At his words, his colleagues kept their distance and set up a tight guard.

regenerative magic.

This literally refers to monsters with very good regenerative abilities.

It mainly refers to those who can absorb the magic of the surrounding air to recover their physical strength, and the representative monster is the troll. And now it’s the moving tree Ent in front of them.

“I’ve never dealt with an Ent before… … There are definitely a lot of them.”

Kim Yoo-jung clicked her tongue and looked around.

Even if you estimate the number of enemies, it seems to exceed twenty. Well, at the point when the boss monster personally came to meet me, I wondered if that would have much meaning.

“Let’s go to Formation D for now.”

At Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, the colleagues changed positions in perfect order.

Formation D was devised by Jaehyun in the past and handed down to them, and was a formation specialized in magic attacks.

‘Hoyeoni is standing in front. After that, Ina and Kim Yoo-jung, who have no skill delay, attack. Its strength is that it has destructive power and has almost no gaps.’

As much as he made this formation himself, Jaehyun was well aware of how destructive this formation was.

The D formation is a very effective layout even in A-rank or higher dungeons if used well. In fact, this was an improvement that Jaehyun had learned while rolling on the battlefield before returning.

Of course, this formation is not perfect.

‘This formation cannot be utilized properly unless the abilities of individual raiders are supported. It’s basically a difficult position.’

The least Maginot Line is B-class lieutenant Raider. The fact that Jaehyun’s colleagues were doing it perfectly meant that their achievements were surpassing B in the end.

Well, they were the colleagues who even ate Idun’s golden apple.

As talent was overwhelming from the beginning, it was not impossible to rise to that level.

‘Well, even though it’s amazing enough.’

Jaehyun was still sitting on a stone and quietly watching their battle.


It was Ahn Ho-yeon who went into battle first.

Jaehyun looked at him with an interesting expression. Ahn Ho-yeon raised his sword with a confident expression and ran towards the group of ents approaching.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrow, and embarrassment erupts from the corner of his mouth.

“… … The tank position doesn’t keep its place?”

It was a completely different route from the D formation that Jaehyun had devised and delivered in the first place.

Ahn Ho-yeon’s choice was so unconventional that even Jae-hyun, who had spent a long time on the battlefield, was embarrassed.

A typical tanker’s role is to pass the time while protecting his teammates.

Even though Ahn Ho-yeon is proficient with a sword and possesses several strong skills. In the end, she couldn’t match the destructive power of her magic.

However, the party was not taken aback by Ahn Ho-yeon’s behavior and only smiled.

Jaehyun was convinced without knowing it.

that they have plans for something. unfounded confidence.

And with the thought, a battle that Jaehyun never expected began.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who had to protect his allies, infiltrated the enemy, and Kim Yoo-jung was at the forefront. Seo Ina stood at the very back.

switching. It is a way to deal with enemies by changing positions with each other.

However, it was obviously strange for them to make these movements.

Switching play is basically when the class of the raiders is the same. To put it simply, martial arts. Or it’s normal for the magic world to do it.

Basically, each party has its own role firmly established.

However, Jaehyun’s colleagues were moving in the opposite direction.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who has to protect her colleagues, is at the forefront, while Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na take their positions in places that are easy to defend.

What kind of tactic is this?



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Jaehyun couldn’t help but think that way without even realizing it.

On the other hand, Ahn Ho-yeon smiles as he sees Jae-hyun’s flustered appearance.

He was thinking back to the time when he came up with this bizarre operation.

* * *

After Jaehyun suddenly disappeared.

For a while, the members of Circle Nine have been training together and improving their skills.

The reason is simple.

Even if it wasn’t as much as Jaehyun, it was because I wanted to help him by becoming strong enough to stand by him.

It’s hard to explain why, but his colleagues all thought the same thing.

Because of this, the colleagues who gathered around them were worried over and over again. The mindset of radar heard in class and the way to practice it.

This was tedious and did not have a significant impact on survival.

These are huge events called outdoor camps. And, it was realized through an encounter with Heimdall, an unknown creature.

That they are still just frogs in the well.

So they decided to devise a new formation to use in battle.

It is a new tactic that pushes individual capabilities to the limit.

It’s like a football tactic.

Back in the day, before modern football developed. In the past, the positions of defense and offense were clear.

At that time, individualism between each position was more firmly established, and this soon led to players’ embarrassment.

The defense is a situation where you put your hands on and watch in an attack situation, and the attack continues in a situation where you can’t do anything in a defense situation.

So, a soccer manager for a team decided to devise a new tactic.

Total Soccer.

Everyone attacks, everyone defends.

The location is divided by position, but they are ultimately one purpose.

In other words, he moved for goals and wins.

This brought about a new innovation in football and brought glory to the team.

Circle Nine also adopted this type of combat.

Fighting while clearly distinguishing positions means exposing one’s limits.

There was a high possibility that they would catch each other’s ankles when they were in trouble.

“But that doesn’t happen anymore.”

Ahn Ho-yeon muttered while saying that. he was sure

You and your teammates are getting stronger too.

Although it’s still a while to become as strong as Jaehyun

* * *

“That… … how… … .”

Jaehyun let out a sigh and looked at the movements of his colleagues, but suddenly a voice came from behind.

“Well, they weren’t playing while you were gone.”

Kwon So-yul approached Jae-hyun and said,

Like Lee Jae-sang, she did not directly participate in the battle. Using her dagger, she only focuses on reconsidering her distance so that the enemy cannot approach Lee Jae-sang.

This was an effective decision.

The person holding the potion is the person in charge of replenishment.

If he collapsed, the longer the battle lasted, the worse it could be.

―Active skill «Blue and White Sword».


A blue flower burns from the tip of An Ho-yeon’s sword. This is much bigger than before.

Apparently, the fact that his colleagues had grown further during Jaehyun’s absence didn’t seem to be a story he said in passing.

Kwon So-yul is crossing his arms with a proud expression on his face.


Ahn Ho-yeon puts strength on her legs and swiftly moves behind the enemy.

His eyes shone fiercely.

‘Ant is a guy whose resilience is as strong as a troll. He won’t be that easy to deal with. First, reduce the number.’

Ahn Ho-yeon put strength into his sword.


An Ent guarding the boss’s front lay down on the floor, splashing debris.

Jaehyun watched the scene in a daze, with a look of shock.

“… … As the senior said, I counted a lot. Ent is one room.”

Ent is an A-class monster. It is a very difficult level for those who are still cadets to deal with.

It is impossible to kill with one sword unless you are at least the highest among B-class.

No matter how strong the destructive power is, it is difficult to put an attack that exceeds their resilience.

Ahn Ho-yeon was not the only one who felt that he had become stronger.

Standing in front with Alfheim’s sword activated, Ina also felt it keenly.

In the case of Kim Yoo-jung, there was nothing more surprising because she was already surprised enough while hunting for spirits with Jae-hyun.

Seo In-na looked at the sword of Alfheim, which she had embodied, and put her strength into it.


One monster’s head is cut and falls to the ground.

An A-class monster was easily cut and fell like a piece of paper.

No matter how I thought about it, it wasn’t something that was easy to understand. I remember Kwon So-yul saying that his mana increased thanks to the apology given to him by Jae-hyun, but… … .

I didn’t care too much at the time.

But now I had to admit that she was right.

Jeong-chan was also looking at Jae-hyun and his colleagues, thinking the same thing.

“Crazy bastards… … .”

I thought Jaehyun was the only monster. But no. Jeong-chan seemed to understand now why he was relaxed without participating in the battle just a moment ago.

They are at least B-class, and they are the top performers.

If you look at that inaction alone, it is already at a level that exceeds the adult radar.

‘I’m an A-class, but I didn’t get to that position by force alone… … Even if they don’t want to admit it, it’s clear that their skills are superior to mine.’

He gritted his teeth and silently watched their battle.

There was nothing he could do in this situation.

Kim Yoo-jung activated 《Overflow》 to increase the power of his teammates’ skills, and Ahn Ho-yeon penetrated behind them and stirred the battlefield with his sword.

Then, Seo Ina slaughtered enemies one after another with Alfheim’s sword.

In an instant, nearly half of the Ents were cleared, scattering debris across the floor.

“but… … it’s not the end Because this is not all of the potential of A-rank monsters.”

Jaehyun muttered that while looking at the boss monster in front of him.

The guy still seemed relaxed even as his men were being swept away.

It must be that there is a part of me that believes in it.

As much as it is a monster with intelligence, the boss monster was clever.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes as he looked at him.


Aaaaa… … !!

The boss monster started moving.

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