I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 256

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Episode 256: The Lost Girl (1)

“Cheer up, everyone! Just a little longer, just a little longer!”

A battlefield where harsh voices resound.

Yoo Seong-eun’s voice, filled with magic, resonated in the darkened cavity.

A little while ago, numerous raiders used items to leave the dungeon. Now, even if there was one more person left to fight, there was a chance of winning.

“No matter how much it is, it’s at the level of overdosing A- and S-class magic… I hadn’t even heard of this. Red Gate… What is the true nature of this?”

It was Baek Ji-yeon’s question, but Yoo Seong-eun had no choice but to shake her head.

In the first place, she too knows little about the Red Gate for sure.

It was just a gate on a scale unprecedented in history, and the monster inside used high-level magic.

All I knew was that.

“For now, you have to be calm… no see.”

said Lina Meyer, clutching Nidhogg’s fangs in reverse.

Behind them were the cadets of Nine.

They did not directly participate in the battle, but they were helping other raiders to fight in a better environment by applying buffs and distributing potions.

However, the war situation was still at a serious level.

The leaders of each guild.

Even though both the training guild leader and the sea god guild leader gathered in one place, the enemy in front of them was so huge and strong.

it’s dark

The guy was gradually building up his momentum while eating the fear of others.

It was then.

“You look ugly. Yooseong.”

“… you are… !”

The indifferent eyes looking down into the cavity disappeared suddenly after being there.


Blood splattered from the black shadow of the Witchbeast. A man appeared to block his hand from attacking the alliance’s radar.

Jaeshin Lee. he reached the common

“From here on out, I will fight alongside you.”

Of course, I’m not a member of the Alliance like you.

Jaeshin Lee said that and squeezed his sword tightly.

A little while ago, Min Jae-hyeon, a cadet whom he treated as an enemy.

This guy is weaker than that.

Even if he couldn’t kill Oduksini right now, he would be able to do it if it took some time.

“Yoosung. I need your help.”

Yoo Seong-eun’s pupils constrict. She tried to chew on what she had heard, but then stopped immediately.

The monster’s attack continued again, and the cavity was still filled with darkness.

The shadows were growing deeper and deeper.

* * *

Jaehyun continued to run toward the depths of the dungeon.

The joint that Lee Jae-shin headed for a while ago. It is probably not the deepest part.

Just because there is a boss monster, mistaking it to be the deepest part of the dungeon is a mistake made by an inexperienced raider.

If it is a dungeon, there is a simcheo that even the boss monster is hidden.

And that place is where he is heading right now, and it was the place where Kim Yoo-jung was immersed in trauma.

Jaehyun was able to grasp this intuitively.

‘Kim Yoo-jung.’

Jaehyun calmed down by repeating the name for a moment.

Short fragments from before returning flashed through his mind for a moment.

She sacrificed herself for herself in the past.

She saved herself from being attacked by a being of unknown gender wearing a mysterious robe.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun lived with guilt for nearly ten years before returning.

Remorse for not being able to save Kim Yoo-jung. and pessimism about one’s weak self.

It was such a terrible memory that it made Jae-hyun crippled for a while.

So I won’t let that happen any more.

Jaehyun knows.

Kim Yoo-jung is long. Even though she’s been to the same place, she strays seriously enough to get lost several times.

But I didn’t want to.

It stems from your own trauma.

Also, Jaehyun was the one who knew her trauma better than anyone else.

self… !

At that moment, many shadow soldiers blocked Jaehyun’s path as he ran for a long time.

Jaehyun held Nidhogg’s fangs in reverse and did not slow down his running speed, crossing them and slashing the enemy.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

The magic beast was not Jaehyun’s opponent.

Perhaps the boss monsters aren’t too difficult for him either.

But you can’t protect everyone alone.

Jae-hyun desperately hoped that Lee Jae-shin, who was heading for the joint, would endure well, and cut off dozens of enemies approaching him and headed to the depths.

Now the fight started here.

Yoo Sung-eun, Lee Jae-shin, and Circle Nine’s too.

own too.



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And about Kim Yoo-jung herself.

* * *

There are so many different ways students bully, but the most common one is. It’s just that they whisper among themselves, and when you approach them, they turn their words around.

At the same time, he blurts out and expresses his intention not to talk to you.

As if a little story about oneself becomes an important story.

As they do so, they gradually alienate people from the group.

Then, by the time the level reached its peak, it touched the wound in the heart.

[Looks like your parents aren’t here today.]

The voices that came from behind were those of the children who had bullied Kim Yoo-jung.

Their words were like thorns to Kim Yoo-jung, who was not in a good mood.

[Did you really have parents?]

[Didn’t your parents abandon you? Seeing that you don’t take care of it like this?]

The moment he heard that, Kim Yoo-jung felt his heart completely collapse.

The saddest thing was that I couldn’t deny that right away.

Is it really

Did my parents really abandon me?

very occasionally That’s why I only spend one or two months together a year, and I don’t have any conversations with my parents.

am i not worth it?

Is that why you abandoned me?

The song of trauma that is located deep in Kim Yoo-jung.

It was something she could never overcome on her own.

Kim Yoo-jung, without answering anything, began to run with strength in her legs.

There was no destination. just ran

The relay or something, it meant nothing now.

The biggest part of his life felt like the bricks had come off and couldn’t hold up.

* * *

It’s harder than you think to keep walking without a destination.

It is even more difficult to do so while skipping school on sports days.

It was because vague anxiety, futility, and thick fear gripped people.

Kim Yoo-jung walked for a long time thinking about her family.

He loved his parents. They, too, believed it vaguely.

But when I heard the stories of those who had told me a little while ago. A little bit, but I doubted them.

If you really love me, then shouldn’t you come and see me?

Shouldn’t you throw away any situation and come running?

But my parents don’t come.

Even though she knew it was a childish idea, she couldn’t help but doubt her parents’ love.

It was sad.

Like that, by the time she couldn’t get out of the swamp of vivid emotions.

Suddenly, somewhere, her steps stopped.

It was near an old apartment with an old playground.

‘What the hell… Where is it?’

This is Kim Yoo-jung, who usually has trouble finding her way.

Where the hell are you? How did you come to walk here?

At that moment, Kim Yoo-jung felt completely alone in the world.

There is no mother or father here.

There was no police station nearby, and it was scary to go there. Didn’t you get out of school and come here?

When I go back, the teacher will scold me again.

Kim Yoo-jung was deeply in despair knowing that there was no one to find her.

From where, the mind slowly started to break down.

she was feeling

* * *

[Yoojung suddenly disappeared?]

[yes. I guess so.]

After Kim Yoo-jung suddenly disappeared, the three students who bullied her went to the teacher and said so.

The teacher first told one of the three people to run in the relay race instead of Kim Yoo-jung, and then went out to find Kim Yoo-jung with the remaining teachers.

When I checked, it was in the women’s bathroom and in the classroom. Kim Yoo-jung was nowhere to be found.

It was strange. He was always sincere and a good student.

He was by no means a student who suddenly disappeared without a word.

I figured it wouldn’t be that easy to find. You’ll have to contact the police, too, and things will get complicated in many ways.

Even at the moment when the teacher was worried about it.

The three people who caused Kim Yoo-jung’s disappearance kept their mouths shut and never opened their mouths.

Jaehyun, who was watching this, blocked their way as they entered to avoid the heat.

A secluded place out of sight of teachers and other students.

Jaehyun opened his mouth to those who stopped walking.

[Do you really not know where Kim Yoo-jung went?]

At those words, the girl standing in the middle furrowed her brow and expressed her anger.

He was a kid with bad rumors because he usually led bad boys.

[I don’t know. Why are you asking me about her story?]

[I think I saw you together. You really don’t know?]

[Because I don’t know.]

Jaehyun sighed with an expressionless face as he watched those who spoke resolutely.

[I get it. I’m sorry for wasting your time. But you… .]

Jaehyun looked back for a moment.


There was something he wanted to ask, but Jaehyun couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. If he asked this, it could have sparked a spark at Kim Yoo-jung.

Recently, Jaehyun found out that the three people in front were strangely ostracizing Kim Yoojung. However, if she brings up such a story, it might be more difficult for her.

Now I had more work to do than that.

Jaehyun walked past the three of them.

And he, too, did not participate in the relay race.

* * *

There are several traumas that terrify me.

The deepest of them all was the trauma of this gilchi.

I don’t remember why.

just get lost All I know is that the intense fear of itself haunts me and prevents me from thinking about anything.

As is often the case with trauma, there are often no grandiose reasons.

Maybe that’s the case with me too.

Just getting lost and not going back. It just works as a fear to me.

I was now sitting on a rusty swing. Three lines drawn on a slightly worn gray gym suit. Underneath was a pair of burnt white sneakers.

In fact, if you want to go back, you could ask someone else along the way.

I’m sorry, but it wasn’t a big deal if I could go back to school anyway.

But why at that moment? I thought I didn’t want to go back.

Such a thought suddenly settles on one side of my heart, and expands its scope.

Is there a place I can return to?

Questions about it continue to rise and settle themselves.

Time passed like that, and the sun had completely set before I knew it.

Darkness covers the roadside. The only thing visible through the flickering light of the street lamp is a rusty swing and a jungle gym.

“Perhaps the sports day is over. Someone else must have run the relay… .”

Even if I’m not there, there’s no problem holding the sports day.

There was no place for me, either in class or at home. So it was always out of the way.

Every moment I thought I would be alone felt like hell to me.

don’t go back like this

It was when I lowered my head thinking about that.


Suddenly, the iron rope of the swing I was sitting on swayed, and someone suddenly pointed at me.

[What are you doing here?]

The person who entered my pupil turned his head in the direction of the voice… .

it was a reenactment.

He didn’t scold or scold me like the others.

I was just talking.

[let’s go. to home.]

Saying so, Jaehyun’s clothes were damp. I smelled a little bit of sweat from my body, and my gym clothes were also slightly torn as if they were caught somewhere.

In an instant, an unknown feeling about him passed through my head.

What is it?

Before I can figure this out, the ensuing message once again puts me in a quagmire.

―The user’s trauma is further deepened!

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