I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 249

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Episode 249: Fathers’ Stories

―The field magic of the dungeon 《The Vision of Old Despair》 unfolds!

―Plays the trauma deep inside the user!

Jaehyun opened his eyes as soon as he heard a system message.

A dungeon that was stale and humid just a moment ago.

The place where the scenery disappeared without a trace was a clear place in my memory.

‘It lies in my memory. That’s quite the past.’

Jaehyun had faced memories of the past several times like this.

The first time I met Hella and Hugin.

And recently through the prison of Nastrond. Jaehyun faced the ugly and weak self of the past.

It was a shocking experience.

‘After the third trial, Idun said. It is, in the end, can the country be a human being? It was a test to ask if I would settle for the present and stop.’

Jaehyun learned a lot from growing Idun’s golden apple tree seeds.

The same goes for defense games.

As he learned to move forward, he always faced his past.

‘The past I show you this time… It must be boring.’

Jaehyun muttered that in the dark without a voice coming out.


It seemed that the memories he would see this time would not shake Jaehyun.

[A piece of trash.]

A voice is heard from somewhere.

A man with a familiar face stood in front of Jaehyun.


The existence that I cursed for a long time thinking of myself as my father.

He was glaring at Jaehyun with cold eyes that seemed ready to eat him.

An intense sensation that made the whole body stand on end. It was a landscape that would have shuddered with fear in the past.

Jaehyun shrugged.

“The trash is you.”

[You are not agitated at all.]

“So, puberty is over.”

After realizing that the voice came out again, Jaehyun answered like that.

He briefly recalled the past.

actually. The first time Jaehyun was shaken after returning was when he encountered Hugin.

The moment he faced Odin’s crow that killed his mother, Jaehyun couldn’t hold back his anger and attacked Hugin.

Even though he knew he shouldn’t, he had no choice but to do it.

It was a situation where I couldn’t keep my head cold.

After the death of his mother, the betrayal of the existence he thought was his only blood relative.

It was an unbearable pain for Jaehyun.

But not anymore.

Hugin, the scum who killed his mother and tried to kill himself as well.

The existence that deceived himself for years after making him believe that he was his father.

To Jaehyun now, that didn’t matter anymore.

Hougin, in his memory, said to Jaehyun as if it was strange when Jaehyun wasn’t terrified at all.

[…] … I do not feel fear.]

“Is it strange? Well, the reason is simple.”

Hugin made an expression of displeasure. Jaehyun had a smile on his face.

“I’m the one who’ll kill you soon anyway. Is there any reason to be afraid?”

That moment.

Something slowly starts to fill up in Jaehyun’s eyes, and a huge divine explosion comes out.

Then, with the sound of “Chang-G-Rang”, the illusion that the dungeon had shown was shattered.

It was a reenactment that had become even harder after going through the hell of Nastrond.

A mental attack of this magnitude could not even scratch him.

* * *

Simcheo inside a damp dungeon.

There sat a huge shadowy beast and Hugin.

Looking at the crystal floating in front of him, Hugin was spying on someone’s trauma.

What is reflected in the crystal is none other than reproduction. He was his own son, but now he was an enemy.

‘The adversary’s growth rate. It far surpasses the human.

No matter how much Hela and the other half Aesir guys help out… This makes no sense.’

The growth rate of reproduction is already at a level comparable to that of Odin and Loki.

Even if Mimir is involved in the growth of reproduction by interfering with the system, isn’t Loki unable to help reproduction, being imprisoned in Asgard?

The growth and tenacity that Jaehyun is showing now was at a level that even he and the Aesir gods could not easily understand.

Hugin looked at Jaehyun, who was trapped in an illusion.

He was now encountering his past self. The figure of himself who was still playing the role of the boy’s father.

Hugin recalled the past for a moment.

Jaehyun of the past trembled every time he saw him and was always terrified.

verbal abuse and assault. It was quite effective in dealing with the child.

When I raised Joo Won in the past, the same method was used at the orphanage.



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Hugin was Odin’s raven.

Among them, beings who handle emotions and manipulate them.

Destroying humans was not difficult for him.


‘I believed that the adversary also succeeded, and was completely destroyed.

But it wasn’t.’

Even last year, the last time I watched him, he was weak.

Trash that can do nothing but grumble besides conforming.

He’s the kind of guy who used to put himself down by comparing himself to others.

However, at some point, representation began to change.

since when My memory is not clear, but… okay.

It must have been around the time he entered Milles Academy.

Hugin rubbed his chin and did not take his eyes off the crystal.

“Something must have changed in the middle. … Well, even so, I can’t get out of this trauma.”

Hugin knew that Jaehyun was sensitive to emotions and was born with a weak nature.

So, I prepared the same dungeon as now. If you use this, you will be able to clean up the opponents who are mentally weak.

There’s nothing to worry about now.

like that.

The time when he didn’t look into the crystal any more and was about to move to defeat the remaining enemies along with the shadow demon.


Suddenly there was a change in the crystal.

Hugin furrowed his brow and hurriedly looked at the crystal.

From the other side of the glass crystal, the image of the field that had been shattering before I knew it was spreading.

Hugin’s eyebrows narrowed, and a small sigh escaped from his mouth.

‘… Did you break the field magic created by borrowing his power?’

lately. Hugin was able to build a large-scale dungeon like the present one by borrowing the power of Odin.

primal magic.

This is a transcendent power that is fundamentally different from other magical powers.

By using this, when using magic or a sword, the effect becomes several times stronger than using normal magical power.

That was the power of the primordial mana.

Because of this, Hugin thought that Jaehyun would not be able to escape the illusion he created this time.

No matter how much he became stronger by defeating Heimdall, he only fought with 30% of his strength.

I thought there would be nothing to resist Odin’s magical power at the top of Asgard.

But no.

His expectations were exactly wrong, and Jae-hyeon brilliantly broke through the illusion.

he said.

[I’m the one who will kill you soon anyway. Is there any reason to be afraid?]


Hugin felt goosebumps creeping up all over his body.

The spine gets chilly.

Jaehyun Min… Are you saying the adversary has grown to that extent?

Why does it even feel like his last words are directed at him?

* * *

In a corner of the broken dungeon, Jaehyun is deep in thought.

Nearby were Hella and Papi, who had awakened from the vision directly before. Apparently, the two of them didn’t have very good memories either, so their expressions weren’t good.

Jaehyun quickly understood.

‘Well, it was field magic that showed trauma. It’s strange that it’s not painful.’

Of course, the illusion magic was not a big threat to Jaehyun, who was already mentally hardened.


Jaehyun cautiously took a step back, inspecting the inside of the musty dungeon.

The people of Yeonhwa who were accompanying her a moment ago were nowhere to be seen. It seemed that they were scattered because of the false walls rising from the floor.

In the process, the robe that covered Jaehyun’s face was also torn.

Jaehyun hurriedly moved his steps.

“It looks like the dungeon itself has become a maze. I’m fine, but other people may have been affected by this illusionary magic. We must hurry.”

“It seems that the field magic here is made in such a way that you can show your trauma and not break unless you overcome it. A normal human would have a hard time resisting.”

Hella nodded and said so.

Poppy is leading the way, looking around. A strong enemy has not yet appeared, but the situation can always change.

As Jaehyun took his steps and slowly moved forward, he suddenly heard an urgent voice from somewhere.

“Buy, buy… help me!”

“This way!”

Jaehyun, who had always turned on the magic detection, was the first to sense the survivors’ magic.

The location… It was close.

Jaehyun quickly used Wind Boost to move in the direction of the voice.

and at its end.

Jae-hyun encountered a completely unexpected opponent.

“… Why are you here?”

“That is what I want to ask.”

A man who answers Jaehyun’s question with a question. His face was familiar.

Jaeshin Lee. The wind god’s guild master was standing there.

Even, he seemed to be rescuing a person in an illusion.

Jaeshin Lee asked again.

“You, a cadet, will have to explain why you are here.”

Jaehyun responded with a smile.

“However much.”

* * *

Lee Jae-sang was now recalling the most terrible memory of his life.

The trauma that field magic showed him, who was isolated from the group a while ago.

It was like a nightmare I had every day.

[Grab the sword.]

It’s the same dream this time.

“Huh… Heo-eok… .”

Lee Jae-sang had his eyes closed, but the memories the dungeon showed were not simple visual information.

It sometimes digs deeper than that and acts directly on the brain. No matter how much I close my eyes and cover my ears. It was unavoidable.

Lee Jae-sang had no choice but to open his eyes trembling.

There was a familiar smell of earth and iron.

It is a memory of the gymnasium. In front of her eyes, her father stood as she remembered.

“Ah, father… .”

[He said to hold the sword.]

Lee Jae-shin’s words fell heavily.

Jaesang Lee stood up reflexively at those words and grabbed his sword.

It was the effect of old repetition learning.

However, Lee Jae-sang’s posture was unattractive.

Even though he had held the sword for a long time, his posture had hardly improved compared to the first time.

At most, it was only about distinguishing between hilt and blade, and understanding with one’s head what type of attack was effective against the enemy.

It was because of the insignificance of natural talent.

Meanwhile, the father in his memory frowned at the way Jaesang Lee held the sword.

It was a face covered in deep disappointment.

[I can’t believe you are my son.]

“Ah, father… .”

Lee Jae-shin pointed his sword at Lee Jae-sang with an unshakable face.

he said in a cold voice.

[Your mother also died because she was weak.]

pounding. pounding.

The moment he heard that, Lee Jae-sang’s heart started beating faster than usual.

Finally, the trauma that was located in the deepest part of Lee Jae-sang began to speak.

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