I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 252

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Episode 252: A certain alchemist’s circumstances (3)

―You encountered the dungeon’s boss monster 《Eodukshini》.

“This… A new type of demon combined with indigenous mythology. Everyone should be careful.”

At the same time as the system message was heard, Kwon So-yul warned the party.

Just as she said, the Demonic Beast Eoduksini who appeared in front of them was a new Demonic Beast based on indigenous mythology.

A difficult enemy to deal with as there are very few proper reports to the Society yet.

It was the same case as when Jaehyun faced Orochi Yamata in Japan in the past.

However, there was no one among the members who was familiar with Korea’s native mythology. In fact, compared to Greek, Norse, and Japanese mythology, Korean mythology was not as famous.

At least it would have been better if Kim Yoo-jung was with her because she was quick in theory, but the current situation was not good.

It’s a situation where you don’t know who the enemy is at all.

It was a time when the three felt deep fear from the unknown.

“Be careful not to look up at him. it’s dark That guy is a monster that people fear, and the more he looks at himself, the stronger he becomes.”

At that time, the owner of the voice heard from the side belonged to someone very familiar.

The three of them all turned their heads and looked in the direction the words had come from.

“CEO Yoo Seong-eun!”

Yoosung is there. There was a guild master of Yeonhwa.

“Others from Yeonhwa are also there. I don’t know what happened to get you caught up in the Red Gate… .”

Kwon So-yul was startled and asked.

“Wait a minute! Is this the Red Gate?”

“okay. To be precise, it seems that the dungeon you’ve been raiding and this Red Gate are connected. It’s not good.”

Yoo Sung-eun answered Kwon So-yul, who seemed to be terrified.

A little while ago, she was in the middle of rescuing Yeon-hwa and other guild members who were separated. She came to see an open pupil, and she arrived here as if possessed.

And there she met.

The boss monster of this dungeon. It’s dark.

‘It’s dark. I already know him.’

In general, Eoduksini is a monster that grows by eating the fear of others, and related information is rarely reported to the society. The monster in front of me right now is of the same species.

The more he fears himself, the stronger he becomes.

A monster that gets bigger the more you look up and gets smaller the more you look down.

It is a level that can be dismissed as C-class or lower for those who do not feel fear, but anyone who sees those eyes that seem to have driven into that abyss cannot help but be terrified.

For this reason, in most countries there is even a rule that at least S-class or higher raiders must gather and subjugate.

Such an enemy is ahead of them.

Even now, the best conditions for him to grow.

‘Many union guild members are trembling in fear. The boy’s size continues to grow. Dangerous!’

Yoo Seong-eun thought about it and gritted her teeth.

Nearby, all the guild members he saved were together.

It was because they could split apart and get hit again, and they didn’t have enough manpower to save others to use the Warp Stone to get out of the dungeon.

After all, all the remaining members of the alliance are people with courage.

It was because he voluntarily remained in the dungeon to save his comrades, instead of using the Warp Stone to go outside.

However, Yooseong did not even think that it would become poison.

“CEO! So what should I do? Do we have to fight here?”

Ahn Ho-yeon asked, but Yoo Seong-eun shook her head.

It’s too dangerous to block Eodukshini head-on, who has already become stronger.

Now it was difficult to find another way.

‘If I make hasty judgments here, everyone will die. have to think A sure way to defeat that guy.’

Eoduksini is a very dangerous witch who uses high-level magic. No matter how S-class he was, he couldn’t withstand such an attack many times.

The time to worry didn’t last long.

One thing came to her mind, a surefire way to get rid of the Darkness.

The moment Yoo Seong made up his mind and was about to give instructions for this operation.


Suddenly, strong magic power erupted from Eoduksini.

A level of intimidation that even he, an S-class raider, could not handle.

to be creepy

Yoo Seong-eun trembled involuntarily at the fear that ran through her body.

‘This… It’s a much stronger entity than what was reported at the conference.’

She shouted, holding her trembling hand and forcing her to calm down.

“All radars here, follow my orders! You have to spend as much time as possible without looking up at the eoduksini!”

“Ha, but isn’t there a limit to doing that? If I don’t kill him somehow… .”

“The Witchbeast will be defeated. However, for now, please follow my instructions. It is a decision to save everyone.”

To the question of the other frightened radar, Yoo Seong-eun calmly answered.

Fortunately, they followed Yoo Sung-eun’s instructions well.

In fact, some have already used warp stones to get out of the dungeon, but that’s not to blame.

There is nothing more important than your own life. If their judgment was also right, they were right.

On the other hand, Seongeun Yoo calmed down again thinking calmly.

The only way she could think of to defeat Oduksini.

It was simple.

‘Magic that nullifies magic… If Jaehyun doesn’t arrive here, there’s no chance of winning.’

* * *




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The sword grazed against the weak skin, and blood gushed out.

Brief sparring with wooden swords.

However, the force and tension were on par with formal sparring.

couplets of fathers and brothers. I’m looking down at it through the window of my room.

[You’ve grown a lot. But I will have to be more diligent.]

[yes! Thank you father!]

The look of my father guiding my siblings was completely different from that when I saw myself.

It was the same that he didn’t feel warm, but at least he didn’t despise it.

There is no case where they say that they are weak. He is simply evaluated according to his achievements and is rewarded by him based on this.

That was the discipline of the martial arts master Lee family.

I thought while watching their battle.

After all, they are people from a different world than me.

I’m an idiot who didn’t even have my father’s unique skills, but the two remaining brothers all blossomed at the age of twelve.

It may not be the position of Balak, who is praised as a genius in the world, and Yoo Sung-eun.

No one doubted the talent of the two.

But I am far from them.

Jaehoon Lee, and Jaeyoung Lee.

My brothers are walking a different path from me.

and deny my way

They clashed swords, said it was the right thing to do, and quarreled with everything I did.

think. Am I a being who has to live in denial from birth?

If not, where is my road.

In an unknown situation, I remembered my father’s story.

[Your mother also died because she was weak.]

If you are weak, you die.

It is said that the father could not be with the mother in her final moments right before her death.

I haven’t heard why I just know that every time I talk about my mother, my father’s cold, expressionless face collapses.

I pondered for a while.

Actually I knew

This is the illusion that the dungeon shows, and it comes from my trauma.

If I don’t get out of this, I can never go back to reality.

No, even if you can go back. It wouldn’t be possible without someone’s help.

but… Will you continue to live like that in the future?

If you ask me, what answer should I give?

That moment. I don’t know why, but my colleague’s face came to mind.


His presence, who was the first to recognize my worth, made my heart pound.

can i stop here?

It was as if he was talking to me.

Even when I see my brothers sweating and fighting in the gymnasium, don’t I feel anything?

Are you not willing to change?

“… Oh, no.”

As the thought struck me, I immediately got up and ran down the stairs of the building.

Eventually, the gymnasium arrived. When I got there, I turned around and asked his father.

“Uh, tell me about your mother.”

At those words, my father’s pupils constricted like never before.

I didn’t miss the fact that his shoulders were shaking.

* * *

“Did you die because you were weak?”

“okay. Because my wife was weak. So she died. She was so torn apart by the Witchbeast that even her corpse was unrecognizable.”

After Lee Jae-shin vomited up, he continued with a relieved expression.

“I didn’t want to lose any more. Because I didn’t want to go through the experience of losing mine again.”

So I decided to be strong.

The same goes for those who stand by my side.

Lee Jae-shin added, unable to control the turbulent magic.

Acting completely contrary to his usual calm behavior. Why?

Jaehyun felt compassion there.

The heart that does not want to lose what is in my arms. where does it come from

If you think about it, the answer is simple.

affection towards someone. As it grows, it makes a person stronger or weaker.

Jaehyun knew this well.

When he fought Heimdall in the past, he gave up.

I came back, but there was nothing I could change.

I let myself go, thinking that no one would notice.

But at that moment, he heard the voices of his comrades. broke the limits

Lee Jae-shin’s method was obviously wrong.

Even if it was for his son, there was no reason to let him down while hurting him.

“In the end, that kind of way will only lead to hatred.”

“That is possible even while alive. Hate, hate… When you die, everything disappears.”

Hearing Jaeshin’s words, Jaehyun felt his breath stop.

father’s presence. Lee Jae-sang said that this was always remembered as the worst.

Lee Jae-sang, who was considered to have completely overcome the trauma on TV before returning. Seeing this, what did Lee Jae-shin think?

Was he just glad that his son survived, if not… .

Did he feel bittersweet seeing the face of his son who hated him?

“Lee Jae-sang… he is so weak Jericho is deep… trust people too much Just like my wife did.”

“Your wife and the chancellor hyung may look alike, but they are different people. Do not equate the two.”

“Bear it.”

Lee Jae-shin held Jae-hyun’s blade with his hand and placed it on his neck.

He still thought Jaehyun was his enemy. He also considered himself a dangerous enemy who could take his life at any moment, if he wanted to.

However, Jaehyun sighed as he drew back his sword.

“Be sure to tell the chancellor your brother.”

“… what?”

When Lee Jae-shin asked, Jae-hyun turned around and said.

“The reason I am saving you is because of that.

And I’m not your enemy, so feel free to follow me. Because people need to be saved too. It takes a lot of work.”

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders and put his hands in his pockets with a calm expression. I won’t fight you anymore, that’s what it meant.

Jaehyun knows.

You can put back a father-son relationship you thought was broken.

Jaesang Lee and Jaeshin Lee. The two of them have the power to do it, and maybe they can.

With a little help, no doubt.

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