I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 255

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Episode 255: How to hold a sword (2)

how to hold a sword

It was something I had heard countless times in sparring with my father in the past.

Enough to remember even the country with no talent.

My father’s guidance was deeply ingrained in me.

But even that was not enough.

The magic beast’s strength was beyond what I thought.

The gaping mouth of an A-rank monster. Saliva flowed from the wolf’s mouth.

Ugly yellow teeth that seemed to devour me at any moment.

It made my whole body go numb.

back, back.

I hesitate and feel my body being pushed out. It was not a very pleasant experience.

Am I going to die here?

I tried to move on, but in the end I couldn’t reach it and ended up here.

The moment I thought so, someone’s rough hand overlapped my hand.

“Didn’t I tell you that you hold a sword like this?”

it belonged to my father.

He was still as indifferent and cold as I remembered.

I nodded and put my strength back into the hand holding the sword.

And I remember how to hold the sword my father told me about.

Raise a sword and accurately recognize the enemy.

Toward the weakest-looking weakness, sharpen your blade and squeeze through the gap.

It was something I could never do alone.

But with my father…

can do.


A sword studded with antique decorations was thrust forward.

Blood spurted out and I felt the Demonic Beast step back.

The black, shadowy body of the Witchbeast slowly collapsed.

“ha… .”

Defeated an A-rank monster with a sword.

I was seized with a sense of exaltation. It started to overflow as if the dam in my heart had collapsed.

It would have been a bizarre and unsightly landscape.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I lowered the sword to the floor.

“Huh… Ahhh… .”

Even though I knew my father was in front of me. Even though I knew he hated seeing me cry the most, I couldn’t help but do it.

But why?

My father didn’t say anything to me after crying for a long time. He didn’t even scold, he didn’t say anything about being a pathetic scumbag.

he just said

“That’s your fight.”

As I looked up in disbelief, my father looked down at me warmly.

It was a face he had never seen before.

At least since my mother passed away.

* * *

‘The illusion of trauma. It was a level that the youngest could never get out of. I don’t know, but… Because the magic here is one level different from other dungeons.

However, the chancellor was the first to get out of the illusion and protect the brothers who had fallen together. They were always bullying me, and if I was alone, I could have run away without fail.’

Lee Jae-shin thought that while looking at his son who was lying on his stomach and crying.

I also resembled my wife.

It was a word he didn’t say out of his mouth, but Lee Jae-shin realized that his son had grown up.

It was also that it was his own point of view that was narrow-minded.

With the thought that I had to protect it, I also realized that I had ruined the child by being too harsh.

Of course, her attitude towards him will not change anytime soon.

Over the years, the karma he accumulated was too much to rectify in an instant.

Little by little, I should make it better.

Just like the youngest did.


“That’s your fight.”

I decided to admit my son’s fight.

The words of the chancellor who said he wanted to become a raider to help the raiders.

It’s not impossible, because I’ve come to realize for sure.

“Ah, father… .”

“You are strong. no, it got stronger. Admit it. That you have your own fight.”

At Lee Jae-shin’s words, Lee Jae-sang wiped away his tears with his sleeve and then stood up trembling.

“More more, more… .”

Jaesang Lee calmed down his trembling voice from beginning to end, then gave strength to his throat again.

And he spoke in a clear voice like never before.

“You will become stronger.”

“… okay.”



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Jaeshin Lee just said that and smiled lightly.

* * *

Jae-hyun, who was watching them from behind, soon joined Lee Jae-sang.

Jaeshin Lee, Jaesang Lee. And a party of three was formed up to Jaehyun.

But the party didn’t last long.

It was because Jaehyun felt someone else’s feeling from the depths of the dungeon through magic detection.

“All the other coalition members seem to be together. The people of Yeonhwa and the members of Curator. I think it’s the same for us as well.

Perhaps the boss is being dealt with by Yoo Seong-nim. I want to help right away, but… There are survivors on the other side as well.”

“… You cannot choose who will die.”

Jaesang Lee said so with a firm expression. He no longer stuttered, but he still had a warm heart for people.

The moment when no one could make a decision easily.

It was then that Jaeshin Lee spoke out.

“I will go with my son to help Yoo Sung-eun. The one who fell alone must be your colleague, right?”

“you’re right.”

Jaehyun said so with moderate respect.

Lee Jae-shin immediately nodded.

“Save and come. Because you seem to have enough power to do that.”

“But no matter how you are, it will be difficult for you to deal with the Witchbeast of the depths.

As you may already know, the structure of the magic that makes up this dungeon is nothing like the usual… .”

“I’ll hold out as long as I can until you come.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

That self-respecting Lee Jae-shin takes on a supporting role?

However, there was no time to worry.

Jaehyun sighed and started running in the opposite direction.

“It won’t take long. Please tell everyone that.”

“Of course.”

After Jaehyun said that, he quickly disappeared using magic.

Lee Jae-sang and Lee Jae-shin were left behind. Lee Jae-sang asked worriedly.

“but… Is it okay even if it’s a reproduction? If you ever get hurt… .”

“No, he’s fine.”

Lee Jae-shin accurately denied his son’s words.

“He is a stronger radar than I am. In all respects.”

It did not simply refer to force.

On the other hand, Jaehyun, who was running through the maze of the dungeon, was feeling deeper and darker than ever after returning.

‘… Youjeong Kim. Shit, it looks like he’s wandering around the dungeon by himself.’

It was dangerous.

Kim Yoo-jung is long. She has a terrible trauma of being left alone.

There shouldn’t be a big problem now in terms of power, but if she panics at the situation itself being left alone… .

will surely die

When the thought goes crazy in your head. Jaehyun recalled a memory.

It was during the third trial.

At the time, Idun said.

The antagonist of the prophecy, the blood of those who stand by him will open the way.

However, Jaehyun had no intention of killing Odin at the cost of his comrades.

In order to protect mine forever, Jaehyun was getting stronger.

What if Kim Yoo-jung dies here?

In that case, representation could lose its recurring meaning.

‘It must be stopped. I will never tolerate it.’

When Jaehyun thought so and ran towards a deeper place in the dungeon.

A girl with orange hair was twisting and moaning in pain.

Her expression wasn’t good enough that anyone could tell she was having a terrible nightmare.

* * *

The girl watched as a boy and another girl walked arm in arm.

from very far away.

It was an area he could not reach.

The other girl with the boy was a familiar face she knew, and she thought they were in a relationship that was starting to deepen.

There was no room for himself to intervene.

For some reason, the girl felt a tingle in her chest, and felt her mind sink below the surface.

How else can I explain this feeling?

why do i suffer

At that moment, a message clearly rings in the girl’s ear.

―Plays the trauma deep inside the user!

* * *

[Hey, the relay racers say the teachers are gathering!]

[Kim Yoo-jung, you should come quickly. Don’t be late for nothing.]

One afternoon on a hot sunny day.

A little past noon, a crowded elementary school playground.

Several familiar students with young faces were sitting there.

Kim Yoo-jung sighed and stood in line.

This is because she was the last runner in the women’s relay.

Her physical ability was unmatched in the magic world, and was very outstanding.

He was also a rare Awakener among his peers, and his ability itself was very compliant.

Thanks to that, I was able to take charge of relay races at this sports event as well.

[Is it you again?]

“why? boring?”

The person talking to her from the front is also a familiar face.

reappearance. He was a childhood friend who had grown up with him since childhood and had been hanging out with him for several years.

[Don’t fall while running. What do the kids say to me when I lose?]

“what. Don’t fall either.”

That’s how I prepare for the relay race. Suddenly, the blazing sun became too hot.

The teacher in charge of the sports day called the children together and said.

[Students who are relaying, please wait until the heat cools down a bit.]

[Ah, it’s better to do it quickly and finish it.]

Jaehyun grumbled.

“It’s better than running and falling.”

Kim Yu-jung muttered, covering her face with her hands.

“I’m going inside for a moment. If the relay race starts, come and find it. I’ll be in class.”

[hey. Am I your servant?]

She neatly ignored Jaehyun’s words and evacuated into the classroom for a while.

It will definitely be less hot than outside.

Thinking so, she opened the door to the classroom, but suddenly, the images of some reluctant students came into her eyes.

[Ah, is that Kim Yoo-jung?]

[Hey~ Are your amazing parents finally coming today?]

[of course. At that time, I was so proud of myself.]

They were the same classmates.

After hearing that Kim Yoo-jung’s parents are doing great things at the time of announcing her parents’ occupations in the past, and after hearing that Kim Yoo-jung has developed her abilities as an awakened person.

They started to quarrel with Kim Yoo-jung in every case.

“… maybe.”

Kim Yoo-jung said that while enduring the feeling of discomfort.

Apparently, she wasn’t very close with the other students except for Jaehyun.

I had no intention of having a long conversation in such an uncomfortable atmosphere.

‘But their teasing ends today.’

Kim Yu-jung thought about that as she closed the classroom door again and went outside.

She remembered the phone call she had with her parents yesterday.

[okay. My daughter asked me to come, but this time I must go! don’t worry! My daughter also runs the relay race, so I will definitely go see it.]

[Mom is going too~ Do well and don’t get hurt~]

This time, he said that his parents would come.

The family has already missed school events several times, but this time they made a promise.

If parents show their faces once, there will be no more teasing from other kids.

But at that moment, suddenly, a jingling sound came from the inside pocket of the gym suit.


Why? What she felt ominous about that vibration.

Kim Yoo-jung took out the phone and checked the sender.

It was my father.

Kim Yoo-jung answered the phone with a sharp voice.


[Ah, Yoojung. It’s my father… I guess I won’t be able to go to the sports day today… .]

Kim Yu-jung did not listen and hung up the phone there.

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