I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 244

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Episode 244: Red Gate (1)

Again, around midnight, the day before the joint guild mission.

Park Seong-jae was in the process of reconfirming the dungeon the Nine members would attack under the direction of Yoo Seong-eun.

“yes. Representative, there is no particular abnormality in the dungeon. I don’t think you need to worry too much.”

He was on the phone with Yoo Seong-eun, checking separately to see if there was anything special about the dungeon and giving feedback.

In fact, Park Seong-jae had completed the task of classifying the dungeon’s difficulty in advance, but Yoo Seong-eun thought that he should check it once more in order to prepare for any possible problems.

Seongjae Park also agreed.

There is also a problem that has been talked about in the news recently related to dungeons.

The level of monsters in the gates that have been appearing lately has been unusual, so even after checking it several times, I wasn’t relieved.

‘Still, this wouldn’t be dangerous. The grade is definitely C.’

After Park Seong-jae was relieved, the rest of the report was also completed smoothly.

[thank you. I’m worried because it’s a dungeon that kids have to enter.]

“What. It’s something you have to do, of course. Just do it anytime.”

Yoosung over the receiver sighed as if relieved.

Park Seong-jae immediately hung up the phone and got into the car to return.

Now, I was thinking of going back to the guild main building and organizing detailed plans for the dungeon raid.

It was a dungeon that Jaehyun’s colleagues, who were still underage, would attack.

It is difficult to make mistakes here.

Park Seong-jae knew that he had to do well for the relationship between Jae-hyun and Yoo Seong-eun.

Like that, it was the time when he checked the safety of the dungeon once again and went back.


In the eyes of Radar, who was returning after inspecting the dungeon with Park Seong-jae, something foreign came into view.

Ssssss… … .

‘That’s… … what?’

Ssssss… … .

He saw a red shard creeping up through the gate he had just checked.

The fragments of wave power with a strange dark red light were released and slowly began to spread beyond the gate.

However, it quickly disappeared, and the gate regained its original blue color.

When Radar watched it with a blank face.

Park Seong-jae tilted his head and asked.

“Is anything going on?”

“Oh, no. I guess I didn’t see well.”

Radar shook his head at his question.

He thought, pressing his eyelids together.

‘I must have seen it wrong.’

It seems that being tired from frequent overtime work has had an effect.

Wasn’t it Park Seong-jae and him who checked the gate right before?

I don’t know what the impurities were mixed in the gate, but it probably wasn’t enough to interfere with the dungeon raid.

A guild made up of the best talents in the country. that was softening

There was nothing to worry about.

* * *

“I would have told you not to make any mistakes until you get to the Red Gate.”

On the day of the dungeon raid, in front of the Red Gate.

Lee Jae-shin, who is ready to attack the gate, speaks in a cold tone as he looks at his two sons.

Lee Jae-hoon and Lee Jae-young kept their mouths shut and couldn’t even make eye contact with their father. Both of them had black bruises all over their bodies.

I went to the hospital for a while and received healing, but it was because the wound at that time had not yet healed.

‘shit… … What the hell is this because of that ruined baby?! ‘

The incident started a few days ago.

It happened on the day the brothers visited Oh Sun Do-soon and Jae-hyun.

At that time, the two of them quarreled with Jaehyun and came back beaten up, and because of this, their father found out what happened at that time.

Thanks to that, right now, right before the gate attack, he is being humiliated in front of the guild members.

‘f*ck… … It still hurts.’

‘Dog -like cub. Let’s see… … .’

The brothers gritted their teeth thinking about that almost at the same time.

A booming sound resounds. Then, the image of Jaehyun clearly popped up in the minds of the two. It was almost devilish.

The way he raises his fist while ignoring the words to stop… … .

It was a fear that the two of them, who had the Guild Master of the Wind God as their fathers, had never felt before.

That time when their backs were getting chilly for no reason.

A reprimanding voice continued from the front.

“You won’t disappoint me even when attacking the gate.”

As Lee Jae-shin’s heavy words fell, the two brothers’ shoulders trembled.

Chu Gye-yeol, who was watching this, sighed.

In his eyes, who assists Lee Jae-shin, the two sons are talented, but they are not at the level of being first-class in the end.

Both of them have already passed the age of 20, but have not reached the level of S-class.

But that doesn’t mean you can lead people because you have leadership.

In fact, it means that after Lee Jae-shin retires, he may never be able to cross Yeonhwa again.

Of course, Chu Gye-yeol did not show this on the outside.

He just looks at his son with pitiful eyes, then turns around and chases Lee Jae-shin.



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Meanwhile, in the head of Lee Jae-shin, who left his two sons behind.

I had only one thought.

“Min Jaehyun.”

How strong is that guy?

His son is an outstanding raider who reaches an A-class.

It was only regrettable by Lee Jae-shin’s standards, but it was never at the level of being ignored elsewhere.

However, Jaehyun overpowered them and claimed victory easily.

Jaeshin Lee thought.

Is this really a coincidence?

Also, can you be sure that he won’t stand in the way of the wind god’s future?

* * *

Tsutsutsutsut… … !!

After a while. The Red Gate spread out at the site they arrived at was as huge as what Jaehyun had seen in the photo.

The gate where a huge whirlpool stained with blood rushes.

Jaehyun felt overwhelmed by the majesty of it.


Jaehyun got out of the car and looked around the scene lightly. It was because before he started raiding the dungeon, if he had something to investigate, it was good to do it in advance.

He looked around the neighborhood, lost in thought for a moment.

‘It’s more massive than any gate I’ve ever seen. Red Gate… … I didn’t think it was easy from the beginning, but this is beyond my imagination.’

Jae-hyun realized that Yoo Seong-eun’s first explanation about the gate was not a lie.

The amount of magical power that is unstablely swirling in a clockwise direction. It far exceeded that of the S-class gate.

The grain of horsepower was also Jung-gu heating, and it is not refined at all.

Like waves crashing on a shore without a breakwater, the gate’s magical power could overflow at any time.

Also, it was causing the other raiders a vague sense of uneasiness.

Of course, this meant so to the general radar. To him, who had grown stronger through the three ordeals, this level of magic was not surprising.

Even when fighting Nidhogg, it was Jaehyun who showed his skills by enduring more magic than this.

But apart from that, Jaehyun was feeling extreme anxiety.

More intense than ever. A deep anxiety that seemed to devour itself.

[Apparently this gate… … Strange. For some reason, I feel a familiar magic.]

Jaehyun immediately spoke to Hela via telepathy. She was riding on his shoulder, now invisible.

For your information, Hella recently returned after being away for a while to attend a regular meeting in Helheim at the time Jaehyun was on a red mission.

Jaehyun didn’t want to attract too much attention in this dungeon raid, so he asked Hella to disappear with magic and follow him.

Hella grumbled, but accepted the offer.

She looked around and nodded.

[I was also vaguely feeling it.]

[Do you know anything about this magical power?]

Jaehyun expected Hella to know about this and didn’t ask.

As Hel’s alter ego, she was in a situation where there was a ban on memories. The records of Mimir and the memories of Idun were also not in Hella.

However, his expectations were completely wrong.

Hella is now muttering with a somewhat bewildered expression. Her face looked like she was terrified.

It was extreme to see it as a reaction from someone who knew nothing.

[Red magic… … I expected it from the first time I heard the story, but I really didn’t expect it to be like this… … .]


When Jaehyun spoke up again, Hella took the words in surprise.

[…] … sorry. Let me tell you. About this magical power.]

Having said that, Hella glanced at Jaehyun and tightened her neck.

[Red Gate… … did you say What constitutes it is the ‘primitive magical power’.

The one that destroyed countless worlds in the past. It is one of Odin’s powers.]

* * *

primal magic.

Jaehyun tilted his head for a moment at the unfamiliar concept he heard for the first time.

Hella said in a trembling voice.

[Primary magic power is the power that is the source of all magic power. It is a wonderful power that only two beings in the world can use, Odin and Loki.]

[Are those two gods again?]

Even in the final battle with Nidhogg, Jaehyun had heard about the power of Odin and Loki.

After those two, he probably said that he was the first person with talent like himself.

At this point, Jaehyun was wondering how strong the two gods were.

[That’s right. The two beings lead the Aesir and Van Aesir, respectively. Of course, it is so strong that it cannot be compared to other gods.]

Jaehyun nodded and asked again.

[The magic that makes up this Red Gate… … You mean it’s made of primordial magic that only they could handle?]

[you’re right. I’m not sure why you’re used to this… … I think it’s probably related to the two gods.]

Odin and Loki… … Why is he accustomed to the power of the two gods?

What is the source of the primordial mana, why does it contain such unrefined, turbid and immense power?

Jaehyun had doubts, but now was not the time to resolve them. He decided to put his thoughts aside for a while.

The attack of Red Gate, which will drive the whole country into fear, is just around the corner.

There was no room for distraction here.

“Jaehyun-ah, let’s go. The attack will begin soon.”

Yoosung put his hand on Lee Jae-hyeon’s shoulder and said. Jaehyun nodded her head.

After walking along with her for a while, Jaehyun caught sight of a familiar face along with the open scenery.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon. They were members of the Radar Management Headquarters.

‘The Radar Management Headquarters said they were in charge of the dungeon this time, but it seems to be true.’

Song Ji-seok stood on a simple podium to explain the operation.

He cleared his throat with a groan, then opened his mouth.

“hello. This is Song Ji-seok from Radar Management Headquarters. Thank you all for coming together.

Then, I will explain to you the plan to attack the Red Gate in earnest.”

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