I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 258

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Episode 258: Beyond the Shadow (1)

―Active skill «Cold-blooded» is activated!

―The user temporarily does not feel emotions.

―The user’s senses are temporarily dulled.

Jaehyun activated the skill and completely erased his emotions.

When I saw the story of a boy who longed for a hero in a fight with Joo Won in the past. Jaehyun had acquired the skill of being cold-blooded, capable of erasing his emotions.

Jaehyun used it to erase his emotions as he does now.

It was something no other radar could ever do, only he could do it.

he thought

If the enemy eats his fear and becomes stronger, so if it is difficult to deal with. I just need to erase my feelings.

Then no fear or terror will decide the success or failure of this fight.

Jaehyun then developed his mana and concentrated it in his hand.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―Equipment item «Demon Sword Tyrbing (Myth)» has been created.

Jae-hyun held a light and high-tech magic sword at the tip of his hand.

Demon Sword Tyrbing.

It was a weapon that continued to corrupt its owner. Even if Jaehyun is using cold-blooded, it won’t last that long.

If you don’t kill them ASAP, they will be eaten by your sword.

Jaehyun caught his breath.

“Did you say it was dark? You feel a familiar magic.”

Even after removing the magic from the beginning, he was very familiar with Jaehyun from Eomdukshini.

It was mixed with magic that felt like it belonged to an existence that I had been watching for a long time.

And Jaehyun already knew the identity of that magical power.

Then, without hesitation, Jaehyun put strength on his wrist holding the sword.



With a precise thrust to the head, the enemy’s head exploded like a balloon.

The shadows dissipated, and black shards fell in the sky as fragments.

It wasn’t that Eoduksini was weak. However, it was not stronger than Jaehyun.

He didn’t feel anxiety or fear from Jaehyun, and because of that, he became smaller. Because of this, Jaehyun was able to treat him lightly.

―You have succeeded in defeating the dungeon boss monster 《Eoduksini》.

―The fragments of the shadow of 《Dukshini》 permeate the 《Armor of the Abyss》!

―The grade of 《Abyssal Armor》 has increased!

―You have acquired 5 stat points.

All the members of the common radar were just staring at Jaehyun with a bewildered and frightened expression.

Radar appeared out of nowhere. He identified himself as the Black Robe.

Actually, I didn’t believe it at first.

After the major ruin robbery incident, there were so many raiders impersonating him that he was kicked.

But none of them were real.

Not only that, but also Europe. It becomes a foregone fact that Japan is no longer chasing him, and few people know who he is.

However, he appeared in Korea.

It is also an unprecedented scale catastrophe. at the Red Gate.

How many people will believe this?

“I, that monster in one blow… !”

“really… You mean the black robe? That man… !”

“But why is he here… … .”

I couldn’t understand it, but at least I knew he wasn’t my enemy.

In fact, since the European Union stopped pursuing him, rumors that he might not be a villain began to circulate.

However, since it was nothing more than Khadra, no one believed in it. It’s true that he was robbed anyway, so most people thought he was a villain.

However, as time passed, these prejudices began to dissipate little by little.

When Yamata no Orochi was subdued, public opinion suddenly began to reverse.

Moriya Renki, the head of the Japan Alliance, declared that he was not an evil person at a gathering of reporters and other journalists.

Renki Moriya carried out the subjugation of Orochi Yamata no Black Robe received any support from the Japanese Union. Because of this, he said, he saved the lives of countless people who could have died.

This made people think about black robes again.

Are black robes really evil?

Wouldn’t there be a reason for attacking the great ruins of Iceland?

There was no radar in the world that could defeat S-class monsters single-handedly, and the current chaotic world needed a hero like him.

And now. In front of their eyes, they see the corpse of the Demonic Beast being horribly broken.

no more doubt

That man is right in the black robe.

* * *

Lee Jae-shin and other colleagues also did not know that the black robe was Jae-hyun.

Reproduction is strong. It was a part that I fully understood with my head.

However, I would have thought that the person who attacked the great ruins of Iceland and showed his face in all the incidents was the friend right next to him.

It was nothing but a shock to them.

When they approached Jaehyun to ask something.

Jaehyun said in a low voice.

“Everyone use the warp stones to get out of here. There are still enemies left.”



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“Well, come to think of it, the dungeon hasn’t been closed yet. black robe… Do you know something?”

Jihoon Shin. The training guild master asked. Jaehyun nodded.

“you’re right. But that’s something I can’t tell you right now.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the guild leaders of each guild held back from wanting to ask more.

Now, they were in no position to ask him anything. Only in the relationship of equals forever does the question have utility, and sometimes coercion.

But now he and his companions were saved by the black robe.

Asking questions about the lifesaver was an act far from polite.

“Everyone withdraw!”

One by one, the guild leaders of each guild begin to disappear from the community using warp stones.

Jaehyun’s colleagues also used the stone, believing he could do it.

Seo Eana couldn’t hide her worries until the last moment, but now, no one but Jaehyun can stop it.

If you can’t stop it here, it’s the same as dying.

I had no intention of holding him back.

Just like that, all the hundreds of lights are gone.

Jaehyun was left alone in the Red Gate cavity.

He closed his eyes for a moment and said.

“How long are you going to hide behind and control only the Witchbeast?”

“… I never thought we would meet again here.”

thick darkness. The smoke that rises like a cloud gathers and builds a tower.

A human figure appeared from there.


Jaehyun’s old home was there.

* * *

The first time I realized that Hugin was the designer of this dungeon, was the moment I realized that something other than primordial magic was mixed in the gate here.

At that time, Jaehyun thought.

‘I can feel Hugin’s magic here. He’s the guy here.’

The justification was clear.

Hugin, one of Odin’s crows, was a beast who played with the emotions of others.

In the past, he even stole Joo Won’s emotions and turned him into a monster.

An illusion of trauma that I saw at Red Gate this time.

If it was him who prepared this, it would all be explained.

Hugin said as he walked towards Jaehyun.

“I have been watching you for a long time. And I came to one conclusion. You are also a risk factor.”

“okay. I guess so. Because it will actually make it happen.”

Jaehyun responded to Hugin’s words and raised his mana.

You’re the dark one I dealt with a while ago. He was also a Witchbeast far beyond S-class, but compared to the crow he’s dealing with now, he’s not that strong.

Hugin is especially strong among crows.

Hella said so.

[Jaehyun. Be careful. He has descended here in his true form.]

[What do you mean by that?]

[It’s different from Heimdall. Of course, there are restrictions, so I can’t use my strength as I please, but… There is a possibility that more than 30% of the power can be drawn out.]

Jaehyun nodded.

A god with 30% power. Now it was an easy opponent for him.

But things can’t be that easy.

They, too, continue to grow stronger.

Jaehyun was well aware that the power of prophecies around him was weakening.

At the last moment, when this power is exhausted, a war will begin.

And he himself would be exposed to the risk of death.

‘I have no intention of leaving it that way.’

Jaehyun’s emotions were frozen and his expressionless face shot out mana containing divine power.

A very fleeting moment. The expression was built, converted, and exploded as it is.

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth》 is activated.

A skill that freezes the entire field. However, it did not fully expand the range and was blocked by the enemy’s attack.

A crack formed in the ice with a single gesture from Hugin holding the sword.



The ice exploded with an explosion, and the mana that had been attacking him was scattered.

“Is this enough?”

“It can’t be.”

Jaehyun quickly ran towards him.

This time, don’t be shaken. Embarrassment makes you weak.

Hugin, Jaehyun had no intention of letting him live here.

“Hella. please help Poppy you too!”


“All right.”

Hela, polymorphed into a human form, opens the gates of Helheim and summons soldiers.

Poppy also began to hold Hugin’s sword in check through her breath.

Finally, the fight between Hugin and Jaehyun began.

* * *


Sparks fly.

between the sword and the sword. The flames that bloomed there expand their momentum as if they were devouring each other.

Jaehyun twisted his sword. Turn her orbit and aim for the enemy’s shoulder.


However, Jaehyun’s sword was only bounced off by something unknown wrapped around him.

It’s like deep… shadow?

‘You have armor made of shadows. It doesn’t seem to be the same thing as me, though.’

The moment he thought, Hugin’s hand swung reflexively.

Hougin’s sword handling time was a bit longer. Although Jaehyun grew up quickly, the two beings’ swordsmanship achievements were similar.

Jaehyun quickly stepped back and hit the sword that came up.

Hugin widened the distance and suddenly got lucky.

“I thought you would collapse at the illusion of the dungeon. You’re trapped inside and you can’t come out forever. I thought so.”


“It wasn’t the same.”

Hugin tightened his neck.

“Tell me. How can you move forward every moment?”

Hugin asked with swords clashing.

Jaehyun said with a smile on his cold face.

“Because it’s unfair.”


deflect the sword Jaehyun’s left eye is colored gold, and magic power dwells in the sword.

“I’m the type of person who can’t afford to live in debt.”

“What are you talking about?”


The thinly stretched mana from Jaehyun’s fingertips spreads like a thread and begins to expand.

enchantment. This is something I learned from Hela in the past, and it means to endow an artifact with a specific attribute of magic.

What Jaehyun chose here is divine attribute magic. He let the divine power remain in his sword and made it rotate on its own.

Tsutsutsut… !

In an instant, Jaehyun’s sword slashes straight through Hugin’s left arm. yet. The heavy armor of the shadow that was wearing Hugin begins to loosen.

Hugin’s eyes narrowed. One of his greatest strengths was that he had shadow armor that was strong against both physical and magic.

By the way, how did the adversary break through my armor?

he didn’t know

Jaehyun also has shadow armor, and he clearly understands its weakness.


Hugin couldn’t even let out an exclamation from his mouth, and he had no choice but to be attacked.

Then, the sound of a sword cutting through flesh was heard.

A high fountain of blood gushed out.

Jaehyun looked at Hugin with a dry expression.

“I’m going to clear it up for you.”

Chow ah!

“As expected, divine attribute magic was a weakness.”

Jaehyun said that with a cold expression.

There was no agitation in Hugin’s expression, but neither was his body.

Jaehyun looked at Hugin quietly.

Before he knew it, his left arm had been blown off.

Jaehyun switched swords this time.

Nidhogg’s fangs. I was thinking of dealing with him by mixing an irregular sword with a dagger.

He couldn’t feel any emotions due to the cold-blooded effect, but if he was his usual self, he would probably be laughing right now.

Jaehyun looked at Hugin’s left arm, thinking it must be so.

He said.

“You said it before. I’ll take my limbs. Now it’s my turn to give it back.”

Jaehyun raised his sword.

“Now, are there three left?”

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