I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 257

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Episode 257: The Lost Girl (2)

The story of a sweet lover whom I saw for the first time. It is unfolding before my eyes.

Jaehyun Min. and ina.

The two became lovers before they knew it, and they are walking with a happy smile.

They feed them delicious food, and they laugh while having silly conversations.

The two spent all that time together, laughing and crying.

I am watching this from afar.

As if a huge window was blocking the way.

I can’t get in there

I coldly sit down at an unfamiliar sensation that I have never felt before.

It sinks.

Why do I feel this way? Only then do you get the hang of it.

‘But it must be a meaningless feeling now.’

I know. That now it’s too far to turn around.

I have no courage.

I don’t have the confidence to lose my friends, nor the confidence to be rejected by anyone.

What is the meaning of longing for someone with only pride remaining?

have to put it down

give up That seat doesn’t belong to me.

By the time that feeling spread like a poison, I realized.

This is the trauma that dungeons show, and if you don’t overcome it, you can’t go to the next one.

But at that moment, I also had the same thought. Does going back really make sense?

Family Relations. Even though he has recovered, the trauma of his childhood is still there.

In addition, the appearance of Min Jae-hyun and Ina that I saw a while ago. If that becomes a reality, will I be able to watch it from the sidelines?

My life is entirely my own, but I have always drifted like a boat on the waves.

My mind was constantly swept away by the storm. It collapsed in vague and dark anxiety, and then piled up again.

And you can stop it here.


The collapsed body comes to mind without me knowing.

I still couldn’t wake up from the illusion, but my body was raised and headed somewhere regardless of consciousness.

At the end of it was a vast abyss and a cliff.

have heard of it before Dungeon deep. There is an abyss where the dungeon itself eats the radar, not the monster.

Maybe I was going there.

I belatedly tried to force it, but my body didn’t budge.

The moment of choice has already passed, and I am here.


‘If I get lost again.’

I smiled and thought of Min Jaehyun at the last moment.

‘Can you find me again?’

The moment I thought so.


As I was walking towards the edge of the cliff, someone urgently grabbed my wrist.

My body turned backwards and I was held firmly in someone’s firm arms. The familiar scent of men’s cologne filled his nose.

Somehow I thought I knew who he was. Also, I desperately hoped that my expectations would not be wrong.

I slowly raised my head.

The existence that attracted me. He was a boy about two inches taller than me.

It was, of course, a familiar face to me.

Min Jaehyun was there.

“What are you doing here?”

He just asked me, just like he did to me when I first got lost at the sports day.

I cried there.

It was the second tear I showed him.

* * *


A unit made up of shadow demons. This was several times stronger than at the time of the initial plan to capture the Red Gate.

Not only the existence of boss monsters, but also the monsters that use threatening magic and the monsters whose physical abilities themselves have improved by using strengthening magic.

They were difficult to deal with, no matter how elite the alliance’s raiders were.

Besides, many people have already died with the variable. escaped from here

Even now, the number of people who continued to fight was dwindling.

It is true that the atmosphere has changed slightly with Lee Jae-shin’s joining, but it was difficult to deal with the boss alone.

it’s dark

The power of a fear-eating monster combined with native mythology was to the point that even major guild alliances, including him and Yoo Sung-eun, could not compete.

Quaang! Quaang!

Every time the magic is fired, the earth’s axis shakes and the ceiling collapses. Even people who were crushed by stones poured from above.

Many people were hit by the sword of the shadow that came up from below.

If this is the case, it will definitely lose. will be defeated

‘But I can’t run away from here.’

Yooseong gritted his teeth.



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Now he is in a situation where he cannot escape.

Even at this moment, the gate continued to run out of control. If he backs down, there will be a dungeon break unprecedented in history.

If that happened, there was a high possibility that the whole area, no, the whole of Korea would become a mess.

It is a serious issue to discuss the collapse of the country itself.

“You look tough.”

Lee Jae-shin, who was fighting together, said so. He was, in fact, talking nonchalantly, but he was also in poor condition.

His body was at its limit in battle.

But, why is he talking to Yoo Seong-eun?

The reason was simple.

“If you use a stronger sacrifice there, you will fall into the rebound and die. You should already know.”

Yoo Seong-eun was using recovery magic forcibly.

Unlike Jaehyun, she consumes a lot of life force when using Sacrifice.

In fact, she was originally a dead body in the world of reproduction. Yoo Sung-eun met Jae-hyun and was able to live, and she has survived to this day.

But that luck seemed to end here.

Yoo Sung-eun’s magical power was already running out of control beyond the critical point.

Even she didn’t take care of her body, and continued pouring out her magical energy while activating Sacrifice.


If you hold on just a little longer, Jaehyun will come.

She knew the possibility of reappearance, and had heard from Lee Jae-shin a while ago that his power had surpassed both herself and Lee Jae-shin.

If it’s his power, if it’s a skill that can break magic.

Maybe you can defeat the Darknessini.

If there is a small possibility, and if you can dig into the gap, you should do it.

Because otherwise it can’t be saved.

“father! CEO!”

The voices of Lee Jae-sang and his colleagues came from behind.

Lee Jae-sang threw a potion to the two and helped them to play an active role.

Through Alfheim’s sword and divine magic, Seo In-na is removing the shadow.

Kwon So-yul continues one step faster and reads the path the enemy is moving.

Ahn Ho-yeon also faced the enemy in the same way.

Yoo Sung-eun smiled lightly as he saw those running towards him.

she opened her mouth It was a small voice that would not be heard by the members of Nine.

“We have to stop here.”

“For the first time, our interests are aligned.”

Jaeshin Lee said so, and he also raised his magical power to the limit.

Jaesang Lee and Hoyeon Ahn. The two men who had ever handled a sword knew what he was up to.


It is to raise enough mana to take away one’s life and attack the enemy at once.

Yoo Seong-eun began to impart her magic power to him.

No matter how strong the enemy is, if the mana of two S-class raiders is gathered and fired, then there might be a chance.

That was the idea of ​​the two of them.

tsu… !

Lee Jae-shin’s sword, which has reached S rank, does not stop vibrating as if it will break.

It began to exceed the total amount of mana that could be contained.

Jaeshin Lee knew.

No matter how much they exerted their abilities to the limit, they would never be able to kill Eoduksini.

This, in the end, is just an act of dragging time.

Buying enough time for others to run away and for those who are left behind to grow up.

It was an excessively expensive price to risk the lives of two S-class raiders, but there was no time to determine whether it was worth it.

Ahn Ji-seok of Haesin and Shin Ji-hoon of training, who were repeatedly fighting at the front, also watched them and gnashed their teeth.

Everyone except for the S-class Raider and the cadets who had been swept away for some reason were already rolling on the floor.

This battle ends here.

Thinking so, everyone repeated the first clause of Raider’s mindset.

Anytime, anywhere, I can die.

The moment that sentence became clearer than ever, the shadow magicians. And the boss monster, Oduksini, began to condense magic power and shoot it at the raiders.

“Avoid everyone! I will stop… !”


Lee Jae-shin’s words and Lee Jae-sang’s screams.

It was then.

Once again, the battle situation was turned upside down.


A noise as if all the stained glass of a huge cathedral were being shattered.

At that moment, an amazing thing happened.

All the magic flying towards all the common raiders was shattered.

Before long, the voice heard was familiar to some and unfamiliar to others.

“Are you late?”

A person who appears in the swirling smoke while talking.

Seeing him, Lee Jae-shin raised an eyebrow.

“I could have lasted five more minutes.”

“reappearance… ah.”

Yoo Seong-eun fell to the floor as if she had exhausted her mana excessively.

Jaehyun’s eyes deepen, and his breathing calms down.

‘The teacher is still fine.’


―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

―Recovers the state of the designated target. The target’s status is at the “At Risk” level.

Jaehyun quickly began to treat Yooseong’s wounds.

The eyes of the leading raiders who were still left narrowed, and their eyes turned to Jaehyun.

“I didn’t mean to appear like this, but… It will be fine.”

The reason why Jaehyun first became active as a black robe was to protect himself. Because there is always a risk that other strong raiders will take notice or try to eliminate them.

But Jaehyun knew.

‘There is no radar anymore that can harm me just because I reveal my existence.’

Jaehyun smiled and muttered, and the treatment was successfully completed.

He activated the skill with a light hand gesture, made equipment, and installed it.

Lobes of Cognitive Errors. It was the symbol of the black robe.

“You all remember this? black robe… I don’t know who came up with the cheesy nickname. That’s me.”

Jaehyun laughed.

“So, if you want to live, everyone will have to listen to me.”

“What, what? If it’s a black robe… The guy who robbed the great ruins and even killed Yamatano Orochi… ?”

“Is that a reasonable thing to do! Look at his face, he’s still young, just looking at him, he’s young!”

“but… A really black robe might be able to clear this dungeon, right?”

The voices of the panicked raiders are heard.

However, their words did not last long. A great darkness was approaching.

Jaeshin Lee wrapped his arms around him. He said as he approached Jaehyun.

“That guy is dumb. It feeds on fear and grows stronger the more you look up. You will have to be careful.”

“… Yes, even you are a dangerous enemy.”

Seo Eana, who had approached me, said the same thing.

“you can do it?”

Ahn Hoyeondo,

“Come back without getting hurt.”

“I will believe you.”

Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang also said that while looking at Jae-hyun.

Kim Yoo-jung, who had lost her mind and was still free from trauma, was asleep next to her.

Jaehyun laughed. Her colleagues will protect her well.

All that remains is to fight the enemy and win. That was the basic instinct of the radar.

“Feeling fear makes you stronger… la. It’s like.”

Unfortunately, it was a story that had no meaning to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun knows.

If I don’t feel anything. if only i could do that

―Active skill «Cold-blooded» is activated!

―The user temporarily does not feel emotions.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―Equipment item «Demon Sword Tyrbing (Myth)» has been created.

Because the enemy has no choice but to become infinitely smaller.

Eorduksini, who had a huge body that seemed to be 25 meters tall, began to shrink before he knew it, and Jae-hyun and his eyes were on the same level.

Jaehyun put strength into his wrist holding the sword.

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