I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 254

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Episode 254. How to hold a sword (1)

[I get it. don’t do it Talk about your mother.]

My father said so to me, who had barely grasped my distant mind.

and at that moment,

Fragments of memories I couldn’t remember slowly began to burrow into my brain.

Only then did I find out.

I remember my mother

I just forgot.

* * *

My mother’s end was truly devastating.

the day the tragedy happened.

Suddenly, a dungeon break occurred, and the house collapsed due to the monster’s attack.

It happened really suddenly.

Actually, the monster that appeared wasn’t that strong. However, because my mother and I were too weak.

So it just happened.

Watching the house collapse from the monster attack, I felt the worst fear of my life.

death. The feeling of being the closest to it was hard to explain.

[are you okay. Don’t be too scared. If you close your eyes for a moment and then open them, it will be over.]

Dad will be back soon.

My mother said that and hugged me tightly.

From behind, I could see a monster holding a huge ax running towards my mother.

Even in that situation, I couldn’t say anything.


Even when the witch’s ax hit her mother’s back, she couldn’t even keep her mouth shut.

At the last moment, I remember the image of my mother who resembled me.

The memory of slowly losing their vitality as the blue eyes faded.

It was a trauma stuck in the deepest part of me that nothing could ever erase.

Only then did I know

Why didn’t my father tell me the story about my mother?

I saw my mother’s shoulder fading in pieces.

Two hands hugging me tightly and my body temperature cooling down. mother.

Mother died just like that.

I thought about it.

Welcome to this dungeon. This is designed so that you cannot break through unless you overcome the trauma.

If so, what should I do here?

Should I be pessimistic about the helpless me of the past and sit down?


What has already passed cannot be undone.

But at least I can do something to change who I am now.

Didn’t Jaehyun already tell me that?

I made up my mind.

I won’t run away anymore.

Even in memory, I faced my father and overcame it.

He also brought back memories of his mother.

It would no longer be impossible for me to move on.

With Chaeng!

As I thought so, I heard the sound of breaking glass.

It was the moment when the huge illusion that had surrounded me finally shattered.

* * *


Lee Jae-sang let out a deep breath and jumped up from his seat.

He quickly examined his body. Fortunately, he had no injuries and was breathing normally.

The neighborhood seemed to be the heart of the dungeon. It was dark, and there were black, endless forks in the road.

‘Oh, I have to get back here alive somehow… .’

Lee Jae-sang quickly rolled his eyes to grasp the surrounding information.

Just then, two familiar faces entered his eyes.

A face that resembles you… brother?

Lee Jae-sang tilted his head and looked at the brothers lying face down on the floor.

Jaehoon Lee and Jaeyoung Lee. They were lying in the middle of the dungeon.

‘Ha, but the older brothers decided to attack the Red Gate with their father… .’

As I thought about it, I suddenly felt a chill run down my spine.

weird. What the hell is it?

Why are the hyungs coming to the C-level gate they were trying to capture?

At that moment, a disturbing thought passed through Lee Jae-sang’s mind.

The Witchbeast I encountered just before falling apart with my friends. These were too strong to appear in a C-class dungeon.

It wasn’t just that it was strange. The brothers left for Red Gate with their father.

why are they here?

Before entering the dungeon for the first time, if you think about it, the red shards Seo In-na observed at the gate were also suspicious.



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when you put all of these things together.

Could this dungeon now be the Red Gate?

Could it be that the C-class dungeon they were trying to conquer and the Red Gate were connected?

It was a plausible hypothesis.

If so, it also explains why his brothers are now abandoned here.

‘Tongue, it’s clear that the hyungs got separated from the raiding party a while ago due to the dungeon’s labyrinth and ended up here with me.’

After concluding, Lee Jae-sang nodded slightly.

What had to be done immediately was clear.

‘I-I have to move it to a safe place for now.’

Lee Jae-sang exhaled and wrapped his brothers around his shoulders.

It seemed that the brothers were also seeing the trauma they had been through.

They hadn’t woken up from the vision yet, and I guess from their expressions, they looked distressed even to look at.

You must be looking at a terrible memory. Just like he did a while ago.

Jaesang Lee groaned and set the brothers down in the corner of the dungeon.

Because of the long swords they were wearing around their waists, it was even more difficult to move them, so they had to suffer quite a bit.

Lee Jae-sang slumped down in his seat, apparently exhausted.

Now, what should we do from now on?

There are no colleagues by his side now.

It is not clear where this place is in the dungeon, and the brothers cannot fight yet.

Even if you can fight, you’d better put aside the thought of helping yourself.

But at that moment. Fortunately or unfortunately, his thoughts could not go deep.

Krrrrr… .

Lee Jae-sang immediately held his breath.

I felt goosebumps rising from my body, and my hearing became several times more sensitive than usual.

something… coming this way

He immediately grasped this and stared at the pitch-black cave he had just seen.

From beyond, something was slowly approaching this way.

Judging from the cries, this was unmistakably a demonic beast. It’s also a beast type.

It will be a difficult foe to deal with.

Lee Jae-sang opened his inventory and took out his potions and held them in his hands.

A situation where you can’t get help from your brothers. She had to keep to herself now.

‘Oh, somehow… I have to.’

Grrrrr… .

The Witchbeast continued to approach. Lee Jae-sang calmly looked at the guys.

A-class witch. Among them, it was a wolf-type demon. He’s a guy I’ve seen my teammates deal with a few times in the past.

However, of course, Lee Jae-sang had never hunted them.

It was because the basic strength and skills were too lacking to deal with alone.

“after… .”

But Lee Jae-sang did not back down.

Now I can overcome the trauma and face myself.

I can remember my mother, and I am at a crossroads where I can finally move on.

I had no intention of dying here.


At that moment, the wolf master quickly ran towards Lee Jae-sang and his brothers.

Lee Jae-sang quickly threw down the potion he was holding. It was a paralyzing potion that gave a paralyzing effect.

Krrr… !

‘I can’t hold on to this for long. The number of wolves… Mo, all three!’

Jaesang Lee took out another potion without losing concentration.

The next thing I grabbed was a potion containing liquid gunpowder that caused a powerful explosion. An object that explodes with a little magic power.

It was a potion whose principle was similar to that of dynamite.

Lee Jae-sang waited for the timing.

There are still many potions, but they are not infinite.

What’s more, the Witchbeast he’s dealing with is an A-rank. If you hesitate or make a mistake here, you will surely die.

Even their own brothers.

Eventually, the time Lee Jae-sang had been waiting for came.


The three monsters started running towards Lee Jae-sang at once.

The Witch Beast also instinctively knew that Lee Jae-sang was a more annoying opponent than the fallen brothers.

They intended to kill Lee Jae-sang quickly and eat the other two as well.

However, the moment the wolves were about to come close, Lee Jae-sang threw the next potion.


A very powerful potion that causes an explosion.

It was powerful enough to blow up three enemies at once.


The magic beasts that were running towards Lee Jae-sang turned into meat pieces at once and flew them back.

“ha… ha… .”

Jaesang Lee finally sat down again after confirming that all the monsters attacking him had fallen.

In fact, the power of the explosive potion was not strong enough to deal with an A-class monster.

Originally, a C-class monster. It was the explosive potion that was helpful when dealing with non-water attributes.

However, Lee Jae-sang was an alchemist.

An alchemist quickly learns all the ingredients, including medicines and insects, that go into making potions.

‘Che, the first paralysis potion I threw. It’s made using the human excrement of dust butterflies.

Two, the second potion is an explosive potion. It’s a potion that increases the size of the explosion several times when it touches the dust.’

As long as you combine the two well.

can win

Lee Jae-sang came up with this at once and succeeded in putting it into practice.

“under… .”

somehow saved

The relief that came with that thought made my whole body relax.

But he didn’t know yet.

A dungeon means that variables can arise anytime, anywhere.


Suddenly, out of the darkness, a bigger wolf than the one he faced earlier jumped out.

At that moment, Lee Jae-sang couldn’t help but feel that his thoughts hardened.

I thought I had killed all my enemies.

So I didn’t even take out any more potions.

But another witch appears here?

Shall I take out the potion now?

No, it will already be too late.

But can’t you just die like this?

There is a slight delay in taking items out of the inventory.

At this rate, you’ll probably get hit before you even take out the potion.

Lee Jae-sang’s son-in-law narrows, and the accident accelerates.

Time passes slowly as if it has stopped. I can’t hear anything in my ears


In the midst of a crisis of desperation.

Only one sentence came to his mind.

“… Grab your sword.”

Jaesang Lee recalled those words and at the same time pulled out the longsword hanging from the waist of the fallen brother and stabbed it directly at the beast.


The long sword accurately cut through the mouth and the bridge of the nose of the Witchbeast. Lee Jae-sang’s rough breathing continued.

* * *

The feeling of a sword piercing the enemy. It really felt like a long time ago.

After childhood, when he was taught how to handle a sword by his father. I’ve never stabbed anyone with a sword.

It wasn’t a natural fit, and I didn’t have the talent for it.

But is this also fate?

At the very last, dangerous moment when I might die, I grabbed my sword.

And although he was clumsy, he stabbed the enemy exactly as he had learned.

“Me too… can change… .”

It was the time when he gave strength to the sword while saying that.


Suddenly, the demon’s power grew even stronger, and I gradually began to be pushed back.

My back hits the wall and my heart beats like crazy.

It was. I don’t have basic strength and skills.

Because of this, even though I was aiming for the enemy’s vital spot, I started to be pushed back.

‘now… Is it really over?’

Even though I did my best, I felt a deep disappointment spreading to myself as I started to be pushed back by the demon.

A hand was placed on top of my hand holding the sword.

“Didn’t I tell you that you hold a sword like this?”

At that moment, my pupils constricted and my gaze moved to one place.

It was. There was a person I wanted to reach and be recognized for.

father. Jaeshin Lee was there.

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