I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 259

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Episode 259: Beyond the Shadow (2)

‘There must be a story behind how the adversary got that kind of power.’

Hugin looked at Jaehyun as he stopped the bleeding on his left arm with his remaining right arm. The attack he had suffered a moment ago was sharper and stronger than he had ever seen before.

Right now, the power of reappearance is enough to terrify not only herself, but also all beings with such a status.

Since the 3rd and 4th levels of godhood have not been released yet, it may not be enough to pose a threat to Odin. His strength was already out of specification.

should be stopped here.

However, Hugin was unable to kill him due to the power of prophecy.

Hugin calmly began to organize his thoughts. His left arm was blown off his own, but he couldn’t help it.

It’s not like he lost both of his arms.



Even in the midst of that, Jaehyun continued to attack himself by mixing magic and sword.

The sharp blade of the sword rips through the clothes and flies into the bones underneath. In addition, magic narrowed the distance that could be moved and made it impossible to use the battlefield widely.

Hugin had no choice but to admit it.

That he is now being pushed by Jaehyun.

At the same time, he continued to fight Jaehyun and realized one thing.

It was a doubt, but it was almost certain.

“I get it.”

“What did you know?”

“How could you have grown this far?”

Saying that, Hugin aimed his sword again.

“A sense of heterogeneity in your magic… okay. You have a twisted causality rate.”

The law of causation.

At the basis of the opponent’s magical power and growth, there was a discordant law of cause and effect.

Hugin felt the power of reenactment touching him while mixing swords with him a moment ago.

And it wasn’t really impossible.

“Is this the work of the three Norn sisters? Did they send you back to the past?”

“well. I don’t know why I have to answer that.”

Fortunately, Jaehyun was not shaken. If it was a time when I felt emotions, I might have been a little more embarrassed.

Because the secret of regression has just been discovered.

However, the present Jaehyun was not shaken by such things.

If they realize the secret of regression, will they be able to stop themselves?

In any case, Jaehyun had to move forward, and Aesir had to stop him.

in that clear relationship.

The fact of the return of representation is nothing more than a side dish.

“No matter what you think, nothing changes.”

Saying that, Jaehyun covered his entire body with magical energy. The power that reached the second stage of the godhead quickly spreads throughout the body and releases overwhelming coercion.

However, Hugin also became a different being than before. The appearance of struggling against Hela before was nowhere to be found, and he was showing a more solid use of magic.

He lightly wiped out the Hela army that was attacking him and ran toward Jaehyun.

Jae-hyun also runs up against him without being pushed back and clashes swords.


The swords that clashed fiercely pushed against each other, making a clicking sound.

It seemed as if it drew out a holy fire of enormous magical power.

Jaehyun asked.

“The magic of the beginning. Did you borrow that from Odin?”

“I have no reason to answer either.”

“Why do you live as Odin’s dog? You were like that when you were Joo Won. Odin… What is the purpose of this guy to ruin so many people?”

“Odin just wants to get his hands on it. he has, he has

And that’s what I’m trying to change.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrow.

“You want to change?”

“okay. The ordained fate that you kill him.”

At Hugin’s words, Jaehyun drew another expression.

It was an obvious mockery.


The only thing a person at the top fears is a small human, himself.

When he said that he had been bothering him all this time to change the prophecy, he truly thought it was insignificant.

Even though he didn’t feel any emotion, the corners of Jaehyun’s mouth hardly came down.

“I won’t tell you to feel guilty. It sucks, but.”

Jaehyun raised his sword and completely pushed his body away.

“At least I will make you regret what you did.”

Along with his words, mana far beyond the operating limit filled his body.

Hugin’s eyes narrowed.

* * *

The members of the Red Gate attack team successfully escaped out of the dungeon safely.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s performance, they were able to save their lives, which was the biggest chance they had ever experienced in their lives.

No, it was a situation that was not yet known exactly.

The gate wasn’t closed yet, and Jaehyun said he had work to do inside.



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“Ugh… .”

At that time, Yooseong, who was lying down, opened his eyes and looked around.

Seongjae Park, who came out of the dungeon together, grabbed her by the shoulder and shouted.

“Wait, CEO! Are you out of your mind!”

“oh… bar?”

“yes. It’s me. This is Park Seong-jae.”

The members of Nine were also relieved to see Yoo Sung-eun awake.

I checked her condition through the healers a while ago, and they said they passed all the dangerous situations.

After barely calming down his shattering headache, Yoo Sung-jae asked Park Seong-jae.

“Jaehyun is… Where are you?”

“If he is, he is still inside. They said there was still work to be done.”

To Yoo Sung-eun’s question, Lee Jae-shin, who was being treated next to him, answered.

“What to do… ?”


It is not an easy story to accept.

He killed a dark creature with power close to that of a mutant, not a normal individual.

But the dungeon isn’t closed yet?

Besides, is the disciple still in it?

It was a situation that was difficult to understand, but she had to understand.

The members of Nine were also having a conversation while keeping their minds together.

“Jaehyun… I never thought Jaehyun would wear a black robe.”

“Min Jaehyun, I thought you were too strong, but I didn’t expect you to be that strong.”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul said so. Seo Ina lowered her head with a slightly gloomy expression.

“… Couldn’t you tell us too? We are allies.”

“Don’t be too sad. Jaehyun was always like that. It’s about taking care of us.”

Lee Jae-sang’s interrupting words. There was silence for a moment in his story.

Kwon So-yul stepped back as if shocked and his lips trembled.

“You you you, why are you suddenly not stuttering?!”

“that is… It’s fixed.”

Lee Jae-sang scratched his head as if he was embarrassed.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na also looked shocked.

Kim Yoo-jung has not woken up yet.

Apparently, the trauma was deeper than I thought. Didn’t they say that the brighter a person is, the thicker the darkness inside them?

Colleagues thought that Kim Yoo-jung was also likely to be such a case.

However, it was not an insurmountable problem.

Just as Jaesang Lee grew up in the dungeon of this trauma and no longer stuttered.

She too will be able to move on. clearly.

* * *

A small hole was pierced through Hugin’s lungs. He barely missed the heart, but the sword that shattered his ribs made him vomit blood from his mouth.

It was because he was unable to react to Jaehyun’s sword thrust, taking advantage of the huge explosion of magical power a while ago.

“Even if you kill me, nothing will change.”

“Why doesn’t anything change? I think it will be thrilling.”

Jaehyun said that and put a little more strength into the hand holding the sword.

I’ve been waiting for this time.

After Jung Woo-min, it was Hugin who had been his goal all along.

Are you finally able to kill him here?

Hella even said he was the true body.

If you kill him here, he can no longer live.

It was a completely different situation from Heimdall.

“Then die.”

It was when Jaehyun put magic on his sword like that.


The dungeon began to collapse with a huge explosion that shook the earth.

Jaehyun frowned and quickly applied magic to protect Papi and Hela.

At that time, he saw Hugin, who had pulled out his sword in front of him, running away with all his might.

Hela sent her undead to pursue him, but to no avail.

Beast-type monsters that appeared from somewhere began to bite the undead.


Seeing the Witchbeast, Hella’s whole body trembled. Dangerous.

Four letters filled her mind.

“… I guess I’ll have to run away.”

“What happened? Why is the dungeon collapsing all of a sudden? What are those demons… .”

“… As far as I know, there is only one god in the Aesir that can handle such a beast.”

Hella opened her mouth and opened the way to the exit.

What she created was a door leading out of the Red Gate.

“Tyr. He is the god of war. If you run into him two-on-one here, you will die one hundred percent.”

After thinking for a moment, Jaehyun looked beyond Hugin’s escape.

one does not mean

If I can’t kill you this time, I’ll just kill you next time.

I know for sure. Hugin is weak.

If it was me now, I could achieve a perfect victory whenever I met him.

Also, Hela was also saying that in order to secure victory, she should not run into Tyr now.

It is better to back off here.

“There is no next. Hugin.”

Jaehyun repeated that and went to the gate that Hella had created.

Before anyone knew it, Hella had returned to her cat form and had cast an invisible spell on Poppy.

One thing to do was a sure god.

* * *

Meanwhile, after Jaehyun leaves.

While the Red Gate continued to collapse, a god with transcendent magic appeared.

Tyr. The god of war was there.

“What kind of ugly is this? Hugin. It’s Odin’s crow.”

“You have no face.”

He was restoring Hugin by sharing some of his rank.

The wound was much deeper than expected, so it was impossible to dream of a full recovery.

“For now, go. I will support you.”

Tyr took care of the beast so that he could move him.

For now, we have to go back to Asgard and plan a strategy. he thought

‘The power of the adversary… That’s enough to threaten Asgard already. I’m wrong. We must advance the war as much as possible.’

Originally, Tyr was a god who was in the position that the timing of Ragnarok should be delayed as much as possible.

At most, it was because he thought that human adversaries would not pose such a threat, and that the loss of the Aesir would be small only with sufficient preparation.

However, this time with Huginn, I realized for sure.

Disaster will happen if the adversary is left as it is. He was growing rapidly as the prophecy foretold.

must die here.

In order to do that, we need to get rid of the power of prophecy.

Ragnarok… You have to start.

When that conclusion was reached, he asked Hugin, who was leaving the dungeon.

“Come to think of it, I think I was talking about something with the adversary earlier. What about the causal rate… Is it something important Odin needs to know?”

“… … .”

A few seconds of silence passed.

However, Hugin shook his head and replied.

“no. It wasn’t something the mighty Odin would care about.”

Natural lies flowed from Hugin’s mouth.

The existence that noticed the emotion in his black and cloudy eyes.

There will be no one yet.

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