I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 242

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Episode 242: Guild Joint Mission (3)

“Extra-large gate. We need your help to stop it.

could you help me?”

“I will help as far as I can.”

Jaehyun said and shrugged his shoulders. A bright smile spread across Yoo Seong-eun’s face.

As expected of his disciple, Jaehyun gave her the best answer she could think of. It was something she couldn’t help but be happy with.

However, there was no time to rejoice.

Yoosung knew it well. Now we have to get to the main point.

‘I do not have time. If we can’t block the super-large gate, Korea will once again become a sea of ​​fire.’

Seongeun Yoo clearly remembered the tragedy in Korea that occurred in her childhood.

The people of the closed city who were perishing in the red flames.

From the veins of blood sparsely rising through the black smoke, to the maddened gaze that shines through the beast’s eyes.

Everything she saw then was still clear in her mind.

‘I have to stop it somehow.’

We will never let the tragedy repeat itself.

Also, that Jaehyun and his thoughts coincide with each other. She had no doubts.

* * *

A conference room with a calm atmosphere overall.

A man was sitting in the middle of the empty space.

Jaeshin Lee. He was the wind god’s guild master and the fastest raider in the world.

“I have conveyed what you said at the union meeting.”

“Good job.”

The person reporting to Lee Jae-shin is Chu Gye-yeol.

He is one of the managers of Wind God, and was the one who participated as Lee Jae-shin’s agent in the recent guild convocation at the Raider Headquarters.

The existence that served Lee Jae-shin in the closest place and became his limbs.

Choo Gye-yeol pondered over Lee Jae-shin’s dry answer for a while, then spoke again.

“Are you really okay?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know that this gate cannot be blocked easily, even by the wind god? Moreover, the relationship with Yeonhwa has grown further.

It may have been a judgment that had nothing to gain on our side.”

“Getting along with your competitors is a weak piece of trash. Yeonhwa is something we have to overcome, not someone to cooperate with.”

“Is that why you decided not to join the coalition? To push Yeon-hwa away?”

At Chu Gye-yeol’s question, Lee Jae-shin closed and opened his eyes for a moment, clearing his mind.

Chu Gye-yeol was well aware that this was Lee Jae-shin’s habit whenever he had a lot of troubles.

It was after Jaeshin Lee cleared his throat.

“okay. It’s true that it’s dangerous, but if our wind god succeeds in capturing the super-large gate… … This time, we may be able to overcome Yeonhwa’s stronghold.”

Chu Gye-yeol could only nod his head at those words.

‘The guild master has been working hard to beat Yoo Sung-eun and Yeon-hwa. He must have thought that this was his last chance to challenge himself.’

Yoo Eun-eun and Yeon-hwa.

This was a name that always made Lee Jae-shin, who was a single-minded general, small.

In the national guild rankings, Lee Jae-shin is in second place in his ten thousand years. He was an unlucky radar hidden in the shadow of Yoo Sung-eun, who was always number one.

Of course, Lee Jae-shin was not pushed behind by Yoo Seong-eun in terms of power.

The two are fundamentally divided into combat and non-combat types, and Yoo Sung-eun is a healer, so she was relatively weaker than him.

However, Yoo Seong-eun had people’s firm trust and faith.

From the time the gate first exploded until now, she saved countless people and earned the name of a saint and became a mythical existence.

On the other hand, Lee Jae-shin was a case of reaching the current position based on overwhelming inaction.

You could tell which one was more respected without asking.

Jaeshin Lee.

he was strong He was a very talented raider, but he never surpassed her.

There was no guarantee that we would be able to do so in the future.

However, he didn’t give up.

Lee Jae-shin aspired to surpass Yeon-hwa, and the guild gradually increased in size.

he waited

May you have a chance to surpass them.

And now, he was thinking that the opportunity had come.

Chu Gye-yeol could not go against his opinion.

Of course, Lee Jae-shin’s judgment now was not rational no matter how much he thought about it.

However, Chu Gye-yeol knew best how long he had longed for the current situation.

Exactly 10 years ago from now, from the time of the plague, he assisted Lee Jae-shin by his side.

He knew what he was feeling and what his aspirations were.

In the end, Chu Gye-yeol agreed and said.

“… … All right. Are you planning to raid the dungeon with your sons again this time?”

The intention of Chu’s question was clear.

Sons of Lee Jae-shin. He had as many as three sons. Among them, the first and second resembled themselves and became excellent radars.

Even though he had just passed the age of majority, his sons’ talents were at a level that was not at all inferior to his own.

Thanks to this, Jaeshin Lee often took them to raid dungeons.

After that, he needed to build up the achievements of his sons now, even in order to get rid of the noise when he inherited the guild after retiring.

However, in the case of the youngest, the story was a little different.



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“Tell the first and the second to come to the office right now. I will speak directly.”

“All right.”

Chu Gye-yeol bowed lightly and called Lee Jae-shin’s two sons to carry out his instructions.

10 minutes after that.

With the sound of knocking, two men with youthful faces walked into the meeting room.

“Did you call?”

The first to speak was Lee Jae-shin’s first son, Lee Jae-hoon.

Lee Jae-shin started talking in earnest with an expressionless face.

“okay. You may have already heard about it, but the two of you went together to clear the super-large gate.

You will participate as the wind god’s representative radar, so prepare properly without making any mistakes.”

Hearing those words, Lee Jae-hoon’s face showed a slight excitement.

Lee Jae-hoon usually enjoyed the attention of others. That he is given the right to capture the largest gate?

‘Anyway, as long as the wind blows, I won’t die. If I make good use of this opportunity, I will be able to spread my name throughout the country and even the world.’

Lee Jae-hoon raised his lips at the sweet thought.

At that time, Lee Jae-young, who had been listening to the conversation between my father and older brother, cautiously intervened.

“… me, father Didn’t you say you’re taking the youngest one with you for this raid? I heard that this time he has been to Miles as well.”

Lee Jae-shin’s gaze turned to Lee Jae-young.

Lee Jae-young realized the interest in that gaze at once. At the same time, the thought came to mind.

Have you ever had that look on your face when your father brought up the story of the youngest child?

Jaeshin Lee replied.

“It was. But my mind has changed.”


Jaeyoung Lee asked in a puzzled voice. Lee Jae-hoon nodded his head beside him as if it were natural.

Lee Jae-shin raised one corner of his mouth and continued.

“Did I say Nine… … The circle that the ugly guy crawled into. That circle leader stood in my way.”

“If it were me… … You’re talking about that freshman circle that often appears in the news lately.”

Lee Jae-young agreed and accepted.

“Well, the media is talking about him, but he isn’t that great. Whatever it is, in front of our Wind God… … .”

“no. He’s not an easy guy to look at.”

Lee Jae-young suddenly interrupted Lee Jae-young and said.

Both brothers looked at their father with puzzled expressions at the same time.

It was a shocking story. This is because it is very rare for Lee Jae-shin, who is normally picky, to acknowledge someone.

In spite of his son’s surprised expression, Lee Jae-shin was not shaken at all.

“Behave well so that you do not have any problems. This Red Gate attack is one of the few opportunities to push Yeonhwa away and engrave our name on the highest level of our Wind God.”


“I will keep in mind. father.”

The two brothers took their father’s words and looked at each other for a while.

Almost at the same time, the corners of their mouths rose. Fortunately, Lee Jae-shin did not notice that the two had disturbing thoughts.

* * *

“There are a total of two main characteristics of the gate.

The first is that a new structured magic power with a dark red color was discovered outside the super-large gate.

Researchers have been investigating for several days, but they have not yet identified a clear cause.”

“Dark red magic?”

“okay. It was several times more condensed magic than what normal raiders use. I didn’t have time to compare properly, but… … It seemed to have at least five times more condensation.”

Yoo Seong-eun handed over the file book and gestured lightly.

Jaehyun carefully accepted it.

Attached to the file are several photos of the incident. All of them were taken outside the gate.

Just as she had said, dark red magic power was swirling there.

‘The color of magic that originally exists in the natural world is blue. There are cases where their own personality is added and their properties change, but there is no magical power that is red from the start.’

Gate was the same.

By default, the color of the gate was blue, with no exceptions.

But what Jaehyun is looking at right now.

This was clearly a red gate.

Yooseong was pointing to the gate in this photo.

“We decided to temporarily call it the ‘Red Gate’ before the detailed research results of this gate are revealed.”

“Red Gate.”

Jaehyun had never heard of the Red Gate anywhere.

He knew everything about the future from now to the point where 10 years had passed, but he knew nothing about it.

‘Of course, it may not have been revealed because it was investigated in top secret… … .’

The odds of that happening were slim.

When Jaehyun thought about it, there was a high possibility that this incident happened because of his own variable.

It’s not clear who is behind it, but it’s probably Asgard.

Jaehyun calmed himself down, then raised his head and asked.

“What is the second feature?”

“There are too many monsters using powerful magic inside the dungeon.

The magic grade used is at least A grade or higher. No matter how fluent in magic, even if you take raiders with you, it’s a level that’s hard to handle.”

“The ones who use high-level magic?”

Jaehyun nodded his head as he spoke.

It was only then that he seemed to know why Yoo Seong-eun asked him to clear the dungeon.

Knowing that Jaehyun realized what he was thinking, Yoosung smiled.

“As you think. The reason I asked you to help me clear the dungeon is simple. It’s because of the ‘magic that can nullify magic’ that you possess.”


Jaehyun sighed and smiled.

Magic that can nullify magic. As far as Jaehyun knew, it was the only one.

absolute operation.

For reference, this skill has grown even more in recent sparring with Nidhogg.

It seemed that Yoo Seong-eun was planning to use this to destroy the enemy’s magic and drastically lower the difficulty of the dungeon.

Even if it’s an enemy who uses magic, there’s no reason to be afraid if you destroy them all in the end.

“All right.”

Anyway, Jaehyun also had a chimney-like desire to utilize the newly strengthened absolute arithmetic.

However, it cannot be used carelessly. I just didn’t reveal it because I didn’t have a chance to show it yet.

However, the story is different now.

With Yoo Sung-eun, confidentiality would be guaranteed, and it would not be a problem to reveal one’s skills to some extent.

* * *

Meanwhile, the two brothers who left Lee Jae-shin’s office are talking arm in arm.

“Hyung, so that guy. Are you going to leave it alone?”

“Min Jaehyun… Are you talking about the leader of the circle of nine?”


The reason the two were having this conversation was clear.

It was because he had heard that when his father visited Miles on a joint guild mission not too long ago, he showed an arrogant attitude toward his father.

Father to two brothers. In other words, the name of Jaeshin Lee, the guild master of Wind God, was lofty.

A being worthy of respect!

That was a person named Lee Jae-shin, and that was their background.

however. How dare a cadet, and a freshman at that, defy his father?

It was, of course, unacceptable to them.

Lee Jae-hoon put his hand on his brother’s shoulder with a fishy smile on his lips.

“You can’t let go. Get ready now. Jaehyun Min. Because I have to go see his face.”

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