I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 248

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Episode 248: Continuing Shadow (2)

“Has the entrance been organized somehow with this?”

It didn’t take long for the members of Circle Nine to hunt down the Witchbeast.

Just now, the monster they faced was an A-rank Night Mage.

However, the Night Mage was not a particularly difficult enemy for the members of Nine, who had recently strengthened by attacking dungeons with Jaehyun.

Nine had two great wizards to counter the enemy’s magic.

The same goes for the swordsman who was born with the best talent.

No matter how A-class they were, they couldn’t be the opponents of those who had been working together for months.


That didn’t mean there were no problems at all.

The biggest problem is that they do not know the danger level of the dungeon they are in and their current location.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who was looking around, sighed and said,

“First of all, I think we need to find out where this place is… .”

“I agree too. It’s so dark and humid, and the shadows from the torches are scary.”

Kim Yoo-jung wrapped her arms around her and received those words.

There were useless reasons attached along the way, but what she said was the obvious truth.

A dungeon that I suddenly got caught up in.

This dungeon had a more gloomy atmosphere than any other dungeon he had conquered so far.

The monster that first appeared at the entrance was rated A. They said it wasn’t dangerous yet, but the level of the dungeon was still difficult to guess.

The only thing that’s certain is that it’s at least Class A. Whether it is more or not is unknown.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be easy to live through… .’

Kwon So-yul unknowingly clenched his fists and thought so.

In fact, the current situation is not good no matter how you think about it.

The point at which neither Park Seong-jae nor Yeon-hwa’s radars exist. The only thing that could protect the party right now was each other.

Among them, Kwon So-yul played a significant role.

Although she has no strengths in battle, she has a search skill that allows her to find out the most important map information.

Also, he is the oldest among them.

‘Of course, Lee Jae-sang is the same age as me, but… … It’s because I’m not trustworthy.’

Thanks to this, Kwon So-yul couldn’t help but feel the weight on his shoulders.

Experience is very important to Raider, and now he has experience and skills that his colleagues do not have.

I have to do it somehow.

Thinking so, Kwon So-yul nodded and opened his mouth.

“First of all, figuring out the structure of the dungeon is a priority. I’ll do the mapping, so Hoyeon and Ina investigate the surroundings. Don’t go too deep.”

“All right.”

“… … yes.”

Kwon So-yul gave a satisfied expression to the two people’s answers.

She was looking the other way this time.

“Yoo-jung protect Lee Jae-sang and me. Because the battle is weak. If the skill breaks midway, it will take more time.”

“yes! I will definitely protect you.”

Kim Yoo-jung responded with a light salute.

Lee Jae-sang also nodded as he took out all kinds of potions and put them down on the floor.

“Ah, okay. Before that, you guys, take this… It’s a potion that raises overall stats. I recently made a new one.”

“thank you.”

“thank you.”

“… I’ll take it well.”

The party lightly thanked each of them and then drank the potion.

If it was made by Jaesang Lee, the effect would be certain.

If you use it properly, it will increase the party’s skills by at least 1.5 times.

That price… It was kind of hard to say.

“Then, we’ll start mapping from now on, so everyone go to their seats… .”


Then, a sudden roar echoed through the basement ceiling.

Kwon So-yul’s voice, which was giving instructions to his colleagues, stopped.

‘… what? This energy… ?’

A strange aura began to spread from somewhere.

This was something Kwon So-yul and the others had never experienced before.

‘It seems to be some kind of magic, but… To say that, it is several times more condensed than before. Dangerous.’

Kwon So-yul noticed that the faint smell of blood was mixed at the end of the energy he felt.

It is a dangerous force. It didn’t take long to realize that.

The moment when all members of Circle Nine began to feel this power.

Once again, there was a thud, the sound of the ceiling and the ground collapsing.


Along with that, the floor supporting them broke, and a false wall rose above it, and they began to separate their positions from each other.


Starting with Kwon So-yul’s voice, the urgent cry of colleagues continued.


“… what the hell is this… !”

“Weeweewee, it’s dangerous!”



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“Everyone stay calm!”

At the end of Ahn Ho-yeon’s shouting.

Suddenly, their voices were out of reach.

The wall between the comrades absorbed the voice.

self… .

The outskirts of the dungeon that tore the members of Nine to pieces.

In the pitch-black darkness, a man walked out and muttered.

“You’ve got more useful colleagues than I thought. adversary… Show me an interesting picture.”

Odin’s crow, Hugin, was there.

He lightly reached out and snapped his fingers.

―The dungeon 《Continuing Shadow》 swallows the target!

―The field magic of the dungeon 《The Vision of Old Despair》 unfolds!

* * *

Meanwhile, at that time.

Jaehyun also felt the sudden energy felt inside the dungeon.

However, unlike his colleagues, he clearly knew the identity of this mysterious power.

[Prepare. Odin’s dog started moving.]

Hella raised her claws and warned Jaehyun.

After Jaehyun took a deep breath, he slowly released his mana.

[As expected, this power… … Is it ‘primitive magic’?]

Hearing Jaehyun’s question, she immediately nodded.

[you’re right. It seems that his subordinate god or someone with that level is managing this dungeon.]

[All right. I’ll try something.]

When Jaehyun answered.

Koo Goo Goo!

The floor cracked and the wall rose, just like it did to my colleagues a moment ago.

Allied members scattered and scattered. Embarrassed voices erupted from their mouths.

“What is this… … !”

“everyone! Stay calm!”

Yooseong also quickly grasped the situation and shouted at Jaehyun.


“Don’t worry about me!”

Jaehyun already knew that he couldn’t stop the false wall rising right in front of his eyes, so he said that to reassure her.

In fact, he already had the skills to defend himself.

No one here can protect Jaehyun.

If that was possible, I’d probably have to hit God instead.

In addition, Jaehyun’s power was much higher than before.


It was because Papy, who had been hiding with Silence and Stealth magic, and Hela could fight alongside him.

Jaehyun clenched his fists.

“Whatever is in front of you… … It definitely ends here.”

There was not an inch of shaking in Jaehyun’s eyes as he repeated that.

At that moment, the Nornir System reacted and delivered a message.

―The field magic of the dungeon 《The Vision of Old Despair》 unfolds!

―Plays the trauma deep inside the user!

Jaehyun’s eyes narrow.

‘Trauma… Play?’

With the accident, the field of vision was completely blinded as if a blackout curtain had been drawn.

* * *

“I’m really into it.”

Shin Ji-hoon muttered as he looked at the Red Gate where Lee Jae-shin and the Wind God entered.

He had a rather shocked face.

“That’s right. It won’t be such a big problem since it’s Lee Jae-shin, but… I don’t think it’s something to be taken lightly.

Moreover, his last words haunt me.”

Song Ji-seok accepted his words.

His face was darkened by what happened earlier.

In fact, he was one of those whom Jaeshin Lee considered unjust.

He always did not attend the meeting, and in this case, he did not participate in the coalition for his own benefit.

No matter how I look at it, I couldn’t think of it as being cooperative with headquarters.

However, Song Ji-seok realized that this might be his own prejudice.

The courage he showed just a moment ago. No matter how you think about it, it wasn’t for those who only thought about performance.

Rather than taking his own life, he thought of Yeon-hwa and the people of the curator.

Shin Ji-hoon and Song Ji-seok were silent for a while as they looked at the Red Gate where Lee Jae-shin entered.

In fact, a temporary meeting had just ended, and their code of conduct was all decided.

After taking a deep breath and making up his mind, Song Ji-seok climbed the podium once again. He shouted at the waiting raiders.

“This is Song Ji-seok. Notice to all radars on site.

This is an unprecedented situation, so it must be very difficult, but… The final decision has been made for us to enter the Red Gate as well.”

At those words, sighs erupted from everywhere.

Even if it wasn’t, I participated in the worst gate.

It was a situation where even a variable occurred, but the decision was made to enter the dungeon again?

From their point of view, this was nothing compared to saying that they should die.

However, after the meeting between Song Ji-seok and the guild leaders, there was a clear reason for making this decision.

If those who entered the current Red Gate lost their lives. So, if the dungeon causes a brake, this place will become a sea of ​​fire anyway.

Guildmasters here could have fled to another country, but it was not easy for them to abandon their base in Korea and make that choice.

Moreover, other countries are also not safe now.

Red Gate did not only occur in Korea. Currently, such incidents are occurring simultaneously in many countries around the world.

This has never happened before in radar history.

Because of this, the guild leaders decided to block the Red Gate here.

As long as the gate is causing a runaway, even if you escape this moment, it will only end up prolonging your life.

‘Cause there’s nowhere to run

“Ha, good. This is how it happened. We have to save Yuseong and Baek Ji-yeon, the guild masters as well.”

Shin Ji-hoon said that with a firm heart.

Song Ji-seok also said he was thinking of entering the dungeon. He decided to entrust the acting command here to Park Seong-jae, who had contacted him a little while ago.

As Yeonhwa’s manager, he would be able to properly lead in an emergency.

Now that most guild masters have to go into dungeons, his presence will be of great help.

“then. I’ll go. Eat heartily, everyone. The place we are going to might be a place worse than hell.”

“after… … .”

“let’s go!”

Allied members stood up in unison and headed towards the Red Gate.

They didn’t say anything, but they all knew.

That they could really die in this attack.

No one wanted to take their own life, but they had no choice but to move on.

If you don’t stop here, your precious people will die.

There was no one here who wanted such a disastrous outcome.

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