I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 253

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Chapter 253

Her eyes were blue, as clear as a lake.

They were the eyes of my wife, my youngest son. It was also the chancellor’s eyes.

Whenever I see deep blue eyes, I always think of my wife’s last days.

As I was clearing the gate after clearing the dungeon as usual, I received a number of missed calls on my mobile phone. The sender was his wife.

It was strange.

She was always a thoughtful wife, so if I didn’t pick up the phone, she wouldn’t keep calling me like this. For some reason she was different that day.

At that moment, the anxiety that swallowed me suddenly.

I left the gate cleaning to a colleague and quickly ran home.

and there.

I had to face the torn body of my wife.

At that time, Wind God was not as big a guild as it is now, and the house was in ruins due to the attack of monsters that appeared during the dungeon break.

Because I couldn’t even afford to put security on my house.

wife is dead

I met the eyes of the beast that killed my wife.

It was red, the complete opposite of his wife’s.

Deep in my chest, I felt something cut off.

The witch beast that killed his wife was only grade D. If he was an Awakener, even a young cadet could deal with it without difficulty, but even this seemed to be too much for his wife, who was a non-Awakener.

At that moment, a cry was heard in the arms of the deceased wife. It was the youngest.

A child with jewel-like eyes similar to his wife’s. Prime Minister.

He saw his mother’s death and, in shock, completely forgot the memory.

I rather thought it went well.

My son was too weak to live with such a traumatic memory.

* * *

The dead wife was holding the chancellor tightly at the last moment.

No matter how much strength she had put in her hands to protect her son, her hands on the autopsy table did not want to be opened.


Why did this happen to me?

It was an unanswerable worry, but I had no choice but to keep thinking about it.

My wife is no longer in this world.

All that remains is her youngest son, who looks exactly like her.

Good natured, timid. A son, who was weak compared to her older brothers, was all she had left.

I made up my mind.

I won’t lose any more of mine.

I decided to raise my son to be strong so that he could protect himself.

* * *

Fortunately, my first and second sons inherited my unique skills and grew up quickly.

It was not surprising since they had already shown a talent for swordsmanship.

But the youngest was different.

Even the least sword talent I have.

The child does not have the strong mentality to overcome this.

If he had inherited his unique skill, he would have been able to escape even when attacked by demonic beasts in the worst case scenario.

The child wasn’t even given that.

Why, why not give anything to him who is the most vulnerable?

I can’t lose my man again.

I don’t want to go through the experience of putting my family on the autopsy table again.

So I called the youngest to the gym.

He made me hold the wooden sword, and as I watched my son tremble, I said in a voice that was colder than ever.

“Grab your sword.”

Even if the words hurt my son, my resolve did not change.

You have to grow to the point where you can protect yourself.

… But his son did not live up to my wishes.

He had a hard time holding the sword.

Maybe it’s because he resembles his wife, who hated hurting people.

When told to hold the sword, the youngest only said this.

“I am… I want to be a radar that helps radar… .”

* * *

“What are you thinking about for so long?”

While walking through the dungeon, Jaehyun suddenly asked that question.

Lee Jae-shin shook his head, opening his eyes that had been closed for a moment.

“It is nothing. You can move faster than that.”

He spoke in a blunt tone and looked at the sword he held and thought of his son.

Lee Jae-shin’s steps were gradually accelerating.

My heart kept getting more and more impatient. According to Jaehyun, the youngest might be in this dungeon.

A moment ago, Jaehyun used a ring that appeared to be an artifact on his hand and said this.

[Apparently this dungeon… It seems to be connected to other places.]

[Is it connected?]

[okay. That too… It seems to be connected to the dungeon that Yeonhwa and our circle members decided to attack.]



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[…] That is.]

[It’s a story that your son might be in danger too. I must hurry.]

Jaehyun’s words were shocking.

He tried to communicate with his comrades using the seal of solidarity, but it was a failure.

However, I was able to figure out its location. Thanks to this, he learned that his comrades had been swept away by the Red Gate.

Actually, it wasn’t unexpected.

From the beginning, the Æsir priests were aiming for their colleagues to destroy themselves.

The reason why Jaehyun trained them hard was because he wanted them to keep their bodies.

‘I have to go through this maze as soon as possible and join my colleagues.’

After Jaehyun finished his thoughts, he quickly walked away.

It was because a cadet with a familiar magic power entered his magic sensor.

“I think I found one. Go ahead.”

Jaeshin Lee nodded at his words.

Anyway, here it is impossible not to believe Jaehyun’s words.

In the first place, he has enough strength to crush himself in an instant. Even if he challenges Jaehyun again now, the result will be the same.

The reason Jaehyun kept him alive now was entirely on his own whim.

* * *

“Uh, tell me about your mother.”

Standing in front of my father, I mustered up the courage to ask.

I don’t know where that power came from.

However, one thing is certain. That there is nothing to change by sitting there like this.

that you have to keep going.

Just like Jaehyun told him when we first met.

[Ask me to tell you about your mother?]

Even the dullest of me could tell that my father paused for a moment.

He was deliberately hiding his mother’s story.

to me and to others.

But now you need to know. Sometimes there are things that don’t change if you don’t know.

At that moment, I thought about it and said it again.

“I-I want to know. Uh, how my mother died.”

At those words, he felt a strange light in his father’s eyes.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been unafraid and said my words properly.

I’ve never said it so confidently in front of my father… I’d probably count it on my hand.

Was the father surprised by such an attitude? Father nodded his head.

[…] I get it. But if you want something, you have to be sincere.]

“What, what should I do?”

[Compete with me. If you reach me even once, I will tell you the story of my mother.]

Hearing those words from his father, it was difficult to keep his expression.

The sparring at the gymnasium was difficult every moment. His father again demanded sparring with me, just like that time.

I thought about it.

Those eyes that seemed to read his father’s thoughts. That this is the same as asking whether to move on or to settle down here.

And my answer is, of course.

“Ah, okay. Do it, I will try it.”

it was going

* * *

My father’s sword was also fast and sharp as I remembered.

As expected, the wind god’s guild master, and the world’s best radar speed and power.

It was not an area that the likes of me could dare to reach.

father is strong

Just a little while ago, I never even thought of crossing swords with him.

But now I have to.

Here, I thought, if I stepped back and threw it away, there would be something I would never find.


Every time my father’s sword flew, my collar was cut and my skin was exposed.

I feel bloody bruises, and I can feel my body breaking all over.

My father’s sparring was harsher than I remembered.

No, it wasn’t my mood.

My father decided not to tell me about my mother.

That’s probably why it’s pushing me even more.

stop here

you’re finally there

My father’s sword seemed to say so.


My body rolls awkwardly on the floor. Hearing the voices of the brothers watching from the side, ringing in the ears.

What would a guy like that do?

Do you really think you inherited your father’s blood?

I can’t believe that trash like that is a member of our Wind God.

The conversation was layer by layer, drawing out the trauma deep in my heart.

trauma. What’s that.

I had an idea, but I didn’t have time to think about it.


My father’s sword aimed at me again. I rolled over with all my might.

A sword that cuts through the air and plunges into the ground. Its power was beyond imagination.

[It was a story I had never wondered about. Why are you suddenly asking me about her mother?]

His father’s sword stopped once and those words came out of his mouth.

I looked up at him with a slight bow in my neck and said.

“You, your father looks so distressed.”

[…] what?]

At my words, my father’s pupils narrowed. Why are you saying this?

He is looking at me with those eyes.

I was going on.

“Uh, every time you talk about your mother, your father’s eyes… s, you look sad I-I want to be of any help.”

[…] is it.]

Saying that, my father raised his sword again and aimed it at me.

Then, the sword that flew at high speed cuts through me, stabs me, and pushes me away.

I wanted to scream.

that it’s painful I wanted to ask you to stop here.

But I decided not to.

[If you do that, you will never be able to reach me… .]

It was time for my father’s words to follow.

I quickly took the potion bottle I had from my inventory and threw it over my father’s head.

[…] !]

It was a fog potion that obscured vision.

An item cultivated with a plant recently received from Jaehyun, which helps when hiding from the demon.

I didn’t stop there and continued to throw the next potion.

support position!

This time, it was a paralyzing potion with lightning properties.

A potion that inflicts an electric attack upon the enemy upon exploding, giving him or her a paralyzed condition.

[…] Do you think this will work for me?]

Father, of course, was not at all embarrassed. He quickly recovered from the abnormal condition.

Raiders that have reached the level of S-class usually have that level of recovery and resistance ability.

But I also didn’t run with the intention of defeating my father from the beginning.


I, who had been crouching in the thick fog, threw my body and put my strength into the wooden sword.

Then, as my father had said, I tightened my wrist and swung the sword along the wind.

[This… !]

My father reacted belatedly, as if he hadn’t predicted my sudden attack at all.

But even that was too fast.

His sword reached the point where it accurately cut my extended sword.

Before long, my body collapsed to the floor.

[The results are already out. I… .]

My father looked at me with sunken eyes.

he suddenly opened his mouth


It was.

My sword did not touch my father’s neck or torso.

But at the last moment, I gave my strength and changed the sword’s trajectory.

It felt like my wrist would tear, but I gritted my teeth and did it.


My sword, which had been knocked down and barely stretched out, finally touched my father’s toes.

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