I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 265

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Episode 265 Tutoring (3)


It was a word that could shake Kim Yoo-jung’s heart.

I will become a wizard.

She was the one who came so far because she longed for Yoo Seong-eun.

In retrospect, in the judgment that she would become a radar, her will. So, it occurred to her that nothing had been decided based on her own worries.

Vague longing always ends there when the object collapses.

In this Red Gate attack, Kim Yoo-jung realized clearly.

Yoo Seong-eun. She could have died there.

He also tried to sacrifice it for the sake of the survival of his junior raiders.

If she disappears, if she dies, what will Kim Yoo-jung do?

Also, what should I do with that slimy kid who is making me hesitate now?

Her head was full of complexities.

Camilla said with a faint smile as if she knew everything.

“I will guide you to the sub-dungeon of our alliance. It will help you grow there. Is that okay?”

“… yes.”

“Of course.”

It didn’t take long for the two to decide.

* * *

“Handling a sword is always difficult. The skill to slash the enemy is swordsmanship, but… This is also something you have to keep in mind that you can always get cut.”

Balak is sitting on something like a large, wide platform.

Below, you can see the children doing basic strength training before holding the sword. Recently, they are undergoing basic physical training before wielding a sword.

Balak closed and opened his eyes for a moment, thinking.

‘Anyway, they’re great guys. It’s an excellent skill befitting a black robe companion. Even if it is already put into the field, it is at a level that is not inferior at all.’

In fact, on the first day, Balak spoke negatively about them, but it was only to motivate them.

It was his bad habit, but it was also effective in growing the radar.

Can you continue to work hard when you recognize your weakness?

If you can do that, help move forward.

If not, tear off the wings to stop there.

That’s how a guy named Ballack saved the minions who came to him to become a raider.

He continued thinking.

‘Lee Jae-shin’s son. He has no skills and no strength. He’s in fact he’s lousy. But he is alive with his eyes. He’s a guy who’ll do anything at any time.

Did you say Kwon So-yul… That guy has a very good eye for reading the war situation. He’s such a talent that even the Alliance covets it.

The last one must be Ahn Ho-yeon.’

There, for a long time, Balak couldn’t help but look at him.

‘So far, I’ve seen radars with even greater aptitude. But I’ve never seen a guy with a sword that’s already this close to completion. he is a consummate genius

but… Even that hides its power to some extent.’

On the first day in Dalian, he found out that An Ho-yeon was deliberately struck by his sword.

The reason is unknown. You mean you don’t want to show yourself all the cards?

The corners of Balak’s lips twitched.

Even if it is only for a few days, he is in a position to be guided by him.

But, dare there be a disciple who is hiding his number from his master?

It was absolutely unacceptable for Balak.

‘I’ll fix your quirky hair.’

Thinking so, I raised one corner of my mouth. Suddenly, Lina Meyer, who had been watching this, staggered behind her in fright.

‘Sir, Master is like that… Dangerous… no see! One person will die here, die!’

* * *

The capture of Red Gate, the biggest purpose of reappearance in this European trip, was successfully completed.

But not all work has yet to be done.

Jaehyun was now in a dungeon managed by the European Union because of a serious problem.

‘I can’t delay Poppy’s growth any longer. If this continues, there may be a gap.’

Because of this, Jaehyun headed to the dungeon here.

A dungeon full of dragons, such as high-ranking wyverns and drakes.

Grade is S.

By the way, it was forcibly removed (?) at the request of Balak.

“Poppy, your growth is important from here. Compared to my growth rate, your growth is very slow, and it could end up getting you in a battle.”


Fortunately, Poppy just lifted her front paws as if to leave it to her.

Well, even though he ate a lot of magic stones and useful things recently, he must have been worried because he couldn’t achieve great growth.

Even if he couldn’t speak, his intelligence was already beyond the level of a tolerable child.

After that, you will grow into a much higher dimensional being.

Jaehyun thought that Fafnir’s existence would be an important hand for Odin’s attack in the future.

That was the case even before this one. If Papi hadn’t checked it, and if it hadn’t been for Hella’s help, he wouldn’t have been able to easily cut off Hugin’s arm.

But it shouldn’t stop there.

There is a process that must be accompanied in order to grow Poppy to the point where he can defeat Hugin alone… .

In order to go through that process, Jae-hyeon came to the gate where the dragon appeared.

“Anyway, this is really the right way, right? Wouldn’t Poppy hesitate because he’s the same person?”

[Nothing to worry about. Dragons are basically a selfish species. They live in villages and cities, but their laws are very different from those of humans.



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Killing each other is common. Especially if it’s a demon that has been corrupted by dungeonization.]


Hella first told me that the fastest way to grow a dragon is to fight with the same dragon.

However, there were few targets left to do such a thing.

Going back to Nastrond to fight Nidhogg would risk getting caught by Odin.

A safe thing is rather a dungeon. Because of this, Jaehyun asked Balak to search the dungeon where the dragon appears.

Balak thought for a moment that he might be asking for too much if he asked him to handle the dangerous S-class gate, but since it was what Jaehyun wanted, he agreed.

Currently, there is no one who can safely attack an S-class dungeon like Jae-hyun.

Even if the coalition attacks, they will have to endure countless damages and casualties.

In the end, it means that the damage caused by not being able to attack the S-class gate is nothing. Given the human resources and artifacts that go into it.

It means that if Jaehyun gives an attack, it is the Union’s position that he should be taken lightly.

“after. Then, this time, Soyul sunbaenim is not there either. Should I start with dungeon mapping?”

It was a regrettable moment when I felt the vacancy of my colleague.

Jaehyun entered information using the touchpad he brought and thought of his colleagues who would have been squeezed by Camilla and Ballack by now.

In fact, each and every one of them was not of great help to Jaehyun.

Rather, something to be observed. These were the beings who might have been considered that way.

However, in the mental aspect, they helped me every moment to move forward with reappearance.

Not only that, but Jaehyun made it possible to fully focus on dungeon raiding in these small details.

At least don’t hold your own ankle.

quick to judge

Those two alone were worth them.


Mapping continues and information from a short distance begins to be input one by one from the pad.

Jaehyun looked around. The dungeon he had just entered was lined with huge mountains, almost like the one he had seen in Jotunheim in the past.

High mountain peaks and precipitous cliffs greet Jae-Hyun, Papi, and Hella.



The wild cry of a wyvern coming from somewhere.

When I moved my gaze to the bottom of the cliff, there were countless demons reaching hundreds.

There is also a cave where drakes live in between. This is probably the optimal growth point for Papi now.

‘No matter how hard it is, I can’t catch the flying ones right away.’

After Jaehyun said that, he carried Papi on his back and took off with Hella.

―Active skill «Leap in the air».

Then, in mid-air, I launched a mid-air leap in the direction of the cave under the cliff.

First of all, let’s kill Drake and strengthen Papi.

As for the flying enemies, it won’t be too late to think about it later.

If it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of it yourself.

“Then let’s go, Papi.”


Together with Papi, Jaehyun entered the dark cave.

Krrrrr… !!

What they encountered there were red, black, and gold drakes.

Everyone might feel that there is no difference in shooting the breath, but it was an enemy to be careful of because the attributes were all different.

With that thought in mind, Jaehyun comes up with a plan. Suddenly Poppy snorted at her and started to get excited.

“what? Poppy, what’s wrong all of a sudden?”


Poppy swung his front paw to one side and let out a howl.


where his gestures reach. There was a gold drake there.

Jaehyun remembered one fact about Poppy.

He loves gold like crazy!

* * *

With a rustling sound, a man imprisoned in Asgard’s dungeon raised his head.

It was because he felt a presence approaching him.

“That great Odin. What have you been up to here?”

The man asked in the dark without a single light.

prisoner. It is said that it is a prison where the criminals are imprisoned, but this place was truly desolate.

Horrible instruments of torture, wrists tied with someone’s intestines, and even the figure of a man who appears to be a sinner whose body is full of all sorts of wounds.

In the darkness where everything was not normal, Odin, who was standing in front of him, opened his mouth.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Loki.”

“It’s not a particularly nice face, but I mean.”

“is it. I don’t think so.”

“Then can you loosen up your wrists?”

Odin’s eyes widened at those words, and he continued to glare at him.

“No, that doesn’t make sense. It is still good in my eyes that you turned this place into a mess over the past 10,000 years.”

“Hey~ bring up a story from the distant past. Are you too old?”

“I will ask you one thing.”

Odin cut off Loki’s sarcasm.

“What are you up to?”

“I make things up… la. I don’t know what you think I’m going to say here, but there’s no way I can tell you?”

At Loki’s calm words, Odin put on a fishy smile.

“Your children.”

It was because he worked hard again and again.

“You seem to want to see me die again.”

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

At that moment, waves of strong magical power poured out and flew as if to tear apart Odin and Hugin behind him.

The mischief faded from Loki’s eyes, and he said with cold eyes.

“If my hands were free, I would have sewn up your mouth. Too bad.”

Loki and Odin. The confrontation between the two gods froze even Fugin standing next to him.

10,000 years.

Even after being imprisoned for such a long time, is Loki’s magical power still that much?

To the extent that it doesn’t fall behind Odin?

“Once again the end comes.”

“okay. As you want.”

“There will perish your life, your adversary, and all four remaining children there.”


Loki laughed.

“Whether it will or not… Wouldn’t you be able to tell by watching?”

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