I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 251

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Episode 251: An Alchemist’s Circumstances (2)

“… … Are the other kids okay?”

One of the three people walking through the dark shadowed dungeon opened his mouth.

Seo Ina. She was now with Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul.

They were searching this place, which had been turned into a maze by a false wall that rose from the bottom of the dungeon a while ago.

By the way, the three of them fell in the same place for the first time, and it was after they had already escaped the traumatic illusion.

Thanks to reenactment of the past, all of them have broken the trauma they had.

Seo Na-na and Kwon So-yul seek liberation from those who tried to use them.

Ahn Ho-yeon grew up as a radar, finding the direction he had to go and why.

The presence of representation has changed them.

Jaehyun seemed indifferent, but he was pinpointing their pain points.

Every moment he watched his teammates and helped them get over the wall.

Every time I lost my direction, I didn’t have to tell you the way, but I vaguely taught you how to overcome it. It guided me in the right direction.

Also, it could not be denied that it was the driving force that made them grow to where they are now.

Jaehyun sometimes taught them more harshly than the instructor.

For Nine members, Jaehyun is one of the few colleagues who can be trusted and entrusted to his back no matter what happens at any time.

In fact, the members of Nine have received a lot of help from Jaehyun.

because they thought

I want to become stronger and stand by Jaehyun’s side someday.

And the result is the illusion of trauma shown in the dungeon.

It was overcoming it.

However, apart from the fact that they safely escaped the trauma.

The three of them were walking here with worried expressions on their faces.

It was because of the concerns Seo Eana had about other colleagues.

“To be honest… Jaesang Lee has no fighting ability, so it’s hard to expect anything on the battlefield.

In the case of Yujeong, there is no problem in battle, but… I can’t find my way too much. It’s a really big deal if you’re left alone in a dungeon.”

Everyone in the party, including Kwon So-yul, was aware of Kim Yoo-jung’s biggest weakness.

It’s just that I can’t find the right way.

It’s hard for the nasty gilchi to survive long in the radar world.

Any time you hunt a monster, you will find yourself in a situation where you become alone.

A colleague who was raiding together could die.

When this situation comes, what is the most rational decision Radar can make?

It is to abandon a dead comrade and go outside in search of a way to live.

Because I can live despite being criticized like that.

The textbook of Miles Academy also teaches more about how to survive rather than how to save people.

first aid? There are only a handful of people who can do this properly.

Before returning, Jae-hyun also saved his life by abandoning Lee Myung-ho and numerous other raiders in order to survive.

Unfortunately, that’s also the nature of radar.

After a moment of silence, a voice full of determination was heard from Seo Ina.

“… … But I believe in our members. I’m sure everyone can survive. As long as Jaehyun tells you to do well, there are plenty of possibilities.”

Both of them agreed with her words.

okay. Jae-hyun assumed that this situation would come and informed his colleagues of many things in advance.

A tutorial dungeon that has been repeatedly attacked recently. How strong were they there?

Now, they have grown to the point where they are not pushed at all compared to the current radar.

If you are overly afraid of it again. You can’t even do what you can do.


when they were organizing their thoughts. The steps of the members who were walking inside the dungeon all of a sudden stopped.

A place open, but with heavy darkness.

“What is this… … .”

The pupils of the three constricted at the same time as they saw something huge in front of them.

In the midst of the indescribable magical power that choked her breath, Seo Ina murmured softly.

“… … Dangerous.”

“giant… … shadow?”

Kwon So-yul also muttered that.

What appeared before them was a terrifying, gigantic shadow that terrified them.

At that moment, a message was heard.

―You encountered the dungeon’s boss monster 《Eodukshini》.

* * *

“The biggest danger to me right now is you.”

“Answer me. you… … What the hell is it?”

Jae-hyun smiled at Lee Jae-shin’s question.

Come to think of it, it was natural for him to be wary of himself.

Despite making a name for himself in the world, Jaehyun is still an academy student anyway.

That he could have the same strength as he does now?

This was a matter that Lee Jae-shin had no choice but to doubt enough.

Not only that.

With the recent appearance of Jaehyun, haven’t all of Korea’s youngest radar records been broken? Hunting for freshmen, working in a mock dungeon, and even the case of being an old man.

He was at the center of all the recent events.



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Also, that is.

‘It means that Min Jae-hyun may bring trouble to Korea in the near future. In addition, he is very likely to be our enemy.’

This is a part that can be seen just by taking part in the Red Gate attack.

Jaehyun is already beyond the level of a cadet, and even if he compares himself to him, he is an opponent who might be even stronger than that.

“I need to know whether you are the enemy or not here and now.”

“You talk like Balak.”


Jaehyun sneered, completely cutting off his sword.

His strength and agility stats were at a level that even Lee Jae-shin could not handle.

Those who have already started moving forward to see the view from the summit. Jaehyun was too much of a monster to deal with a human who was caught by the restrictions of the system and had growth restrictions.


Lee Jae-shin immediately attacked with all his might.

A sword rushing through the wind towards Jaehyun.

―Active skill «Speedy Way» is activated.

‘Are you using it from the beginning?’

way of speed.

It was Lee Jae-shin’s unique skill, and it was the skill that put him to the top among the S-class raiders.

This made it possible for ordinary people to read the invisible direction and path of the wind, speeding up attacks or moving swiftly.

It’s a fraudulent skill that has almost nothing to follow in terms of versatility.

Jaehyun pursed his lips and straightened his sword. No matter how much he attacked himself, he had no intention of harming Lee Jae-shin.

Jaeshin Lee is now inside the Red Gate.

It never occurred to me that he had entered this place without knowing that something strange had happened.

That is, after all, he set foot in the Red Gate voluntarily.

‘In addition, what Lee Jae-shin did a little while ago… It was obviously to save others.’

Jaehyun knows.

Lee Jae-shin is blunt and selfish, but he is clearly moving to save people.

This was a part that could not be acknowledged even as a representation.

‘Lee Jae-shin is heartless, but he’s not a villain.’

Jaehyun came to that conclusion in his heart. He had a slight crush on him.

… … Of course, Lee Jae-shin didn’t seem to be like that at all.

‘If there are risk factors, remove them.’

Lee Jae-shin’s eyes flash and his body shoots as fast as a flash.

This is the biggest characteristic of successful radars.

If there is something that could have an evil influence on himself and the guild, he will remove it without hesitation.

That was the driving force for them to reach the top without collapsing.


Feeling the enemy’s sword climbing up his throat, Jaehyun took a light breath.

I tilted my head to avoid the sword penetrating between them, and moved to a blind spot.

With the other hand holding the dagger, Jaehyun thrust his fist right into his stomach.


At that moment, Lee Jae-shin changed the trajectory of the hand holding the sword and blocked the attack.


Blood phlegm bursts out of Lee Jae-shin’s mouth.

Even though it was said to control the power, it was because the extent of the damage far exceeded the S-class.

Of course, apart from that, Lee Jae-shin’s movements were astute.

A sword that boasts greater speed than any other raider I’ve ever dealt with. Although it lacked power compared to Balak’s, it was superior in speed.



With the dagger in his hand, Jaehyun only perfectly parried the enemy’s attack.

A sword that Jaeshin Lee continuously shoots.

The result was at a level that was unmatched by other raiders, but not a single piece of it reached Jaehyun.

Lee Jae-shin’s forehead twists and his head goes cold.

Jaehyun Min… he is strong

much more than i thought.

“You should know now. That you can’t beat me.”

“… Do you think you’ll admit it?”

Despite Jae-hyun’s words, Lee Jae-shin was still holding on to his poison.

He was taken aback, but the thought that he had to defeat Jaehyun somehow didn’t change.

In his opinion, Jaehyun was an unknown entity.

I couldn’t leave him like this until I figured out his intentions.

Lee Jae-shin put strength into the hand holding the sword.

I can’t let him go here now.

A firm will dwells in the sword, aiming precisely at Jaehyun’s neck.

As if Jaehyun couldn’t do it, he himself prepared to face it.

He drew the remaining mana from his body and gradually amplified his power. It condenses the magic that exists in the atmosphere and objects and transforms it into a new form.


I didn’t intend to use it on a human, but it was good to take some of it out to subdue him unscathed.

Because Lee Jae-shin is a strong opponent among humans.

Jaehyun thought.

With this one attack, I will properly show the power gap.

If you do that, even the most proud of you will admit your defeat.

But before that, I wanted to ask one thing for sure.

“There is one thing I want to ask you. It’s about your son Lee Jae-sang.”

“… You can ask anything. but.”

Lee Jae-shin said that and pointed his sword at Jae-hyun.

“If you knock me down.”

Lee Jae-shin’s sword slowly shines.

With the power of his unique skill, he sees the direction the wind blows, its trajectory, and his own magic moving along it.

and… shoot out!

Lee Jae-shin’s sword flies towards Jae-hyun at a much faster speed than the first time.

However, this was what Jaehyun had already expected.

Jaehyun raised his dagger.

He held his sword at an angle, raised his magic power, and contemplated Lee Jae-shin’s sword.


‘found. Gap.’

Jaehyun’s left eye was stained with gold.

The grain of magic began to be seen from the gap of Lee Jae-shin’s sword.

Along with Jaehyun’s faint smile, the sword he was holding was tinged with blue light.

Then, the moment when the enemy’s attack was swung precisely toward Jaehyun.


Nidhogg’s fangs imbued with magic engulfed the enemy’s sword.

The operation of huge magical powers. It was a level that even an S-class radar could not easily surpass.

After a while.

Lee Jae-shin’s knees bent and Jae-hyeon’s sword landed right in front of his neck.

In the midst of the raging explosion, Jaehyun spoke as if declaring.

“I won. Then, as promised, may I ask you something?”

“… i get it. Even before I die, I will keep my promise.”

At those words, Jaehyun asked with a cold expression.

“Why are you being especially strict with your son, the Prime Minister, with your older brother?”

It was something I was curious about before.

Jaeshin Lee. I already knew that he was strict with his children from the beginning.

However, even so, he was not so strict with his other son.

Jae-hyun was convinced in the fight with Lee Jae-shin a while ago. I don’t know, but… .

There must be a reason for something.

That was Jaehyun’s conclusion.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-shin had no choice but to frown at Jae-hyun’s question.

Was he not an enemy of the Confederacy or the government?

Why are you suddenly asking about your youngest son?

However, Lee Jae-shin was not without honor enough to break the promise he had already made.

After a while. He spoke slowly, but with a clear voice.

“… I had a woman I couldn’t trade with everything I had.”

“… what is that all of a sudden… .”

“She is dead. With the demon’s attack.”

Jaeshin Lee gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

“Because I was weak. I think that’s why she died.”

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