I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 237

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Episode 237: Master of the Fallen Spirit (3)

―The boss monster of the dungeon 《Owner of the Corrupted Spirit》 is watching you.

Along with the sound of the system, the boss monster’s scream fills the dungeon.

Jaehyun quietly looked at the owner of the fallen spirit that started the movement.

His face, which was hidden by the other Ents, was clearly revealed, and the character of the creature slowly came to mind.

‘The owner of the fallen spirits. It is a monster that leads the forest’s Ents and Demonic Beasts. He’s seen it in Radar Dictionary before.’

This, too, was a memory before returning.

In the first place, Ent and Heavy Plant, whom they dealt with previously, are also people whose information cannot be easily found in the current radar system.

Demonic beasts that have not yet been properly revealed to the public.

Jaehyun is probably the only one with detailed information about them at this point.

Jaehyun looked at the enemy in front and looked back at the character of the enemy one by one.

‘First of all, his biggest feature is that he constantly recovers his physical strength. regenerative power.

Not only that, but the problem is that they use various CC skills.’

Naturally, there are all kinds of monsters in the world. But among them, it was rare for him to be as tough and to make the raiders suffer in an original way.

Being strong is a problem, but multiple attack patterns were a problem.

Beware of poisoning, paralyzing poison, and the vines that Heavy Plant used earlier.

His fighting style is to look for an opening and then attack and eat the enemy at once.

Even Jae-hyun had to deal with an enemy with such a variety of attacks.

“be careful. If you get hurt for no reason… … .”

Just as Jaehyun was about to say that, Kwon Soyul stabbed him in the side and raised an eyebrow.

“If you’re in danger anyway, I’ll save you. Because it has happened before.”

“… … You’re not going to save me this time? That time was special.”

Jaehyun was embarrassed and said that.

Kwon So-yul was talking about the time in the past when he saved a colleague from Heimdall. However, Jaehyun had no intention of helping his colleague like he did back then.

Of course, if it’s a really dangerous situation, the story will be different… I think that probably won’t happen.

Anyway, this battle is the part that he decided not to intervene.

If you continue to help your colleagues and become a habit, your growth might stop there.

‘You have to create a platform where the kids can play as much as possible and watch it.

… … And if I catch that guy, the grand plan to sit back and collect stats will collapse.’

Jaehyun smiled and thought about it.

The most important thing for Raider is to move forward without overconfident in his skills.

It is to always keep in mind that you are the lowest predator in this dungeon.

Jaehyun believed that his colleagues would treat him well.

On top of that, it would be even better if he steadily leveled up and even raised his stats.

Jaehyun didn’t respond any more and started watching his colleagues. Of course, I didn’t forget to keep an eye on Jeong-chan to make sure he didn’t run away.

In order to rip things off of Mayor Go Pil-seong, it was necessary to manage him well so that he would not run away.


The flames rising from the tip of Ahn Ho-yeon’s sword fly precisely toward the enemy.

Cheonghwa itself has enormous destructive power and refinement. In terms of pure magical power, it is almost on par with an intangible sword.

If only the shape of the sword is perfected, it is a swordsmanship that has the potential to be coveted by even its reproduction. That was the blue and white sword.


Ahn Ho-yeon kicked the ground with a spirited spirit.

He was taking on a kind of freeroll. The side that attacks and defends freely, regardless of their location.


The sword dances through the air. Blue flames cut through the branch and body of the demon beast at once.


At the same time, a strong counterattack begins pouring in from the Witchbeast side.

The whip made of his vines flew to wrap around An Ho-yeon’s body.

With that, a very heterogeneous scene was created.

Seo In-na used Alfheim’s sword to block the vines of the demonic beast directed at An Ho-yeon.

‘The formation has changed again.’

Jaehyun recognized their movements at once.

‘Formation E. That’s an irregular tactic used during battle. A formation to confuse the enemy by changing its location according to specific conditions.

I never thought he’d do a great job with that.’

It was a move that was hard to find in his usual colleagues.

They used to adopt and use counter-attack tactics after defense, when did they become able to switch freely like this?

Jae-hyeon was just enjoying their battle, forgetting to analyze it.

‘Ina, who has excellent destructive power, is concentrating on defense. Hoyeon takes the attack… … Kim Yoo-jung strikes the final blow.’

This would be several times more effective against an intelligent Witchbeast.

If they have an understanding of the position and its formation, even roughly. It’s a tactic that can embarrass several times.


Jae-hyun saw Kim Yoo-jung attacking the owner of the fallen spirit by moving to the rear while the two were blocking the eyes of the demons.

―Active skill 《Wind Edge》.

Place your hands on the floor, and then the pillar of magical power rising from it is shot accurately toward the large body of the fallen spirit’s owner.

Kim Yoo-jung did not stop there, immediately stepped back and activated one more magic.

―Active skill «Air Blast».

The air compressed in the hand explodes with magical energy and pierces the enemy’s head accurately.




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With the sound of the explosion, the beast’s body began to slowly disintegrate. The guy was still alive, but he was sure to be deeply wounded.

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung with an expression of surprise. It was because her attack power showed considerable destructive power.

‘Was Kim Yoo-jung’s magic originally that powerful? … … Probably not.’

However, just eating a golden apple would not have produced such destructive power.

She must have grown up with enough thought and training so far. Although she hadn’t seen it in person.

―Active skill 《Overflow》.

―Active skill 《Gigantification》 is activated.

The attacks of his colleagues did not end there.

With Kim Yu-jung’s auxiliary skill, Papi’s enormity followed.

Poppy, who had inflated her size to the fullest, blocked the boss monster’s path.

Although the ranks are quite different, Papi is strong. Even the scale’s hardness is beyond imagination.

He can perfectly play the tank role now.

However, Jaehyun was well aware that Papi’s value was not all of that.

‘It’s true that my teammates have become stronger. But without Poppy’s help, I would never be able to defeat him.’

Jaehyun knows. It doesn’t matter how strong his own teammates become.

The master of the fallen spirits.

Dealing with him required one very important factor.

Poppy is the one with that element.

Maybe the members don’t know this very well, but well. You will find out sooner or later.

You won’t have to tell me. Since they have a good fighting sense, you’ll be able to figure it out right away.

That moment when Jaehyun nodded slightly.

At a timing earlier than he expected, his teammates started attacking the boss properly.

Colleagues clear the way by defeating the lower monsters, and attack the boss monster. The guy’s arm was cut off exactly.

But it was hard to see that he had a chance to win.

The enemies he was facing were not normal monsters.


The owner of the corrupted spirit whose arm had been cut off used magic, and soon began to recover by sucking in all the magic in the surrounding air.

The severed arm is attached to it, and the amount of mana that can be operated there is greatly increased.

To put it simply.

‘It’s a story that I’ve become stronger than before.’

So now what do you guys do

Can you overcome the sudden situation and defeat the boss monster?

Jaehyun looked at his colleagues with an interesting expression.

* * *

The first time I noticed something was wrong was right after I cut off my arm.

Ahn Ho-yeon thought while watching the enemy’s movements. He is a being with excellent defense, but their abilities have also risen considerably.

If you receive Kim Yoo-jung’s buff and work together with Seo In-na, you will be able to defeat the enemy.

Even if it’s an A-class boss monster.

However, his expectations were spectacularly wrong.

enemy resilience. It far surpassed trolls, the strongest in the same field.

All unexpected things happened.

“… … Everyone stay calm!”

Seo Ina shouted.

She, who did not often raise her voice, rarely raised her voice.

Ahn Ho-yeon quickly came to his senses.

Kim Yoo-jung was already calmly reading the war situation again.

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang set up a trap nearby and prepared a potion for an emergency.

“… … The biggest problem is the enemy’s resilience.”

Seo Eana took her luck and wiped out an enemy in front of her.


An Ent’s body is split in half and her gaze turns to Ahn Ho-yeon.

“… … I’m going to have to do that somehow. Is there any way… … .”

“In that case, I have a way! Not exactly me… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung intervened, and soon pointed to one side and smiled.

“Yongyong has a skill that can be very useful. Dragon!”

With her cry, Poppy, who had grown in size, let out a huge cry.

Along with him, a white flame slowly rises from his mouth.

This was a corner that Kim Yoo-jung believed like iron stone.

―Active skill «Dragon Breath (Back)».

Papy’s Dragon Breath. It is also the technique of pouring out white flame.

This had the effect of burning away the enemy’s life force, nullifying his ability to regenerate.

A little while ago, when Kim Yoo-jung was collecting the essence of Jae-hyun and the spirits. She was able to check Poppy’s new skill first, and she assumed that an enemy like this would appear at that timing.

He had been thinking of using Papi’s white flame anytime since then.

For reference, the blue flower that Ahn Ho-yeon created with magical power and the white flame of Papi are moved by the will of the user.

Unlike general fire magic, it means that you can burn exactly what you want to burn if you can control it delicately.


A roar erupts, and several Ents and the owner of the fallen spirits are hit by the attack and fall back.

At that timing, Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo In-na dig into the turbulent battlefield without hesitation.

A sword with blue flames and transparent magical power that rises with him. It danced and created a strange afterimage.

Chow ah!

The two smiled as they recalled the sensation of their swords slashing through enemies.

Unlike before, this attack was successful.

they were sure That this time, he wouldn’t be able to resist their attacks.

And that prediction was not wrong.

―You have succeeded in defeating the dungeon boss monster «Owner of the Corrupted Spirit».

“I did it!”

Ahn Ho-yeon clenched his fists tightly. They felt a sense of elation that they had been recognized for their worth and put on happy faces.

Meanwhile, along with the sound of the system, a smile spread across Jaehyun’s mouth.

The reason was simple.

―The level of 5 party members has increased by 1 each.

―With the effect of the passive skill 《Idun’s Compassion》, the user’s Free Distribution stat increases by 5!

It was because Jaehyun was the one who benefited the most.

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