I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 239

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Episode 239. little delay

A miracle that every radar in the world longs for.

기연 (Love).

Among the Awakeners, this word refers to the case of obtaining an outstanding artifact or expressing a unique skill and rapidly rising the level.

It doesn’t come easily, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to monopolize a few and grow quickly. That’s exactly what the Awakener was talking about.

The raiders who gained the opportunity reached a level much higher than their original level.

On average, to varying degrees, but at least two grades higher.

In a word, it was like a life reversal.

However, this opportunity is given to very few radars.

Raiders who pursue excessive luck are eventually weeded out, and die at an unwanted time.

Giyeon is not just Giyeon.


There was a way to force even such an opportunity.

that’s right.

‘If twisted, return.’

It was to see the future.

‘Well, there’s no one other than me who can do that.’

Jaehyun thought with a smile.

The process of obtaining the mentioned opportunity was not a problem for Jaehyun at all.

future knowledge.

If you have this, you can monopolize Giyeon without difficulty.

The rental of this insolvent property was also a cornerstone for acquiring this opportunity.

‘In order to grow my colleagues, the purchase of this insolvency was essential. Of course it was a bit expensive, but… It’s not a waste of money at all.

If you know what’s hidden here.’

Jaehyun looked around and nodded.

Unlike him who seemed confident, his colleagues looked worried.

Kwon So-yul frowned and asked.

“I’m assuming that’s what it’s like to get bankruptcy… … Why did you choose this place? It’s almost like a nuisance.”

All of her colleagues nodded their heads in agreement with her words.

Lee Jae-sang looks around for fear and keeps his ears pricked up like a meerkat. Most of the others had similar reactions.

‘Well, in a way, it’s natural.’

My colleagues had several reasons for this concern.

The biggest problem is where the insolvency will be located.

“I am curious about that too. Is there a reason why you had to get the club near the dangerous area? Wouldn’t that be too dangerous?”

It was Ahn Ho-yeon’s question.

He was concerned that an emergency might happen and his colleagues would get hurt.

The position of the insolvency that Jaehyun had obtained was the worst in terms of safety.

Because it is right next to the border of the closed city of Daegu. It was because, in the unlikely event that a situation arises and the Witchbeast attacks, he could be the first to be in danger.

Of course, Jaehyun did not consider this part either.

After much thought, he decided on the location of the insolvency. He judged that the gains outweighed the losses when he decided to go here.

In addition, the grade of the witch beast in the shallows of the closed city was not very high. If it was the level and stats of the current colleagues, it wouldn’t be difficult to run away in the worst situation.

Since we have already taken care of all the parts we are concerned about, there is no need to worry about safety.

However, questions from colleagues still persisted.

“Even if safety is guaranteed, yes. I just need to rent the slums used by other seniors… … Do you have a reason to choose this spot to build a new club?”

It was Kwon So-yul’s question.

As she said, there are still many unoccupied rooms used by seniors at the academy.

However, Jae-hyeon chose to build a slum with a new site. If Jaehyun has a lot of thoughts, there must be a reason.

Even without saying anything, all my colleagues thought so.

“There is something very helpful here.”

That was the meaning of the giyeon that Jaehyun had been thinking of from the beginning.

The best way to grow your colleagues faster. Because it is here, Jaehyun chose this spot.

‘This is possible. Really S grade kids. No, I can grow beyond that.’

Jaehyun recalled the conversation he had with Kim Jiyeon a while ago.

She, too, had the same story as her colleagues.

[It’s good to rent a room, but… … This is not a very good location. Do you have any other thoughts?]

[of course.]

Jaehyun said so, but he didn’t properly explain the reason to the other colleagues.

As colleagues who do not know all of his thoughts, there is no choice but to worry.

But Jaehyun knew.

After a little time, colleagues will praise themselves.

‘Because the hidden piece hidden in this poor property is indescribably valuable.’

“Anyway, it’s Milles Academy. I rented an insolvent room, so why are you giving me such a large piece of land?”

Kim Yoo-jung stuck out her tongue and looked around.

She had good reason for what she said.

A stale room used by the circle members of Milles Academy.

This was not a single room, but a way to allocate a part of the lot to the circle.

Simply put, this bad lease means that all the land in this area is available for use by colleagues.

Jaehyun had a satisfied smile on his face.



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“Then, let’s take a good look at the site. Let’s go find the hidden piece hidden down here soon.”

At those words, his colleagues narrowed their eyes in bewilderment.

“Hidden Peace?”

* * *

The atmosphere in the central conference room of the National Radar Society was in a commotion for the first time in a while.

A huge rectangular table and chairs lined up on either side of it. Those who sat there were top-notch raiders with a national reputation.

Representatives of major guilds, including Yeonhwa’s Yoo Seongeun.

It was clear why they were there.

An unprecedented incident that has been spreading secretly among guilds lately. That’s what brought them together in one place.

With the alarm announcing the hour, the chatter of the seated raiders died down.

At the same time, a man stepped forward.

Song Ji-seok. He was a radar belonging to the radar management headquarters and the general manager of this work.

He pointed to the whiteboard in front of him and rhymed.

“Thank you very much for all of you gathered here. As you may already know, we have brought all the distinguished guests to this place with the case of attacking the super-large gate.”

“If it’s a super-large gate, are you referring to the official notice sent down the other day? How dangerous was it that he summoned the main guilds together… … .”

Ahn Ji-seok, the guild master of the sea god, asked with a worried expression.

Since his guild was growing smoothly recently, he had no choice but to talk about it.

You don’t want to get involved in something dangerous like this.

Song Ji-seok nodded. He gestured to his colleague standing next to him.

Then Park Kyung-hoon, who was waiting, passed the scene displayed on the screen to the next.

“As you can see by looking at this, the difficulty of this dungeon is at least S-rank or higher.”

What appeared on the screen was data that analyzed the dungeon’s magic field and displayed the numerical value as a graph.

It contained information about the super-large gate that had recently stirred up the world of radar.

The guild masters who saw this crinkled their foreheads with bewildered expressions.

‘What nonsense is this… … ! It’s an S-class or higher gate?!’

‘If that data is true, this is not a level that one guild can stop… … .’

‘Why the hell did this happen all of a sudden?’

Even if they were guild masters, there were few who had attacked the S-class gate here.

Excluding Yeonhwa’s Yoo Seongeun, even once or twice is the maximum.

It was natural to be afraid.

“If that’s true, it wouldn’t be a level that a single guild could defend against alone.

There seems to be another reason for calling us here.”

The owner of the voice that followed was Baek Ji-yeon.

As the head of the curators, she recruited other outstanding raiders with astronomical funds after Jaehyun’s recruitment failed. With that power, she has reached where she is today.

Now, in name and reality, the guild has grown to a level that is among the five fingers of Korea.

Baek Ji-yeon, like a businesswoman, was properly analyzing the current situation.

Song Ji-seok nodded.

“you’re right. Immediately after the super-large gate occurred, there was an emergency call request from the Yeonhwa Guild.”

At Song Ji-seok’s words, the representatives’ eyes focused on Yoo Seong-eun.

Government emergency summons.

This was a system in which the main guilds could convene them in one place and grant a request when an emergency occurred in the country instead of receiving tax cuts.

Miles’ emergency summons was modeled after this.

Fundamentally, the two could be seen as being together.

“After reviewing the request. The government and the Radar Management Headquarters have determined that countermeasures are needed before the situation becomes unmanageable. thus… … .”

Song Ji-seok walked slowly through the crowd.

“Our headquarters is now proposing a guild union for the first time since the existence of the Raider Guild. To block the super-large gate.”

It was a shocking declaration.

Guild Alliance?

Ever since the establishment of the guild and the rise of the profession called radar. He had never made such an offer at headquarters.

It was a decision that immediately made sense of the seriousness of the gate that had now burst.

A story about uniting guilds that only pursue their own interests into one union. This will draw backlash from many.

In fact, as soon as the story came out, a man stood up and said,

“I’m sorry during the talk. I risked my rudeness to get up from my seat to say a word. First of all, I ask for your understanding.”

At those words, the guild masters expressed displeasure.

What kind of guild do you show such rude behavior because you belong to a guild?

Even the guild masters, who are said to be the best in the country, try to maintain a friendly relationship with the Radar Management Headquarters.

However, no matter how much I thought about it, that man’s face was not in their memory.

This idea was not unique to one person. Soon, a muffled, blatant voice filled the venue.

“Where in the world are you such a person who cuts off meetings in the middle of a mess?”

“Iknow, right… I don’t think I’ve ever seen his face.”

“Well, it must have come from another source of money. Anyway, at headquarters meetings these days, not-so-stellar guys come in droves.”

But the man wasn’t at all taken aback by this buzz.

He was calm.

“I attended this event as a representative of Jaeshin Lee Raider, Master of the Wind God Guild.”

The moment those words fell, the gaze that had been ignoring him was completely removed, and embarrassed voices erupted from all over the place.

“Fu, wind god?”

“her… … For some reason, Lee Jae-shin said that the man was not seen today… … Looks like they sent another agent.”

wind god. Together with Yeonhwa, the Raider Guild is considered one of the best in existence.

Lee Jae-shin was the guild master who led it. Incidentally, she doesn’t get along very well with Yeon-hwa, and Lee Jae-shin didn’t enjoy attending public events like this.

It’s dogmatic, but it’s also unique. An S-class raider who has reached the current position with one skill.

That was Jaeshin Lee.

“Would it be all right if we continued talking?”

the agent asked in a cold voice. Suddenly, the audience goes silent.

The people who had been cursing him a little while ago didn’t even breathe. It was because the status of the wind god was enormous.

“great. Please speak.”

When Song Ji-seok’s permission was granted, the agent said with a calm expression.

“Our wind god guild master said the following.”

he raised his head.

“Our wind god has no intention of cooperating with any other guild, and the wind god will block the gate, so don’t think about interfering.”

All the guild masters sitting around his story couldn’t help but frown.

There is a degree to being arrogant.

A giant gate. This is the worst gate ever in the history of surpassing the S class.

But what?

You’re going to block the super-large gate with a single guild?

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